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December 05, 1969 - Image 43

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1969-12-05

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'Lives of Children Emphasizes There's No Such
Thing as Competence Without Love in Education

There are educators so dedicat-
ed that their labors could bring
revolutionary results in linking the
child with a deep desire to learn.
There are educators who, as
guides to youth and as their
advisers, should be as they are
in their innermost hopes the most
influential in the lives of children.
And there are educational short-
comings that reveal the faults that
alienate school from society.
While these are not the end-all
and be-all of the story of the First
Street School in New York, the
volume that describes it points to
a road that can lead to great
achievements and to a change in
the lives of children who are
either estranged or neglected or
abandoned or who have only hate
for society.
"The Lives of Children" is the
title of the book, written by one
of the organizers of the school,
George Dennison, that gives the
story of the First Street School
and unveils the problems and tells
how some have been solved.
In the Random House volume,
the author, a chief architect of
the great project under review,
tells how teachers became friends,
how the old cliches and outmoded
methods were abandoned in draw-
ing to the project a small num-
ber of children. The school began
in 1964. It was short-lived: it fold-
ed in two years for lack of funds.
In the brief period the 23 pupils,
their four teachers, revolutionized
teaching, brought new life into
studies — studies that often were
forced but which emerged with re-
sults that come from personalized
There were no truant officers.
There was no compulsion. There
was only the closeness, the dis-
played friendship, the determined
will of teachers inspired by an
There was freedom without re-
straint, and always to create the
desire not only for indepedent
thinking and action but for a way
to attain it.
Limited space, in a Lower New
York East Side "Y," provided
facilities. Pupils, stemming from
poverty-stricken homes, were wel-
comed to teachers' homes. They
were impoverished Puerto Ricans,
blacks and whites, one Jewish lad.
They brought their habits and
obscenities to the school. The ac-
complishment was not correction
but proper .adjustment toward a
life of mutual understanding.
Dennison closes with "a word to
parents and teachers," stating:
"For we are not faced today by
simple choices among methods of
mass instruction — as if any of
them were working — but by the
Biblical question in all its severity:

Afforestation in Judea
Employs Many Arabs

JERUSALEM—Over 550 Arabs
from the Israel-administered areas
are being employed in afforesta-
tion work during the present plant-
ing of approximately 1,000,000
trees over 1,500 acres.
All work, from the supervision
to actual planting, is being done
by Arab personnel, most of .whom
were employed under the Jordan-
ian regime, with the guidance of
three Jewish National Fund for-
estry advisers.


Friday, December 5, 1969-43

W. German Regime Stresses Neutrality
in M.E. but Israel Suffers as a Result

BONN (ZINNS) — Willy Brandt, to one press report, that West Ger-
If the salt has lost its savor, the gut-wisdom of everyone: that in
wherewith shall it be salted? This humane affairs — and education newly elected premier of the West man socialists and liberals are
is as much as to say that any hope is par excellence a humane pur- German Socialist Democratic re- being influenced by the New Left,

for a new spirit in education lies suit — there is no such thing as
quite outside the present establish- competence without love."
ment. It lies among parents them-
In these final words are the
selves, and in revitalized commu- summations of a great book, deal-
nities, and among younger teach- ing with a most serious issue, pro-
ers. . . . My purpose is not to viding guidance for a serious
castigate the bureaucrats, but to public problem. "The Lives of
recall parents and teachers to an Children emerges as a soluble and
awareness of one crucial truth, a creative contribution towards deal-
truth that should be, but is not, ing with the educational issues.

wh i ch
gime, is being sharply attacked in castrate its hostility toward Israel.
the press for his exaggerated
The same report calls attention
"neutralism" in the Arab-Israel to the fact that at the last inter-
; national conference of liberals in

