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February 06, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-06

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THEU._OFM._DAILY._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
LE W H. (ASSEI lN','
51 So..1 MAtNs ti. 1T~Ireeto and Manager. In STIFF a'intiFEDO)HA LATS now in at PAi1 ufV
20 EAWFST110.t{N 5tLE
Good tworse Gottsitteett Goods silted titr Store Foarmlerly Occupied by 'TWO A.
andi Seliteed.t A. F. tcOVERT, Prop. - -oylettcatll at oft~r Glley, antd tea ]be
22'W veaers Iittthe IIoile'S!3. " A JiCA-SHiPRIZE OF 4$150.00.a
CITY LAUNDRY, 7~ a ebda n okeb l,'ogla~
M.O M Seb tN .4N out A e [ intduce Iteotte to biecoet tirotugly familiatr witih rie Ctteiottit i' itionttoft-1-11E also te Mr. Gbsotntilltitine fr i e c
____________ttttcIO st', i. containting tur I1)rospect ttt foert.Ogs, we wsiltlttay $S ooo ttt gi)tI toh
KEEP YOUR ACttiIUNT St I tI ITBE tpersot wttotecoretly cotttat ] tt adstgetther ailthle nitmeral nti t i sti oe, If pyton tineetttetseasoni.
,, ' 7 CX r. haec tot seen the (Aii: ttas hOUSEW,\I FE, wrteitt- (enctlising thttee toceot
t o. fan ad i~asing~on trets t ptamps to ag tinydipostage) Site vea etpy E ah iesunei eaatoitt el 0 eery ittte neithe
+~~T $VIG$B~lKMorgan &Gi bson.
A. [,. N oti t irce. tSnrie c Itt iii P ~slst .i liv'tote H 'st~ie o aititthireennitibeforie .Marist o, t1894,
r tnadatition tio t th e izeif $I-ot.oo every tite woaltoes no tiu~eet int ettet' tt eaunt -.- __
ST AI . STEA.&VM TA U1" D'RY ugn, te tumbtersnill reeivea setiof tweleroveets, Iby eell-ktinown ewitee,. A ls of dav.IVeb. Si, law lecture )ota, . t
1'illesttorknElttie '(l ,to.Ilolit itt. ettitte tee esi~tttiotteditntte SAgttrt Houesic , atil ite fttces'fttt t o t t lioctlSIs l te 1' Xtiitgaott t,'iitll
rol St. 'Tettlepne i,. 1I otessatt, tictandP t . X1 4MI,.t. baniquet. Every tmttmbher is iciet
I .t..,'in l rit trdh i tt 1iteeto .1)ec1 to tte ]presenit.
k; "arg ., ~THE HOME COMFORTABLE--4"--
t}11ct bot' t mitttiltt'iItilt cu i 's nttitliita stuotty iii tlilioo sttidtt tih eiigtttt'tni itwill 1), BUStINESS LOCALS.
PARDSELLAN E WOLD'FSTE REJitotwtteOFii .tiiONTiX rT H E ICK'tut tt e''tIf tlS Ntt s i}.t' it < thi s 'l:tiit Ifttt. it"
INtMCHIERY SLL A te Street GO :lid'ittetat fit )ittr it ill tie it fneaetll wrt~eldvc oi~t'iea- tf )lt~tp!'le. 'peil t1ts'trlogr
MON D -it i.ii. rOie rat' s a c..t tlTH F SHI N D P''EM NTU ots t1te,'troti. le tl tl
Is nioem (1ho t eiisia soto Tt i E t st' 11rI ory.iI,'TIu '1t t ea 'otti, ayl: te arcsfer o tnl ttiro tl it 2trite Lue te ui
D.''5SA ' i t.IN andOetLtt'i'i RT E iicsO 0'tit oanr o hn t.ia ad o al rcsan hsc lilrvl~l .tteitrtettli. 9l t -(ivte.
THtHM'GRDNotNIt'e't.fl S VE, 1WrrtVhetoelYt' Ct ts]Niti to t eeli .ariy'strt;
('sit'Itt' tt'-.oodvicet onIt ________111_AN'ri_______ PMF__ ',__ ndthe________________A______ I ' I'll
-__F" OS ERR_,N1 ''. hi" llN wi l"howLt o1.)a t itf. to vlaNN, o UmlisNEM lET. IsItitl lit ES1 trtti lenlI.St1 i
how t<) v I I, antI is ltillrollt']tttI'Ittii'Itlls art rt rtli-1
* Pet., thu ti.-l,),'it'l.'iitt'etin.'t d'ncingttttr etis ll 1)C ial (es i te igs. attltir
1 los n. S.C. w .erecti ttsa te()tit d t ent . 't t ilsit
Privattetul9.] attqtet)til tptuay, 'it. tset]] I lE ii I't t. i'ndet 'il tltaite
IGHIGAN GENT)veadres ad rceve
Tlie'' KnIttxce.Nsl~ so tiiets s eT'Peefisil 10All "Itrhaeubtin or ut St is litoot i1rittS I) S ateC
0.o N.Ftri...,5 F. &C 51~ eams to ri eitt(]i me role Iom 4t ) A .. , i tit 'itI' eiitt1 taii e
talttanti s<: I to oman &c1 Eselony Cisairritate ttci tt o N i r Oeot. iitritti stre . I
SSuiailst.' 1 i]rbtcl. i it tFs' 0 Fesnris___i f(a01 lr a a nlcl. 1 1 i f'" t a. <1+1 ern Aet. )on tsem py. tt
o a's I~~tottot's t b.K it ote sta g crc i n +11111' Stilitits the4fii.lowitig irastiegs

