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July 26, 1963 - Image 22

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1963-07-26

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THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS — Friday, July 26, 1963 —


Revisionist Commendation
Editor, The Jewish News:
To add anything to which you
have quoted, and so well ex-
pressed yourself, anent the
fairness of according the memo-
ry of Zeev Jabotinsky his proper
due, is like carrying coals to
We wish to say to you, in
behalf of the Revisionists of
Detroit, Todah! Eventually, we
are as certain, as night follows
day, the man's stature will loom
in our checkered history along
with all those who saw clearly
and fought fearlessly for their
convictions. We are certain that
Jewish historians of the future
will vie with one another in
paying tribute to the extraordi-
nary personality of Zeev Jabo-
tinsky, and his essential contri-
bution toward the Statehood,
gained at such inordinate cost
in lives and suffering.
Except for the critical note
which the Commentator injected
in the article about the dastard-
ly assassination of Arlazaroff,
which crime, though laid at the
time by the enemies of the Re-
visionists to members of their
group, was never proved to
have had the remotest connec-
tion with the disciples of Jabo-
tinsky, and, as it developed
later, since Statehood, certain
Arabs had confessed to the
murder; which chills somewhat
your fair assessment of this
great Zionist; nonetheless, your
objectivity and withal intel-
lectual honesty in agreeing that
the remains of this stormy
petrel in the movement, whose
mighty heart burst under the
stress of the unparalleled dis-
aster, which had overtaken our
helpless people at the hands-
of the German beast, be rever-
ently removed to the holy soil
of our ancient motherland; is
something which we have - a
right to expect from The Jewish
very respectfully yours,
Steven Goldin, Pres.,
of Detroit
17506 Wyoming

Scherr-Tumico Praised

Editor, The Jewish News:
It was with a great sense of

pride in a fellow American, that
I read your recent editorial on
the threat of boycott by the
Arab bloc against the firm of
Scherr-Tumico of St. James,
Minn. I deeply respect a man
of principle, such as Mr. James,
who has convictions and will
not permit himself to be intimi-
dated by blind prejudice and
bias. It is my hope that others
will follow his fine example
and more important that his
sound advice to the Arabs will
be heeded by them.
The Rabbi and I, as well as
Detroit Jewry, have another in-
terest in Scherr-Tumico. Mr.
Herb Geduld, a very dear friend
of ours, and a former resident
of Detroit, is presently employ-
ed in the management of the
new plant in Israel.
705 W. Rockland
Philadelphia 20, Pa.
(formerly. of Detroit)

About Giving Honors to
Geniuses Who Were Bigots

Editor, The Jewish News:

In his letter last week Rabbi
Fram said "it would not have
been correct to boycott the
100th anniversary of (Ford) the
manufacturing genius."
This reminds me of the time,
about 20 or 25 years ago, when
the Soviet Union erected a

monument in the Ukraine to
one of her greatest heroes, the
Cossack leader, Bogdan Chmiel-
nizki. There were celebrations
all over Russia. To my sorrow
the Communist press in Amer-
ica also joined in the celebra-
Yes, to the Ukrainians Bog-
dan Chmielnizki was a hero,
but who was he to the Jews?
One of the greatest murderers
in history, in fact, the greatest
murderer until Hitler!
For hundreds of years Jews
all over the world mourned the
thousands of victims of Bogdan
Chmielnizki! What does it
prove? It proves that the great
achievements of a person, no
matter how great a genius, can
not j us t i f y his anti-Semitic
deeds and he can not be con-
sidered great from our Jewish
point of view. Notwithstanding
his great service to humanity,
which we do not deny, Ford
should stay condemned as an
anti-Semite who did g r ea t
wrong to the Jewish people.
18989 Snowden

Feiffer Cartoons
Provide Delight
in His 'Hold Me!'

There are few more enter-
taining creations than good and
expressive cartoons. Jules -Feif-
fer is one of the producers in
the art of drawing who has
helped make life more enjoy-
His book of cartoons, "Hold
Me!", published by Random
House, proves it.
Actually, this also is a book
filled with excellent short stor-
ies. Each setting not only is
illustrated with his splendid
drawings but it also tells a
The title for "Hold Me!", for
example, is represented by a
genuine love story between
man and wife.
Then there is the opening
tale, which reads:
"All my life I've felt that
deep within me I've been sup-
pressing a great evil. That's
why I was afraid when Mother
had my portrait painted.
"But my portrait made me
look young and good and inno-
cent. It reminded me of that
story — you remember — 'The
Portrait of Dorian Gray,' —
where this young man with
great evil in him never aged a
day, but his portrait grew old
and ugly and evil.
"So I did my portrait, de-
termined never to look at it
again. And as the years went by
I went to work, I came home, I
went to work, I came home.
But I did not age a day.
"I cringed at what my por-
trait must look like. I got mar-
ried, I went to work, I came
home. But I did not age a day.
Finally I could stand it no
longer. I had to know my real
soul and it was on that canvas!
I ripped the painting from its
hiding place and removed the
cover! It was blank. I burned
the canvas but it made no dif-
ference. I did not age a day. I
just go to work and come
The moral is delightful. While
the entire story, appearing on
the first five pages of "Hold
Me!", is accompanied by photo-
graphs of the despairing man
with a briefcase, the finality is
merely a brief case!
Jules Feiffer who tells so many
good stories accompanied by
fine illustrations in this book
provides 50 newspapers with
his cartoons, and among the
subscribers to his works are
London and Paris periodicals.
He is the winner of the George
Polk Memorial Award in Jour-
Feiffer's book also is being
made available as a paperback.

