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November 24, 1967 - Image 39

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1967-11-24

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Authority Reveals Frequency of Falsehoods in Arab Ideology

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possible to relate the frequency handbook on Arab nationali sm 1 the national establishment is still cern.
ism" is further explained by Ge n. of falsehood with this phenomenon published for distribution to eve rY 1 far away. To undertake changes,
Linked with the new Russian
Harkabi, who quotes the followin g: of alienation and hostility between soldier, specifically lists the qu al- one must be aware of the situation anti-Semitism, hiding under the
In her book "Temperament men; the closer a man is to his Mies that history has implant ed one wishes to change, and it is cloak of their own Semitism in
and Character of the Arabs," fellow, the more loyal he will b in the Arab nation: courage, ge n- 1 hard for proud peoples to recog- order to deny that they are anti-
published in New York, Miss and it will be harder to lie to a : erosity, and the best quality of nize and acknowledge the defects Simites, Arabs together with the
Hamady, who is a Lebanese, him. The reverse applies when
manliness, loyalty. An inflate d and faults that this article has Russian enemies of Israel are re-
states: "In their social relations man is hostile and indifferent to image of oneself is liable to inter- discussed. All the more so when viving the Protocols of the Elders
the Arabs show a great deal of ward his fellows. This is the con - fere with a correct estimation of these flaws were emphasized by of Zion, they are resorting to the
hostility . . . as a rule, their nection between loyalty and re- one's strength, and must have been a humiliating defeat to which they ritual murder libel and go so far
aggressive feelings are not liability. However, these explana- a factor in the false evaluation of refuse to grant recognition.
as to renew the ancient atrocious
turned inward, but are directed tions are clearly unsatisfactory their military preparedness, f or 1 (We are indebted to Ben Gil of lie that the Talmud condones rap-
towards others," and in another and the problem still disturbs us. which the Egyptian command b e- Jerusalem for the translation from ing of little children by Jews.
If the channel of communica• came the scapegoat. Furthermor e, the Hebrew.)
section. she speaks of "the lack
Instead of joining in a serious
of trust through which Arab tion in the army becomes a chan- a distorted image of the enem y
Gen Yehoshafat Harkabi, who effort for peace, we now have an
individualism is realized," and nel for communicating lies, the results in underestimating h is holds MA degrees from the He official resort to hatred and to
"Their public-mindedness is not situation can lead to catastrophe. strength, and by scorning him, o ne brew University in Jerusalem, and
nd the spead of anti-Semitism.
developed and their social con- Occasionally, each level adds an becomes weaker. Another exam p le from Harvard University, who has
It may well be that the source
sciousness is weak." The alle- additional helping of false infor- of the incorrect evalu5tion of rel a- lectured at Harvard and is re of all anti-Semitic campaigns is
giance towards the state is shaky mation to the false reports of its five strength occurreed in Sin ai turning to Cambrdige, Mass., for now being concentrated in Cairo
and identification with leaders subordinate level. This can create when an Egyptian Unit at the re ar another series of lectures, has and in Moscow and Jewry's chief
is not strong." "The Arabs so a state of affairs where the com- was surprised by our advancin g mastered Arabic, has read nearly enemies are concocating again
far have demonstrated an incapa- mand has absolutely no interest unit while it had believed the a n- half of the 400 books that have libels that caused shame in hu-
city for disciplined and abiding in uncovering the truth in the re- nouncements broad cast fro m been written in Arabic in the manitarian ranks in the Middles
unity. They experience collective ports from its units, and, on the Egyptian stations which spoke of Middle East situation, has gathered Ages but which are accepted as
outbursts of enthusiasm but do contrary, may well be prepared to their successes. In addition to data to show how anti-Israel propa- facts in a ganging up on Israel.
not pursue patiently collective accept false reports in order to causing confusion, their inflate d Banda is developing into an anti- This may prove a more serious
endeavors which are usually em- glorify and exaggerate the ex- personality prevented the Egyp -1Jewish campaign which may well menace to Israel and to Jewry
ploits of a particular unit. In such tian command from telling the it affect all of world Jewry. His study than even the military threats that
braced half-heartedly."
I should be off the press in Israel are being renewed on Israel's
Of major interest in the study a case none of the levels, including units the real situation.
made by Gen. Harkabi, who is the supreme level, are acting out
Lying is not only a matter of by now and is due to appear in an borders. World Jewry will have to
one of the noted experts on the of knowledge of the situation and reporting and feeling — it is als I
anslation, fully docu- take into account both factors —
Arabs, is "their attitude toward their decisions are therefore faulty . a question of doing, as in the e x- Tented to indicate how all the vile the dangers to Israel and to them-
truth and reality." It is on this There follows a vicious circle in pression, "to skimp one's work. libels against Jewry are being re- selves — in the new campaign that
score that his essay in Haaretz the subordinate levels — on the This is falsehood in action, and it vived by the Arab propogandists.
is being engineered against all
merits special attention. Gen Har- one hand they know that the com- is even revealed in partial fals e- It is on this score that not only Jews, with Russia as a partner to
mand is interested in false boast- hood, in superficial action. Fals e . Israel and Israelis but Jews every- the hatred that stems from Arab
kabi wrote:
One is amazed by the frequency ing, and they obey orders and hood can take the form of fault y where have cause for serious con- quarters.
of falsehood in their public life; supply it. On the other hand, they planning, orders that are no
their leaders make false state- are unable to trust the orders of orders, and execution that is no
ments and mislead their followers. their command since they are exact or scrupulous. Our pilot
did not spare themselves to en
An example of "the big lie" is the based on false information.
