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January 11, 1894 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-01-11

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. a .


VOL. IV.-NO. 1 0.



A NEW WRINKLE 'FOMORROW. The '96 Oracle is touchingly re-
Will be on Sale in the Morning--Lar-ferdt in he dtoal ada
ger and Better than Ever-The bird's-eye view of their prospective
Wrinkle a Great Sucness. lomb-stone is sown in another col-
Tiie irst issue of Wrinkle for the nine.
newv year appears toimorrow and "A Poet Died,'' hy W. MI. For-
promises to bte fully up to the stand- sytlt, '95,ittily depicts thte joy in
ard set by its ipredecessors. This is store for thtose whio never tvrite for
tile first regutiar nllumber since thte Writtkle.
otne of Nov. t otht, thse last ttv luml- There are also poents by I; .L.
bers bteittg special onses, for Thansks- ' Mason, '93; Henry Kellogg, '95;
gtvtn g anti (hbistttas. I ti thte reg- D). I>. I utltt, '94,atttl XX. E. lolles,
slar tsnitsbet hts teett imtprosvetdby ;'95
thse addiitionaof fous' rtore spagesit ; XIrintklet sillIte ottsatl e at thse
beinsg tit i iolit tof thIe editor s to Iibox'-offie, tt inte mun hatIll., ttoor-
esnlarge tiseUtiler, lpermtansently, to 'rtsse 1555rlti at chsapel tilts ,, atnd at
sixteens pages, intshue futusre. 'Ibis; all thse book stores aridi sarios
wtill stake te15paper store desirable lnewsIstatnds.
and ttrctiv thn evr ad shuldFaculty concert.
increase its already large sale.
Tile cuitsiponsth e cover p)age wtas ' lThe1Facuslty cotncert of te 'iii-
dlraswt by Al. XXV. Caunpasu, '96, versity Scltool otf Xsssic trill be held
sile R. L.. XXagtner contribsutes a Itis evenitng at S o'clock itn Frieze
very clever 1stiil le cartootn, por- :Memorial salt. The lproglramlswill
trayinsg WXrinskle anss souse of his be as followss:
lrienssssreitsrnsintotcollege 'titer tse t. tie lltdt,, I. F'at. lot.1Kttsss_-___'Iin
hsslidaysvrevess.Tisat tishey are no1 it-- itNt. JlJtvl o " I di
Ii. tIt q 'I t slst stsessssurr ,,.' 'I~f to
overjvyedes at returninsg is evivdentlSI. silt s ts. itli.
ir~ tie sr'ssi.s eUotststhersacs Its . eo~ici~cl 'rv~
.nlMe .sss ill t utn age Ir 5 't..sl
t ever '-ketch enitle'd '"Dimt ple.", I. t Ilra -----------
by MrIV.I) leader. It i aI a. No".xi
stosry of asnsivcsdetlitnInglisshcol- Isl t he I it
lege lisleat thse "reat suiveeitsy of i I ri lts'itlal I
Oxnforv, andswlt ibe readl svths iter- 51. soi55t i ,, a ' Ilt"or, l~ ~eI~
III allrvcrn st, II t i lto.~
est by Amtrirsatncollegianss. Sly .FI el Set hut 11and15 lrltII Ivrtslnli.'/.kile

TeMd l or the June Field Day
in Chinago are at last to tWe Ilve "sy ttiiv Ivlli e siils 5and
be Awarded.
As before staled in The 1111 i, II ito Ily etwll s1F1s11lIcailll fcte.
the niedals for the June field umeet Il~llwanetltoe you race and lyt
its Chicago are at last ready for thecir
winners, and misy he obtainedt front 1,41 0, 14 O ~ ar
Chlarles Baird or (George B-enson,IlleItllleal.
track msanager. Those whso late
not ret plaid ttp their entrattce fees Mi t
still hare tot pay upl before receivinsg
their msedtals. 'Tte na~mes of .\iclI-
g(als swinners fosr whsomssImedals are
readvy are as follow's:
(G. IH. Chaspmns~, first in 500 andt
220 yartds dashl; G. XW. Keasttt,
secondl ina 100ansI lao; XX. I.
Geary, first in y2s yards husrvdle, 1
antI in runnsinig Ibroad jumisp aad wisenrssss n 1 tl'ie.itlI'l sooliltalsSItlves
or,sit' :"',.t "vo S.Shos at :tikSt li15551' i ' s's
third in running ihight ju11111, fG. I. .Iassiim rls tI'isaces'.sets ior v talpi toi
Reed, first its ceo yarsahu~rdlies;
J. B. XX'hite, third in 22o yardsH H Y M & c
hsurdlles; A. Al. Ashsley, first its4140 o
101, 183-185H oSvIIIctI<stII5.
yards ruln; I1. I. Satnderston, lltid t - - M, . ICHltIGAN.

