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October 30, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-30

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20 ERASTi117 LIN S" -ET.
Good Rok Guaranteerd. Goods ralled for
and 'dlivredt. A. F. C OVERT, Prop.
1ANQ NUM, E. IWash i ROotreet
22 V easainl tie a]BUSise ..
MV. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave-
Cor. Main and Washington Streets.
The 13. & M. Prkig Syore
Is the place to buy anything in te Dra.line.
Medicines, Sponges.,IBrashes, FEcEc
31. Eu JOILLY & C.s
When youwant are box of FinerChoolt
Candies. St1tio(ry a010001. Cigore. Tobacco,
(1-aretesad Ithe Finest SlochoflPipes i
the City.
R. E. Jolly & Go., 26 S. State St.
46 S. OSatte Street.
MONDAY-8 p.1in. Advan~erd l too La-
die and Genteen.
TUESOIF (,p.00. LadOiIes'(leaiT( (dos
S p.111. Gentlemen', dancing closs.
SATUROAXIS a. 01. Gentlemn's anci(0
2 'ImsCildrensod acnglssIB.
4D. m.Laldoes' danroogclass.
Foovate lesonls byappoiontment
Ann Arbor Savings Bank
Aoon Arbor. Mieco. Copital Stock, 150,100.
Sarplos, $150,000.
Orgoanized under the GIenera1l Banking Lana
of this State. iRegeives depbsits,Souve and
sells exechange oa the prinipa(5(l citiesof01the
Uaited Stales. ralft. cashed upon peoper
identifieatioa. Solely deposit boores(to rent.
OrFICERS:IChristioa Mak. Presa.; W. 0.
Harrimano, Vice Pres.; 'Ca. E. Riarork, Ca-
sier- II. J. Felts Aaat. Caohier.

1Tle Sdly, O'. 1.-Cry ((0111 ('11 1. it eti i,(i
No.Es e.ot.(30.-Eaole' W1ile, in 1 1 01(0
0(11(01(0(1. ]P (I(d Lea< e . sije4.
FNon.,rO l.---1r~t. NI3. 1 . rC, of(ei,,~
'01.. Nor. .- 55 .000-1 se. i 1 Atli
Unity Club.
At the Unity Club, tonight, Mr.
B. B. Nagarkar, of Bombay, India,
will lecture upon the religiouo and
social progress of his native land.
Mr. Nagarkar woo one of the moot
prominent speakers representing the
Brahmo-Soma] at the recent Parlia-
ment of Religions held in Chicago.
On his way 10 this country he stop-
ped in Esgland andI delivered sev-
eral lectures, which svere well re-
ceived. He is said to have a mas-
teril command of ltlT English lan-
gulage, speaking owith great ease andt
force. 'This fact alone should (maloe
hiul of 001ceptionlal interest to evely
one, and(1tilT Club takes great pleas-
ore in being able to presenit him 10
the public.
Regents not Liable,
Among the eighteen opinions
handed down by the Supreme Court
Friday was one of considerable in-
terest to all parties havisg business
with the University of Michigan. A
contract was asarded by the board
of regents in August, 0390o, for the
construction of a hospital building
to William Biggs, of Ann Arbor.
The contractor sub-let a portion of
the work to John Lucas, and Julius
Weinberg furnished sub-contractor
Lucas with certain niaterials for
the construction of the building, for
which mterials he has not received
his pay. He, thlerefore, brought
suit, againsot the board of regents,
whom, he alleged, in disregard of
their duty, neglected 10 require of
the original contractor a bond to
secure the payment of all sub-con-
tractors' labor performed, and ma-
terial used in the construction of
the building.
'The Supreme Court, in substance,
holds that the action should not
have been commnenced against the
regents in such a case, but against
the indivislual guilty of the owrong
or neglect of duly.