N. S. ittited.....tIM Ii anci't ir tess.' Iii IH
OW. RStirtO'.. it W. IHAYES,.
Si. P. S, 'r.AgI., S'tieii..'o. Act.. ArittiArbor.
PRINTING and* -t=
Student Work a Spetialty.
Bent iWoketitanditLoiest Preeso to tie City.
Ittisitaisere'cure.Tspyiettt litbeco'inced.i
Ytouewil nevr ret'it. Sentyinnltortiy
address. Petr' iiic iiie. la.ItttN I. (HORRt,
Atid Otitti Itititta.W. 1H. OWEN, tru..
NO. 4 East Htorott St.. Oppos'.tit' os
Httos. Hutt'oldt andl einStilt Bahs.or i-
.BI Cy- C TW
Li itturie-Pt'uttt in t 2BA., t'B
ttenttitttsf oe SIgrt.
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

MXondiay "ebi.t12, a]tte regular let I esig~ns lior ICover, 'Title Ptage andj
tutre hoer, liar all those whtose ntatmes hoard of Edtitors, Eitciig of l'rai'-
begitn frotmtA. to K incltusive; Frt~ Ite UCoturt Rotoml, Sital] Preloide
tiCPl.u itiX'tnsa t 'atdt fail Piece. PFar furtther
dayFeb.y, aal rednsda lFeb.iformatiotn no to the icharacter of
t4, fotr all other mtemabero of tile the dirawtng.s conesult B. F.. Wool-
class. Eacht of titese exaroitnatiotns Ban,110, it.N tlhSt. Scot] alldrawo-
soil] coiver the enttire coarse of1 let- itngstoth ~e abovse addtress.
-..,... Now Seminary in Economies.

Webster Soctety.
.\t the meeting of the Webster
society tto he held tomaorrows'evening
the followving jprograma will he ren-
Zitther solo. Alr. tEdwiartds; decla-
mtation, P. Kaoke; essay, M. Scott;
oration, I). 11. Conanot. Debates
Resolved, that wvotoen shoulid be
given eqoal soffrage with moo. Aff.
Miss Emma Eaton, J. j. Sheridan.
Neg. J. M. Davis, W. NV.T Northk.

A seminary open to unodergrad-
eatensowill he offered next semester.
The subject will be Transportation,
aod those taking it mustt have hado
the lecture course on 'lransportation
or moot elect it itt connection with
the seminary. Mr. Cooley will con-
duct the nosy course and those wishs-
ing to take it should hand their
natoes to him.
Reoublican Club.
Thtere wil be an important mseet-
log of the Republican club, Toes-

Granc cesl ' S eotofDNci. ( Ia-
'ati tet'is''tti i teitystill setioct,
titted roti it a :i. PMr il(riet'
csoisied it aii tte'etttulllin' enr eu-
the ig]e, i ti 'i\il idret. s iy.appia.
Op t ii ittr. 'i tiittalbasestt.
ltitise ti. I you tit ttsclasstt the class
twia k e sn i e s at tit e s o d t a h e r srti ig tad w l ie e cnti allytnt pt licai
tice, No. I Maytnardi street.
A Rare Chsance.
Nlorrt't o ouni encyclopeia; tati-
ttilindttibiogratphy. Cost $260. Not
itnjuredi at alt. Will sell ttat great
',neritit'e. Moot hatve the maottey.
Address ill,?i
Care sif U. of Ai. I)AInLoe

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