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December 08, 1961 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1961-12-08

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THE DETROIT JEWISH NEW S -- Friday, December 8, 196 1

Purely Commentary

Tribute to Lipsky . . .
Globke Issue . . . Zion-
ist Pioneer Israel Cohen

By Philip United Hias
Slomovitz Pays Tribute to

smear these newspapers as organs of 'Communist' propaganda
—which, however, seems to be implied in Mr. Haffner's
article. .
"Secondly, while it is true that a number of witnesses
have testified to Dr. Globke's honourable intentions in serving
the Nazi regime, it surely is an exaggeration to call these wit-
nesses "unimpeachable." In fact, they all came from the same
group of the right wing of what is known in Germany as
`political Catholicism' (a phenomenon which Britain has not
known for nearly three centuries). It is an historical fact, how-
ever regrettable, that a large portion of the Catholic Zentrum
Party in 1933 threw in their lot with Hitler and the Nazi
Party, and some of the hierarchy backed them. The most prom-
inent figure among these politicians was the notorious Franz
von Papen.
"Finally, Dr. Globke cannot deny having written the
standard commentary on the notorious anti-Jewish Nuremberg
Laws of 1935, which, in German practice, means that as a
lawyer he considered them as absolutely unexceptionable.
Even if no other complicity in the persecution and extermina-
tion of six million Jews in Europe during the war can be
proved against Dr. Globke, his authorship of that commentary
alone should have made him unfit for high office in the Federal
Republic of Germany. His presence in the Federal Chancellery
taints that office with the Nazi brush."
Dr. Globke continues to defend himself, yet, even some
A Church Editor Should Know Better
At this season of the year, almost perennially, the stupid of his associates in the West German government told this
"Hanukah bush", idea conies home to roost. Some one, at one Commentator that they cannot absolve him of responsibility for
time or another, likened the sacred Menorah to the Christmas collaboration with Nazism.
Dr. , Gerstenfeld has gone overboard in his defense. He has
tree and concocted the idea that a Menorah on a tree would be
taken the Globke statements for granted—and that is something
just the symbol for Jews at this festival. Last year Gertrude
we can not and refuse to do.
Berg apologized for having repeated this bit of foolishness.
Now comes the church . editor of the Detroit News and
reiterates it. He has even given the stupidity a new twist by
To many American Jews, the obituary announcing the death
inventing "Uncle Max, the Hanukah Man," as a substitute for
of Israel Cohen may have sounded strange—about just another
Santa Claus. A church editor should know better!
In the story from which we quote this nonsense, one of name. But it recorded a great loss—the passing of one of British
our leading rabbis -was quoted as saying about Hanukah that Jewry's most distinguished Jewish leaders.
He was an able author, a good lecturer, a man who had
"the Jewish faith owes a debt to the Church for preserving this
significant event." We never accuse any responsible newspaper- traveled in behalf of Jewish causes throughout the world. He
man of misquoting anyone, but we hope this was a mere mis-. was a contemporary and co-worker of Theodor Herzl and there-
quotation. The fact is that the Church owes its existence to fore was in the - very midst of every Zionist activity for six
Hanukah because the triumph of the Maccabees assured the decades, never having interrupted his work for a reconstituted
Jewish State.
survival of monotheism.
His memory will live as a pioneer in Zionism, and his writ-
There is no sense discussing the other nonsense in the
article referred to—such as the statement attributed to the ings will for a long time retain his name among the great of,
rabbi about expensiveness of gifts on the first and eighth nights the present age.
of the Hanukah festival. Is it possible. that we have lived in
ignorance about such trivial matters all these years, or are we
When anti-Semites begin to spread their venom, we become
now being treated to a new Torah?
concerned and go to all lengths to dispute their poisonous propa-
ganda. It's not as easy when a "rabbi" who directs an anti-Zionist
The Globke Story and a 1- fasty Judgment
In his review of T. H. Tetens' "The New Germany and the and anti-Israel movement enters upon a demoniacal scheme of
Old Nazis," published by Random House, in the New York destroying a humanitarian movement.
Rabbi Elmer Berger of the Council for Judaism is not satis-
Times on Nov. 28 (the book was reviewed in The Jewish News
fied with his vicious attacks conchicted within Jewish ranks. He
on Oct. 20), Herbert Mitgang concluded: .
has now set out to invade universities. In a foxy speech in which
"It was once considered suspect in some un-American
he sanctimoniously outline a "decalogue" for the press, he saw
circles to have been what was known as a 'premature anti-
Nazi.' You were not supposed to have despised the Hitler fit to abuse Zionism before a University of Washington sociology
regime too soon. Now, apparently, to recall the past of the class, at the same time flattering some newspapers as if they were
Krupps, the SS, and the other war criminals convicted at - the saviors of their market when they join in his diabolical
schemes. Meanwhile he forgot the original Decalogue where he
Nuremberg—none of whom are in jail today—is known as
is told not to bear false witness against his fellow men. His
perpetuating 'wrong cliches.'
campaign against • Israel and Zionism is nothing more than the
"But there are many American and European post-
