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September 30, 1960 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1960-09-30

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THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS — Friday, Sep tember 30, 1960 — 2

Nasser in the Embrace of the
Democracies . .. Racial and Religious
issues in U. S. Communities

Purely Commentary

Nasser's New Role: Darling of Democracies

Khrushchev embraced Castro, and Castro is the
evil genius who is undermining democratic
ciples on this continent.
Khrushchev invited Nasser to come to the
United Nations General Assembly sessions, and
Nasser, who has defied the UN on the Congo issue,
accepted and may be rewarded with . Western
powers' endorsement of a seat for the United Arab
Republic on the UN Security Council. .
Such are the ironies of our time. Nasser has
been called a "positive neutralist," and as such he
is a playing a diabolical role. He is constantly
taunting the United States, is inciting to hatred
against the democracies, while benefiting from
them, and is usually playing a pro-Soviet game.
Yet he is always being kow-towed to by our
There, is something wrong somewhere—and it
is time . that the American people knew the rea-
son why. -
Nasser's anti-Western attitudes are not secre-
tive; yet, unlike the treatment accorded his pals
Khrushchev and Castro, his movements in this
country are unrestricted as indicated by his im-
pending Detroit visit.
It should have been made a matter of record
that Nasser came here at the invitation of Khrush-
chev and that he is here to serve his ends. Never-
theless he is petted by the democracies. The UAR
troops were the first to be removed from UN
control in the Congo, yet their commander is being
rewarded and their country is receiving the highest
honor at the UN—by being voted membership on
the Security Council.
Nasser's troops were placed_. at- the disposal of
--tii.dfarling of those
Lumumba, yet Nasser
4. 4 _
he abuses.
On three' occasions Arab - dtates.leveled charges
against the United Arab Republic at meetings of
the UN Security Council. The UAR was charged
by Lebanon, Jordan and -Sudan with -aggressive
intentions. They hardly seemed to matter—as long
as Nasser has the accomplices who serve his purpose.
While the impression is usually given that
Nasser's enemy is Israel, whose security he would
undermine if Israel didn't gather the strength for
self-defense, his fellow-Moslems are the ones who
challenge his arrogance.
Tunisia broke relations with Nasser in 1958 and
the UAR dictator was charged with conspiring
against the life of Tunisian President Habib Bhour-
Iran broke relations with the UAR only a
month ago, and the Iranians have charged that
Nasser conspired .to overthrow and assassinate
the Shah.
Only a few weeks ago, Prime Minister Hazza
al Majali of Jordan was assassinated. When Jordan's
King Hussein was asked, on Sept. 5, whether he
thought Nasser was personally aware of . the plot,
he replied: "I am sure of it." Hussein added that

"It will be the responsibility of the whole world"
if Jordan is unable to rid itself of "criminals and
murderers in . the Arab world." Yet, Nasser is the
darling 'of' the 'den-Wm-cies at the UN.
The bill of complaint against the UAR is far
"from finished. Iraq is at odds with the UAR dicta-
tor. Nasser has difficulties with Turkey, in view of
his demands that Turkey should .cede to him Alex-
andretta—the Hatay area.
Then there is the shocking abuse of interna-
tional law by Nasser in his pursuit of boycotts
and blockades against Israel. Both candidates for
the U. S. Presidency are on record in favor of a
firm policy against such international banditry.
But neither party had found it fit to act in the
matter during the years of abuses by Nasser and
his cohorts. President Eisenhower last week assured
a Jewish delegation that he will approach Nasser
on this issue during his visit in this country. It
remains to be seen whether our Chief of State,
who thus far has not acted—in spite of his pledge to
do so in his nationwide broadcast on Feb. 20, 1957
—will do something about it now.
In the meantime, Nasser, the darling of the
East, petted by the West, defies international regu-
larions, abuses all privileges, yet he may receive
the highest honors.
What a travesty on justice! What irony to haunt
the conscience of the United Nations leaders!
It is imperative, therefore, to protest against
the seating of Nasser in the UN Security Council.


