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November 06, 1893 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-11-06

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ANOTHER DEFEAT. The second half opens with des- WE ARE PROUD OF 'EM. I WE tyE OT EM~s
ierate playing. With alter ate
All Hope for the Championship osses and gains, Karel touches The Glee and Banjo Clubs are Fine A CAt LOAD OF
Gone--Wisconsin Wins in a bl onfrWsosni m Organizations-A Long It- E 1P A O
Poorly Played Game. utes. Goal, InrryAragd. E 31 -'- IA O
Mihgniatginmtdeeto steady end and ine plas The Glee and Banjo clubs have JST OECEIFOD
Mihiavhs gi amtdevert on Michigan gets to o yard line, but pretdterognzton n r aeli a tann~Wt tadtle
the football field, and, futee e- Mbles, and, right here indlgin g pretdterognztosadae cssi a,3aoo antadBak
cuse we may find in a crippled team, in some unfair holdingand slugging, Practicing daily. The Glee club Tletneta Sale Pssces gti. Tan'sasa
we can by no means feel satisfied Wisconsin sorks her end rushes to has ecelent material this year
itlstihe season's outlook. How- Michigan's 2o yard line. Michigan wvlile ltheBasjo club has never been -JjC.
eve, w cn sil fid onslaionin Iolds her, asi with Frbert's re ie ishsatuhon ^ better. T1he Glee club has secured
teery, bcssillfincnt etrs otionu eler ans a atuc1n's the services of Prof. iR. F.Kessp 51 South Mae St.
ganse swiths\iscosssisn Satsray. it 3 mnutWsc5v ~osi's ciss of this city as director, wvhile the
Farbert, a ises-mans at al playsd cross. and ends plays get anotier Banjo clsh is rsder tie sprvisionS
a star gatnse fross first to last, acIk- stouchdon o al ,sl30-ii [Irof. Ieny Hag, of Deroit.
hog sls-sdsdl ash its m 10 ieusd las brs illaha na finm The122muasc o boh luibs is ieweasd
lin spenddlyandnevr sfslig t usaois nrishisnisthlsoball dowvnthe
gain wvhens le got list ball. Griff~ifteld fbr 1cis's alast to-uchdsown. 3' uetwiths the approval of
more sthaos-seevindsicated thseiepu-io iminutes Nosgoal. 3-i8. list most critical.
tatiosshe sta as a grousssd-ganer, isc35~onin 55rushess to o yardl lise, Tie persosnel of list Glee as-d
white IBair, as captais, was a no- heFr 5ss sbert is hsut aidl Iayes Banjo clibs is as follows: 3
prin, hissvoice asnd aid ssore thanategoes inefMctulsand'sandsasr- Samuel Medury, '4 lan, mnai-Wie,,; r iaiiiirLan-¬Ęti ill.sipari les
onct doing effective iork.nakes a touchsdown. 5nminues. ger.siha, AsisAibor ries send frCatias iaintoei
Or teams-weorkc and interfereisce No goal. n4-1al B. S. Varian, '95 lit, assistant g-o
were clearly inferior toWisconsin's Bst lio msoe downssrc played manager.anadwhnorbcsmearuidrkswenteisald.
it akesnhnIis ssaled. R.LH-v.
ULP CLi . FY"F F00kI~e tam wee:101, 183-3H5iiiisiseinAnDAn.,
it was alisost unassisted. Karel li enasceJ. N~i.N1 oitn o T A. Pratt, '94 medic, leader. 0I?1 IOIT - - MICIGAN.
ilayed a Ibrillianit gamie for Wison- a hids5 .L555 Isa _ einesi First teors-'V. 'V. Pepple,'9
si, aissitheir liaesas very stong. r Si--na 5 LiirtaTi i W,1.ini nlan, . B. Gammon, '.1 lit, A. IH, i N FlCEa
Danvis, their right tackleass old 1tisi _ sssit Reed, 1. G., F. H. Brdick, 96 uneii s i of iY Wwsontek-s-ett
si ii t oisi his in li ois-n il,- i$ e it
..Ueute .__ -ncs stled i say aten hoiseuse nie s- aeS
P ictn m n frq e ty pirovid a ats is 1,aihad.I-si tiiins -- lit, ,er 1,1 1 en - I'dib'ytny it il'iiti is
terror ts ousr teats. - Rarely is siii5it nsii Secondstnos-J. A. Pratt, '94 tinest alt-i it i s 1 t, it un in sy
pososible to fisisi s vmore fair andilgen- c isis 5 sn-it - sn usi.Bir esi, 1'. Irico, 'y5 lit, H 1 I. ""e ssi s i t-un tins rio-inst a-
tieisasly nsttsif players than ltheNe-n lI~ltltssssuHet uton, '95 ina, A. (. Cansier 'l96 \~
whole Wisconssinsleam, nwii the 1is-iii,-sL itisi itsil --si-s-e. lit.- isv rYSRE FT.
single excepiuionoftheir captaiin. uiss:'iis,- ~n Stsii-ss-in 55ei aset,,,-First bas--A4.J. P'urdy, '94 lit,
tsi~i e, Ii. i.Sitys tieti -H. N. U0.
