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January 17, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-01-17

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THE U. OF M. DAILY. ________

51 So.,IA INST. Diretlor andl Mnweet'-=-AGENT FOR THE
EXCELSOR d 7ND Y Christy Hat. London. L. L & A. Hat, warranted. Roelof o Halt.
20 FATPIerhUON STREET.AlsoDealereill Men's ine Firloliog.., Soilt(' 'efv Trunks and Blos.
Good Wor k Gotranteed. Golds cailed for Store Formerly Occupied by TWVO SAms.
and odlivered. A. F. COVERT, Prop.
B2 vears in the Bnui'iuet". -r""
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fonrth Ave.f lL
KEEP YO)010 .01 '01 N15010 i E 414 t~I
+STATC SAV1 2G$ 13A1K+ C,
Cor. Solon0011Washingtlo Streets
_...._ _.NIll .e.ooo . 111,1 ol______ - "" __.. z' GUITARS,
Finest ork inthe eiy. "Bomt innethtn World- "
1110 St.Teiphonel83. tho Ioodllto our 01ecial1machin
i,sts. Westoke our eput11t1101
CeOWNePEN CO. OO'h lFONTAINANDOLD 11111111 111C ell ~e.AllauifltI
Washburn Souenir Catal(u."11
CHICAGO.100.artiste100101r1ces n allo ecrp O. STATE & M nnROE STS., CHICAGO.
AND SLL PNS 1 . The Anvil Arbor Organ Co., Sole Agents, Ann1r Arbor.
.oILDNG 3 189' 1'. 0P'1M. ('ALENDARS. theconlfedlerationl, a1n111111conlsitul-
DANCING and DELSART E 'Slllll0...lol.Is-SO 1111001i ll 111 1101' ioolCtlVeit-l.Iles 11111
MRSs ANNIE WARD FOSTER 011111;011111about l llldle otf1'elrriarv. No)
46S. State Street. ;1 n.II 1flri o-o aiaino
MONDAY -ep. tm. Advanceedlla111.0f101Ill- Gr,1111111".rillclu. ill Newbrylo l lee ':1 11 4, Cre11' t i lI e given for ..tteilllallre
ON AI:Op. i. Gkoi l e . dtrit I'ion1,10Ja,'tO 1ev. tee Sloltloee", ill onily 11)1 111. lti lrelne 111 1
TU4Dlreal iz/ationlioIltheir valueiJ1ie ~ va
SA1('ID:1I ti 2iS.n. entle en's 1n .1114 ern1T . ii .\ s 11 1111 tl t i i fcnttlol th ie s u l t
l m.ehlrn.c nInc ts I he Ml e. l l', liees Atlaeicsat the M 111i01r 1ai r.
* lo h ll. - 1110 11.1
by' 11. de '1ll 111 1111. e0110.1y. Hal . Assorc1a1ion11 gaoles will lie playedl
-111-1-U 1t liarranlgemenlets are mladle for
m-, ~Conicertirt Detroit. t- f-.1i, xl..}r~ t'tclr

Done, tll 01 001 Gallery, 01111yui will be
seved i inte ousual 011t110ic0manne. Sitigs
M orlian & G ib pon.YO G TI ?
n11111' i re r iII1111'. .011\ 01'. Slldl
1- 1 al E.,Ch aoR IllMinois.Awnd o0 tr
Tin 100.lu 0 111 10 N n.1 8
15 p. 01. SO~ 01
sH SIn . I. i:15 aol Ido
a I S. G t'i l;Nky0io, , eso n Ab
W, H BD ETe. . CTleARYoF. a
lelioesesarot111 I lte r odsalll Oleets ill'
ovnirk;lieitll sopied 1111' 1e1room;07 111l)elIcoa
.xrpfol t 1111''. 111. tr la irisudes 111101si-
0111 lt tINIE,11SLCAS
A 1p111ofiillel'. oed11110unt111
,;MaseslostI) 1 i 111111ontreet,11
Wi5 lll 'l;H ('d1b11 '0 fillig. )t.
2'0I'wilt5011 iliveltlento Wa rlems
toilliOm 110htnitbti lrte.OtO1 orTh
Dollti'. Griiv tootbussioallowed
tlto ight prtico. .1on phoyoataonct
Bus t inss Masai'.