inSa(11(s51(5 .1(the(.0 ((1((0 01(11 (((re
much11 supriolr t r Ilclin (11 ((ere'l O, inl
semed(to.13c niely(al Bnfrom our1.110 (I
7t is yet po si(e, loe1e, in lioepinion of
tse writer, to dsvlop 001 firs -clasI eamTOand01
ad a(1tion1of( (((0footba~ll manleeellin0a
certain directioncau a comp(lishl it. CoacS
Blarbour'seworkhashoeTell confinlled hiefly to
thes players blhind tbheewhile.'hlie itself
1(00 0(01 receive5d(is doe attetllion. DonllyI
haOs notturnedup aswsosepetedl. N'owis it
n01 possible It0 secrSesopletent coacb Is
assistlBabouor and especially to look aftee Coo
nleeda of thoe ruabhorineThe rier iastolf-
dest that the stuldentss would heartily support
such aetioon which wolid doubtless tend to
geatly atrengthlen the team. Micehigan ecan-
not affoed to be defeated by rvery college in
the west. Wye lead in baseball, ean wr not
also lead inl football? That somoething should
be done at onee to remerdy an obvious evil in
the wilsh of a
U. of M. Republican Cubs.
A umeeting of the club will be
hleld in the lecture room tomorrosw
esening at 7:30.
Implortanlt bisiness before tilt
club. The office of rice-president
to 1)e fied.
Speerches will be niade by a Mis-
souri1"Ifeplublicall legislator, S. G.
1.. and(.(1other we-l1lkowosvn t1(-
dec .,
L-et every ose be presfnt.
NOTICE. All persons who have
been soliciting subscriptions for the
U. of Ms. Daily are requested to re-
port at the Daily office promptly at
7:30, Monday evening, Oct. 30, or
at 7:3o Wednesday evening, Nov. a.
Bus. Man'ge.
As Richoelieu, last aught at the
Uion Square Theatre, Mr. Walker
Witeside, the aambitious westerno tea-
gedians, made a very favorable impres-
sf010 upono(10 anaudiene wihel ovas ohs-
pissed to be eritieal of the young msan's
eftorts. His impersonationo of floe part
was miarkedl by careful study. In floe
situoatfios whichohave been blade miost
effeetive Iby hlsfamo00010predecessors isa
the past, iso rendtitision was remarkoable
rathier for its secholarly finoishi, thaon, is
is ustoal ino aspiranlts for iistoriclioniors
fin elassiferoles, for the following of
stooge traditios.His Richielieuo was
marked by anl origiinality whichlshlolda
indieate it bright fioture for lia.-N.
Y. Sun.
Mr. Whifteside will appear ini IHamlet
uat the Grand Opsera Hlouse, Nov. 3i.
Students wishing typewriting dour
call at J. Rt. iach's law office, o16 E.
Huron streel. Best rates.
N otice.

Gto IIthe J. '1. J.1. '(hs C. and11gt
;yoaarr:3 ''^50rdill. '1he1y IJmOe 1in0
larigest midlI( Fksci. c ed lne ia the
If 10(551(2 souit of btsomns-Alcove fur-
naciet'heat, l;lt, ee 0(1(19 51 al-Cow.
2443 25fl E. Jefferson1( treet.
To IEsT-A su(iLt(f 1r(o1m(5lower
floor, for three;l lor(eacfhlroi separte-
ly; rates reasonaoble. 27 Chureo street.
All niekwelar at 1(al11plire, good
patterns. E. A. WXallae.& Co.
A cut in pries of ibajos(01(11mal-
dolins this weekl at Sate street Musc
Full Dress Coats ad Vests, good
styles, at $8.75. E. A. Wallaeet Co.
ATTENTION-Do you think of buy-
iog a type-writer this year? Then call
at the DAILY offie if you wish one be-
lose cost.
See the $1.00 Undersear we are sell-
flog at 57c. E. A. Wallace & Co.
Batlos l0e at P. . JBarbr Shop.
Lathes' anil childrens fair-etuttinig and
shianmposoig at Jeroiie A. F reenans.
Four Dollar UItlcdrssear at $2.25 nosy
at L. A. Walacee isCo.'s.
Seniors ill all departments011f are ellfi-
tleid tll sir atesi 0 on1 (Iipotograpiic
'is irk .tA. 1!', I iriis, Sudio, N (. i
Hulron st. M-l X-F2sv
F ie UmloIrllbs cheaply17 a foss
left. E. A. 0 hoaer & Co.
STIO>EN r, ATTENTi'ION. - Ever y
Tuesday Mr. A. E. itose will be at the
Cook ilonlse wsiti a onplete lineof
samples of Fal al Wintr Woolens
Irons the Goleni Eagle, of Detroit. An
invitationi is extended to all to ispect
floe line, whieh is our of the largest in
the State. If you need aything in
the line. it will pay you to investigate.
Jaros Uderwear, $2.50 quality, nosy
1.50. Ef. A\. Wallae & Co.
FoEtSRENT.-Ftront site, with light,
heat ond bath. 23 T1hompon street.
Unlauldried Shirts, 7-eqtality, now
43c. E. A. Walace & Co.
BRACE ui wsithi a good pair of shou-
der braces. A large stok at low prices
at Brown's Drug Store. A f ewshop
worno braces at +>o.
Knox Sats-regular prie, 5.00-
nosy $2.50. E. A' Walllae & Co.
For sale.01101 Victor Safety. 90.
0. Ef. 3Butterield, 41 Catherine street.
Af11 stff hals at one-hoalf price, at
Lf. A. WXallafe ti Co.'s.
H~ave 7010 firn to Italevood's Bil-
hiard Haoll yet? Everything nice, Ileas-
ant andio quiet; 010 boisterotisness.
Black llose, laecquality, noosv17.
Ef. . W5alloa'e &(Co.
Sieniftrs ioi all depatments re en-
titledl 10 senolr raes 0il photographic
wtork at fhinll's.
L~otsof Whlite 0asd fancy-bordered
llanlhiercliefs 1t 6c. E. Ad.Walacee
Ar Co.
(G0 t(1 ]i01515'N5DI(I't1 S'ORtIE for all
L~aborattry supplis. IDiseting eases,
aprons andtfsleeves.-Lawe rie.
Chifci''TofbacoCi igars andI Pipes at
Shlo's la lia~ordl Iloil, No. 3 Norti
Main street. 1-7
A big lino of Fine Nekwear at 19.
IF. A. Wallace & Co.
Aon Arliotr Dye Works at 3 West
Huoron street' Special attentono given
to cleaning andolreplairing suis. Hasv
yoar light suoits dy ed. 17
.Al11canes' will be sold at one-hird
reguolar pice. E. A. Wallece & Co.
New Laundry. Try us for fle bet
work yooi ever saw. Work doe ina
ight hours no extra charge. Office, 10
E. llurons treet. Works 47-1 XW.
Huron. Telephone 83.
Perin best P. K. Kid Gloves, 1.70
Inow. E. A. Wallace & Co.

