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November 24, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-11-24

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51 So. MAINn ST. Director and Manager.
Good Work Guaranteed. Goods called for
and delivered. A. F. COVERT, Prop.
22 Years in the )Bastness.sz''
M. M. Seabolt, Nto. 4 N. Fourth Ave.
Car. Main and Washington Strerts.
A. L. NOBLE, Prenn Moo a PSa, (Cashr.
The )3 & Mi. Prkig Store'
Ia the place to boy anythian n the Drag liar.
Medieinen, Sponges, Hrushes, Etc. Etc.
{. ]E, JOLLY & Co.5s
When youawant a iure boxofo Fine Chocolate
Candies. Statioorry at coot. igars, Tobacco,t
tigarettcs and Ike Fines Stock of P'ipen in
tine City.
R. E. Jolly & Co., 26 S. State St.,
46 8. State Street.
MIOND5AY-ii p. in. Advannced CII ,s los 5.-.
M1ONDAY 7 ep. In. Ladict' ticisocic clans..
TUESDAY7inp. sm. Genn~lernncntdancinng
SATURIDAY-10 a.ino. Gentlemen's Scocitac
2 p.m. Chlildren'snknnscing clnss.
4ano n. Ladirt'nlancinnglanss. I
Private lessons by appointamnnt.

U. OF M. CALENDAR. tNTER-COLLEGIATE. good auediencesa lt thne opera houne
_____every evening by their grand produe-
Fr.EeNv aAeln ncini lsn In the last lcn years Yale's eleven tiona of famous senoationsal comendies.
Fri.Eve, Nv, 4-Aeplii eetngin oomAs evidesnce of the lpublic's apprecia-
0,08 p. am. have scored 5,514 points to oppoo- tion of this company worth the audi-
Men., Nov. 2'7.-Miss Jessie Droon, of lev e- ent 2 nceso increase nightly, and to judge of
land, on Child Charactert in Dickens. atcos92 the hearty applause thant greet their
Inland League. The American Republican Col- efforts, Mr. *Vaugnt sod Isis troupe of
Toes. Eve., Nov. 28-.Thanksgiving recrss he- lege League, which wan organized at talented players are genuine favorites
gins. with St. Mary's people.
Fel., Dee. R.-Martea, the greant violinnist, in Ann Arbor last year, now numbers
S. L. A.couse. 72 colleges and noono members. HUStNEdSS LOCALE.
A Liberal Offer. The University of Cairo, founded t
A.D. hshelrgstat T-he J. T. Jacoba Cu. have received a
A.D97 hste3agstatn fine line of nekwear-the very latent.
The Iolander has now a larger dance of any college in the world, LOST-A Chain. Three gold -2oina
suhscription list than ever before in the number of students being ith the heads of thne German emper-
ors. The finder will receive a good
the history of the magazine. Yet it 10,000. reward. J. E. SCHMIAAL,
does not reach all the people who . 23 N. Univ. Ave.
shoud red i andwhowoul he On Midway Plaisance. The canvasser wino received a photo
shoud red i andwhowoul beto he enlargeid, of Mrs. Jones, No. 26
sure to enjoy it if only they had it. Strange as it may seem, this fain- 14th st., yesterday, will please return
In order to reach some of these ous street is now in Ann Arhor in it and receive another, as wvrong pie-
ture was given.
people, the management has decid- the midst of all its former glory. A WANTED-A good solicitor in each
ed to offer a prize for newsshcrip- single visit to the Guards Armory department of tine University to work
lioswill convince the most fastidious of odNou rs. Good wvages guaranteed.
Lions.No hinbt gonid solicitors uneid apply.
They have just received from the the exactoess of the reproduction. Call at No. 7, N. Thnayer st., Saturday
JohnF. Sraitn copany NewAll of the interesting features of the looning befiire 9 o'clock.
JohnF. Sraton cmpaylNwnHve your photshtkein at Raltdnoll's
Fork City, one of that well known original Midway may he seen here before line i isof Ch ristmaits.
firms nnMonarchi" banjos, a fiue in- including: the great Ferris wheel, Two mnewly funishnedltrout suites of
rooms, firlnl ce eat ainid oil, very
strumeul, eleven inch head, german the Algerian zinsscle dances, the cheap. Also gonoi boarnd nt t$2.50 per
ulcr rns nikelgrove hopIrish village, Old Vienna, and niany week. 1, S. Inigalls.
hirt hrakcts slohic vireedge enrbiiovc ciand interesting features Martlin Hailer hisreceived a large
thity racets doblewir edeissortmnent of Rattan Fuirnitinre, of
black wvalnut heel neck, ebony finger whitchn sill wvell repay a visit to Ann which it few of lisla ltest patterns sre
Arbr'sMidayPlasane. exhibited in is ltolow oindosw. He
board, inlaitd positions and nanme, AhrsMda liac. slays, however, that this is onily a part
scrollhead, while trimmings-listed - --' - of lils stock for Christmass.,Ile ex-
n wholesale catalogiie at $24. I GRAND OPERA HOUSE. eapeswmore large shipnmentswt-