Michigana begins play, but Wli- itn tae. W. A. Spitniy, '95lii, Carl Mliner,
consiss gels bal at once, on 4 - - *----196 gf lit, R. W. Dinn, '95 lan.
dosns. Her whiirling V's gain Tennis Tournament. Second bas-t. F. Worden, '94 -
notiniig, and a lana is15expecteid, 'T'he finals in singles were played ln,\.I.Wohr,'4lnC
bub rc as esngusSaturday morning beween Jocelyn E. Mead,'f lit, 1. F. 1McLouth, Artistic Phtaraher, 6 E. HURON ST.
s~ ard. 'oucidwn,5 mn~ts.and Hutchings. The playing as a ~lt
Goal b Lyman, 6-.97lt
Wisconsingl alo yrs hl esnts sapai cu- B.HAjcu.[OT LUJNCHES,
gtbalo Dyrswoewsntsshran cu-ANJ iJ.HTpunt to r5 yard line, and Rael ate as that i sonic of ti-e preceding J. . Taylor, '94 li, leader. Lw e' h~~ts
gets to Michigan's 3 yard lst bt- rounds athoughi occasional rallies Firt Mandolin-tR. D. Ewing,]Or2 ,10 t$
fore tackled. Secondi touchdowvn, , by Hutchings made the nmach iiter- '96 lit. T T L '
4 minutes. Goal, It-n. !i - -E
Again takisig ball from punt, Wisn I eting in slats. Jocelyn non easily Second Mandoi-J. S. Ptrat, 48 S. STATE St.
consin gets so yards beyond tente in straight sets, and by Iis victory '96l lit.
of field, where Msichigan holds henr, becomes chanpion of the I niversity Banjorine-J. B.'Taylor, '94 lit,MU M
and, nwith long gains by Griffin and in singles. 'hlithIree mns whom H. E. Saer, '96 medic, F. S. Gar-
Fiurbert, gets tosmchdonen in It mn- he has defeaed, Rofe, MtcKenzie nabh, '7 li. UNIV1iiR8SZTY LOOK5 TORE
utes. Goal by Griffin, st-f. anisxplyfr hnj-.Cbu,'g ltAST EST E.
Wisconsins gauss in yards, fum- and utchings will nx lyfr BnoB obr,'3lt . SAESaFT
ites, but sons regainsa ball on 4 secondciplace us the first-class sin- Tyroler, '94 medic, H. A. Starret,_
downs. Whir and eid rushes ges gles.'Te score of Saturiay's match '97 lt.
third touchsdowvn, 6i isinutes. G'oal, follons. Guiar-C. H. Conrad, '95 li, SPECIAL. SALE f Seatr,Gymnsiuman
18-6. Jioseyn - - --........isis 101 01 -6 H. S. Barton '96 lit C H Suits,imsbellasnetci., etc.
Michigan i5 yards. Punts across lltehms ...-.-.. . a..a. a0 a1 00 a0 a;3ine Ii'anWiig Pape, 2 5 ehpond.
goal line. Wisconsin ets froslnmv--------ii Morse, '95 lit, HI. W. Cnming, Fn AatWligPye ~ t ace
t5 yard line to center. Michigan Hudcinigs- --........... i 0 1 0 a-a97 lit. reimi((Itoshetn),
boils loses and regains ball on 4 Jaetyn .......-......a..a..s1 s011 11 'risTe route this year will be made hy slit WaernountFanin Pei. Evey
downs, and gets touchdown on Vil- idtiili...t.......s....a..moa01ao a -i during the holidays and after leae--onegiaaiseed foe five yeas.
la's and Griffin's long gains. No - " - ing Chicago all the towns will e
goal. al-. Princeton students are not very new ecept Toledo. The clubs will
Wisconsin gets to 25 yard line well pleased with the action of thetrvlitwpiaecrsseily W AHR'S
and is held. Freund nmakes a runtrvlitwpiaecrsseily
of 55 yards, and ball is on iscon-fclyi reigte ortr fitted for- the purpose, one a dining UNIVERSITY BOKSTOORE
sins 30 yard line when time i is to Princeton, Thanksgiving night, the other a sleeper. In this manner
called, after the football game. (coniued n third patin) STATE STRE$ET.

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