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February 01, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-01

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5i 8o. (5 fr.to o i 0501( iantl Moat. in ,ST[I F nt>id FED)ORIA 112%,1S now in at
EXCILLSIOR LAUNDRY -. Afl'f3 " ; Eg i3 FHI6t N6R
20.U 5.51? I L155N 5'11 El'
GoodIWol. Guaranteed. Goods olil Ifor Store Formlierly Occupied by TWO SAMS. d lvr~. A.F .V ,Po.Done, callai tCrGai sssan'usi Will be
jsrelothe oual autistisc mannerS ittings
22 Veetrs in thle IHusiness._:oo ""' 1r. OF M. CALENDAR. th ls f'7 inhorf I0'siss oi 0(.Iyl.2iu1 sl
CITY LAUNDRY, ,11 i ~ Co '0 ( ber to whom tilh omi dedicated.1 1(s ~n.s as s i sn
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave. moo it. hall., 1). nt. (A han dsoine rug has bseeo placed t.e)c;te earn
KEEP YOURl-5A('sJl1N1 WITH 'PHE I,:F0 p. 2 uulo.(Ih sls ids. over p'art of tilesmarbuie iioor, in the-
+$TATC SAVYIf2GaS BAflK+ IFri., l'eb. 2 \-leIs)Ii meetin-, is loomu4,Iatus 5center of which standis a ieaustifllui Mor't]2& Gibson.
C'or. MSuit andl Wshtion ssSsrets v.1)"inEet ionofi ollior's. oak table. Xrousnsd tilesides of tlebg.
A. LN dr,s ,, o. Hlsssnoo~stss.s.tis ol'r. Sot..Fell.l3 -Y ils'lWlritl, Fir i Mmorial
ls~l, ::lp. . ronlarea suoser ~f lO~iso~leCATARRHU HAVE YOU GOT IT?
r V nt I(I. --Prof. tlrhourof iYpsilanti. lfIf so, TRY my 1VEDICNE-
TAR 'EAiv1LAUN'DR.Y Sn. vchairo acigtetbe t satr ue i
FiesssrssIe lp losisti ltin' hod." Jutlltat tie nt etrance to lth'eslroisimns 3' en tll .('111hi',etail Isoo ay
Fittst t'v l. ll lte it-. 1rortptin i lsie.'stsOl Dllar'. .1011\ I'. illuls
o(ut Work I. nd dsllivs'''to. 1t .'toh Fast. 11ll- I'si., F"vii. ;:>i 551 ll.'s'sI
'11(5St. 'TlvlsslI' 5. Pitt n-lvio s Io 1i~'~s il an I lllletse stag,'s heed iias hisv ' "'' t'litsi. St., ('Isistio,lliosvis. ;vsd orml r
CRO osC. 0050550 OD (., De. 1 61 is,, 0 's a 11irs. iss 1g 'ie 0 1115IniIfnta il 1101
CRW E O ONTAI ANDGsLDFri., hl. 161 it't siset ( 150(5. 'esisjiityao fnss#ii sisePALACE .+ BARBER +SHOP I1.
5 5'5.. ('.''(Its(5l1(1 ishiAwl,0.MllIs lnss,s- W. iH. OWCN, Plos..
CHICAGO0stuets155. Inaris easidpliaster. Akihandilse o 41'last HurolliSt. 55,Nl)silv 5Court.
Moo_ "(rr l. 111s 555. o se 'usssts'5r le''iris. lion . h. Co lId OS's +,a5t.~05 ls . Fur-