Prof. Mansoor's Hebrew Correspondence Course
Enrolls 400 Students; Gets Wide Recognition

in foreign language knowledge
is a serious handicap in our
efforts to build a durable world
peace and leaves us at a dis-
advantage not only in under-
standing other peoples, due to
lack of knowledge of their lan-
guage, but also in fulfilling our
responsibilities for leadership in
the free world.
"Under the Foreign Service
head of the department, Prof. Act of 1946, Hebrew was intro-
Menahem Mansoor, are attracting duced in 1958 at the Foreign
wide interest.
Service Institute in Washington.
Described as "A New Aca-
"The State Department has
demic Adventure," the corres-
pondence courses are pursued
by means of textbooks that lead Holy Scrolls, Tefillin
the students from the aleph bet Should Be Preserved
to advanced knowledge of He-
Holy Scrolls (Sifre Torah) and
brew, Biblical and literary
sources, modern use of the phylacteries (T e f i 11 i n) are
language, acquisition of the buried in earthen vessels, when
classical Biblical as well as the they can no longer be used.
The essential requirement is
modern Hebrew in use in Israel.
they are not to be de-
The langauge is studied in
stroyed. Rather, they are to be
its printed as well as written
preserved as long as possible.
forms and the transcriptions
and transliterations have been It was thought that burial in
prepared with utter scrupul- earthen vessels would preserve
their physical existence as long

With more than 300 students
enrolled in Hebrew correspond-
ence courses sponsored by the
University of Wisconsin, in addi-
tion to 140 students who are
registered in courses in the
Department of Hebrew and
Semitic Studies at the univer-
sity, in Madison, Wis., the cor-
respondence course textbooks
in Hebrew, prepared by the

selected the University of Wis-
consin to train one of their dip-
lomats in Hebrew Studies. We
received a special grant from
the government for this pur-
"That the department was
singled out for this program is
a recognition of its work and
aims in Hebrew education. It
is indeed very gratifying to
realize that we are playing our
share in the country's practical
"An intensive program involv-
ing 18 contact hours a week has
been specially arranged for this
Foreign Service candidate who
is now serving with the Amer-
ican Embassy in Israel."
The large student enrollment,
the State Department's recog-
nition and the acclaim given to
the textbooks prepared by Dr.
Mansoor are marks of honor
accorded to the University of
Wisconsin Department of He-
brew and Semitic Studies and
to • the department's chairman.

as possible, and thus the tradi-
Music the Stein-Way
"Why Study Hebrew?" Dr. tion was established to bury
Mansoor asks in an introductory them in earthen vessels. For this
statement, and he explains that reason,- it is possible to under-
it is "a tool for the study of stand why the Dead Sea Scrolls
Hebrew literature, essential for were buried or hidden in caves
theological studies, to be able in earthen vessels.
to understand, speak and read
There are various authorities
the language," as well as "with who say it is better to hide them
a view to teaching it or using
in special places in the syna-
it in one of the foreign service gogue. It is known that ancient • PLASTIC FURNITURE A
synagogues had special rooms
Dr. Mansoor based his 15 (and in some cases, special
years' experience in teaching vaults) where these holy articles
Hebrew to adults and univer- were kept. Hence, the great • CALL ANNA KARBAL
LI 2-0874 . „
sity students in London, Dublin, treasure of manuscripts and
Baltimore and Madison in gath- scrolls that were found in Cairo ..1!!WK>W4717t3W;;I::;irACe*U>W37.14.Nigl.
ering the essential material for — now known as the Cairo
his textbooks.

LI 7-2770



He is confident that students
will be able to read Hebrew
with a fair degree of accuracy
after the first five lessons and
he maintains that the "direct
method" often used in teaching
Hebrew in this country "is a
difficult and fruitless task un-
less the students study inten-
sively over a short period of
time with the aid of native
Elements of Hebrew gram-
mar, different scripts and the
formation of sentences com-
mence at once in this teaching
Study hints, introduction of
a Hebrew vocabulary • and
quizzes assist the student who
is guided towards an under-
standing of the language,
translation of complete sen-
tences into English and other
methods leading to an ac-
curate knowledge.
In the second part of the
first semester textbook for be-
ginners, Dr. Mansoor has intro-
duced easy excerpts from Bib-
lica, medieval and modern He-
brew. Simple stories - are made
use of and the appended He-
brew-English and E n g 1 i s h-
Hebrew vocabularies prove a
great help to the students.
Biblical Hebrew is intro-
duced in the second semester
and the textbook for this course
includes selections from the
Book of Genesis.
Supplements to this volume
are devoted to the seven verb
patterns — conjugations; noun
plurals, verb forms and addi-
tional vocabularies.
It is especially appropriate
that the second semester
should be devoted to modern
Hebrew and that the text
should be the book "Hanah
Senesh" by A. Meged. Resort
to an historical incident about
an Israeli heroine enables the
student to acquire knowledge
of Israeli conversational He-

In a progress report on the
results of the programs of the
University of Wisconsin Depart-
ment of Hebrew and Semitic
Studies, it is stated:
"The United States' weak4ess

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