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October 19, 1962 - Image 4

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1962-10-19

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Incorporating the Detroit Jewish Chronicle commencing with issue of July 20, 1951

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Scriptural Selections for Concluding Days of Sukkot

The following Scriptural selections will be read on the concluding days of the festival:
'Shemin/ Atzeret; Saturday: Pentateuchal portions, Deut. 14:22-16:17, Num. 29:35-30:1.
Prophetical portion, I Kings 8:54-66.
Simhat Torah, Sunday: Prophetical portions, Dent. 33..1-34:12, Gen. 1:1-2:.3, Nuns. 29:35-30:1.

Propetical portion, Joshua 1:1-18.

Licht Benshen, Friday, Oct. 19. 5:26 p.m.

VOL. XLII. No. 8

Page Four

October 19, 1962

New Bigotries and Eternal Vigilance

Asserting that "angry young men led
by trained Nazis are preparing for a revo-
lution in Argentina," a Look Magazine
writer, warning that "the future of Argen-
ft tina is chaos," stated that "the Nazis are
in Argentina to stay." Quoting Alberto
Ezcurra Uriburu, leader of the semi-secret
"Tacuara" organization, who said that
Argentina's anti-Semitism was "caused by
the Jews and blamed on us by the Jews,"
the Look Magazine writer reveals the
strength of the Nazi movement in
If this were only one symptom of anti-
Semitism that is now again raising its
head above the "democratic" waters even
in free countries, it might be coped with
very easily. But it is part of a pattern, and
the cause for concern is great indeed.
In a study made by Dr. Nehemiah
Robinson, head of the World Jewish Con-
gress research department, it is revealed
that more than 20 international confer-
ences were held in recent years in efforts
to coordinate Fascism and anti-Semitism.
This is a condition to be reckoned with,
and it would be folly for anyone to over-
look the emerging facts and to say to a
Jewish editor: "stop scaring us; why do
you publish such frightening news?," etc.
Every person who is responsible to his
community for the security of its citizens
and their kinsmen must carry the burden
of keeping their people fully advised on
what is transpiring; else, as in the case of
pre-World War II Germany and Jewish
communities in many other lands, our
people will be unprepared to face the
issues. Responsible people must take into
consideration the truth that a spreading
anti-Semitism also means an intrusion
into the affairs of the free countries of
the world by Nazism, Fascism and the
prejudices inherent in. Communism.
These bigotries are inter-related, and if
they are to be either curbed or prevented
or fought effectively, their intentions'
must known and understood. Else they
will emerge stronger than we are.
* * *
In his revealing expose of the inter-
nationally spreading anti-Semitic move-
ments, Dr. Robinson shows that the inter-
national Nazi organizations "have repre-
sentatives in practically every European
country, as well as in the U. S. A., Aus-
tralia, South Africa. some Latin American
and Arab lands." While the source of the
financial support for these movements is
shrouded in mystery, we are told that
such finances derive "at least in part from
Nazi secreted loot," and while Dr. Robin-
son adds that "no proof for this conten-
tion exists," it is a suspicion worth
The fact that anti-Semitic demonstra
tions have taken place in so free a country
as Great Britain, where the fomenters of
hatred have compelled the formation of
an organized Yellow Star Movement, led
by Christians, provides added cause for
vigilance. It is most heartening, of course,
that Christian conscience has been awak-
ened and that the hard road of repelling
the forces of bigotry is being trodden
jointly by Jews and Christians. But if a
revival of Nazi-Fascism is to be prevented
and the attempt to impose renewed anti-
Semitic activities are to be thwarted,
there must be a relentless effort. We can
not afford a return to "tired liberalism"
or indifference that is usually based on
a lack of understanding of facts and lack
of knowledge of the extent of the move-
ments that usually enroll all of the lunatic
cringe elements in the world.

