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December 18, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-12-18

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ORGNIED168. NCRPOATD U.8 OF M. CALENDAR. cling incandescent lig hts ililmmisati ng
THE CHEQUAlVEGON ORCHESTRA.___ the gorgeous terrace scene. The rev- DO 'T R E
I EW H. (1,EMENT Mo ec. 18.-Lecture by Prof. Sialeyonthie els 1in the Fairy Queen's Grotto in N iF R E
51 So. Masa ~zST. i orecor and Mac acer.
ilieniahat FriezeceorialI Hal:: p. no. which a large numnber of lair Faigsi-
E CLIRLAUNDRY Mon., Decc. 5.-Rev. Craven, an rt-ty club laniites .attiredl in the most beautiful ]X E SO n ot pae aeprwl e t os hto n fe e
'20 EAST IOHURON STREET. canrse. Subject: (owlt. es iseieo etal iagnlne
Toen., fea, s9t-Second Choral Onion Conceitsn cn fOina anfcne h
and deliceredi. A. F. COVERT, Prop. -Th, Messiah.- legas oneso hesaeyAo-Clle
Good ork oatateed Gosi coled oerTes., fDec. 05.Paliti, Auditorionm,SDet roil. t onis arrayed arolfrom head to foot in glit- OlPR~So h
g vi olds ears in tihe ButsiniesS. ~ Wool., Ooc.20.-tiraduaiion exercisen of :Traina- tro ro.elpsin g anoy thiiog proe- wonders of the X or'ld's Fair
s T1T~~v i "School tar Noises. Chiaplc,sop. m. aously attempted in artistic ahnti liar-
L1 . u .VR~o Fri, leDe. 25-Cliristmon ovaaionlbegins. monliocis stage manoeuvres. The cast will 1)e on exhibition at
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4.N. Fourth Ave. will include the names of a large nusns-
Haarrvar'der fCo-Engmeucplittirtits .ishero , ofUR leadingTHTHE-Emcatropoppemeitan epes artistsentc an; glley,
KEEP TU ACCOJ'WITH 1THE b from Europe, io thin persos of Miller,
+$TATE $AVlflG$ BAJ2K+ Harvard hau not adopted co-edu- Fauvette, Coquelicot, Laslabloise, Gan- Call and see theno.
toe. Mat ansi Waahiagton Streie. Wmn= ,,y ,]Jan, adthe famous quari-ette Of
A . L. NOBLE, Pres. losn ~Plaiieo,Casher. cation. Wme ae 'otaditedFrenclo QnadrilleIDanscers, whose re-
no classes witho men in the uiniver- markcahie agile performasnce ha BUS N ESS LOCALS.
STAR STEAM L&UNDRY lily, even ino thc graduate depart- snain everywhere created rise mosot startlinsg
'lisa trothoers tixford, from Pldsotrno1re.2 Liie
otwork-anddeieool rol ind iiuastcciio mint. IThe peietof IHarvarolthe Circus lisiioelli. St. leeternhsr0 saldstireet. Mis.LJ. Cockett. 64-fT
roc oS andTelepor o~e s Oo ignsthedpreesidt iestethrclever lperformers will takle par5t JIEtPeltier, the renownseidhair
innthhiproducti10:1-No exlions tasecudegreesoasDdtaffiesatheeatedeth
Hlarvard seal sinmply to shioovthat bintheparoedistio makoe "Theise l ole oosIeriha endfo
----N 0 T I 0 E ! been Cpared tousnaberTerosIlac andsfurfooh-
We are here to1say. We iti-e p repooced toHamvard alppreciates tile effort of tflo ae siaspecclaltrcnuipsla rsn tenee gatshap. xesndao si orssa.
coo llas f orte tiicde oeerisorcety anoex-orIfaoliffe coilego-, as it iefore the bi.Will lappealr at heooroil invitaion oofr all tao visit Iis
unqae cyay oe o iloc lo eveoillonctd 7ool nlic.ce'
(once anodlnot ecel lod by zao iy Os'aior n 0niilcodoiob te l ieGroaoolOpera sI house. Wedneosoday, Ii 0e,% io
