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February 19, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-19

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LEEW I t,li NT' ip y r L is' we uloot nootice,
So°ditS' it o'istooe. ew' sping-t' Styhto ill-xiNeg°ligee Shirts 'Ind iNeckwear. FI lotS 1No.1ttlt otooty '.' tt,opp. cl to p ate.
I alld (1 'Bps. 4. ((110iitI 51 Se(4 'CL Them.
Good Work 'l. tt, toto Illlartt lO 1'for'No. 9 SouthiMainstreet, (Store etertlyoepoed by Too a =.r r '! { f.
Lindrtttttl (. A F. 'idVi .t 'I.Prop. I___________________t______ _ ! 4t
as ezs4 iiatule flta~tar,+01' PM~.(CA1.RINIA11. 1 A BREMARK 1BLE 0FFER. H T GA
CITY LAUNDRY. Po.Pl~t ttodt'iroo TeRvsdsyl t o t, I 1I
M.MlS m~ tabNo. 4N. FourtAve. 'tittt.I'ttt it1I. btty tibtt. Litlto y Ity lii. nicerfora Dime aDay. siti lt etittaf t 00.tt 11)~.
TC $ IP 1IK toie 'tt' tt 'otIo' "oto te-gag e to enoptIotIe the offer which ,Ito ity >1i'.t 21i ot t it li''fc2rIlt
'2Ir . ii'tttiittttsi'ttto t' t 1 Itt11itty Cekt--connectioni with the gr'eatestetdutca-
ST R E t \V I RY lototlo. 1nve'i~ttI.<.irtiotlt itt- tlttt t etnterprise if the 1age. 1tlins M r a b
Ce(, ow rkPit)ettvCo ' rooscoi t o ot it'11. o tt' lotIt~i.ofrsa d ih u aallad i o g n c bp
itit t..tiu anditut t it ttt ttt t ttIht it titt to tiltnLEADINuniNyHneLeOFhBI.ISI Ere
DANCt. tING ad DE SARTs.li. it :111 1 ittlttt -o iiii iettte I ..tttl PHORTsiONIIO. I°tmtit ' mit om
MONO~t Ip Iti Al tIntandtilit., tot iii oliuuouu:;Ill iiicn it tltetdtttnywhertttet.tt i tti'tt " tttt't'ttttittt.tt0
CROW PNilC0. Z it FOUNTAeIN N ODit"' 01tt11i t1in01 l lk!t/'ald l ~uldoIait ot ti tttiI pa ot'otoi
78SAESRET - PN A E S U'~itlnl' l ('tli' til n tir T iitt}rt = r . C EA'--' to
z iitiI ii i tl 11 or I c entstitit itO iiav s o t peio l
I Chang in Ger an Ct~irses. itl.enalit I'lreaderltoIt' liiii
________ ___Bit 't'aiirt'itu 'ise t of t t o i111t o lt ti Otttt i tttt Fi
C-___ii {i4vllti-;i -i~
'Sl;'FAtIRo.iit liiC 1 .1 .) i 1111.\ I' .I i .\,, Ip It' 1t1titNi litLit'," ttit'.
COCSINtOM~Eian lle Sbt Cte t he t oWll tll(.'. litio i 10 11111't.tll ilti
IAHI NEt'AL L tI 0 7 'i 10 AdvancedEIecloaworkut ittiha bei.iYon ortv(hlieno uIle ofshel 0 i~tlt'.' t.h iti t''t tli
t I.DIt. 189-3.0-
it o t I01 ihroitot' e , stI t lons ior syo rl y -i ' .'ii u th fuuuau
N. P. Eriiuuitod iind01atitn't'tid'aPtrIilttosith
0. N IN WDtitLtotAR t T S O OttlI , iI h.,eiatcsly"l i. oom 2;i. eLtEthDeutiGeS2CvitottesstithuaIINstSS
hutts htre t>ile oE r ~XuuuSHORT iHAND',llt t Wt-ho tu- n
an. P.Pt'ht-i.ieouuu 'i 5to iwu ii2 I . tolrauehlerelifth t a retp to h t o htlitt iaut i
A ItOit'.tie Iutli-,. olty tute ulthir totraloo ul t ilylt. t ;tlage ttt l t out s,, 1trtcp.n l itpr
! (;erllla b.- -Ir~sltl s Na a y hefrse it ioopfi t hctl~S C ll~ e -t g i t)lnI;i thug1iltrti ictdhtiititn;i1p. etue
Miot-tigan1 ; Club Banquet. y ev cetils a thay forll po days t uiyabhere yea
MIZ Dt-yP l.A v~ed()t fi a ll,: s-iu y areah dIfteerylasoo i~r4 2(rt h)il gthea t ra tc ltmer. od~t
NORetH iedHOentUt meBoers,.of r.hiet .fl t.ReC' n i oto a'x atirtiso u ofe ~ 9
ALWAY tttuhicn clb teor)petorltieltI te Weleiuprsitallellchtet lim say
.Ihhiao Reibict> hub lt,nl>.h iteS 00111totrtoo N as issuedCl~ut ielf - e ' ""ew aalg ddes
- ptuio.otute ditt c ' O ttt Id tot I troit 00 d,)O ie 0011)f. tb.AtenioSK'.htt Yt Is
tiuititdIiu lol lot hi aoe o tc i istho e rtanilya hgoleen 01'(oteoeilraio olte ayn
a1.0i.o . i. Ilrel iau i '! ( c i al _} . G e v n B rih
' 1).itor ttti (tirt n At 01000 toil ltoot o' Prehulet : jA. A er . loollioeadat' fa oc s Tnpe ti ldRpti, Fbur
0. tit. l ~ 000, F. XV.11etoton, lieraryiile.a t h le offenwillncofti ptinfogaliit sed 09110, te 010in:~v.f (I.intills& N. N)I . wR'y
Al Nrtedttcritotl..o~I. I. ocey, -tOtlit, I. t period onip.
B .(RENWO, rttAto tuo tnroeie a e M~eo, ......~.tiilottriod---scusoo ikt
00. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n i.tEN'''GO A 10 ror " i titeoo P ( Phvilosophyct]of tRe in. o Tle lit(tt 1lthtmn lo'( id fa lr

Headuaorters for Signt.
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.
tA S1114IAE. Washington Street

Law, E.1). lBabst, W. V. Elliott, J.1
J. Sheridan, J, . C0Travis, and J. 1:. .
Swanger, '94 la~w: WV. S. Flint, P.
G. Bunrnhanm, A. L.. Allor and 1,..
Long, '95 law. Price of tickets,
$2.oo. Railroadl fare, round trip,
CIot. NV. IL'E'ltPtren.,
44 E. Anne Si.

rhe hours for this course,- :Philois-
ophy ii, offered for the second se-
mester, are not given in the an-
nouncement. They will be tirranged,
so far an possible, to suit the con-
venience of thoe class. The first
meeting will be on Wednesday, Feb.
ruary 201, at 3 p. 1.,0n room 25.

CjeolbPass. Apt.
Castalion Contributors.
All Iiarltscrifot of stories or poenms
for tho Catalian mttst be in the
hands of te manag;ilt editor by
Feb. 02. \ildress, 78 h'. Washing-

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