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November 03, 1967 - Image 29

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1967-11-03

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GOP Chieftains Defy M.E. Policy


(Copyright 1967, JTA Inc - )

WASHINGTON — The adminis-
tration is troubled by the increas-
ing attacks from Republican lead-
ers who charge that the United
States has failed to support Israel
adequately against Soviet-Arab
Faced with an election year and
an unpopular war in Vietnam,
President Johnson is confronted
by a dilemma in the Middle East.
The Soviet Union is exploiting
American preoccupation in Viet-
nam to penetrate the Middle East
and the Mediterranean region. Mos-
cow is using the Arab-Israel con-
flict to advance its own ends.
U.S. authorities are aware that
the Kremlin demanded that the
U.S. Sixth Fleet leave the Medi-
terranean, and began building up
Soviet naval strength there imme-
diately before Egypt's Nasser mov-
ed against Israel. Russian ambi-
tions are apparent to men like Sen.
Stuart Symington, Missouri Demo-
crat, who is former U.S. Air Force
Secretary and now serves on the
Senate Foreign Relations Commit-
tee. Sen. Symington feels that
American interests face greater
peril in the Middle East than in
Southeast Asia.
The State Department policy has
been to publicly ignore the Soviet
role in the Middle East. Secretary
of State Dean Rusk wants to avoid
a confrontation there that might
detract from his emphasis on
North Vietnam and China. Ameri-
can diplomats who are regarded as
experts on the Middle East con-
tinue to counsel non-involvement
on the side of Israel in hopes of
bidding against Russia for Arab
A State Department official was
recently asked if the "Domino
Theory" under which we are fight-
ing to prevent the fall of South
Vietnam does not also apply to
Israel. He replied—off the record
—that "Israel is a domino that we
can spare. Israel is costing us the
Arab world and is not worth a nuc-
lear war between America and
Such views are not shared by
many in Washington. The ad-
ministration position in the Middle
East, based on President Johnson's
"five points" last June, is said to
represent the very minimum at
the United Nations. A principal cri-
ticism in Washington is that the
Arab refusal to make peace is en-
couraged by Soviet strategists who
want to continue exploiting ten-

The sinking of the Israeli des- makers are eager to restore rela-
troyer Elath by a Russian-supplied tions with the Arabs."
missile was seen here as a dan-
Wilson warned that "the lack
gerous precedent to which the Ad- of American firmness in the Middle
ministration provided no answer. East may cause that region to
State Department spokesmen re- erupt again into a war less easy to
fused to "point a finger" at the stop than the Six-Day conflict."
guilty party. This evasion was im- He said the administration's res-
mediately noted by the Republi- ponse to the Soviet-Arab buildup
can leadership in Congress.
in recent months "was confined to
Rep. Bob Wilson, of California, a belief that only Vietnam and
is chairman of the Republican Con- China were a real threat to our
gressional campaign committee and security." The GOP campaign
an important member of the House chairman said that "before it is
Armed Services Committee. Wilson too late, we must serve notice on
commented that "the Israeli Gov- the Russians that there are limits
ernment seems to have suffered to their manipulations and escala-
even more provocation than (the tions in the Middle East."
United States) in the North Viet-
House Republican leader Gerald
namese naval attack on our des-
troyers in 1964 that led to our R. Ford commented on the Soviet
in the sinking of the Elath.
Gulf of Tonkin resolution. Here
we have the case of an extreme The minority leader voiced belief
escalation in which the Soviet that "the Administration has not
Union has provided and possibly appreciated sufficiently that the
actually fired a surface-to-surface Mideast crisis is another confron-
tation between Communist nations
naval missile to sink a ship."
Wilson maintained that the Rus- and the free world." He said "the
Soviet Union is moving military
sians might have instigated the supplies into the Mideast and it
sinking of the Elath to test the might be well for us to treat Israel
American reaction. Moscow might as we have some other nations in
be thinking of providing such mis- the past by lending naval vessels
siles to North Vietnam to sink U.S. to them. Israel has done a good
job to help bail the United States
out in the Mideast."
The California Congressman,
Such a stand by the Republican
who is close to leading admirals
and generals, said the Soviets may leader of the House and the chair-
have chosen an Israeli ship as the man of the party's Congressional
test victim "because of a belief campaign committee are noted by
that the United States would seek the rank and file of the Republi-
to avoid a confrontation because of
the administration's ' ambiguous can Party. It is also noted by the
and vague commitments to Israel. White House, the Democratic Par-
Moscow knows that our policy- ty, and the general public.