Ameicansd ail rtovereldi ly nosdioor- wl eceot21 ald h t. 1100 reodoceod rate tiekets to Oh(lioo,
iereol.sooica fromi 500.lloo clt o r o l i any . . - - wyo et\ i te l a onsa pyt
prico oloic ed. oioruieaco T ailoio 11 b oyyilgivnog coifegisoc ilasirrtilinse tNaaoo ~o a.iait s~ o
toiomn.Radlcliffe college is raeosoaleso.irewodcice 1g. 'oel
5 vyn ai y.~seiosrate olepartasocot, anel as susochl fie taeone, the aialaaiSaoiponooos ' 110looa)to'm-o,-rin floe Cigair, tialght
it wilremoasin~. I ia tiiona.1yneoarly readyb. It Wilfl . .bg ioe
DA CNGaddE / li0Ntie e ons laoooiscothatogas ttr'001ipitsi The0J.1'1'. i ilu too, laise recoled00
o AN" c ndDL FE~asa ho thiristmiais.fIns 0,501)hpages arc ieleIf roecker-thie very latest.
MAIRS, #ANNIE WARD FOSTER oie ol fgoltiis- loH tols Iiavesurhotii- oskaeio alt Iasiadtaifi
46 S. Sloae Street oilie.t rIentiarably blilit ciaa chterticfore thelash ofiCithristmias.
MONO k hPin.Advncdlastia ils nfaioraceioeoatiatrini=l.l 0 5tiaYl tol^ioeiRthe<siiiUP awithla igcooh lail sf siaooi-
MONO tt .tn ~dis aesia to clas-. subiscrc ioalo too t ainaon it tiU.ta M eslhiraceon Nlairge stock at lovx prices
east. Andol the choices tile tei n mn tr.A e h
iTn~l)ANI, 71). an. Getlemoatn's c ouritit 1) xiii, wviliileaserepcfort at tine thiait yooooaltOaioon gthosoe gound.oiToo it bIdrs i lraog Store. Afw hp
class. IiD* mi,office thins evening= betwveein reaothteyoOracle xwil10uretais estioa sornisibiaces at die.
STRA'u .i.tealmnsdactgthe ou oirsoil 7 asnod S. Iof lin freshniess. Suipho. Jonior nd (xf onliosn baoSosgb i
1). w. Childreoniotocinooc lass. 5W. atii oss Seior xxii holy theacOscle fnthe Ike Liboratory supplies. Dissectiiigcasnes,
Pr4aelna m. y aiopoidainaeolas. of the gocod it loas oloise themioniithe apronsanouchsleeves.-Loic Itarces.
0 ia iilessnsdby ii)otciooo dn.-..Blosinesscas inairer. pat. rhiere arec inally fortyv lltistu - -=
-"+--- 1 on, sixtenof which ire lull litte. I Granger's Academy ot Daning,
$0.00 Rates. hoe coveris aat o tooldtistvyodesiign,
o p-trinitect iii fotar colos, theiflast xiinork to r li i iositively no visitios
- iii Pt a rota tle tkiiiilever red lootr.Th o k itl ni at iiiiitse- -5, frLaIidies, (flifitlnil
Tlnerewil be $.oo rae .o.hi- ill betplaicedon sa vle iniiiatll h iiiook- nidIal cialikt. 1 reducotioiiofi
t , cago aud retturn, antd good fromnsthe stores aniiolni t ia s it 111 ll0'ooitiei ois.-aore ioaaik , alIs sore moare thoux
2 tt or ??2d until J anioary 9,10 ooct ie. . Iat tha t moo 11pr i2,)ciolnt s. ,nefris iiii famaily takeooslessnsa.
ing a party of 150 caO bc matte up _I..,s-li- _Larn oioaa I tnsw datnces beoremi
N' ticet10e hoiliidaonseaon opoleln
All wisha i to lake advaontage of I-
thecsc roles will picase leanva their Ilii 11 cai iniesilbr lsi oia orsnT.AA .M
d - - nmsauits otthe laloibri arian' stskligloited ndealoteilrtom iforiii 00. aIRaiway.
or aol 1 SousithoTwvelfth trs. veikO lali~lie it 41 south lis InbP -all niiiNis en
-_-t_. "i-t . -i-ilda floe T.,A .cA. & .N. it. tiniltsas
Tennil Notice. ikWensay Ervening's"German,"s . stall ilexcursioniiticetes ciIboeisa,

