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December 08, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-12-08

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THE U. OF M. DAILY. ________

LEW H. CLEMENT. r, ~ cS-ata
5i1So. MAINn ST. Di rector and Manager. IriDe. B.-Mrt1uth great violinist, in
_____________________ S.tL. A. roarse.
EXCIELSIOR LAUNDRY Sat.. Dec. 9.-Srihoo~l of Ms~eic. iapils'lie-
onod Wark Guaranteed. Grade railed fee Sai., Dee. 9-Jadge Ewing, of thicago, on
and delivered. A. F. COVERT, Prop. "Oratory." before the Oratarical Associa-
tinn, in law lecture rane.
22 Yearasin the Baiuess.i-/ Mon. Dee. 11.-Unity flab,Dl I. .1. H.Kellogg,
CITYL N . of Battle Creek SanitariumnlA Sooned Mind
CITY AUND Y, it a Soand H3odv.
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. I'ourth Ave. AFsiaigAts
We+TA TE $AVIflG$ BAUK We preeent to our readers today
Cor. Main and Washington Streets, a cut of Henri Marteau, fhe famous
A. L. NOBLEPrens. ROERToPeeni.ra,Caeh'r. violinist who appeare at Universtty
STAR STEAM LAUNDRY1 hail in the S. C. A. couree tonight.
Finetlacieen tie city. Prompt in tn g.etlepote8g Yesterday we gave an affounot of
oat watrkaand delieritna. 01icr, 10 Eat Ha- this museician both ao a man andl
-ron- hi Tlephne h
We reheetostay. We ale epacred lee
give ale ~self wlentil te t radeeee eofthiseecity
aneiualed ley any olt eouser ever located
hereeanot 1111 tiedbicy CityecTaelor en
dered. Sicets leole 5301 lbthirtyccdecl. Orl 10,1111
ANN 4 Thfk T.
46 S. Staxte Street.
MONDAY-8 p. cc. AllvaiieetdllnClotInor La/
MONDAY ip. ill. l,acie' icl anctclas. I" \ r
TT ESDAY-, p. eel. eldleit l 'lsl 1 ic~~ilig
SATIciIDAY lii a. tee. Genlemen'slilncitag
21. . Chlidensdtrg class.
}no01. 2Ladee'danlcingcla. r
Privatlons by appoineteoc. - j

11111e TalWeitReisled) Nov. 151,1.1..
D). N..F',te.... ., N. Y. A C. Oil. 7 20
Arlena n etr. 1025.
Paest EasmI "xf).. 94) .SLimed..10115
N. S. Limlited..10 2.111. "N.
A.e.1.lFat Wcst'n Fop. 1il5
Mail anelExp. 418cG.0. itKael. Sri...1110
N. Y, & Do... Sill I.. 0 111i N Epoertess.. 8 501
1acillc Express.. .10 LI3
0. W. EUGGLES, H. W. HAors,
0. P. & T. Agt., Chiiancc. Agt., Ante Aricor.
lettadeat Work a Specialty.
Bst Workmnn ed Looedt Priesn ten tiCty.
CLASSES IN DANCING will rmvet as5
fonllows:OGetlreten, S toeday neoreeiogs 1s
and Thursdaly reegs :00; 1Ladies, Saturd~ay
afternoons 4. Ladioesed edteene,ad-
vanted rlas, Tauedaoyeeningos8. Gouncd
floor. 0 Mceynared street. fn'ition. one terne
(twelve wetiks)$5. FPupils reivedi at any
BI C 0 CrnT_
lee Pituf5eFraineg att HT1.A7mT.ER'D
Headqarteers fleeSigees.
25 S. Fourth Ave, - Ann Arbor.

