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March 10, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-03-10

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ZC.c of W . T'a equal to any of them. In the sooth-
wetcorner there will be a cage con- ,." 2''ioI5
taining dressing rooms, lockers, and --/> 7
Pabi~hd Oit Su ar exeped)durngbaths, besides a full-sized diamond 1l //
ttite Collte sear, by I- ; ', . ! ,% '
____ ~track. East of the cage there will /,F40/
Susecription pricer$2.50 per year, isoariably be a football and baseball field to , ~ ~ cj .,II /
asiane is e opea rni. Sba ~be useud by the scrub and freshman
rises may be otft astrihe othe otf the DIL,y .,
as Stoffiet's, wish any ot the ediors or team s. Trhe remainder of the en- ; /
authorized soicitors. closure will be occupied by the reg- i
ismumunieationsasoild reach the oitice by
7 ociock p.u. it they ae to appear the neat ilar football and baseball field, our- 11
tiny. Address aii maitereintraded for puhlio- rounded by a track 400 yards inI
ties to the Maaagiag Editor. Aul businesa =
tromrauaoationsahotuidire sent so the Boat- circumference, which merges into ae
oes Matnager. 220 yards straightaway. The main _
Awn Arbar. HisS. grand stand 150 yards long will be _... --
along the northern boundary direct-
c.TOS A.O1oia ~r 5, lagigEio. l in front of the home plate. On y .A ~ xs>v a 9,Mngn dtr lt.IlUSaAsND-"My dear our boy Robert gradoates from the public schools
11. A. 5i~in Lit. '94, Assistant. the opposite side of the field thereI very soon, yoo know. Haye yoo thought what he had best do then?"
I.i. 5L. Louse, Lit. '95O, Aosistatrrt
1". WALTEvRa wo'riO, Assistaoot. will be an open stand. It has been I WIFE-Well John, I'd like ever so much to send him to college if you
J. A. Iitov, Lit. '9U, Athletic Editrur. estimateil that $5 o w oill be nec-I think we could afford it."
S. WC. CcRiISS, P. 0. Lit., Busiaeas Manager. roaytcmlt teeiprv- HUSBAN-"<I'm afraid that is out of the qusestion, my dear. Do yout
W0,t. ,b. uon, Lit. '9t. Assistarit. esr ocmlt hs rv- know it would cost at the very least $800 a year for him at any good college?"
B. ERRY LAW m ents. -Daily Princetonian. WIF'E--"Goodness, as much as that? Of course we can't send him.
(B.onoot°, '94. It.5'.BHtll 'f,;. __- - . I But I do want to give him a good start in the world, and I don't thinka
B. 0. Attnstur95.
F. . dl'~'r, 96. s. i.~{i.'"" . University of Illinois. public school education is enough to equip him for the battle of life.'
Agnies Birt ty, B9. 13 . itrrains, . HUSBAD--"No, it is soot to-day, when education is so gera.Nw
Carrie V. NTtLirSit, S1e~. Brrttr.rt ATxiC. IFrack athletics interests stem to I've been set a thinking by an advertisement I saw in our paper the other
C._G_______'94 be flourishoing in the University of day and that is why I brought up the subject to-night. I was reading about
Aul c'rpy moorst be at te rfticebefrerr'0a nlr Illtr noi. A ndo meet swas hel the Revised Encyclopedia Britansnica to-day, rind its really a great thing.
ef tire day of prublicortt at riB"'. uoithe these books in thehosRbr will have informationon every
f~ACIr EITO",cEr c": il c~s helast night, teebing o h pro- possible subject, and. it is the most reliable information in the world, Wthat-
OlarragitigEdit rrrirrybiefo trrii.'tirEiDtLY
rrwrrrrz.tshr' triirrie g rrrr/olturri/riy, oerirrrir gramn, besides the other events, ever his natural bent is he can find proper development for it in this ency-
tiny ind Friday,'trrt"trr0 ods ct°ir',,u.trrr. Er- twenty-six dashes. The baseball clopedia, whether its the ltaw, mechanics, engineering, literature or any of
ery reeri_-trorr7:30 to Hip. t1.>>>n
candidates are practicing at sprint-. the arts and sciences. Besides, there he will find the life stories of all the
ing also, the signal for the start great men of the past and he will know of their efforts, their struggles and
_______________________ th drovng ac ofth pich their successes, and he mnay have a better and more serious view of life.
b_ eigtdaing bc ftepth These books have in them all the instruction Le can get in a college ed-
S'rnE vT shotiulsoot forget the cc'a arnm to throw. ucation. Honestly, our paper has given us a great opportunity. Now, my
benefit for the tOratorical association - __ -. dear, what do you thinkc of my scheme ?'
Vale's next indoor meet will be WIFE-'ItS just splendid John; but what will the books cost'?'
ovich is to be given at the School of I HUSBAND-rrWhy, that's the most surprosing thing of all. We can get
'Mursic tosnighit. It is a wvorihy en- held Marc-li tsth. 'Where oill lie them for only ten cents a day, just think of it. Here is the offer.'
terprise, anti onie deserviitg of the ,sixteen events.I
mtost liberal suippoirt. At the ointer meet of the D~art-' ON RECEIFPF OF ONE DOLLR
_____ - mouth Athletic association held
IPr is gratifyisg to see tiatt hcerise Saturday, Stephten Chase, of Htan-
of the University library is inrees- over, . ., raisedl the college We will forward to you, charges prepaid, the entire set of 20 volumes, the
lug aswill be shtowvubyterlrteciln the hil tik oniefet remaininre $9.00 to be paid at the rate of 10 cents a day (to he remitted
ofdsrbtindprmeto h monthly}, -A beautiful dime savings bank will be sent with the books, its
of dstrbotou reloritenl f te .which a dime may be deposited each day. This edition is printed from new,
library puiblished itn yesterdlays_ large typo on a fine quality of paper, and is strongly bound in heavy manilla
DAILYi iv Outr library is svcry cro- paper covers, which with proper care will last for years. Bear in mind that
plete anti that studlenut ia ials r the entire 20 volumes are delivered to your address, with all charges paid to
great mtistake wvho fails to t 1arad any part of the United States,
vantage of the tipportuinitiesoffeyed. 'riris is a speircltoffaerode ronly t/rthireaeo rs ofolTiieLT. ot 'K.i. otv aent -,will re-