RAMAT GOLAN—For nearly 40 rible poverty among the masses—
fabrication about the participation I Throughout the war there were sure that they bombed their tar • miles, Syrians had built fortifica- there are some empty buildings, a
at the place where they woul d tions which the Israelis conquered
of the American and English air
group that served as a school for
forces. Their publicity machine example, if airplanes were actu- cause maximum damage; for thi with a small force. The evidence is girls. In it are exhibited drawings
repeated this ceaselessly and turn- ally hit, according to the official purpose they remained over thei r on the Heights of Golan, the de- and paintings that were used to in-
ed out mountains of so-called in- Arab announcements, every plane targets to ascertain whether the y stroyed tanks, the rounds of am- cite to hatred of Israel.
terpretations and proof. This is an in the Israeli Air Force had been had completed their objectives • munition the fleeing Syrians didn't
They are the Shukairy collection,
uncomfortable subject to discuss, downed several trines. It is likely The Egyptian pilots, as I observed have time to use against the Jewish
since it may be understood as a that the Arab pilots and anti-air- on one occasion, and I have th e lads, the hand grenades which containing hte vilest type of appeal
children, aimed at inciting to
serious accusation against the craft gunners gave false reports feeling this was not an isolated tourists are warned not to touch.
Arabs and Israelis in particular of their exploits to which their case, dropped their bombs a s I The well-provided blinkers are murder.
This is where there is actual evi-
must take care to avoid a measure commanders added in order to though their task was to get rid now in rubble but the visitor who
of them as quickly as possible now travels freely—he can even go- dence of the aims of Shukairy's
of arrogance in their own words. boast.
In the telephone conversation without checking whether they had on his own since all restrictions Palestine Liberation Army, with
We ourselves cannot claim to be
'innocent of falsehood and self- between Nasser and Hussein which caused any damage — This was have been removed — can sec shameless portrayals of soldiers
deception, and one cannot con- was recorded during the war, Nas- cheating in work. This would not broken chairs and beds, the that are like stormtroopers.
demn all Arabs as liars, even ser stated that the Egyptian air prevent them from reporting that Syrians' military jackets, their
NABLUS—This is ancient bibli-
though falsehood is strikingly fre- force was bombing the Israeli they wreaked serious damage; shoes.
cal Shekhem — the ancient town
airfields. It is uncertain whether they may well have been com-
quent in their public life.
was destroyed and when re-
The shock comes when one gets
Researchers have already indi- Nasser owns the copyright to this pelled to even greater boasting by next to the tanks which have Rus- built was named Neapolis. But the
sian inscriptions. On one we read: Arabs cannot pronounce the P and
cated the frequency of lying among
the Arabs: the question is what is 4 tian air force commanders. The not carried out their task prop- AVTOZAVOD MOLOTOVA. Then it became Nablus. How will the
the source of this phenomenon. It lie may be common to both sides, erly. One can give other examples there were crates in which ammu- problems of Ramallah and Jericho
is difficult to estimate how far with the air force giving Nasser of the Arab armies skimping their nition was shipped to the Syrians and Nahulus be solved?
Mrs. ila mady is correct in de- a false report that they were pre- work and giving boastful reports. —again with Russian markings. It
They are Israel's new problems,
scribing civilized roots to their paring to bomb the airfields when This cheating does not involve the is evident that the leaders of the yet many of these areas become
points of security, not to be aban-
lying; she relates this to the re-
I But the tourist goes on to find doned.
marks of the great Arab philos- with, and Nasser going one jump in the social framework.
converted the intention to
The lack of honesty and the much additional evidence—of Is-
opher Algliazali from whose book ahead,
Somehow, one feeLs, witnessing
"The Rev ival of Religious Studies" fact. What loyalty can exist be- tendency toward illusion in Arab raeli heroism and Syrian flight. of and sty-dying Israel's calmness,
she quotes: - Know that a lie is tween Nasser and Hussein ven public life known to them and on acquisition of heights from which there will be new miracles. Even
they kiss each other (5-30- many occasions they denounce Syria tried to and could have de-
not haram (wrong) in itself but when
1967) when three months previous- them in bitter language. However, stroyed the Jewish settlements in the irreligious are beginning to be-
only because of the evil conclu- ly
Nasser. in a formal this generally takes the form of the Galli. There is no touring of live in miracles.
sions to which it leads the hearer, speech, called Hussein
There is an Israel Neskafeh
adul- an attack on enemies and not as ' Israel today without visiting the
making him believe something that terer of the Hashemite "the
product. It is being widely used
family"? self-criticism. It may be that the Heights of Golan.