0111101e1,ablevised) Nov.1, Iu1893,
EN. S1.011ST.104 '
A.. I. ..0701
Nas.Y .t'5 E .1. 5 N. S.sin lel'..o 1035
PRai nTIN)... 41+G. &and ta.. - 0
N.eS. LinOlko .1:111 l i 1551 0 c10 :3
G.fPera olltl ., Caic', o.lid teAtleoleor. 1
BtuencWrka pcialwy
CLASSEilIlDANCsIe Sll meta
25los G.enuthAm, -urann 'Arbor

MImber ot f iithe Scholloif 1tMsic 11nd Rugboy .'The first gamie of as-
facllty oillI girl' the next Iconcert in o i as>io football will be pilalyedl01
thle A rionli'100rsle at DeltroitI, held ill ' iie sIt il 1111a' 11and the otlier series
A'rio hallI, ot {an. IS. Messrs. 10111coimmencee a wseck later. 'lie
Hermnil/ei ,, Jl. lErirci Srl naal , I fooitbll lIgrotinds are saul to Ill'in
0111 S. It. Mills owill lie Iamonlg Ihose Igodcnio.
Soiie f"attire oftletic' euler-
lilrtili 111111g. tlailiuitll 11 be iin Progress dulritng
"' - the whole day. Al fi1rst the games
Unite Club. 50111 be Iplayedl 0n0Sunldaybut later
Satuirtday mlatchles will lie arrangedl.
.'t 111' '111, es N bllla e'cWIork lhasbeenclommoencedl oiithe
lillg, Rev. ILee Mc1(1)1lister, ott l)e- grand lstanld, whichi wil1l bs ;o liy
Irolit, sil' give 0an 1llutrtoerd lec tire 100 foilt.and iwilI overlookthe lothi~-
iii "T'lht' Cathoedrals cof \Northiern .I elil'groundt~s.
Glirople. 11 Mr. MciCollister is swell- Janmos G. Blaine.
known l'ini IDetroit 01011alwa~ys at- lilog-lltly of Amlei111,s lilmtst
110115 goodilaudliences. 'Ihils lecture staltesman110by hoil 11 Ilatuiltloi. I(literaill'
is stire to lealse everylone anid as 0110 1 tI tlilionst'Iot Aeican0ti -1
many115as possible shoulld 0a1111iliemi- 'rlitfthe emlient ttIesmanl, Idiplio-
selves of this opolrunity o 10hear learsn that his ioilgralo is 10to1 le writ-
M11r. McI Collister. tenl 115 1110chosen Iliter'arly eseI'ittiS' 1111
----1111110-work 1111n0wreadofr ideliver'y, amidl
Constitutional Law. wI sh 5111 1negotiaste 001(11 a1reliab~le,
I intelligent, buslinless SmanI, 01111will
BenjamnoI arrisoll'5 course of ive exc'luive Ptimoe to (11e lbusinlessofi
lectures 011 'llie tOrig-inooftoeI'epreettinii 5ln Michliganl.
Addl~res, lill & .Shermnl,
Amoerican ('onstitutioni, at Leland 13241)Dearb1orn1St..
I 1.1,,11. 1licaos, Ill.
Stanford, will cover Ilhe following .
subjects, swhich will be divided into Graner's Saturday Evening Class.
six lerturen: Au introductory lect- Sliheclass for ladies 1a1111gentlemen5
ure omediscssin ofthecoloialto omeet Saturday evenings will begin
orehomeIlisussO o thecol nia ext Salturday evenling at S o'clock.
charters and constitutions (using thin illis class is for those wIishig to prac-
tero i th IlgliIS ens), co.tice all dancees, includinlg the Two-
ter intheEnlis sese, :n-Step, Academly, an~d'anly 11010ceotf1mr
sideration of the organization of the it th10t may lie desired. Office at
slates andl their earliest contitutions, Acadlemy, grtoundllfloor, 6i Maynaord St.,
one block1111wsat of State St. stores.


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