artist, hut, feeling that no wvords
could do justice to the man as a
physical creation, securedl the like-
ness swhichi we lake acn aesthetic
pleasure in printing.
Marteau is yet vecry voung, tinig
only in his twenticeti year, and on
that account wiiil110t revisit this
cotuntry ior sone icmne as lie will he
compelled to jioin the French armiy
next year. No one shioeuld fail to
see and hear thim tonight, as lie may
never reiun to this country.
Marteaiu atppeared in Grand
Rapids last night and the followcing
dispatch to the Free Ttress will show
the success of lhis concert:
tLsekerby halswns filled to ovef-
floissig this eveiing,tlie ocesont beiiig
tile first appearantce here of Htenri
Marteale,Itee violittist, whose suceess
ill New York. Boston, Chicago atid
Phiilatdelphias has beeno phenoental.
Mr. Marteau performed as otily
Winiasicoultd, aud elieited roulndi
after routiil if applause. After the
conteert Ito was ioverwlhelmedswitli
photograph and autograephshsinters,
anld a eommittee of promrinenettmusici-
ans petitiotied Mr. Rtudolphl Arotnson,
his manager, to give risnotlter concert
in Grand Rapids previouts to his de-
parture for Europe, assuring him that
no mall in the city would he large
enougis to hold the people. Marteau
made a veritable sensation. Hte was
admirably assisted by Mine. Rosa
Linde, contralto, and Mr. Edwin M.
Shionert, pianist.

An Ideal Comic Qee.
Tine Princess of Trebironde' as pro-
dueed y the Califoreia Opera conpaiy
at the Gratid last nigt, wsOS the hot
eomic opera seenl in Anni Aror thin
season. The play is replete with omie
situations and a beautifuIl meloty rutns
thsrough it.
Miss Stanton, as Prince Raphael,
agaiti wons well merited applause y
her beautiful inging and graceful
acting. She has made a most favor-
ale impression since coming to Ann
Arbor. Miss Rita Harrington certain-
ly possesses a beautiful contralto voice
and this, together with her good ap-
pearance on the stge, has made hr a
favorite with the audience which gat-
r nightly at the Grand. Last tight
she playod the role of Regina iti a very
able maienr, Ms Lottie Randall
sulstainedce the part of Zanetta, the I
secoiitldaulghter, (1 1alilahnterlwoty
MiOssiBlrket, as iabla, shaed flit
trainlinig ciistveralilyeatrs5onithe stage.
11r actinig 5 isfiihed md naltrall,
ouch as to please 11111 tntertainillan
auienlilce. Slit posesiisytawellinedc
aInet ctear voice of considerablle volanme.
Mrt. 11, . 1F. Ienbbartlplesed tio adi-
till, , .1 ilel'tl by his clver rpe-
settit,011u of Prinico Ecasine'. Mr.
JohniiSandero, as Cabiolo, th show-
taitslid Mr. John Heiiderson, as
Trelnonili, thio lownt, the cieclehar-
aters are hard to ieat. The work of
the choruf s is good, the costumes ris
atnd eleganitattd iti all tie California
Opera company is one of unusal teit.
Toright Girole-Giroia cwil 110 pre-
Literary Comment.
"The Ness Era,"Iy ie. Jsiahi
Stronlg, 1.)D., anltierif ecO0111Coit-
fry," 11111just bettieceivd. fleerp-
utfationilwhich tet hor c hf s a inciedl
from h isi 1p1111liaeeworlk "OurfCountrfy"
Whsc isiei now1110ill ifs i]Gotfhethousandi
1110010 cietelcsively thtlieeflis cxeii
ijilliiedto cctrat lthepobllems of tilt
ftc sccilolgilal iqiestiones 111(1 the pes-
enifwoirk tray bellonieiirtidto 1be a
stronig 1;coitributionelto fur litrtuttre
f fhisicsubtjet Veritle islen inter
taiinlg iiid lgical tannerli~teafiesi
conlvictiith sitifa1d11io 0115callI
doubt teleriy of fthe athr. Wo
eomentied theo sork to all who lre ii-
ferestodciniitfle sudiy of the social andi
religions quelstios of the day. The
woirkc waes5011001 from the pres of flee
Bckr S Taylor Ci., of Nosw York.
The pricer of the bock is library edition
crowni 8 v o. cloth, gtfp, 1.50. Plaini
cioth, 75 cents aniti papler 15 cents.
Oraoricai Anoiation,
The Executive Conmiittee and
its sub-comnmittees will meet in Room
24, M~onday, Dec. ni, at 5 P. m.
At this time nl accounts onst be
rendered of membership tickets sold.
Every member of these committeen
is requested to be present.
Advance Credit in Astronomy.
Trhere will e a writen examin-
tion for advance credit in Artro-
omy Saturday, Dc. q, at io a. m.,
room 2z.