Racial Issue Strikes Oak Park

What a pity that prejudice should play such
an unsavory role in our community and that it
should now also affect the suburbs!
A group of Negro students is in need of high
school facilities. Oak Park, neighboring on their
area, has been selected as a guinea pig in demands
that the community's schools be opened to them.
But there is a financial problem. There is no doubt
that there also is a racial problem.
As a result, tensions have been created, petitions
were circulated in protest against the imposition
of increased costs to the Oak Park school system,
some of those who favor the admission of Negroes
in the suburban schools have molested the circula-
tors of petitions, it has been charged that Negro
boys also abused the petitioners, and the issue now
is a subject for open debate.
It is apparent that if conflicts are to be avoided,
it will be necessary to arrive at a solution that
should be based on sound judgements and on rational
thinking. But since this issue arose as a result of a
shortage of school facilities, it is also quite evident
that it is the responsibility of the county and state
authorities to provide for . the needs of students
who are being crowded out of their school rooms
in their immediate neighborhoods.
If it is true that vandalism plays a part in
the discussion, that the Carver school district has
suffered from destructive elements, that should

By Philip

be a matter for the police and should be studied by
the social service agencies in search for a solution
to the delinquency problem.
In any event, the racial issue is not limited to
the South. It has been brought to us and it is becom-
ing more aggravated with time. It should be kept
out of politics and should be placed in the hands -of
educators and students of social relations who—we
pray—may arrive at a solution. It is for the North
that we crave for such an immediate solution.
Inevitably, it must take longer in the South. In a
democracy like ours, we must hope that solutions
will be found in due course without malice.

Religious Practices Under Scrutiny

When the New York City Board of Education
ruled to close the community's schools on Rosh
Hashanah and Yom Kippur, your Commentator ex-
pressed the view that it was an unwise act—that
schools should not be governed according to reli-
gious needs. It was our contention that Catholics
and Protestants have a right to stay out of school
on their holy days and that a similar right should
be granted the Jewish students, but that schools
should not be closed to accommodate any religious
groups. That, we maintain, enters into the area . of
discussion regarding the separation of church
and state.
Now the issue takes on a new aspect, as a result
of the ruling by the New York Police Commissioner,
Stephen P. Kennedy, not to grant Rosh Hashanah
and Yom Kippur leaves to Jewish policemen dur-
ing the emergency period created by the visits in
this country of a host of heads of state. Kennedy
said regarding the Jewish policemen: "When are
these men religious? The other 51 weeks of the year
we don't hear anything about it. Or is it that one
week in the year they get religious?"
Kennedy is generous: Jews have been in the
habit of referring to the non-observant as three-
day-a-year Jews. He chooses to grant them a week
of devotion.
It is most unfortunate that a religiouS question
has been dragged into the existing emergency. Even
Khrushchev might say, now—tongue in cheek— .
that the United States doesn't even have religious
freedom. Actually, the situation involves an emer-
gency, and there is the possibility that many of the
Jewish policemen could have arranged with their
colleagues to take time out for synagogue services.
Whatever the circumstances, issues of this
sort must never become political footballs. A
debate between Police Commissioner Kennedy and
Mayor Wagner hardly solves anything, and cer-
tainly does not make 52-week-a-year religious Jews
out of policemen.
It would be utterly foolish, of course, to call
Commissioner Kennedy an anti-Semite. He would
then also be anti-Mrs. Stephen Patrick- Kennedy
(Hortense Goldberger). But he could have avoided
the controversy by being less indiscreet and more
tactful with statements he undoubtedly made in a
moment of irritation.

