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February 28, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-28

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,12W 1-x. cEMN
alSo. MAIN ST. 1 irortooanod n ell- Spi-StylJes in Negig ;ee Shirts anid Neckwear. Ihalo BO
011(1 Caps.(oitie i mi11t1See Theitu.
20 FL'1sT IM-1ON 15lj D . ! Ko!0t
Good Wolk Gonu ooleed Goods Bolled for No. 9 South Main street, (Store reenly oeci-oed by Two om.
and delivred. A. F. -.OVERT, Prop. 'PI____________________________
JA11'6 .: O11,, lo~it G owerorTHE FISK TEACHERS' .AGENCIES. F
ety. Fora)designo made oponoshort notice. (HICAGO, 106 Alioams l Ave. 1,3..F.CLARR. D
No. l Obsertovorstret, oop., .)cltry ore.'\Do
Xi.) ro,ti .'?C)'3. 4,801)Positions lled. 9t8:)Pos.O oito}Flledin I I3
22 'Year" itn(tliel usu.o.-'SEND FOE OUE AGENCY MANUAL. sero
CITY LAUNDRY, C12). ECII.-: N o1Sort, lor. Aogelo, Tor~ono', ERETT0,aIX 1e00, Ia~nnsv1 also
Hk. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave.
KIOEP PYOUR A(NSUN C 0I0H00 11-t_________
+$TATC V$AVY lflG$ BH flK+ We.4, Ie15Senior i10w Oritonro) 0contest.. Harvard io to found a new ob r -
Cor.Mainand ~shigto StretA 0T2)ir0, Nlar . b0)0)1y 1ooe-)'tSchool of
A.IOoimic00e). OJV.h Aogsioo 1Str'e 0m0001 1Ball, p0ni vatory in Arizona about Miarcto1
t++r., Mo)-.,'x '000)0)00' :0nnu0 social. Nick)- I Fraoklin 00)1 ;Marshall coitege is
CROWN PEN CO. F sONAI oDsOLD000 s I-aol)7:0(1 l). Ii.
T8 STATE TREET, PE MAKERS. lol 0 '. by) ore0'.) Socia), C0 00)0el.'s;tOopublisha m ntllomcg pe.
CHICAG. hal. There is 0o)e instructor for every
0)00 t 115100 0111)1. six students at Cicago lonisers'its-.I
AWARDED THE, 14'.A.T THE 1o IlS o, l011 2 Ttoe studlents of IHarvard are at-
lONESSONTO0AKE WOLD'0FARtemptingto estabtish 0a 511)olarshi)p
SNoEL ES 3~ ., 1Boo. -i) Ptiol)) .l 500400 .5} l)40) No tot l- -
MAUATRRSI 1t i ) ')o ity. l11000 .14. in mem)0ory of 'rank lBolles, the late I
BUI100INt 168 1n, 01001) 0 .--'oit ly b.In). ttoo'by o''
lm.otan10)))y, on O\ oollo')'. secret'ary.
DANCING and DELSARTE l i), ta1011 1ot4111..011)))) .l.n1)100.I. . t. 'The estirnatedl 1)st of thenew ol
MR. ANiE WARD FOSTER ----*" rators Conant 0)1)1IPerkins dormitories at
46 S. State Street. Renowned asartos llaro'o n is 100o,000o )n)1 515,000, r4
MONDAY-8'p m.Advned Class for a- t___ions
die an Getleen.res rvely. e001
IOND O -X .I. 0tie'd lltelass , Donntfo t i t 1paire.)i Pcut or
i tt-75i1 - I p. ti. GO-blneon's d1111))0I -t'1gacu Y at Cornell 1)00 recom)-
class. namCs of Socrates, Nero) Napoleon, nmendted that the course in lettero --
e.100 a. o etluoo1111'stLlc~ 11 ld1 be doptpeod, anti that adiditional re-
4 n0.). dies it' 11))))ni)1eta111 said 1thoe tires thley lived macie then)
S;1.30)p. m Chi)ld] 1), "'s d is .1 0 give)) lbuiremenots be omade in the sN en- 11,
81oo).l. byttt ooioomrbo) t . 1" names. ._:1)0)1me)s. made4 o t riven.1))'
arvt lso. y. oitini.Z1 ticrouorse. tll))l
Mr.1Henory lasxaIteepo lose voice liarsvartd )nd1Princeton tare or- i u e aF)ude efctcnrl
bol to 1))11it noer oerectc ratr e d atPricetnto olay baseboalt games o010 t~
, 'l'The last spleaker 0-as W.1. -.\Mu- t.
= r\\,ayosatsPrintcetonur00)1 ay 0 tAi-
rL',e.olotoe iobe ovas therlbactCamb~tridte. In case 00 0 tie thlere SP
w ® e°ovolltoe aoothoer gamle Jutne 2, lore sied
a tht on0)11ou011)1o10)dli ft owith tewr
tideboot 1rnust1looe soinle aivooin ooil vitroeI
-toaompbootlisho asy greatedl. 'oeoe ANNOUNCEMVENTS. MTI
- .is alwvaysrs oom at tioe tool)for good Pr))
r a mene. Execuitiv e 1B000), O ratorcal .sso- strecain ilme iIomaI hr- F
Wh_________________________ I ite tioe jud~ges overe 0su01)0)0 rdatoonMaVchtreet j p.roonm.aI toosgil's
LHI Nu ttoe ooorks aninstrumolental oluet \aot1,t p.n.Iisgb'
0tE) 01) 11impootalnt thoat every oooember toe 1(
Ibm ON - wa-s renodereol. At the beginninog oftrvvt C014Il1'Ito-. Iil
10 1000 th)). progra00) a0 )1)01 quartet faovoredl Presidenot. - ooo

