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January 15, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-01-15

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tai . al ndtle.tui ''crtti t H. 'Lt. E
4i tx-'I' IjtI huN -'1i tiE t.iAY
CIT~Y LAUNDRY, Sa-1111-111-
W. i. SenboatNo. 4. Fourth Avea
+l$TATC SAVLP2GS BAf2K+ to ri nlĀ«siponkres
A.L. Niti E IYes. HOistR titIIits,
ST ' ' I LA.UNDRY Mandolins, Banjos, Zithers.!
Finet wo~k i thet it. Pionip ill" Best in the World'"
out Noa t l Ca ltcziu .Ofc eUlts m at- t t Sitilv-lli-tiitili
am~ r '..x r noivt s nt noblech7La.r gaaC. oeAes irs.
iROlN Pl.CO.A'mom FOUNTAIN NsoGiety iiic the sitit-ralsiteiuatttniMe ie
DANCING and DELSARTE till ii i thi ttu ait i t I~II i-i itif i trpesuttlt5ne i t
46SATE TRET, t4 = ENeeMA NtERS.i
60131p itii Nll: i -* f t ij se
CHICAGO i ii siiittiiB. 1 i ifL is 0- aciTile so-itStvandtet11ihoit inI;-
f.t.. -it-s- 5-. i i tiii'ii esa itbie aT. ItsAGO. n
'to tt'7( ttt~ut'i iii a.I R TTSiNR.
U ILDNG itt47li-si-. 3it-is4. ri tt . A l E'N D 1
i socety=Iii t e in er-s ti, t . iiate

F) -n H PTLltlkPyfI W~d

tied ;.1 tine titt:i.1 artisti%

t t

tl~y il at-. ti lllii by1'. ii lrii 'atit-
Morgatn & ibpon.
I- i tRHu Ifo, TRY ' myi'M'DtCINE.i
111 t tli sl titi. Set-at iiatiii to fitly
A Cornett Eight.
Itis p.rac-ticlly settled tilat the
iti l ighit.-oiaredl rate i tieenth te
lretsiolitthe UI 1eraly if IPentnsyi-
Svaisia an iii (tirite I i iil3it-ritieti ot the
D eiawtare neat liliadlliia tintine.
'The I titaia tartite it iave signsifiedi
a twillingness to rowth iere. Ali ex-
tiliettas bteenxeeetedl, andtinegnot-
ationsx are totw ieiitg mtade for
trainitng quarters fitr the two creits.
To iii it t- cl- I 'lii tisitei t ttotis,
ui'as t-ito IIt. &t' iM. A Ci stre.-
itt io tttintl epatw-'.ar rli
tldi ti l sct; iix ' ~ts ctil iiitonipait

EASII .T, e N IV.ti' ii
A' M-t ttitii . S L Ati .li.
D. N Expres..... I54 a tt . t-I S.uit, .l)at
.Wtlnti aes H. \Iit.tuyi
PRlil nTIN.... ;G. tand}a. al . 60
andt Wourtmeandt'tiiis t iesiLathe -ttCitty.
aftternat-ts 4. Ladlies antd Getliemten, itt-
vanc-ed etitnesa, 'Ietsti-tveiitgs0,atnitSuitit-
rta tee tTitionIotecter(twelve4 C it-I
t''pttt teetivedatay tite.
25 S. Fourth Avo., - Ann Arbor.

F i ti., Jatn ;?t t. Il I t'n-i Se ii . -I kdi ii-.
Iy \I de ti tni-i .'ii, ' i lsi- Ha l
It-For Wnetn's Rigts-i'.
I tta ill this tci tiltodaysitu toltn-
Itiilis andi eventitis in N etabern- j
hall Re. Ana Saw peas tis
evetintg. 'ITtesdiay fr-omt fivete ixi
a getterai recepihtion wt ilIbe Iteld.
Alit othtte tisiitiitisitetiladtietstoble
- 7 17ime ae Ret. Antna Sitaw, Stisan Bt.
Antlontiy, Retv. Caroslinte J~. lBartlett
attd M~rs. Lucitnda ttnie, the last
twto oif Kalamiazoo. Onits editeiday
Mlts. Israel Ball, of this city, xwiiil
pive a Iprivate recelstioni fist .Aliss
Debaters Chioisen.
'lThe Alpha \Nt prelittinary con-
test otcurredl yesterday aftertnoon.
'Te subject for debate was, "'Re-
solv-ed, that the regitlatioti of tise
tariff should lie left to a nton-tsartisan
commtission."' The contsletantasxwere

-as folilows

I c.A i%' iiRo t ii 5.Ia2
I1.ticti 2:i
is Miit-i x ii- 'c o lly
Sit tti liiiLovo ot liii
1I c Sit iii x Ctuu s
51 l r. 3i " , Ill G - i till
St-r. Pt . t ray
Sitv. A. Ft ljy
IX. Itt-it iti -
ai. AIts ttis aItiii-it i __--_1.IeR ' d ini tie m et
I. ii t tu-llr A a t I-Iiiti-i-i
XIII. xst lit-ier~e_
tilt. tP. I I.Gr2y
Ptresidletnt Andlrews, of Lrc-

- - 1.ti i iI t-list.W httn)p-icIs. T hei~t
j .1 fP.lt liitti s s isCo. 'l-s -t it
t. :t Ih-iiiii itti-ihalxsi-aple Lt-lits i lti,
lmok lp ul i , . 'terisutd's pt-tMte
-tftty lat lttit:1 iI iit-tttlin yeit o rktst.lt-
OriIyl-is -tnd o i li(lttity e ed- ottr
AiR.S.rrss.vodliickSet At.iToled
JamesesG. olniSI.
t.irip of :Ame ic go.aIll.
ensaeintstnlyrinterested.i h a
shi eer w ofol atit-it stuesanedipo
ofssr- t istoznoratoercndullonofadte
al 'iary o itenb is Gcitutlco sionsr xeutallwd
of six tovverishteoit r ithplya onelile
year. lient, buManess awowl

.: i.vc ;tt tv[u: tc,;dl GVCiII[1 '.
The progralll for the Scotch 11111s1-
cal evemn- in the Inland Lena-tie
('ollt"se. tons; llt, ul.dcr the direction
of the Gollrlay llrot'hers, (i'(i D(oro lt,

Mesars. IRroet-e and Block for the declined the offer receti
affirmative, anadI Aessrs. icknian,Isitti by Chicago ttnit-ersil1
fILyman antI Lindley for the nt-pa- xvas offered thte chsancellor:
live. 'The tociety itself at-ted as the Uiversity and heathpco
judge, and declared .Messrs. Lind- ship of philosophy, with a s
ley andi Kroeze the winners. These $10,000 a year, and Iprivilege
ltwo men will therefore represent thse monthi' abssetnce dutrinp the

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