I .

tn .l0; 5. troatIsetcond itshlf-
usile ruts; Ii. Bs Krogmsan, thirsdins
utile rstns; I. IMartistt seondin
runnsting Itroad1 1111111 1J1 Leld~en,
first isnlssso utle b ivslesndLI...
Seeley,tirdvsi 'I It. 'sinll, sec-
01111 illhlevaut1 1. l. ercy,
tisrdl its lyI:It l)lt a11al Ish usmser
Wisounsn's Annual Debate.
'or the ltwety I-thsrdvimse thse
literary ascieties oftfeIlseI irersily
of XWisconsitn holdi Iheir aininsal joint
debate, Jan. z .
'Ihe equestionsfrrthseidebate . the

Cornsell is again rentenmbered ini a
skit invtolviing te contract labor
problems. "''Merely a Stiggestion,''
by 'F. R. Cutchseon, '96, still awheal
to all swho sate Itatdantexenstive ar-
quainstancsewsthl Annl Arbosr's fat
mllsI 'boarding-house lbeefsteask.
H. C. Ryatn, '9.1' contrilbutest
skit entlitledl "lThe SphIinTs'o Date."
in sticivi the famsltrisdsle Ill Ianci-
ent tisses is supersesded by saisove
msovderns aud likeesise still usor1eiser-
plexing ensigmsa.


S. C. A. Reception.

'The receptiots by thse Stuldentsa' following:
('isristiais associatiotn totIllitnti s uls XXossldthe N'atioisal(Owsnershsip
dlents of thse University wtill be givein andttOpeatlions of thse Railroaids its
tousorrost eveing at 8 os'cloctk in thse kUniltdSlates be preferable 10
Nestberry sail. 'The priogramtsswillI Oswier shiplansI (peratiotn by Privatle
contsisl ti tfstsic ansd a symupiosiumtoCor poratos' It lbeitsg coiscesied:
isn hsolbbie's by the folloswing per- I rat:ITsatItse vcsange vats be
sotis: Mr. Slitzer, INliss Mlorky, usadetconstitsutionsally ansI legally.
I'dr. Strasiss, MtIisasBloutl, 'sr. it-'and at 'a cost 111ot texveedt$6,ooo,-
tle, M~iss tSmsitlsi adll.i K-esey.0001, siil i tI bsls tIe
ILadies are, requsestedl tss wear 1 in s 'usttandreasonabtlle complensations.

Jv~ U S T_
Reenived. 105Ha. if Fine Chocolate
Boal Bons.
R. E. Jolly & lut., 263 S. State St.
Arisic Photographer, I E. HURON SI.
Lowney's qhocojate5s,
48 S. STATE St.

lith itdeparut llent gsan intieleast their bulttonhosles Islemesissil osit
nusiber, etlitle'd "Ansistit' Of tittir iparticular Isobsiies.
Johnsi,"' is consltie, snd1is teex-
plorations ti-ts in progress isrove 'Tetomsmittee 'if fist is charge
froitflt, swill v 1.01511 'throtught Is'- ttfaffairs, of thse Sollossors classs,
teal issites. nsel last nighst and organized by
Fraithlil31isce, '93, relates its a tile election of TI. P. lickey an
fetchiing stay list trasditioual flirtation I clsairman ansd J. A. LeRoy as secre-
between the ''Co-ed ansI thse'Ta- lary'. Plans for a Sophousore social
tor'' with which we are all msore or in the near future were decided
less familiar and of which ste hase apon and thse date still be announc-
seen nomeroas instances. Icr1 in a few days.

Secondtl: 'Ihat sall gorerunsess
rsailrossd officials atsd emps~loyes shtall
be atppoiuted iantdIpstisoteid uptonta
basis of business efficienry utnly.
('tlis concession to be construe-d as

restricting neither tlhe form nor Ite rttilIvsIc
msodes of appsointmsent of tlse central
administrationt authority.)'' ~ ~ a R-
A circular, giring a history of
joint debates at the Unlirersity of UNI'EPtS'1r Y1B00K'-STORE
Wisconsini, was liberally circulated -Alt-
in the main hall yesterday. DsOWN TJN, MAIN STRTEET.

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