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February 21, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-21

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Publishedt Daisy (8Straays excepted) daring
'itt,t'tt ft t.er, by
?ttbecrtptien p'iee **150 petr year', ittt'riabiy
itt atlvan er tit-' epiec I 'ents. Siebertp-
Mnsat may Db efatat he 01N te tf the 1) A LY, l
at Stottieft,e'ith ty oft the editors o
authorized soliito~rs.
t'ttmttnictiottt o uldeteitrtettchttthe totfi'e by
7 no'ltkP.nti. it thley tee to appear the' text
day. Atddteess alt matter iteeded for pulttiiea-
t ar to te ItttttgitttfEditot'. Allt btes
communtatttittns shottldtbe set tth ie Itti
THE U. of W8. DAILY.
Ann Arbor, Mfich.
C. A. ts tt:rO, Ott' '(0, Mttttttg Editttor.

somoely panelled. A passenger ele-
vator, the onely tone in a college
buildingtigsolltttake thte upper fllttor
mlost dtsirable of all. TIhe bttildit'g
contaitts fifty-five studies, cost otf
tei witli bay-sindows, an equhal
ittitbev of bath-roomst, iety-fouri
b).idrototts, two shtower-boath roonms,
attd a gen eral room containing 2.-
oco s tare feet oi space. All thteI
staues ittvertpett ire places tttttj
radliators attd are lighted by elec-
tricity, iSo lamps itt all beittg ts d.
kTe cottract calls fttr its conipletion
on Julytji94-
Wtsconsin'a Intdonr Meet.
W\iscont~sinl holdl her first int-

(oe 1" ,M C.
i t t (rts t w siiz
19 IV

tt. A. Sr ttDtt\ttLii (t. 4Assistattnt. fdoir ieet tottight. II restIitty, 7
J.i [ Lottttt,tit.Siittttt. bxn, ciig u iglt YrnSPE1 CIA .erecf':' '. 'a" 7etifof all ref.
J,. A . tttit, 1t. '9(6,Athltetic It litt'. l~ltg, etc., will coerentute the o TtC ' . ''.'' ;K iilOT N ICA
kicking, spilla. ct.,ottstttutMellgetite ;we nre aohio.,ho thief.51+ 7'43 ' s:..;:. . ooereaders. ~h
5.5' 'rt, I tft tstesSatge Irtgranit ogether ith a freslititu e dii w e of 2 1 . tIc ' .. .tis t se in 20
sce,.m f., Ul1 .9',Astanttt. tgte dto .. olse
tuft1 i Y Lw so )htoire canie sltree. 'There ire large Octavo too.Leca at '' . to, , ad 8,000,000
I-1. ft. G((.to o'01. ft. F. Hatll. '05. nnee tries ini the b x n eects, words. It c 41. dta S~ u it) i i '1:ll :i.. ;,,ur',,aV: cu tyo h
. f. t l t); ine ittthe srestlinug, tweeti thle wold1ndhe c~i t 'r'e'i iisl't 'tot vr
P. y. . ttttitttltte. ':). topic in te ertt"toal .hx ott', t ''it .1 ' i,., -zt'tl)ii'as l'4,i00t0hnoted
tto t~ i s .1,ttatt'.s'ttttr. fenhtiog, four in the itire1) andl Itil i pol.lstg anod eloth or.."t t''' st' Itpor
N r_ .Jt'ttitte.Ott. kick. 'WithootPre nt am::Q's'P"o I0"'ca t den te'""aot uroffer
to our tltri3 snnlof fl" tt . x -"{''t ( a, 3 ti2een made
All 'coty tttlit ett t te t itetttro8Ut' ntitt Ob eriint rlearedl ote tt utsandt l-ii' before. Gnod s1)e lloi f. tet_.xa'e.,r r,-)2, ki.±3t)I> ,'a''?<( 4 terefore,
.tt fi, the lof ttt1,i(t tttttttFars friorti ler lecture course lest is earnestly tioheisrit) L~f e tC3t :h s' s kt e t ht'. t ts importance
'rhe'Ebittorstiettttno tlttld tes'tetlvs' rettttt. year. and liberality oetth ccs, tt t; ,iF 1lt niii i. ci ooy. Ft means
075,'t~' it' t~tttttt tt' tutuutetss ttt'~tt' 'a 'Iieth t he tet i s m eexpt~sel .lt it'y ,ootdiu i ap ach of even
.ttttetfor tt ti'e ttt" it tzt (it loftttcocieeiig 1 thatan te es anttd m;.)' 'i' c~t 'tol~t. o cnm
icialletigedl(le 'tale orgatni/atiot( tor tat st '., C -w ecducation .
1t)artierIlate ini a meet, Sattirtday, fttr Jitat thilb i aaf 3.
E(HI1OaA~it~~ OS. the clhaleiltioltsitilof Newv IEtglan.Itilj ....;I " I .. 1 4 n
-- 'llThet' uuatttgent Sof the Itrittcet i 2
I t. .s ohi thtiesir (uto ((11 )eCfor Gice chll has arrangedth le fstllowits y
{Y > - 1 ~~~~~for the N ,'orr - ',.. N Y
lilacets ontt heit'I): (itt st 'ar l at the ln~, laies for the spOPr'ing' prin('.Tt tfgt'tonrf: crthrslver
April eleciititnare retiinsteP to begini dtitia, Miarch 3t1,itt Acaieinyi(iftjdeparttnm' i'c'7. . . . a.tiny other
wvork at (tier, is itch'stircessful iNI rtir tBttoklyni April 2 inIcAa- lbtr'i..a.
lttiijtetitors it'ill ite ret ot( i ttlen etl .nth'tX'of NIusic;-Neciv Norb City,f
"or in struc'i~i5(5 i(( tiiten ture (if A I1)r _, ini C'arnegie Miusit' IHlll.)i '~ ' 5u~e~
te wsork apply tiithe iti .igcf
t'(itoir. )t .'~ stpy of t1 a l 6' "..t. ".r : I I 5 sprepaid,
the eommrel'ot ofx,' ll 'di 5t c aid the rateo
Cos 1I '(Ii.t'(tult t stial 0Cnst 5y s'I. Oti' i 'ne oevtngs hank
tiat at trites stutdentsuare ttnletot , ilb etvtl ~ctf" 'etbdy
si 6 ~~ ;- _This editiots O itr' ft't per n
get rciair s in the lawsvlilirary;. AI is strongl hoot t (fttfer anil
miay lie seetntile library i ; being I'last for years. Un'la f cilivEred to
tiseil ittore at (lie presenit little titan Tour address, witkh it!.at'
al any' previous tire. 'iso is dtie H r ld'Tcd Ph s iah . 'is;a . >1 'f ft tile'r madeft'fonly' ttie catc t i ii. t.i A.i it t (liii an dtitititi