Munich, attended by delegates of

Speaking at a session of the
socialist England, Denmark and
Bundestag, Brandt stated that
Sweden, Israel was subjected to
West Germanymust adopt a strict-
acrimonious attack, and all reso-
ly neutral position on the problems
lutions in support of Israel's fight
plaguing the Middle East. This for existence were hotly resisted.
attitude is a complete reversal of
a *
the policies of the previous admin-
istration, clearly geared toward a India Regarded Unlikely
friendly relationship toward Israel.
to Alter Anti-Israel Line
know how to channel their lives
Israel is already experiencing
onto optimistic tracks, to adapt new and unusual difficulties in ob-
TEL AVIV (ZINS) — David Ha-
numbers to the desired final re- taining subsidies from the German Cohen, head of Israel's parliament-
sults. We are captives of the mor- government in connection with a ary delegation to an interparlia-
bid reality, while they embark on
number of joint German-Israel en- mentary conference in New Delhi,
the waves of healthy fantasy.
speaking at a press conference,
declared that "There is no founda-
True, one shouldn't forget that
It has been suggested, according tion whatever to the belief that
about once every 10 years the
India might alter its anti-Israel
Egyptians suffer a terrible defeat
policy as long as Indira Ghandi re-
in a real war—and that in fact Arabs, Israelis Unite
tains power.
is the method's only shortcoming
—but this, too, belongs to the in- Against Danish 'Angels'
"There is also no assurance," he
ternal agreement, that they very
COPENHAGEN (ZINNS) — The added, "that any new regime
quickly forget the few unpleasant
pursue a different line." Ha-
Copenhagen press has pUblished
weeks of the war, and the tri-
stories about a quasi-fascist gang Cohen noted that the humiliation
umphal parade of the next 10
India in its exclusion from
of Danish youth calling itself
years again continues unimpeded
"Hell's Angels" which has begun the Islamic Summit Conference in
and at full steam. And the nation a campaign
of violence directed Morocco resulted in greater anti-
is proud and sure of its strength
Arab feeling, but this has not,
against foreigners.
and cheers all the wonderful news
apparently, affected India's tradi-
Denmark has many workers
that arrive daily from the banks
tional anti-Israel policy.
from foreign countries, among
of the Canal.
And we are sad for 10 years, them a significant number of Is- r**********************
and then we have two good weeks raelis and Arabs who date Danish
with the war, and again a decade girls. Finding this unacceptable„
the "Angels" are attempting to in-
of depression . .
Quite possibly the history books timidate and drive the offenders
will justify us, but from the point from their country.
Meeting the challenge, a new
of view of national mood the
Egyptian system is superior. I self-defense corps includes many :BIG BAND OR SMALL COMBOS!
envy the Egyptians. If I were not Arab students and an emigree
an Israeli, I'd like to be an Egyp- from Israel at the head of it. On :UN 3-8982 UN 3-5730:
one occasion, Israelis and Arabs
tian. Or a liar. Or both.
stood shoulder to shoulder in the 4**************Ir*******i.
barricades that were thrown up
Israeli Agronomists
during a street fight. They also
published an open letter in the
Help Arab Farmers
Danish press over the joint signa-
JERUSALEM — Travelers to tures of Arabs and Israelis.
Israel are being treated to an unu-
Sun., Dec. 7
sual sight: trucks from the Israeli
11 a.m. — 10 p.m.
occupied Arab villages of Samaria Experiment in Carmel
HAIFA—An afforestation experi-
and Judea loaded with fruit and
vegetables for the Arab countries. ment is being conducted by the
A customs officer gives the signal Jewish National Fund on the Car-
27777 Schoolcraft
and the convoy surges across Allen- mel Mountain range, wherein an-
by Bridge with ripe tomatoes, cient woodlands are being restored
oranges and prize tangerines, and new saplings planted in gaps
bound for Jordan and Kuwait.
existing among the natural vegeta-
This sensitive zone over the tion.
River Jordan is peaceful, despite
all disturbances elsewhere. There
is a "gentleman's agreement" not
to open fire during the day-time
while the flow of produce crosses
over from the West Bank to the
Arab countries — the main outlet
Invites You To See The Extensive Collection of Antiques
before the Six-Day War.
and Modern Jewelry.
After June 1967, the West Bank
found itself cut off from the Arab
countries. It was harvest time and
there was an urgent need to find
a new market for the crops or they
would be left to rot in the fields.
Israel bought up supplies for the
Lake Road at Telegraph
Army and the canning industry,
but they were restricted so as not
Daily 9:30 to 8:30. Saturday 9:30 to 5
to compete with local goods. A
way had to be found to market
to the East Bank.
At first, vegetables and fruit
were taken across the River Jor-
dan on old smugglers' routes. The
Jordanian government cooperated
creel illgs
and not a shot was fired. At the
peak of the picking season as
many as 300 trucks used to cross
Lighting Fixtures
over daily. More were needed and
trucks from Jordan began to conic
over to the West Bank and load
Bath and Boudoir
up with produce.
When the river became flooded