Agenda Planned for Labor Zionist Convention Here

Mrs. Herbert Pincus, secre- gates on the theme "Reviewing an Oneg Shabbat, with the presented to the public by Mordecai Shtrigler, editor of
tary of the Detroit Labor Zion- the Present and Planning for theme "Inter-Relation of Ameri- Bezalel Sherman, cultural di- the Yiddisher Kemfer.
ist Organization Council, an- the Future"; on Friday evening can Jewry in Israel" will be rector of the L.Z.O.A., and
There also will be a presen-
nounces that the 32nd National
tation of Hebrew Annual and
Convention of the L.Z.O.A. will -
new books by Marie Syrkin.
open Oct. 27 at the Statler- Y
This Oneg Shabbat will take
Hilton Hotel with a mass rally
New high records for Israel were made at Young Israel of George Flesch, Israel war hero, place at the Hayim Greenberg
which will be open to the entire Bond appeals during the Rosh Northwest, as compared with Wednesday at the home of Mr. Center.
Jewish community of Detroit.
Hashanah services were reported $10,300 by 52 subscribers last and Mrs. Morris Brandwine, at
The Saturday evening con-
Huntington Woods, and Thurs- ventiori banquet will be ad-
The local organization, as the by the Detroit Israel Bond Or- year.
host, has fully mobilized for ganization.
Other sales were reported as day, at Young Israel of Oak dressed by some of the most
the four-day event.
Sparked by appeals a' services follows: Adas Yeshurun, $1,000; Woods.
I distinguished leaders of Israel
Post-High Holy Day collec- and America, and on Oct. 36,
Morris L. Schaver has been at Congregation Ahavas Achim, Beth Yehudah, $4,750; Beth
bon efforts have been under- the convention is slated to close.
named national vice-Chairman, made _ by Robert Lurie, of St. Moses, $3,800.
taken by the Israel Bond after election of officers; pass-
and Morris L. Lieberman, chair- Louis, and Rabbi Milton Arm;
The total sales during Rosh
Women's Division.
man of the Detroit-Israel Hista- the congregation's members pur-
ing amendments and by-laws of
Hashanah • services . were $50,-
Women's collection meetings the constitution; and discus-
drut Campaign, is the Detroit chased $31;150 in Bonds, as com- -800, by 254 purchasers, as
convention chairman. pared with $21,100 a year ago. compared with $40;400 by 195 will be held Monday, and again sions on Israel and the reorgan-
on Oct. 12, at the homes of Mrs. ization of the Zionist movement.
Representing the entire There were 145 AhaVas Achim people in 1959.
Israel Wiener, 19360 Coyle; Mrs. in America.
Labor Zionist movement are purchasers, as against 101 the
At Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur Ben Z. Fellman, 18005 Indiana;
Harry Schumer, president of previous year.
The following Social and
On Rosh Hashanah also, 59 services in Congregation Beth Mrs. Joseph Katchke, 17220
the Detroit City Committee of
Abraham, Col. Mordecai Bar-On,
Farband, L.Z.0.; Mrs. Sam Was- purchases amounting to $10,100 Israeli war hero, will be the Pontchartrain; Mrs. Max Stoll- Technical Arrangements Com-
man, 12870 Burton, Oak Park; mittees have been named:
serman, president of the Pio-
guest speaker. Other Yom Kippur Mrs. Irving Scheusses, 18215 San
Hospitality: Mesdames Adele Mon-
neer _Women's Council; and
speakers will be:
Juan. Climaxing the collection dry, Shoshana Hoffmitz, Fanny
Michael Weinstein of Ichild
Ira- Feinberg, Haganah hero, at efforts, an all-day of activities is Schreier, Molly Diamond, Frieda
Faigin, Fay Glosser and M. Gold-
Bnai„ Snai.. - -.Moshe and pl a7:.ed at the Bond office on oftas and David Elazar.
Additional members of the
'8114rey ShonIay-im; - .Rabbi Jacob • W. McNichols on Oct. I6.
Registration: Mesdames
Sislin, Ethel Silberg, Stanley Jacob-,
steering committee are Bernard
Seg,.1, at Congregation Adas
son and Mamie Freeman and Abe .
Linderman, Irving Pokempner,
Shalom; Phillip Stollman, mid-
Medow and Gerald Goldberg.
Mrs. Helen Posner, David Sis-
Decorations: Morris Lifshay, Art-
west High Holy Day Bond chair-
Maniker, Zigmund Moses, David;
lin and Mrs. Toby Slabosky.
man, at Young Israel of Oak
Silberg and Mrs. Vicki Goldbauin..
The convention arrangements
'Woods; Rabbi Benjamin Gorre-
Exhibits: Mr. and Mrs. L L.
committee is under the guid-
lick, at Beth Aaron; Dr. Jack
Books and Pamphlets: Morris:
ance of Mrs. Deborah Goldberg,
Goldman at Mishkan Israel; Da-
Ginsburg and Mrs. Toby Slabosky.
vid I. Berris, at Young Israel on
assisted by Mrs. Naomi Mark.'
Publicity Committee: - Harold
Berke, Emanuel Mark and Joseph'
Greenfield; Yitzhak Gadish, La-
A special convention journal,
bor - Zionist leader, at Evergreen
which will be published for this
Oneg Shabbat: Harold Silver and-
Mesdames - Tsippie Pincus, Sarah
Jewish Congregation; Harold
occasion, is being prepared by
and Doris Werner. "
Berke, at Shomre Emunah.
Aaron M. Bornstein, Laible
Tickets: Mrs. Ghana Michlin.
Hoffmitz and Mrs. Myra Rich-
Tickets for the opening rally
were held for the following: for
and Oneg Shabb•A are now avail-
Col. Bar-On, Tuesday, at the
The tentative agenda for . the
able at the Labor Zionist office,
home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gold-
convention includes a panel
Ira Feinberg George Flesch 19161 Schaefer. DI 1-0131.
preparation discussion by dele-

om Kippur Israel Bond Pleas in Local Synagogues


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