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In an analysis of the neo-Nazi conspir-
acy and the present state of affairs in the
world facing the Jewish people, the mag-
azine World Jewry, of London, organ of
the World Jewish Congress, presents this
factual report:
- "The Nazi and Fascist revivalists are
engaged in a sinister conspiracy against
democracy throughout the world. Their
first target is the Jews, but like Hitler
they do not conceal their ultimate aim:
the destruction of freedom and its re-
placement by tyranny.
"They are in constant liaison and com- Chaim Raphael's Inspiring
munication with one another. They oper-
ate' hate factories in many countries
where they produce a literature of in- 'Memoirs of a Special Case
citement which they eagerly exchange. . In a commendatory note on "Memoirs of a Special Case," by
Existing postal regulations frequently Chaim
Raphael, published by Atlantic:Little„-- Brown (34 Beacon,
allow them to use the mails for this Boston 6), the literary critic. Alfred Kazin, stated:
"I have often
wondered why so many Jewish writers ignore the enormous . joy
"When they can, they hold interna- of being Jewish—the . joy it brings of all the perspectives on
tional gatherings in secret to concoct their history and the immediate world. Chaim Raphael certainly does
plots. The visit to Britain by George Rock- express that joy. I found his book charming and moving."
well, the American Nazi leader, permitted
This is a good view of a good book. Chaim Raphael, who previ-
through the negligence of the immigra- ously, under the name Jocelyn Davey, published three other works
tion authorities, was just one example of —"The Undoubted Deed," "The Naked Villany" and "A Touth of
such meetings. They seek aid from sources Stagefright"—has packed into the "Special Case" a historical an-
hostile to freedom. The British Nazis have alysis of the Jewish position, a nostalgic reaction to Jewish tradi-
tions and a pragmatic . view of the world's reactions to the .Jew.
been in touch with Arab groups.
"Organizationally the neo-Nazis and
The Polish-Jewish girl who wandered in Rome, penniless, and
neo-Fascists are linked by a variety of received the author's financial aid—which she repaid—to .get to
international groupings. In Scandinavia, Palestine, there to join a kibbutz, later to be killed in the war
the former Quisling Rai Normann heads for independence; the teadhers who played .a role in his life; the
to Spain; the experiences in Jerusalem; the search for the
the Nordic Coalition which has ties with trip
in the Dead Sea area—these and .a score of other happen-
pro-Nasser Arabs. The European Social ings makes
the "Special Case" stand out Significantly as a .JewiSh
Movement, promoted by the Italian MST work. It is the
excellence of the author's style, the thoroughness
in 1951, has contacts in Austria, Ger- with which he weaves into his themes Jendsh historical data and
many; Britain, Belgium and other coun- the splendor of the narration that makes it so good.
tries. In the United States, a number of
Chaim Raphael, who is an Otford don and .a British Foreign
extremist and anti-Semitic organizations Office
official, is a noted Hebrew scholar, and is therefore well
are in active contact with
qualified to deal so well with his numerous JewiSh themes. In
"During the past summer there have spite of his official British rank, be does .not hesitate to he critical
been outbreaks of swastika - carving, at- of the British actions prior to the emergence of the State of Israel.
tacks on synagogues and assaults on indi- Throughout his book there is a marked- dignity in his treatment
vidual Jews . . In many cases these have of the Jewish themes.
taken place without effective police action
It Issas an overture, while in New York, away from his home
to halt them or prevent their recurrence. environment in England, that tike author reminisces _about his
The outbreaks in Buenos Aires and other Jewish -ex;perienceS in his native land. Commenting on some of
Argentinian centers, and in Montevideo the East Side New York Jewish curiosities, Raphael mentions the
have been followed by urgent representa- Psalmist's thousand years as • if it were yesterday and proceeds
tions to Argentinian and Uruguayan em- to state:
bassies and legations in many countries
"The Psalms are really the perfect script. Madison Avenue
by the World Jewish Congress.
should look into them. They are so terribly quotable, almost as
"In Britain a continuing series of pro- good as Shakespeare for catch-phrases that would really sell. And
vocative public marches and meetings for the quiet moments when one might be home listening to a
permitted by the police led to serious dis- Jack any show on a five-thousand-dollar color TV set with
stereo, looking out from a fortieth-story penthouse across
turbances and culminated in the bombing built-in
the Park, with its miraculous backdrop of tWinklirkg skyscraper
of a London synagogue. Britain's example lights,
one could find many a pearl of wisdom to satisfy the mind.
is an enormous force in the world for `Oh Lord,
how great are thy worksi' Surely New York was what
good or ill and neo-Nazis everywhere have the Psalmist had in mind . . . God may by now have made up
been stimulated into open activity as a his mind about the Jews, or he may still be waiting. He has
result of official British reluctance to face had a better chance than the rest of us to see it all in per-
up to the deteriorating situation and to spective. Those of us who are only here today and gone tomorrow
have to take the whole thing on the run almost. It is certainly
take effective counter-action."
hard to try and pinpoint some exclusive Jewish culture and
* * *
of life, even in a locale as monolithic as New York. 'The
These facts are not offered to frighten way
Jews may have inherited a culture of their own, but it seems
but rather to enlighten and to keep our to show up best in the background of somebody else's. Even in
communities advised on what is transpir- Israel, what they have done is not to reproduce the culture of
ing. The anti-Semites are linked with the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (thank goodness) but the quintessence
haters in all spheres and just as liber- of nineteenth-century liberalism—patriotism with Its limitless
tarians in this country must be on the power for sacrifice and self-satisfaction, a blind faith in science
lookout against the racists in the South and music, parliamentary democracy at its most fissiparous—
Europe that the Jews were excluded from and have had to
and the rightists throughout the land, so the
on their own. So Israel today is one of the few places
must freedom-loving people everywhere rebuild
where a newspaper still carries a feuilleton in The old style:
be on guard against the recurrence of and a man who disagrees with another man's opinion will fight
anything that might be likened to the to the death for his right to out-shout him . . . Only in New
causes for the world's most horrible trag- York has something new and Jewish egged in this sense—
edies that preceded and continued through which is of course why it is se absorbing."
World War II. •
In this spirit, Raphael tells his fascinating stories and makes
Never forget that eternal vigilance is his impressive and often amusing comments. The manner in which
the price of liberty. May vigilance never he evaluates Spain's attempt to atone for the Inquisition, by having
cease and may lovers of liberty never tire honored Maimonides who was accepted as a "Spanish philosopher"
in their responsibilities to make the world and in numerous other ways make "Special Case" an outstanding
literary and Jewishly inspiring work.
free from hatred and devoid of fear.




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