bearing of false witness against his kinsmen.
mature anti-Nazis—probably more than their governments
think—who decline to purify the past."
. Since this Commentator, too, cannot purify the past, much Richards Proposes a Jewish Memorial Lib rary
Bernard G. Richards, who is even now, in his eighties, one
as he wishes to align himself with those who give full credit
to Chancellor' Adenauer and his West German government for of the keenest observers of Jewish happenings throughout the
efforts to atone for the Nazi crimes, he must take issue with world, has made a proposal for the establishment of a Jewish
the rabbi of the Washington Hebrew Congregation, Dr. Norman Library. In his proposal, in Congress Bi-Weekly, he declares:
"The preservation of the memories of martyrdom suffered
Gerstenfeld, who gave a clean bill of health to Dr. Hans Globke,
in his statement to us which was published in our last week's by the Jews of Europe under the Nazi regime, the halloWing
of the names 'of six million innocent - human beings who went
The cause of historic truth is not served by saying about to their death with prayers of faith and hope on their lips,
are an obligation of American Jews in which all lovers of
a man who was responsible for the ideology of the Nuremberg
laws that his denial of responsibility is accepted readily and humanity are drawn to share."
BGR, as the able director of the Jewish Information Bureau
that he is henceforth to be considered an honest man. What
in New York is affectionately referred to by his many friends,
are the facts?
Every detail recorded so far links Dr. Globke, Adenauer's _points with justice to a comparative memorial center, the Yad
Secretary of State, with the most horrid ideology of Nazism. Vashem in Jerusalem, where the records of the holocaust are
In the Nov. 10 issue of the London Jewish Observer and Middle kept. It was through the Yad Vashem material that Eichmann's
East Review, under the heading "Globke's Dossier," there ap- prosecutors were able to provide facts and data to expose the
peared the following review of the book "Dr. Hans Globke, by horrors of Nazism and the crimes of the Nazis.
His proposal for a memorial library, in which he emphasizes
Reinhard M. Strecker, published by Ruetten and Loening in
the need "to create a symbol and center that will stir the spirit
and attract the minds and hearts of devoted Jews," asserts:
"With a persistence worthy of a more noble cause, Dr.
The establishment of a new library, in effect the first
Hans Globke has denied that his legal commentary on the
distinctive Jewish library in America—separate from or inde-
race laws perpetrated by the Nazis resulted in death for many
pendent of any institution—would offer fresh opportunities to
Jews who might otherwise have escaped. He even goes so far
encourage study, to stimulate literary and scholarly endeavors
as to claim that his commentary did in fact help Jews to save
and, generally, to spread a wider knowledge of Jews and
their lives, though his line of argument is unconvincing in
Judaism among Jews and non-Jews alike. Library services not
the extreme.
now available, such as the circulation of Jewish books designed
"Plato Films' Action J' will not be much to Globke's
for serious study, could be introduced, to the advantage of
liking. It deals with the effect of the Nuremberg racial laws.
the reading public. At present, the only independent Jewish
evidence of Globke's Nazi career. He
and gives
library on the American continent is the Jewish Library in
will probably find these disclosures as unpalatable as _the book
Montreal, Canada. In the course of two decades it has built up
just published in Germany by Rutten and Loening of Hamburg.
a record of achievement that is most worthy in itself and
Called simply 'Dr. Hans Globke,' the nearly 300 closely printed
that serves as a fine example to other communities of devotion
pages of text and reproductions of various documents show
to the Jewish spiritual heritage.
without any doubt just how diligent a Nazi co-operator he was."
Various plans for a memorial to the hallowed victims of
Last July 16, the London Sunday Observer published a letter
Hitler's assault on the Jews and on humanity, plans conceived
from Benjamin Carr in which he replied to statements by a col-
.in different forms, have been proposed by faithful souls bur-
league and wrote:
dened with the thought of preserving a sacred memory, of
"I must correct my distinguished colleague, Sebastian
rescuing from oblivion those whom, alas, we could not save
Haffner, on two points regarding Dr. Globke, Dr. Adenauer's
from torture and from death: The present proposal, similar
Secretary of State.
perhaps to memorials set up by Jews abroad, has been received
"First, while it is true that "for about a year" the Com-
with deep interest and understanding by the small number of
munists have been attacking Dr. Globke, it is on record that
people to whom it has been presented. It is now placed before
Dr. Globke's resignation has been demanded, on the grounds
a larger audience in the hope that readers will be stirred to
of his deep implication in the anti-Jewish activities of the
voice their feelings and perhaps to initiate some action.
Third Reich, for almost_ten years by the Press of the German
This appeal should stir American Jewry to action. It is to
Social Democratic Party. The four papers which I have the
be hoped that Richards' proposal will not fall on deaf ears, that
honour to serve as their London Correspondent have been in
it will bring the desired results, in order that history's admonitions
the forefront of this campaign. Nobody on this side of the
to future generations may always be kept alive..
Atlantic—not even Dr. Adenauer himself—would dare to