''rrs Iti ' t. r.15. O se tt 1-o iss u55 5Iris emsoriai has ibesn isiacesi 1111 otie cetos ts.
AWRE H TTE o wSo i'~lsiiie of tile roomi desdisateil to 1Eu-Ats c5 iy r ni oi 1ivp
AND SEL PENS.gt'AIRI". aker, '7 altaln atsi or ie 01is e ssls (111- 11 515 <St
TheILacNlty Concort. gatnis/er of "iaie's first vsctoriolss t11g1 17 s t. ilc : soI tiss
illl Ysi.Iloss' it he list sii tissstf1o1' all
'Te facssly of tine scishol of music fosotbail teamtl. 1111tile ((ails 'Ire .'01 dtilnl f ~ i st' 11I'it Now ' Yortk tlis
DANCING and DELSA RT E Isvill give.acosncert this evenisng. T'I'sspletndiedtiirts-six silk fhugs wich in Illxs 55 5 ll,055'l sed'b1110eSoulthern?
MRS ANIE ARD FOTER srocats s a isiosn:serve si trophlies of Vale's victories 5We10 lts uostst 111115551115t diences~lO.
46 S. Siste Street. I.) st, it.11. flat, i's11 1(1ndvisslin-s-oztssns, r(, ts '2ansdfootbnallI. Halndsome e SIocii scts'tuitn thse drlla ore scass's,
MONDAY-sop. isl. AdvaneetlIt'class for Ills- sittit 55a111tfisthasi. -Notiisg esould
(le s d t t ist l'sss. o.0.(s 5.51-t ls . iak 5 .stsi ets are raingesd aroutniltin y e io f t inr tus'( 'sl.Prtro nt he 110 ight
215)NI2AS' Its. it. tuslios' slol-ssto.'l.tss.. 2. . (t sir~ .
'NO I -l i'. Is u. ( ltslv sf(ti ls's lssiss' . Iroof0011,svwhichn are t o ldisi tine base- 151111d5 st10 ;15 1 i's '111(('s l an~s~ter; ('stl.
itthl I hls'luli's sandl 'sco sisttntiasl,
('..Sstt'sst salt ...........--._---i'lssslsvos bails atnd finotbalis sulitably3'12.1aitedti (1(10s~s li 15WOiss tk
31).1' m.I l .'l ti tss O stlsst',s 'itt cIs 5 . .ts'.Sils40111,.ans iinscribesd. 'ine wsole el' ', tlsIidll'aitt i 11a111 itlllisu', itf t'itlt
In . . ttadies' ttIttnsiItlss..21' lssssots lsstsssf line t1-( or 50w 111its large oipen lire- '5llstl 110>15.115''5151>55 lg
4. .ssv 'i, ' ris, so ss,a ssl sisslin, slliusiti p1)100, is very pleasin~g, and gi'es t Isiliior 'oslili' i tund sobjectionsable:
--Don((ItMr . it'. lv, irettl isidideotedos
M~- 5 ~l~sg(iss. 5A.lhici'y. adtinltsi t hegmasul3 isos:('alls.v ts '"Istn sweet ssoIisthi-
° a.lssslss'os ,List -Vlle 'ailumnli tieekis'. or(' ci"It ail l ' l'5ttlI.hs'. itiltil l
.1. l;. cllluaa551- .- Isva i~ ied us lssf thii Ir liv thiese 1510'
- . ''''Oratorical Association. ste(el-A w51 Oio ~at5'l.le(lt atild
b.i(lsl t~sustst,:Icti

