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November 11, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-11-11

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51 SO. UsAIN ST. IPi rector and Maosger.
Good Work Guaranteed. Goods coiled for
and delivered. A. F. UOVERT, Prop.
za Yrears iii the Bushssa.s. ".
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave.
Cer. Main and Washington Streets.
A. L. NOaLE, Preso. ROnEnTPHILaIPS, Cachr.
The 13. & Mf. prhg Store
Ia the place to bay anything in the Drag line,
Medicincs, Sponges, Brashes, Etc. Etc.
G-0 TQ
R~. E~ JOLLY & Co.'s
When you waint a pare box ofcinccChoccoate
Candies. Staticcery at cost. Cigcrs, iobacco,
Cigarettes and the Finest Stsick ofiPipeo in
the City.
R. E. Jolly & Go., 26 S. State St
.6 S. State Street.
MONDAY--yp. l.Advaned Casfoasc-
T e a anp d Gentlemen
SAT I)tAil-10la. ia. GUccliaic's ianira
2p. m. Chi Iidi's daiicingclas..
4 ta in. Ladie 'idancinc lass.
Privatie lesca. lby appointiaent.

Sat. Nc. 11.-Senior Literay elcti. 2 p. m.
Rocam A.
Sat. Nov. 11-Janice Lass clectin.
Sat., Nic. 11i-Hoc.Jery Simpspon, i S. L. A
coursi. Sbjes, "Same Recenit Caiigs i
Sa. Nc. 12.--Chapel erice at 9:1 a. m,
.subjec. "The Salatio Aiy.,
Thurs. Nc. Il-Pist Choral Uincocncrt.
Snouldi e Terrors.
(Cntinued fromsfSet pae.
the leam. He stands 6 ft. o1a1 in.
high, weighs 185 pounds ad is 21
years old.
F. W. Henninger, also from the
High School here, is on the 'Varsity
for the second year. He weighs
175, is5 ft. 10y, in. high aod 20
years old.
R. L, Freund, last year substitute
half, learned foolball wills Brewer
sod Fairchild at tie Hopkins School
in Btoston. He is 21 years old,5
ft. 6y,~ in. high, aad ceighs but 130
J. Baird gui his sart with tie
Hlighi Schol teanms of Ann Arbor
anid Hyde lark,11ll.life is 20 years
old, 3 ft. 6i., high, and weigis 145
G. 11. Ferbert playedl las yearwihteAn rbrHg Scol
and gels on the 'Varsiy as a fresh-
man. Hfis weight is 13, height5
ft. 712, in., and age 20.
C. H. Smith, who i spending his
first pear here, was for four years
center rush at De Pauw. He weighs
230, sands5 ft. 1o in. high, and is
2o years old.
Jas. Hooper, who weight 10 lbs.,
is 6 ft. 2y5, in. high, and 25 years
years old, has played a little for two
years, being last year with the Colo-
rado School of M~ines.
G. J. Villa comes from Washing-
lon, and has ucer played football
before in his life,tHe weighs 195
pounds, is 5 ft. 7 in. high, andt is 20
years old.
1. lDyer has played on class teans
here, and also one year withs the
Pastime Athletic Club of S. ILouis.
He is 2,3 years olnd, 5 ft. 1ra in. high,
and weighs 173 pounds.
The weights of the subs are as
follows: Senier, 157; Miorrson, 175;
C. T. Griffin, 165; Greenleaf, 130;
and Aldrich, 165 pounds.
The Wrinkle board will hold a
meeting Monday nigt to discuss
plans for the Thanksgiving and
Christmas numbers.
Dr. C. N. Sowers, last year on
the DAILY board, passed the highest
of thirty-three applicans to prac-
ice medicine in Virginia. Of the
33 only so passed. F. G. Smith of
the same class also passed the ex-
amination. They are both practic-
ing near Low Moor, Virginia, as
surgeons for mining camps.