Rusk Is Challenged on His M.E. Role

WASHINGTON — Members of
Congress are on the verge of at-
tacking Secretary of State Dean
Rusk for over-emphasis on South-
east Asia while the Soviet menace
to the Middle East is debunked.
Sen. Stuart Symington, Missouri
Democrat, former U.S. Air Force
Secretary, speaking as the ranking
member of the Senate Prepared-
ness Subcommittee, voiced concern
over Rusk's preoccupation with
China and Vietnam while an even
more ominous storm is brewing in
the Middle East.
Legislators have learned that
the Soviet Union has continued its
rearmament of the Arab states
without interruption. Much of the
new arms and equipment is even
more modern than material lost in

Try and Stop Me


NEWLYWED came home with a string of sausage and
suggested that his bride prepare them for breakfast.
"How do you cook sausages?" asked the bride (a Sarah
Lawrence graduate).
"Fry them like fish," sug-
gested her husband (a
Harvard graduate). The
next morning Friend Wife
brought them to the table
steaming hot, remarking
apologetically, "I do hope
you enjoy your sausages,
dear—but there really
wasn't much left of them
after I cleaned the insides
• •

The great trial lawyer,
Clarence Darrow, always
pointed out that the really
wise attorney was the one who knew when to stop badgering a
witness for the opposition. He recalled, for instance, a time he
was defending a vile-tempered client accused of biting off a
business competitor's ear. Cross-examining the main witness


for the prosecution, Darrow cleverly cornered him into ad-
mitting his head was turned when the alleged attack took place.
"Ho, ho," chortled Darrow, "then you admit you actually did

not SEE the defendant bite off that ear?" "You've got me
there," admitted the witness angrily, then brightened and added,
• -
"But I DID see him spit it out!"

Two classmates—Princeton '38—met on a plane. "How's your
wife?" asked one. 'I'm not married," answered the other. "Not
married!" gasped the first one. "WHAT DO YOU DO FOR

Q 1967, by Bennett Cert. Distributed by King Features Syndicate

the Six-Day War last June.
There is good reason to believe
that Russia has increased advisory
teams of Soviet personnel in Syria
and Egypt. The most sophisticated
ground radar, range-finding, and
electronic equipment was rushed
from Russia and installed on the
wetern bank of the Suez Canal. The
possibility of Soviet instructors be-
coming involved in action against
Israel is considerable.
Ground-to-ground Russian
rockets of the latest design have
been rushed to Egypt.
The Egyptians have now been re-
supplied with 80 per cent of the jet
combat planes at their disposal be-
fore the June war. Newer and bet-
ter models have been provided. Be-
tween 55 and 60 Sukhoi-7 jets, a
lethal aircraft, were sent to re-
place the 12 destroyed by Israel.
The MIG-15, MIG-17, and MIG-19
aircraft destroyed were replaced
by the latest MIG-21s.
New Ilyushin-28 jet bombers
have arrived in Egypt.
On June 5 the Egyptian armored
forces possessed more and better
tanks that did Hitler's total Panzer
forces at the outbreak of World
War II. About half of Egypt's
1,200 tanks were destroyed or cap-
tured by Israel. More than 200
heavy tanks, accompanied by
skilled Soviet training missions,
have arrived in Egypt since the
Syria has been resupplied
with even more than the number
of planes and tanks lost. Newer
Soviet models were provided.
Soviet military officers have ar-
rived with the new equipment.
Iraq received 24 more Soviet
military jets than the total num-
ber lost.
Arab air forces are undergoing
intensified training. Few Arab pi-
lots were killed in the war be-
cause most of the Arab planes
were destroyed on the ground.
The Soviet Union is methodical•
ly penetrating South Arabia.
Egypt's Nasser, forced to pull out
of Yemen, has arranged for the
USSR to relieve him in supplying
the Nasserite stooges in Sana.
Twenty-four Russian jets are
known to have arrived in Yemen.
Soviet technicians are perfecting
the only port in Yemen as a Soviet
base capable of dominating the
eastern approaches to the Red Sea.

Friday, November 3, 1967-29


Two Nazi War Criminals Sentenced in Germany

BONN (JTA) — Two SS offi-
cers were sentenced Monday for
their role in the murder of victims
during World War II in the Mau-
thausen concentration camp.
Former SS lieutenant Anton
Streitweise, 50, received a life sen-
tence. At the end of World War II
he deserted from his post to escape
capture, wearing a U.S. uniform.
Karl Schulze, 65, received a sen-
tence of 15 years. He headed the
political department of the concen-
tration capm. He was arrested in
1945, but was freed by Americans
who did not know his true identity.
Meanwhile, the Yugoslav gov-
ernment has apologized to the
Dutch Ambassador in Belgrade
for the failure to apprehend the
Nazi war criminal, Erich Raja-
kovic, who fled to his native
Austria from Yugoslavia to avoid
extradition to Holland, Rajakovic
is wanted in the Netherlands for
his role in the deportation of
100,000 Dutch Jews to Nazi con-
centration camps.
The Netherlands government ex-
onerated the Yugoslav government
of blame for Rajakovic's flight
which the Yugoslav authorities at-
tributed to carelessness on the part
of their police. The government
said in a statement to Parliament
that the Yugoslavian authorities
from the start had extended full co-
operation to meet Holland's request


Now Booking - -

for temporary detention of Raja-
kovic. As an Austrian national,
Rajakovic is protected by law which
forbids the extradition by Austria
of its own nationals. He went to
Yugoslavia on a brief vacation visit.


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