At all pricer, net, eor mueted, tee order.
Bly diet cfrom Ne orkeimprteandae
3 percett
C. D CASSIOT, Dent 094.'
Call neced ard to Z', ilynetrd t.
All the daiy papers, also priodicals,
msagazines, et. Give tao a clii, 11.
D. Richards, below Cook House.
J. E. Petier, the renowned hair
Cotter from Detroit, has leased the
Cook House arbr shop sed furnish-
ed it in elegaint shape. He extends a
cordial Invitatione for all to visit his
sew place. tf
Half off on all four-in-ands and
teets at Bowdish SC Matteson's, state
Have you hes to Htazlewood's Bil-
liard hal ye. New cues and every-
thing nice. State street.
All are puepils, positively no visitors.
Tuetiiiiifeeo 15, Ieer Lates. Getleimeni
1an1dChildlere-Il ike. A reduction to
tormer puilsciu, alsoe where more thasi
1111 frot shreitfamily take Itessons.
-eall~ll somneofthie iiiv idnes efore
I be haida i ",ascc .;. c 11111.
1151x SALE1-Colsting Boeb, wihldiii
tight ceup~iec. tlcie ct 4 S. Iivi
01011 St. i-S.
t0oiins iceREnt--Tronet Siteof
Roomts, heatetd by furnac, twor boks
teom Ieniviliity. No .5Monrcoe St.
For rtduced erse tickets to Oio,
West VandiitlOl a.tpoints appy to
IL. S. Grtteewoode, Ticket Agt., Toledot
Anen Arbor & North Mie. or Moultisni
Houck, G. P. f.
LOiST, or left in somo store1 the mie-
ete book of the Meehemi Debatitg So-
ciety. Fifnder peasoe leae at law
bilding or itethlisieofice.
Do you wishtofc rent or roomsi
Why dont youi inrt a inie or to ii
oir locelilumeinn for a fest days?
More roomsl hicve betii rented throgi
the DAntY' haccn throeghealy other
ic ediul, ior tle Dmi e) prcteicaly
falls ito every 'stientt's hands.
SOLDColls Cesi 111t1ilieltigars bogt
lt the 1. it S. Dreug Sore.
1Thie J. T. Jacobsi (~C.hav ecise iivedlc
1(10 lileof ckwihseari-theerysite iiIst.
Iceaeeyr 1pho:1tc..1taken ct atatitheille
beore theerush1of Citieiiiic.
zritE~icce~ ...io ou 1111 lek cf biy
leeg a type- siere thisiea cr iThei call
elf t he 1) sisoffice ii yocu isle ote lit
low cost
BRACEsitc wI eit hi itgood pail of sulss-
d ie braces. .t lcge stok lat lowpries
at Btrowns'i-ihenegStiote. A eee shio
morn bracesct ele.
GAo hniictsto l N SlRUG SORE for all
Laborate ry sitpplies. Dissctilg clses,
aprfonls andlees-Lowc Pice.
'The German' at Grange's.
Private insrutioninllthe otiin-
'The (German"---'its riieseandl figtres,
the watzt, tieo-ste, andii tny dnce of
mierit theatt icay bee desiedt. Mr. antI
Mt~rs. Grainier instuief at all classes.
andlean be eneggeid forprivate lessons
at hours noet occupiiediby lasses. If
you wisho hejoe in scas, 111155is the
timse. Giraniger's Academy, groud
floor, t; NBayearid stret. 5457
Excurseon to them Atlantin Coast.
To parties hIle~t treethinkiig of a trips
south to Cteltbts, Ohio, Carleston,
W. Va, Cliftonl Forge, Chartirvile,
Petersbuerg, Ricihmtntd, Providence
Forge. Wilhlitnsbirg, Neswport Nws,
Old Point ('etifort, Norolk, Va,
Washinegtine. yC~plew rtes for round
trip atdiel ilwaiy tickets. Please ap-
ply to Gei. .. Clrk, Pas1s. and General
Agent, Ohio Central R. R., Room 7
Ol1d Let Bldg. corner of Summit and
Medison streets, Toledo.

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