IWDISH & HOUSE, Proprietors.l,
oe, call at our Gatlery, ood you n-ill be
ved in thoeoosooat artistic 00a)1er. Sittioags
ybe had o' anoy tine lop Ste. Morgan.,0011
loby Mr. Goioson, inotim for toe coon
(1orgjan & ()ibson.
SHORTHANID.Manifieentulinlog; 11)ne
110k wegr.ll plied reding0110tdaily lectures0-
Illlltll faci')lties for placing 0t11e1ts in posi)-
Newr )'olone dres1s0)
110')yo 10 11' to 01 111 eleooooodlo 1011-
01" t'dI -;?rIlte 1I bets to Ohio,
st Va ~ el tid i.I)O5 )10applyto
loi; 01 0 Sde'Ill-ts re0, e
I 0 to, 111ilt000on lhto 10))' h ic
I)10.1 'iItt- 0ij lo ot-till) prices. Thio
1=.c ogot Oontntaill
liI)):> 11.111er, ioo o Ios 2.111t1
)151111111 .1 1s0a00 '.I'11.0t).%t).01ilt)OtO
or' till.-' soap-. lolool 11 l'ishro 111)1 0-
'or Iv- _ Frioot Siie wito alt
Iern lb 000 Vastt-
7 1)0~ .1. ' 100 1

D.N. Epes.. 3,N. Y. & 0' 1l. 7 2
Atlantic Espoross.'17 'Ofll& Ep....8-010
Fot.East'sEx0p..14.1 N. S. 11ooote. 101)
0. It. p.. . . 10 :r.N.
00001,)ast 11 Exo.1155
'hail and0Exo....405 0.R Ki Spk l .. (iS
N. Yr&1. SiS O . 0 loo .N.Express- .01
N. S. 0Limitedl... o13'10 'olEx dpres-e o I3
0. W. REnnotro 11H5W.' 0 oS,
G. P&lT.Ag-O Cioeoo A--t, Ann Arb~or.
dimo Tote taking el~erlcooundy, Nov. 5, 18100.
'Trainslbate Ann Arboor by Control
Stan.011. "11111 1
715 a. m. *7110a. n).
0:110p. 0m. 9:1100p1. Il,
*Trains 00)) betoveen Ann Arbor atndoled
All trains dtilv except Sunday.
B. S. 0GSEENWOD, Agent, Anno A rbor.
W+t. B. BENN ETT, 0. P. A. Toledo.
E. S. SEETOOS, - -Manager.


I . "

thoe audie4nce oith) 10 0000g.. -_ . +- - 4-
'hIloc eisiooogiving .\l r. J.- N.; Base Cultists Attention. _Loot,
Daisfist})ac -ad . I enry .ll'aocioatn tocCro 1 - ' a' o-o toalt sis, at
X111 carotplacetoeslfor te varsity I11)---,-. - '.orL'ilitoraro-. l'ioocl
secotdol5000receiveod owill general basebaoll teaobnmost oandtin110thteir tlrao ''rill 0o 10?005'i~ o tor {
apporlobation byos.thle aoodiecoc. 'T'le toamoes at otoce wvithtohie polsition ftor L,. Ilive. 2IPllrttc.
noarks are given below. ovhiclo tbey wish to try to Geo.J.. .._-
____ Cadweil, .Alpha Drita Phoi I-ouse; ). ttre -2 Price.
tto ttor I-d. C. Shieldo, 14 N. 'IThayer IDIonot ooiss it. Creat sate of
'S11 010s0y treet. ll "il ankrutostocok. Students, you can
I'L1furn~ish your1 0100100 oitho Rockers,
.S 1 DancingE anti Delsarte. lBed Rioomt Chairs, Bedding, etc.,
M Srs. Atnnie Wardi Foster's secondi at porices 01111 witl astonish youo.
--' term of Dancing and Delsarte 11e- only ooowevh totre to secure these
ltoe'rano-. 0 5 6 -S ti I : 1 Feb. Mrs.bargainos. It
12.1l s-r.. r)- 5; 1 Foster teaches all thoe latest dancres, To-wito Notice.
Ino ----oo --g ,, t I) 3 also addos Delsarte exercises to the
It.K.Jooes30 Iinstructio, whinch gives beauty and All c'ontribuotions 1011) drawings
It.K one ----- - is7 H 39 'grace to ,thte dancing.Particular for 'lTo-Wil:moust or banded ho be-
atenion is given to ball-room and foeMrlato A iteior f
Davis.--.___- 1410 1 1 12I street etiqluette. Mro. Foster is as- fort 1000thoo'paot o~f coottributors will
Bvtrnr-------- 3 1 4 1 r i1<13 sisted in all her classes by her insure 011 earlie'r appearance of tlhe
Murry ---------- ,11; 54s0s1M daughlter, Miss Foster. 'For partic- poublicationo.
ulars inqluire at 46 South State st. lorotAsoosCOooo. To WlT:
-Mrs. 'Foster is in Antn Arbor all At "' --
There are 148 instructors and 900 days of the week excepting Thurs-
students at Chicago University, as day and Friday, whlen she is -in De- All stultits, menmbers of F. and
troit and Orchard Ihake; during A. M., are requesteod to meet iln
against 19 instructors andoiboo Stu- which timoe Miss Foster attends to lecture rolonm of Ion building, Thoro-
dents last year. all business. Ioi-io6 lay eveninig, \laroch1I, 7:30.

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