T1he freshman denial students Joe Murphy hats retired loaided down
held a meetiing yesterday and passed wt laurels a1111wea~lthi; posor'Biilly
Seanlan is a lovcdinieiiory of the past
the following resolutions upon the antd in their place has arisen anIi rias
death of thseir classmsate, E. M. comedlian who hida fair to occupy a
protid poshiiii in the esteem of our
Staebler: theatre goers. We allude to Eugene
Whsereas, God in his all wise provide has O'Rourke. aii exeellent comedian,
ceen best to recmcve frcm ace midscar be- singer aind danscer, wcho will shortly
laced friend cnd felo studect, Emanuai el aeshr shsns ly"h
Mack Staehler, be it bereby Resclved thast wc, Wicklow Postman."
as members of the class of '9e, cc the dentala
depacimcot, of the Uoicerity of Michigan, ° THE WICKsLOW POSTMAN."
do hereby manifest oar heairt-felt sorrow for NOW thiat W. J. Seanlan is a memory
the loss (has sostained; and be it also Re- of the past and that Joe Murphy has
solved, that we extend oarrkhssrt-felt sym- retired,(lie critics and the public both
pathy to the bereaved sacs in the sad boors declare Eugene OtRourke to be the
of their affliction, and be it further Resolved coming Irish comedian. Ile will
thast a copy or these resolutions be spread up- shortly he sen at (lie Grand Opera
on theelaosrecords, thsat a cpy be presented House inliso new play, "Th~le Wicklow
to tlsheeeaved family, aiid also ke published Piostman," on Nov. 14.
in ike local papers.
S. 5. MUMEiY, -3
Fi. 5. MANN, No graduate of Harrigans's Theatre,
H. HILLMANs, Newr Yovrk City, who lhis left that
Go. P. 0 rca t. home cf Irish comedy ts star for him-
Coinitteve. self lhis evrissade ii failure. Mr.
The funeral will he held this Eugene O'Roiirkoe, ill Iisiiewv Irish
coeiduy draiia, "the Wicklow PIost-
afterisoon, at 2:,30 o'clock, from the mn"''is the ile-stidibutaint fromri iar-
Episcopal churchl, and the class wiii CIgiInis. anidt fromi all reposrts lie lIp-
attenid the funaral in a botly'. if exce-ilenitilliit.
Resolutions or Condolence.

:imeslailo(Rlevsistillcp. 24th, i1lt3.
'lIt I.........427 1Ilail......92
Dsay Ecpress... I 50Day Expes...8ll
NS.Lited .l6P8N. S. 5Limiiite...5954
N.FlsSecsss...li 12 17'iiesi'o Espreso.. 15
N. Y. kClii. Li m.12 31 G tl. & K al. Eii.. liii
..Ni. Clii N. Eopess.. Sill
AtlanicExapress 5 aiio'Expres--.. .10 20
D. N. Express.ill
G.R xres..104,1
OW isoncaE, H. W. H AYES,
G.P ',Ago., Chiicagii. Agt., Anii Arise.
Student Work a Specialty.
Hoot WorkmeniiaindLoist Pricos in the Ciy.
CLASSES IN DANCING will meetc as
followsientOvsle, S is. oeay uslecitnc 51
and Thurisayesecliisa8:00; Ladies. Saturdasy
afeoes4. Ladie'. mid OGeitleime, c(-
vanced class, Tlacooeaveniiigcs8.Giond
floe. 6 Maoocrd aeet. Tuitiio. oie tecim
(twev' ewekssi $5. Ptipils receeived at any
$2.50 per year.

It i l inl
of its mosot
earnest work
to a mostilnti
lees its heirt
by his death.
As a marl
cccsshas lice
senit to Iis ito
in the cllegs
Sige Cl
Extra (
speeches is
tile DI)si
collies tos
U. of
A ratific;
by the Ref
lecture roc
13, at 7:45
recent vie'
puiblican p
Rousing sr
it is expe
Glee club'
by ieiegrar
the club.
losyal to il
ous sub-coi
cal Associa
2I at 5 0'
Nov. 16, ii

