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November 02, 1893 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-11-02

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;, T c.g .- ' . tion of the tniversity anti thc stu- shole year- It is safe to say that it s
' dents. The acts of the few reflect is not apathy that is to hlame, ht
- discretdit on tie reputation of all, sant of someone to start teseball
tttsstheSt 5.5 aysa, by wari h aen circulated eyond the Univer-1 rolling. As se ave no track ath-
THE U. OF M, INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION ity city. That certain acts wereI letic manager as yet, the matter is C)]thE 51 1
~~9~u s n~psysr~av:~done Tuesdasy night that would iave eeryodys husiness anti hence is A5 .L
in nvnoaqt~ieoys ixnt S bsri btenbetertohave eets left un-sseatn to y no one. Akll the men
ateetedone is conceded y all, htt te interested should get together and./
ta sie's,wthany oatht~e editors oIs the LEADING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
athorizsed slicitos. questiosn naturally arises sall the make 01) for lost time y increased asd SHORTHAND. Maaifsntbuildng; ine sa
teaersreenattedaceenaoo sline; sua;tpe
Cmmuiataonas shuldt reacth theie Sy wh/ole student ody hae tie re- activity. Let there e no further a tenet; etswattied rainga rans; dty etures,t
7 o'etock P. . t tey ar to appear the et Satay eeaningreetonspntheatire~e yea
Jay. Address aSS matter intended tr pbis- proach of all the world cat ipon delay. Easeepttnal altets forpang stdnt i ps-
tio aote aaigEdtor. ASS bsness te eas fteat fafs-tsss-sssssssasstada~stes uaanteeSsthem. Lving
thea thecauseta ofthe___acts___f______ew-_____eneses5a to rs pr week npSivteaile ase.
cosmuaiatisns should e set t the Busi- -_-__ Fo Ne Catatogue, addest
ness Maager. we do not know whether they were P. R. CLEARY, Pas.
THE U. of 39. DAILY University students or not who take 5,
Anna ArborXisS dvantage of a supposed license to "" ""T LD
EDITORS. ommit deradations. So lone as C .JEI aw'4,t gidto.f7
Noassac Fan was, Lt. 's Ssssutnt these opportunities are offered for+
S. A. SrACDntss ai. '94. Asitt.tjut ln
7 1. L Loseitr.tAsitnt.sensationat news, )itso ln will -- I\ -°.
J. A. LEon), Lt. 5, AthltiEdi vtr.I NORTH MICHIGAN
S. w. Csssrss, F.P. Lt., tdtsta ss iagee. the correspondents take advantage Horsford's Acid Phosphate f ALWmAY
tissi. A. MLon, LitS',it Assst rt. of the same to fill teir papers wittsarrssr5tss. i tt~ts ti n
LSEP555tY. j 5 . 17Is the scnoso h9
H. B3 Oaaa sit . Fast,1t ite-s,'s4.Sthtat sensationalis swiichs is eat.theIot effecive anti aesee. T;- iratssalel tin lst Arb 5 5.y sntis
tia La> sst, 54 edn psss-ate esel taa S it;;
Rto. Atst;, 'I MEo.A. ppreciatetlby h te raigp 'lc ] Iele in existence for 1 l
Ft N. Sa t Dtt .its sine, 'ad tat occurrinsg at the college.11piial.in
ttt>r noi t or tn,-Ipies entiitg inti estiot,'aInd Is- irntytt ;i Il sf Vo ,tia .m
. P.. ( .ne t Tel :i. CS(.. ii ;tl y tm < o tla
The Wrt's Fair Symposutuns le'ivf ls en. 5 ;;S .ba;;yS i;stt rdlasaenToo
_______ t10SC dIsstSe3 t~t' i55'5 t atS S r, . itiuo li J-,i-.H m
ASSl;'spy mast;'.b5;' st te ;offic btfoet;; m.t bur ~sr Js.,S .;I;,;;.oIt. O s.fie fu
at tsr sty or p;'t'to.';Thes. I Womesin's Leasgutesrceltion5;froSa i s sjtso ered to tmach. f.ds'tuss.it.'i'sss 55s.inn;,;ss. .
in -/sc ilan In11 at .. o'clock ntxt acstic.~ s tt' 1 sttsts..5 ;.s.nn A ..