Louis Lipsky's 85th Birthday

At 85, Louis Lipsky, Dean of the American Zionist move-
ment, is an alert man who continues his creative literary
• He does not travel as much as he did in his earlier years in
behalf of the Zionist cause, but he is to this very day a guide to
many who seek paths of productivity in Jewish life.
. During the years when work for Zionism was an uphill
battle, Louis Lipsky dedicated himself to the task of organizing
the communities in-support of the cause of redeeming the Jewish
National Home. He was one of the very great interpreters of the
movement. He had made it his very life, and he inspired hun-
dreds of leaders who followed his treks towards a redeemed
Israel's rebirth is due to men of his caliber. There were
obstacles that were deemed by many as impassable, but Louis
Lipsky labored in hope, retaining faith that the ideal of a reborn
Eretz Israel will be realized. He was the wiser among the many
who were skeptical.
At 85, he is young in spirit. As the Dean of Zionism, he has
retained the love and affection of Zionists everywhere. It is a
source of great joy for this co-worker of his, who has shared
with him Zionist hopes for more than half a century, to join
in greeting him on his birthday.




Statue of Liberty

New York's Mayor Robert
F. Wagner (right) was
awarded a Scroll of Honor at
the 32nd annual convention
of the United Hias Service
Council of Organizations,
which recently celebrated the
75th anniversary of the dedi-
cation of the Statue of Lib-
erty "as a symbol of democ-
racy to people throughout
the world." Presenting the
award to Wagner is Louis
Gallack, chairman of the
Council of Organizations.

Austria Disbands
Neo-Nazi atudent
S tudent
Group in Vienna

VIENNA, (JTA)—The disso-
lution of the student anti-Semitic
organization, Olympia, was an-
nounced by Josef Afritsch, Aus-
trian Minister of the Interior. He
said the organization was ordered
disbanded because of the neo-
Nazi activities of most of its
Simultaneously, police an-
nounced additional arrests of
members and the Austrian gov-
ernment proposed to the Minis-
tries of the Interior and Justice
new measures to stem the neo-
Nazi activities which have reach-
ed a postwar peak in the past
few days. These included the
desecration of the Jewish ceme-
tery at Innsbruck and the firing
of nine shots at the Parliament-
ary building in` Vienna.
Among measures the govern-
ment said it would introduce in
parliament "to protect democra-
cy" in Austria were proposals to
bar activities lik el y, to incite
hatred against religious and ra-
cial groups. Cornpetent sources
told the Jewish Telegraphic
Agency that Minister Afritsch
was determined to do everything
possible to "finally end all activi-
ties that could endanger Aus-
tria's reputation as a truly.
democratic country."
(In London, the press reported
from Vienna that, while Aus-
trian authorities have been "com-
pelled officially" to take notice
of recent anti-Semitism inci-
dents, "the Austrian government,
privately, tends to dismiss these
incidents as the work of ignorant
hot-heads instigated by unrepent-
ant, former Nazis." According to
the Vienna correspondent, the
Austrian government "has cer-
tainly been lamentably weak in
dealing with known former SS
men still living openly in Aus-

Eichibit on Slaughter
of Jews to Travel U.S.

hibition of documents and other

material depicting the Hitler
holocaust, arranged by the Yad
Vashem of Jerusalem, will open
here soon.
The exhibit will be housed in
the Jewish Museum here before
it is sent on a tour of major
American Jewish communities.
Yad Vashem is the central insti-
tution authorized by Israel to
foster eternal remembrance to
the 6,000,000 European Jews
slaughtered by the Nazis.

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