Tie' .ile (Revised)SSt.d4th,1052.
P. "i. . M
Mtolaiol .i i ....... . 2
DaExpres..... i5(ill Doy Expres.S..8 4
N.S Siritd... 0 .S. Liamited..tO4
N. Y. Lismiteod. 1(045P0'. s
N. F(alls Speiai. .0l12'(Ciicago Express..55)
N. Y. &oChoi. Lim..0231iGO. It. S, al. Esp.. 6i08
A.00. Chi. N. Expres's... 0(00
AtlanticExNpreoss. 5s33 PatificExpress... 1020
0. N. Expres..e6hI
G. R. Esprroo ...11144
G. P. &T.Agt.,Chiocao. A I AnaArbos.
Student Work a Specialty.
Best Worktoo anoestts Pricesithe lsC((ty.
CLASSES IN DANCING sill moret(as
followsa:etlemen, ISaturday norningcs 10
and Thursdaoy eveingls 801'; Ladie's. Saturdaoy
aternoons . Ladie atodlGentlemaen,ad-
vanced class, Taesdiayevenings . Groaad
loor, I6 Miynad dstreet. Tuition. asic toem
(twelve weeks) $5. Fupils received at any



Tss sloe Edi mU. orM. O5.n.v :Do 71o ishitooreot youar roomos?
Theio lotbalil gaom Saturdaoy swith(Minnsoa a 11hy on't youo insert a lhne or tswo in
Chossconchsivtly that sloeting'aisl materi- otor local coluno for a few dusys'
all wrn; ithourtem. t i cerailyMore rloms have beem renated through
oiy rliof oiloOu 10(1.Itis(''ttoooethe DJAILY than thoroaugh anoy other
humillliag to hIs isioe sererlevcantleO'osediumfor the DAILY practically
hoee ansd outplay lus at almnosterrpio.falfat every ttdet'sha.s
Lackl of matelrial cannlot satiofaorerooly ac-
count for our defeast, for She candidaotes hove
((era numecrouls and promisioog, Moreover we Foot RENT--One single rooma and
would be loth to admit 11000 our men are not very pleasant front suite. South and
mentally as able to comprehenod the points west exposure. Fuenace heat, aud
of the game as thoe Minesota players. Yet lighted. 23 Williams street. 2t

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