is not really the case . . . If a (a play on the words "A'ahar"
and many in Switzerland, where
KUNEITRA, former Syrian the best coffee products are avail-
lie is the only way to reach a , and "A'ahal," ruler, which caused repeated demands in Arab propa-
good result it is halal (allow- ' great amusement to those present. ganda to equip themselves with a Stronghold — Having seen the able. are using it out of a desire to
being witness to the man-
"scientific approach" and to act
able). Thus the lie is not wrong
patronize Israeli products. But
speech was made in the main "scientifically" may contain an , ner in which Israel established new when
per se, and truth has no special The
they look at it they jokingly
auditorium of Cairo University). awareness of the need for objec- security in the Huleh Valley, the s
value — the distinction between This
in itself is an example of tivity. Yet, since the tendency to tourist goes on to Kuneitra, there i ay: "It's a NES (a miracle) if it
them is according to their re- falsehood
It's a joke but it spells
in human relations.
lie is not only superficial, it can- to learn that of the 90,000 Syrians out the confidence that is Israel's.
sults and consequently they are of '
All these tendencies leadtth
6,500 remain—and these are
Israel is not moving from occu-
instrumental value only. Mrs. Ha- strengthening of falsehood and e not be changed by the order "as only
from tomorrow, no more lies!" the Druzes and the Circasians. It pied territory. Any witness to the
mady writes: "The Arab has no
scru p les about l ying if y it he 1 separation from reality. To avoid The whole national ethics and has been reported that some of the conditions that existed on June 4
Immediate danger of distress, a deology and the self-image induce Druzes were murdered as punish- must admit that a return to for-
obtains his objective. His con- vast structure of falsehood is built
ment for being pro-Israel. Tourists mer positions would be an invi-
sciousness possesses an interest- up, and to maintain it, it becomes their supporters to close their eyes buy
the delicious Druze-grown tation to destruction; it would mean
ing elasticity." Other explana- necessary to add; one lie leads to and ignore reality.
apples, their grapes: they chat with suicide.
tions involve the Arab language. another. In the end, the whole
them, welcome their friendship.
There isn't an element that is
The language of Arabs is packed s tructure collapses causing greater i ness of social bonds are deeply
When Israelis and foreign visi- ready
to abandon defensive rights.
with extreme expressions and ex- personal harm. Consequently, it n mbedded in society, they should tors go into Banias, they realize
The Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak
aggeration, to the point where i s not only an optimistic supposi- a
how dangerous this vantage point
they are hypnotized by the literal , t ion regarding the structure of t nd societies can produce opposi- of the Syrians was to Israel, they Nissim summarized the feelings
ion from within to correct exag-
when he declared that Eretz
meaning without noticing what it J o ur world to that i n
are now free people in this pre-
implies. The distance between the I f alsehood will exact payment from c erated tendencies, and peoples vious war zone and they are wit- Israel is the heritage of all Jews
spoken and literary language re- t hose that hold to it, or, in Freud- t hange their characters and even nesses to Nahal groups beginning and that no authority, including the
sults in a double set of expres- i an language, "the reality prin• o heir self-image in the eyes of to plan Jewish agricultural settle- government of Israel, has the right
or the power to abandon a single
sions; one close to reality and 4 c iple" will overcome "the pleasure n thers. A proof of this that is ments in the valley.
ear to us is the change that ()c-
inch of Israel's ground. He quoted
truthfulness, the other remote, de- i p rinciple."
How can any one imagine Israel h
ured with the Jew of Israel. How-
alakhic law and the Rambam
tached and free from them. It isi The falsehood of not relating to e
withdrawing from points which
in support of his
obvious that language and its r eality results in the development c haracter and public personality spelled danger into previous posi- c Maimonides)
and asserted:
idioms influence thought, and our o f an inflated personality, the is not easy and depends on a corn- tions?? Israelis will not subscribe
" Jerusalem and the Land of
ideas are subject to, and formu- i mage the Arabs would like to see p lete reworking of the national to suicide.
Israel are holy to us. The land was
lated by, the framework of words, o f themselves, that they consider
KHAN-YUNIS — Between Gaza promised to us by the Almighty,
The word "revolution" has
yet language is an instrument with t hey deserve, or even that they be- b ystem.
ecome a word of praise in Arab and El-Arish, near Rafiah, in this and all the prophets foretold its
which it is possible to speak both li eve their history dictates, with- ountries, and "revolutionary" a community where it is possible to return to us. Therefore, it is for-
truth and falsehood; it has no bias o ut paying heed to the facts of c ompliment and magic spell to witness the great contrasts among bidden for any Jew to consider
toward falsehood and the Arabs r eality. One has serious doubts on e nsure that things will succeed. Arabs—the existing wealthy fam- returning any part whatsoever of
cannot be considered victims of, r eading that the supreme con - l- E veryone sings to revolution and ilies' estates as opposed to the hor- the land of our forefathers."
their beautiful language. It is ■ m and of the Syrian army, in a c hange, but the basic revision of
40—Friday, November 24, 1967

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