after the rains, Jordan and Israel
Decorative Hardware
cooperated to build bridges so
farm produce could continue flow-

ing eastward. And in this way
Indoor and Outdoor
some 104,000 tons of producz,
Living .
valued at $12,000,000 were export-
ed from July 1967 to the end of

I Envy the Egyptians

(Reprinted from "Ma'ariv")

We tell the truth and they tell
brazen lies all the time. I feel so
sorry for ourselves.
We announce every single cas-
ualty, every truck running over a
mine. The Egyptian High Com-
mand, on the other hand, has
adopted Yossi Banai's defensive
strategy. That distinguished actor
addresses every visitor to his
dressing room after a premiere,
in the following words: "Folks, I
want to hear only praise! Who-
ever intends to criticize my act-
And Yossi returns home happy,
in an excellent mood, after each
premiere. It's the same with the
Egyptian High Command. If in one
of their raids 19 Egyptian com-
mandos are killed and one Israeli
civilian injured, they'll announce:
91 Israeli soldiers were killed. Our
commando unit has three civilians
wounded. If, God willing, we down
39 Egyptian planes and lose one,
the Egyptians announce: We de-
stroyed the Israeli Air Force and
probably damaged another four
planes. Our pilots, actually one
more than took off, returned
safely to their base.
And Egypt rejoices and dances
in the streets and thanks Allah for
the great news. We Israelis look
at them pityingly, with feelings
of superioity which is not at all
justified. True, the news is phony,
but the joy is real enough and
Egypt's morale is really high,
never mind the brazen lies. A lie
is a lie as long as you know that
it's a lie. But if you don't know?
Then it's wonderful! Then a lie is
truth and the joy is joy. The
Egyptians made an agreement
with Nasser, the whole nation, in
a truly pan-Arabic spirit:
"Gamal is telling us about vic-
tories and we don't check up on
And thus it's Purim all year
round. One huge party, the future
is rosy, it's getting better all the
time, everything is on the up-
surge. On the other hand, in this
country a sensitive and a truth-
loving people mourns every cas-
ualty. I envy the Egyptians be
cause they have such a national
talent for lying, because they

Court Probes Background
of Ex-Justice Minister
for Possible War Crimes

LUEBECK, West Germ any
(JTA)—A man who was justice
minister in Kiel, the capital of the
West German state of Schleswig-
Holstein, is under investigation by
a court here for alleged participa-
tion in the murder of Polish Jews
during World War II. Hans Adolf
During the past two years, Asbach was accused of participa-
over 1,500,000 trees have been tion in the murder of at least 700
Planted in Judea and Samaria, of the 1,148 Jews of Brzezanya,
approximately equalling the Galicia.
On the West German political
number of plantings done during
front, five leading members of the
the Jordainan administration.
The percentage of saplings Hesse branch of the purportedly
which have taken root has risen neo-Nazi N a t i o n a I Democratic
from between 20 to 60 to an aver- Party have quit in protest against
age of 90; and growth rates of new the chairmanship of Adolf von
plantings have increased four Thadden.

times, as a result of technical inno-
Be virtuous and you will be
vations introduced and profession-
al training programs arranged for happy; but you will be lonesome
sometimes. — E. W. Nye
the workers.

Hal Gordon







May 1968. So the inhabitants of the
were able to go on
trading with the Arab countries
while living under Israeli adminis-

West Bank

24200 Telegraph

(between f & 10 Mile Rds.)



Omuta Golfed.]


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