This superh instrument sill he

'line 'inniie l(Revised)llBecpt. 24th,, l89t.
ll...ie.. tail....4 hayil. e..S..... ll2
N. L nlited. OR.6(8N.S.. Sinslteni. 94.0
N. Y, initenl.1.945i.A.
N. Fanlls Specinni...11 ii Ciica-o Express..1 55
N. Y. & Cki. Lia. .12 31G.It. & Stal, op..6it8
A. Al. Chi. N. Exptress... 8..11
Atlntic Expiesa. 6 33 Ptacific Expres'....it ?5
T). N. Exprects.lii0
0. RI.Epress...104
0. W. EcinoLnS, it. W. iHAYES,
0. P. & T. Agt., Chnicagnt. A--t., Anno Arbor.
Student W6Vork a Specialty.
neil. Workmtentanti Loest Prinesin iheCnty.
CLASSES IN DANCING still meneitn-
Iollomncs:t.'wtllen, it. itilay ninnninis's10
and Thoetisy esciniltcn 08:01); Ladies, Stunrday~
anterioonis 4. laties annGetleen, nad-
vancedcdrios, Tunesdiayevenilngs S. Gesani
o, a Maysnaed Inc I ITnitin. on.leron
(twelve es) $5. t Itl l cevediat Tiny
10 1-itlceslseO'.-
Ila~iresfr25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

given as a prize and preruium to
that student in University or An
Arhor High school who shall first
bring in thirty newsvubiscrihers at
$i each.
All contestants wvho fail to win
this prize wiii receive a liheral conm-
mission on all suhscriptions secured.
For fall particulars call on or
wrile G. XW. Harris, editor of In-
lander, 58 South Division sireet.
Literary Comment,
To those who are seeking for a
primer of the Greek language which
msakes use of the ever popular induc-
tive method, we cannot reconimend
too strongly the new work of Profs.
Harper and Castle, of thc Univer-
sity of Chicago, which has just ap-
pearedi from the press of the Ameri-
can Book Company. This work
posesses many improvesnents over
other treatises of its kind, and sve
note among thsem thne follosving: i,
the lessons sre shorter; a, the notes
more copious; 3, tine references to
gramnmers are most complete; .I, the
exercises are simpler; 5, the pupil
is taught to read Greek accordling to
the inductive method. All these
qulalities, as will he readily apparent,
makes Harper & Castle's Inductive
Greek Prinmer, the hest work for
beginners which can he obtained.
Thie svork is well gotten up with a
large vocahulary and copious nsotcs,
making it complete in every way.
The price of tlhis hook is $1-25-