Nro criticism can be nmade on
Hon. John J. Ingali's lecture last
night, because lie indulged in souse
political allusiotis. Wrhen wye listen
to a man wcho has suade his reputa-
tion as a political orator see expect
to hear his personal opisnion on the
riuestions of the day. If it wvere
otherwise we would not hear cx-Sen-
ator Ingalls at his best.
Penelsylvanitm Athletic Field.
Pennsylvania's new athletic field
wohich will be completed in the near
future is situated on Thirty-sixth
street between South and Marston
streets, a place easy of access from
all parts of Philadelphia. Several
of the directors have inspected the
best college athletic grounds in the
country and the field promises to be

Horsf'ord's Acid Phosphate
Is the asost effective Bnd agr-ee-
able remaedy in existence for
preventing indigestion, and re=
lieving those diseases arising
from a dssordered stomach.
Dr. W. W. Gardner, Springfield,
Mass., soya: "I value it as an excellent
preventative of indigestion, anuS a pleasant
acidulated drink when properly diluterd with
water, and sweetened."
Decritisive pamsphiet free on applicatiotot
Rumford.Chaemical Works, Providence,R.I.
Bearre of Substitutes and Imritations.
For Sale by all Druggists.

manoen fur a lieited timre urrly
C'tftfis (Ot wand tc ti) IIS. W. ('Ult'ISSt,
tiu-Mriess Oltrrrro rr'It. F'Mr ILYr.r
Plear , r e ir c toin ruliw t r uttlO srI r o f t't/tl,?lrtta If' Ar isrt .iir'yclr)tr rlire
JPr'itrttrr e, ios ribour rler'cribr 1, turgut/ir v rutit ousIiarr .Srur'iurjcs 1)rr-ri, liii' rr/urr
I turlose OneI iollor, (uirboter l'r if/ut tor ut 10rSri 1, r uy f(r/ iiittirjit
auuulr uuot/ilf) mnul the r irrtrilz/ .S40,00 is ?rrll"i punt).
.'t'rtii ........................................
ICirririn....... I......................... .
And Baith StRo. W. IH. OWEN, 'razo>., I i srecue Try it and be 'osrviner.
'Yowilnvrregret it. Sent by mailtoraniy
NO. 4 East Hamon St.. Opposite Cort address. Price. Onre nollar. JOAI '. HstIi
House. BetCoid rind Sets Suit Baths. Par- IZ50Clark St.,C'icaego, tllinois. Send foer'cir;
canetuba. clr

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