largely to thle work inte pic(ractical
court. Extra chairs shoiuiltlhe pro'
vicdeid so tat every stutdenttwoohao
aa iticlinationi to study ini the libirary
pray tdoiso.
HarvarOa's New Dormitory.
Hfarvard's newv dormiitory, givene
bty Albert (Ross, (lie novelist, is to
be one of tleemoast conmplete in its
finish nose occupiedi by college st-
dlents. It swill htave six stories and
a basement, the dlesign being of
Italian renaissance. '(he exterior is
of Scotch brick combined with red
brick, trimmet i 5th1 Indiana linie-
stonee anti Nesv ork bluestonie.
'T'he itterior will be of qluartered
oat,,(lie ttain corridor paved with.
miarbile, and the staircases hand-

Is the niost etlective andTlrgee-j
able remedy in existence ft)rI
prev'enting indigestion, anid rc-
lieving those idiseases arising
ff0o11 t disordueredl stomauch.
Dr. W. W. Gardner, Spteingfield,
Mess., says: 1,t valuteit es an escellent
preeentutiieeef indigestio, antI a pleasant
ster, antd sweetened."
Decreittlive t'pltffetree ion aptplietttiont
Runmford Chiemical Works, Pravitteneeft.I.
Bewate it Sobstituotsatt Iitautitns.
For Sale by all Druggists.

('tI thisB(sinesas Mtnagerto or"'. iit'OF('M'IIft'ISYi
11trto, its ihilisx l ii (it lii il o .e w ityor h't,,. .a of fr's, I /k o' r 'tw' ich-
set iii tut( u t tutu lift idi tiuieu t .sS'ttos re'it 1 cjittiif. 1 "-olttlyM
s w Noitiih,, tri lrr' rir'ti19'0 i ul ad
And athItoins W.H, AWE O Iroa. ftis aetitettue. 'I'ry if anid ftei'ttrtttet.
Atttf If ttftttt o tt StH . Opposi ttit. ,t t o iltn<tetarr t'tc tft. Seaftt,' ntttiilt aly
o 4EOHsots t ftt~e5titaddresasftPie.Oife.ollr. .tutfy'.-1tt
Hotutst. Hattttol aut etul 5, t atnahs. lute- f2tSClartk St,t thicagot Illin is.ue. ,tticutor ir

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