Novoii ebe r ,,9;3. ti
cmv tothelii:k solidie if liihe0[Not~icsinseited is hio colsimn atthue role
rf5 eltc pieliscSpeial eates ice loager
Unciversitysoftbicsinac, thsatsoie tim~e,004 extauinseurished brapplyiog at
Isloisly esteemsed siiimbisandiitee DAIooii'.
aria, ArthuireJ. Stoegis, haiiiomeiii' For, E22I-Desirale roomo in hood-
i'e end, she elasso herebly tesi- ernhoe at 2840. 1{ifth Ave. 36-37
:tlt esadolencv is0 all biereiaved Gfood hioarid at $2.00) a week. Also
if sympsathiy aniiirespet tie iineely fiurihed roos heasp. S North
ctedi thiat a i'ipy at this iletterc bes aesret'33
trs'sl, aiiilthast it be epblised For ent-Isco sinle roioschd oiie
espaers. suit. Fisriiaice heat, list anod cold scaler
sos of 1895l, per Committee, bath, $2.011 andh-4.00 dollars, 20 E. Jef-
fersonl. 34-37
H. It. Kessi, Havie your phoitos taken at lRlsndall's
M.1. . GoENB1;t. behore (lieirisis of Chriatmnas.
Chsoice 'tobaeeo, ('igara and Pipes st
- 4Sheldoni's Biliard iHall, No. 3 North
ce to Lam Students. Main street.1-
AT~r?,TENT-iI. Io you thinlk of buy-
lng 5 type-swriter this yeiar? '1henl call
copics of Wednesday's itt(lie DILYtofofice if you wvishioiie be-
ntaining "writelup'" of low cost.
Griffin'is reception and See Schleeelsa leu' SwnlLinien Tabi-
lets. TIhiey lire (lie neatest land heat in
n full, may be obtained at (lie city. 50 S. Slate st.
voffice to-night. Get Foun~tainidren sseialty at Schi-
end home. hesiles, 511 S. Slatest5.
"Where. 1id you get that iHat?"
SI. Rpublcan lub.The J. ''. Jaeobs Comopahny
- ' VYosu laie your chioiceof $2, S2.50 and
ation nmeetinlg iii be held 8:3 Iats, displasedciiniitheirowitidow,
pulican club is the lass for $1.7i)(Isis week oiily. Evevy ptuv-
om Monday night, Nov. chiasev gels a key.
5sharp, in honor of the BusR:, ii' with ahgooid paiivof socu-
;tory achievetd by the ye- der bvaees. A lavge sieck al low pvices
artythrughutte ~ ~ at Brvowi'sIDruug Stsove. A fewvshop
)art thoughut he U S.wovrnbvriees at 50c.
peechses wilhl be mache and Senios in lldeat nsareti
willd thtoeU.o kM.t adtohsir rats'esnpihotograpie
wilrendier music. wr tA. 1W7. Ctuis', .Studiio, No. Ii
ulations have hieen sent HlursonSt. MV-W-F-2xv
m 1o Gov. IMctKinley by For osle,(food Victor Safety. $90,
Let every republican be 0.+.KBsutterfield, 41 Caitherine street.
iparty and come out. 19-41
GEo. W. puu.t>r Havsie yoiuhsesi to Hazclewvood's Bill-
Preidet.liar llil y etlyEverythinog lice, hpleaa-
a anunt ut asish qsuiel; 110boisterousness.
-~Go to hIhi5CN'sI)l:it'sj S''oissg for;sill
orical Association. Laboiatisry ssippiics. r)iSOe(ftihsg fdSS,
aprons sld sevs. .01P''c.
cutive board and thse vari- AnIs Arhbsr DI yc5 orke d1 3 West
nnsnstleeo of ibe Oratorn- Hiurosistreet'- lSelo(iii attenitioni giveis
ltion Will mcci in Room to cleaoning ig 11rcliiirilig suits. Have
'clock sharp. Thursday, your light atiitasiyed. 1-7
oreport on the work of New Lauundrvy. Try uss for the best
work you ever saw. Work done in
" GERRUDEBUCK eight hours no extra charge. Office, 10
GERTUDEE. hluron street. Works 47-31 XV.
President. Hturon. Telephone 83.

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