As nlreadyannouncetd iosir col-
amns, Icrof. I). M. Biristol aind iss
scinoiil of thirty educated niules and
ponies wvil exhibit in the opera hotise,
two nights, ecnimeneing Fridany. A
mnntinee xwiii he given Saturday after-
noon. Tine followving is froni tine
Neswark (N. J.) Daily Advertioer:
"A large and appreciative audience
greeted P'rof. I). M. Bristol's Eqises-
Cuirricuslum at Minerstheatre last
evenisig. Almnost everyone is aware
that this remnarkable troupe coinsists of
about thirty wonderfully traiined and
bieautifunl horses, the tricks andt antics
of swhichn ace so nuimerous ansd vacied
that thney are able to eintertain an ass-
dience fnr it whole evening. Tine openm-
imig of the shosv takes ,tine.form of a
scihool, in whnic'hnvariouns tasks andn du-
ties tire assiginedkni tine: norses. 'lie
moot initelligent nsnd nacomplisined tin
tine horses is Snultnm, iineautiful and
high-spiritend amnil. winise matinemat-
icaol education swould cohmpare favoras-
bly wvithn that of malony nachnilci.lHe
tells time andsI sorks sums in artmse-
tie, aisd evein gives the prinper anwers
to ipiestious proposed by persons inn
tine atidiemnce. 'lie most conispicuoss
anii hardest worked niember of thse
compansy is Deunver, it smle. Ife is nt
once tineemcoediin ndicpihilosopher of
the sinosw.
'lie seecomnd tart of tine entertnain-
nientcinsnists minly sit fets of ploys-
ical skil timid balaning, nmnynit
whnichm unidoubtendly requmire tine exer-
cise tnt asreasosninn fcunilty. Amnong
tine mo-e pleasmnlg exhibitions niceno
gams' of leapi-frog. anditine wanlkingnof
tine tight rope by Dynamilite, at diimitu-
tive munile. 11 brilliannt effect is ceaented
by ai military srill, Ipartinipattet inusby
mll tine horses." See these remarkable
iorses at the Grand tonighmt. It'sill
pany you.

min a nesw weeks. 47-49
ATTENTION-Do you thnk of buy-
ing a type-swriter this yenar) Then call
at the DAILs oihice if sou sh nebe
how cost. -iionbe
Hlandsonme Rtttancoucehes at thie
Popular Funrnitnure Store of Martin
Haller. 47.49.
For Itent. -'Two single rooms, one
siie, fiurunaine heat, ighnt, not aind cold
weater banthi, twon dollars and three dhol-
hats. 20 IfJeffersoun st.
BRcACE Ui' with no goondpatir of shiounl-
der brnaces. A large socek at low prices
nt Birowmn's D~rug ';tore'. A fesv shuop
woorus bracssatt301-.
Hanve youi beeinnoIHazlewood's Bil-
liard Hall yet? Everythning unice, pleas-
ant antd quiet; uso boisterousuness.
Go to 13lunow.N's IDiic'ctSTOutE for all
Laboratory supplies. IDissectiung enases,
apnromns anthsleeves-hto Praces.
Students and Societies, AttentionY
innsportunity tin secure ine fturni-
ture nthose prices. A hanndsome wah-
lmit bookease and cassend library table.
Revolvinng bsook shelves, nimoyehiairs,
sofa, piano1, tnedroom sets, &e. No
reassounable oiter denlineni. Inqtuire aot
No. 30 E. .leffesnst.
Students' Thanksgiving Rates.
Tine Tioled'n ltn aii Arbor & No. Mich.
Ry. wtill sell ticetes ll studuents of thie
U. sit M. aimn] Ylnoilnti Noruinailnt one
aund one-thjidfare for ronndut trill, to aill
poinitosciitinelimes if Glue roand oniits
'loelte ncniecio nns. excepnt thin Lake
Shon'. ''ickts will be sold oun Nov.
28, 29 andnu30, gnod tno returun until Mous-
dany, hDe. 4. Studeunts must be iro-
vidledlwithn luopercemriensates.
hR. S. 6C ,itlNl'luli, .Ageunt.
Granger's 'Waltz Oxford."

Lnilliani Tuciker and her compalony ap~-
peaors tnttt'e GrtandlOpnerasIhumse next Mr. iris Bner intrmduceeditani tauight
wseek, begihnniung svithmMondaty, -Nov. liis5j)n', n I ncbiimtiinhh instfhmnoemehits,
27, in a well selected repetoire. Speaok- time nnaylz ;, xtornl," uat time elnass nmeet-
mug of her, thin St. Mary's (Cnanda) hug Tinesnity evening, amid it svas pre-
homuirhal sasys: nnt'his secek Miss Lii- Ihoanced bymyanunny of thne class thne
liain 'Tucker sand Chans. C. Vasihlts 1 prettiest aindiIhmst gralcefuhi(lanuce of
Conmpany of ilayers are attrancting; I the season.

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