Mrv. lls'osimitsi Zeiss.
,ohlit'lhe'svssllv ..___--It.lo'
3t.1. IsoudossnsatndsJ.. Il. Oi'155515
Jeftersonlan Program.

lily ExecuItiv.e hosarsi ofthe fOra- 5'iriistnt o s 1 'lligsil ls e 151 hod
torical assocsiation vill mueet i1110011 a "oldensissiOts'ss 'hvs' ts is 111sflsissuli
24, Satu~rday atI s :o0 a. 511. ' thy tiro""Y hmists csoo f thiii' t1il ol
lhssns's'ss' iii s. ~ ol.iitre i ;lt' slissliss' lnthls s sq the islil
-'.0 1 ~~littuS.sti ''Sils'e's'lxitsu''Irid'. 11.

S i7 Ts. setoutmleetling of Jefissrsinliatn To-Wit: The Senior Law Annual
IqJGHIGAN ET A j I terasoy society still be hld tis
'I'issivl'stllo(Revsisd) No%.s0, 1Ills evenling at 7:30. 111e following i Solicits tile followvinlg draswings:
I e~rgan uI icrn eaignls for Cover, Title Rage alnd
A. MIA.«.soard of I.lllors, Etching of lPrac-
Ii. N.ExPre ..4 3N. Y& .h P5i1l ,i soilwnth'pianos. l'assnatiosn, C.I1 ticC (ou~rt Room~t,'Ssai end
Atlanticl Expss8'ss !1i Itl ll. OEpp 850.1I
Past Ews' x).95N5 imioted. .10I)sKane; essay, Nlr.lHosward; oration, Cut ans iltiPiece.Flo filrthser
12. 1F((ast s~ lNes'nEis15.s S. ftColtratle; smulsic, voncal solo, snn fornsatssn an to tine character sof
Mlailssandl Osi.., 41" G R.0 Id S al . 6slsa in sc n ul 3 . to l
N. Y. & lo 611. 08('t1Is N. Expr0ss..85t R. N. N],cC osneli; Impromptltul d tisesrawn' osst11 .Sol
N. S. Li'mitsed ..(u3I'lcsssts .xs, ~s 113 .102ma2ifs16S. tin St. Sensd all drst-
0.W.its115sGo. H w.HovYEA, cunnion; afltrnnative, J. L.. iaston; .
0. 1'. &'r'. dot.. Clielss. Ant.. AnstArors. ilogs to tis o ve addtrens.
________________________ negative, A. S. Cutrtin. iDebate:I
THE ANN ARBOR ARGUS resolved, tnat the jusry syntemol New Seminary in Economics.
PRINTING and- ==-- shoulid be sotmosiihed that three-
--- - PUBLISHING( fourthnnswoulsd convict. Affirsiative, A seninary omen to Otndergrad.-
Mr. ollion ad 1lr. rudima tal{es will b2e offered next nenmester.
Suet WorkIaSecilt negative, N.Cx Hrtx'd1. CC'.I 1ite suisject still le ransotion,
StdnIokaSeily .Iitlhiat nd those taking ite tittisthaveisasl
Hestol ke a5otl'lt nd oest Fritos is thleCity. Jackson. thse lecture couse on 'Transportation
_ -- --+"--- - r msnt elect it in cosnnection wills
G RANGER'S. - Yale's New Trophy Room. {tine seminary. Mr. Cooley will cn
CLASSES IN DANCING will meeta s. I tiuct the new coorse and those wish-
follows a O',tlerlesl,'Satusday msornins so NWithin the past fesv weeks theI ing to take it should lnandi their
andTrayeven.isad :00sLalli,'tesa.Satud-oy niteeo!wnames to hinm.
afnoh~onssp4eessises anS detslrn d- omitesygadaes ohave,
vassoed lasses. Tamsdavevensingo I. alsdSatnss- -graduates
Icy eveninsgs s5o'locsk. Gounds~ flotor. 6 .Msru- the gymnasiuns in charge have GRAND OPERA HOUSE.
mrst(50 rlst tlononesstermu(twelve week~s) $5.
Pupilo ssoreeied t ay tme caused all tine old athletic flags and ___
C ' , trophsies, formerly atoredI inAlsumsni N.t 15?4' '55)115 ,tG;~ts4
B ~ L.~J..L hall, to be removed to the nosy tro-
ss'isa'-'uilat phy room in She gymnasiuns. "Alabamsa" comes to the Gransd
HnPcueFadq;asestsrSi'."sis. rhi om hsbenvr ad-Opera IHouse asnd brings with it thsese'.
HeaduarersforSigs. his oomhasbee vey hnd-cord of bavisig been one of the great'.
sosnely fitted up, partly by tie gym- eat New York successes of till last- 10
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor. nasitit comtmittee, ansd partly by yearsanstd of hsaving won everywisere
the repustationn of beinsg thse very best

sps~ire o .'.lt's'tins ss'iiohsitileg
producssst ionssi \us Snus Falc ediinini
evesy 01'sp. 1 T he elit'l'mp5a11y ssill apis
pear1' asitheOkhiso)(1 u stst sf xtMnday
091, isots, lIillil-pa1fsthres' and11 uev
otelnois. '51to is, i t'elisrnasy ci'boetseesi
ilso iilcss' snd slssssitsows'l, a lfountains
pteni witlusit Oi a.IFindsetr' sill 5please.
s'ofsrss iiso tcy I. T'tots~sr. 4 N. Stten
wams1, this' 1H. & M. 1Drustore.
To sli ,.'-Plesnst fr'sott rotoss.
l",rsnste 151st, lipist, lbathi. 0 . Jf-. lf
fe;Psree.Frredscss aeos r t ickets tsoOlsiss,
It. S. (Greeost ,Tisckit Agt., lToledot
Ansi Arbrtt&si tlMic h.i
Sessis inial111depa51rtments11 11r0 enti-
fledto Ssensiscmites sot photogralpic
stork as . iasstli's.
MAlkittosit05 atltssitom prces. the'
.1. T.-. ,Joss0) ls.
Tise cheaest pl siswe Iso get fousstaiss
pens, lissnaers11, ssoteIbotoks sand
books bsnssilosst Sehsleede's 50 State
AsissAt sbsor Steam Dye Works, la-
dieis' aith gensts' cisstin cleansetd or
dyed. No. It WestIHusrons street. JDye-
Dig;, sessssrissg slntS re'inishng.

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