1ia 1'h(eis ied) imNir. iWil,1h9:3.
D.D.N. Expresa.. i51. 1,N. Y. &dC. Spl. 7 ii
Atlanticr essun. i1 a il &outExp...8-600
last Eancur iidxp. :S N. Olirile. is035
N. S. Liniteid..10000;o.11:
Gi. It. Rp 0_ 05;. iasit Wccoo'Miix. 05
i,. s. dG. LH. & al. Spi... 00108
Mail anti E. 0 ....419 lhi. N. lExpress... 8,do
N. Y, & los. Soil..5 O?4Pacific Expres..t10i1
0. W. RUrGLESo, H. W. HAv ES,
G. P. & T. Act., Cllcano. Alt., Ana Armor.
Studeut Work a Specialty.
floatiWorkmeantood LsowestPricetanlie City.
follows: Ooetieonei isturdayimorntings 105
atnd Tinursdaoy crenings e8:rO; Ladieis. Saturday
afteernloo-s . .Lodi,-. anad Gentlemn, adl-
vanced dcla, ITeayor eniitOS 8. OnaoIi
dtor. 6Or Miinxdstret, macitin. 0one nar
(twelvescelll$53. Puipils recoeivcd at any
81c0rC TTT
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

vv I I -y V - ". Z , - --- -1 - ..


Through tine finaluenoc iiofloh e Nduhiislnc eseig, I lrr'2O,tiu-rules;
Boarthof Contrail of Athletics' and iti ires ol thor rotillli(Thle t=el-
the ouse of tine gyobnasi usa fairtenisnrta) il busientothin aovacedl
lass been obtaineda. All thosesvhoao Thinsin neling t norang o in daiesy
are miembners of the Athletic associa- utitil after thinhlidiay vaicaions. Jin
tiotn and who tdesire winter practice unow aitd fitaisha after the hlidaysr.
in tenania, will pliease month thneir Tulition f ee h-t, patylale-in adaiiniet.
nansa in at once. -____ . -
i. S. Stno soionzs 'rennis igr. Excursion to the Atiantic Coast.
40 NVashtenaw avc.
iTo arties thaat are thikitig of ad triti
south to tolunmbous, Ohio, Chiarlestons,
GhRANDi OPERAN HOUSE. NV. Va., (Tiftoit Forge, Chartlesville,
- Petersbuaig, Itichmnitl Providence
High class spectoaculanr platys hatve Fcorge, Williamisbuarg, Newpoit News,
ever beein acncordhed a hearty reception Old PointUtCofort, Ntorfoilk, Na.,
biy the genteran lbody of hlly goers, ando Waisliiiigtoi, 1D. C., low rates for roundia
the-xisit of the gorgeous "Black (rook" trip ainnd one wvay tickets. Pleasse op-
to Aniniarboir romises its every wasy ply to G~eo. J..Clark, ltass. ad (enersal
10 he the roth letter evettof the thieait .Agenit, fOhio CentralniIi. Ift bot ;
ricail seasnsu. Thin magoificost mainier Ol Let Bldog., cornter of Stoiot antd
ini wnhicha fle ievivaill otfa thi onar Madtisobnteets, loledot.
faorthabenpae forethh "-pbii. hats secuoretd for it geaserail en- students' Christmas Rtates.
cltrsemntt as neiofil the greatest stoec-
falces pladuphon~ the stlage, anustidlte Fair the accomodilatioos tudthtenlts
plaay will he giv(eii withs all thie reimark- cif the t. if M. ainit Ypsilatit Normianl,
aible spleindtor aiido cosmpleteinss whicihshoditig proper certificaites, the T. A.
mairkcead fle phehntomenalh twnelve A. & N. Nd. IRy. wilt neil holidaytickets
iionthsia ruts at floe Acadeiiy If Muisic, to alt poitits ito liehigainl, andtiotsall
New York, the protlllcioin maly be an- plointtaxxithin the Central Traflic As-
ticipuited to draswy overloinivig houses. sticiastiton territonryat n0 ainsdo one-
Thiere will tie thiree granda llhstetsGibe thirtd fair fo~rfloe rouind trip. Tickets
iII whichl children exclusively taike part, wilt he issuied D~ec. 21, 22 toil 23, anid
leading premieres from the Conti- limited to reftirn utilfi Jaiiuary 0.
iental caipitals, inw ind elaborate Come to ticket office early anot ainoid
sceiiery it nhich electricity will play floe chiaices of iiot gettitng oine.
pais inititrtaoitpt, hundicredls of dat- It, S. Of iiEEN5501i), Agt.

b r2:1, 2- n d "1,Oil autm[i Inumrv 1. ait
oleX1(oaeth uirdo i"Ire oi fhein timi
tofu. If'ieln ii will hie gosoulgofing ;il
butt oft salrenomdil'firictourin ontil I aut-,
-al _, iteidhe-in
ON ALL 0 t I
(Co)I", So IIEM"uT.
IO1 7 S.tIN.


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