Saturday afternooss is itntended as Dr. WX. NV. Gardner,tSprsgfied, S. .7ti sN't'',.t' 51;sIss
______________________a grand rally of allte meners-- ns. as:' atnJ tnCs sete SICO S 55'. Oir~s5SSa, di0W-1Set. O rica
wamo lder ladies and college gals.It is 1 peensstv atoftssdigestan, adt a peassnto 5 c t Iaisssns'tponwholntsat
WE cannot understand whirlao N. tb ti.'rstssytrt, ap. s'ssstss a'te
tire any one would have for destroy- to e a Columhians Tea and Wold's aciultedias srikbweuasroyeryttd;itdtwita _________________
ing the properly of the tennis asso- 1air Symposium. The national col- wate, assd sweet.
clation, therefore we are loath to ors, red, white and lue, will help rsW'Wsns pepiit re ;opte'tsst
heleve any stodent is so devoid of to make the rooms attractive and to Rumford ChemialeaWorhs,Provideaaei.I. INT.ERNAT-IONAL,
th etrqaiisa odestroy snspire the girls wits the patriotic Bear osSbsrtuesan Imtnios.DICTIONARY
sentinments suitahle to the occasion. For ale y al Drugist
thatios.tyIf any student took tlseal y l rugss ures"ath'The second part of the title refers I , Uabrigfed."
nets front tennis grounds we are to the prograisswhlichs is to e a inreising i(9)es-
sure that he will return thent to the hrgtb iseesi snpsin f 4"D OlYIU 54 ODSE * a rsttas flttat
poeauhrteatoc. short speeches cnsubsljcts con- I i~q' Y epded.
prprathrtela ne eetedl with te %%orls's air. These NIV FRIDAY , EVE NINGjQJ3,9 los ost sa
'IEc mantagement of the 1Ilstv talkss are tos betgiv en by sosite uS the - - 'On Prfrm-] s'taHqssytoss
would consider it a favory if. subl- older ilasies. A rqus will ''fur.l/"Tein, 'a
reevngnalevstn- ''ara;ssa. AtsseotneSate,5;st
scribers not rciigtheir patper mdeto te itls presenCt to tss ''- 'r dams'eaning s ofsswods.sss
regclarlywsouldl reltort Stichls Is- tersott stories'relatisg tosthe \'AIlbruoy vs t~elf. Iaso tes c
1 ;et'-5555n 5555 ta i s s eeassisthetis
ciency at the office at tnce, ie l air. Sontgs swili e sunssgby all. - 't !LI'~3X
found it necessary to umake some ~hie nssted11"s, 1 I ..attsiis ttsstsu5tas
changes in our carrier f;r'esondte -mpt' 5 i I ltsossf;'Iasstwrdstan
hope in the futre to e able to se- College iaters throuhosut these ;.s. , Thini Wori isInvalu bleitsts
cure better service frosnouosr car- country report the sccessful egin- $ eaatn aall oIthe sslssstt'ar-dosate.
rters. ing of cross counitry runtssfor the nr hatsdiasii5Sa ht im . 5r 5 Ortl osdte.
Suhscrihers can assist its in et- enefit of the varittus classes of 11,iS dtl5 tsrt'sf; sS.5sssee t3 JU'C. WBSTERS
tgt}tl155; ltsssrss '.sasarkSisS;; ,Si sS-sSS;s r ngyssd's~ ss
ting the route ooks corrected, if athletes. 'There seems to e so rea-PaF.ss~ets a1ss6 Si~st rosw)ill st Irrte i.s-sntttna. ITERASIONAI.
they will report the non-delivery of son whly the U. of MX. shouldt not . t S ' is'. ens on eateea atss5;ssssn5 ETIONS
the DASS.Y. The management hae continue te runs so ssccessfully "Sssss'e.etns
done all in their power to secure egun last year.'Ihis mssich is cr-
prompt and regular delivery. We ain, our atlletes can iever -,how
hope to get thin matter finally r- up to te hest advanttage its a
ranged in a few days as we hare se- consparatively sort period of train-
cured University students to tdelier ing isnlte spring. Somrsetiing is 5
the DAitY. necessary to keels upl a proper c R 1I R
amount tof interest ttrougtliout te ~ ~ UT
ONCE more seisationalisms is at its MandolITs ARjS,'Zhes
heighth anong the correpondentsBettim hhanon jsZhr.
in the U. of MI., and far and wide r '-
exaggerated reports of last Tuesday 0-". IpodayaSoshbe~raasse tbs
_isttas. a stake oas eutationts
ntghts innocent sport hare been alsaiisonts eies en. Ate titssi
a~..... .. '-'Wasbsn SaoaseisrinCataoese"
spread aroad. It is to he regret- eoua~s;"~t s':;~nuins pora tat tleitg
are i ttoasotthtaiatit i ,F . COR.S'ror& MONROE STS., CHICAGO.
ted that sus opportunities a 'e lroneor" OPENinmooseetsODEee
given correspondents to reap a har- te snds'tt' aussstttasts od. _________________________________
ISO Eacha. SIE IT: z For zc,
vest at the expense of the reputa- POST OFICE NEWYS STAND. Th le Anan. Arbor Oran Co., doe Agent, AN ABORl.

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