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January 20, 1922 - Image 5

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The Detroit Jewish Chronicle, 1922-01-20

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(Copyright, 1921. By Chas. II. Joseph.)

Ford's International Follies have cloud a prolonged but very un•
successful e ngagement in "A T ly on Justice" entitled "Injustice
to the Jew." It was just about as elevating • performance as another
(isle by another follies company. Front-page audiences will recall
musement the ''Peace Ship Extuvaunza" staged some years
with a
by the ume amusement organization. It had • remarkably suc-
eason in the newspapers but when it started its run across
e ssful s
th e ocean it ended disastrously and the company was disbanded. The
then assembled another group of performers and en-
star c
tered upon his latest failure. This time, instead of inviting laughter
and derision as during the previous engagement, it invited verbal eggs
o f ancient lineage, hisses and groans. While the price of admission
was on ly 10 cents, yet so rotten was the performance that finally, in
desperation, the management was forced to issue p
by the tens
weren't used, for the public
of thousands weekly, but the p
couldn't stand such an exhibition even for nothing.
•••• ■•■

So Ford has put away his cap and bells for the time being and
returned to his job of making Ford cars, reforming the nation, revo-
lutionizing the monetary system, bringing peace on earth and increas-
i n g the salaries of federal judges, and reducing the operating expenses
of the railroads; in addition, being of so modest • disposition that his
ver y nature shrinks from publicity, he is fighting the newspapers to
keep his name out of print. Mr. Cameron, another astonishing per-
former, who has demonstrated to what a low level • newspaper man
can descend if there is enough money at the bottom, will probably
continue on Mr. Ford's payroll; he has earned that. As for Mr. Lie.
bo ld, the delightful private secretary—he will continue to "sell" his
boss. The bums, the hangers-on, the grafters who follow in the wake
of every circus, will now probably have to make up their minds to

earn an honest living.

• -•411•• •

Sir Edgar Speyer has lost his English citizenship based upon the
charger made by the British government that Sir Edgar was disloyal
to his country during the war. The British government recently gave
out for publication the reasons for taking the action it did. After
carefully reading the government's report and Speyer's answer, I came
to the conclusion that he was less guilty than he was obstinate and
discreet Sometimes it is better for • man even of the importance
i n
are certain
in the banking world of a Speyer to realize that there ■
prop that even he will not be permitted to transgress.

at the age of 100. He
Manuel Oppenheimer died the other day ■
put to shame those young fellows of 75 or 80 years who brag how
they walk five miles every day. He conducted his shoe business until
be was 90 years old. Then he thought it was time to take a rest. He
ea • veteran of the Mexican War and received a few wounds. Men
of the Oppenheimer type were the ones who gave to the Jew the repu-

tation for longevity.

Watch out, Rabbi Stephen Wise, watch out! You say: "That man
is not • good Jew who merely gives money to and for poor Jews. For
Jewishness is not • matter of giving but of living, not of giving to the
poor but richness of life." Don't you know that when you say this
that you are taking away from Certain Jews theri only excuse for be-
longing to the House of Israel? I have heard men say that they are
" r eligious" because they give alms to the poor. Of course every man

has • right to define himself.

Now I wonder whether I should take exception to everything that
the Rev. Dr. John Roach Straton of New York says about the Jews
in the theatrical and movie business, or to try to discover if there isn't
some truth in a part of what he says. Let's read this paragraph:

As one New York preacher I wish to enter my protest
against any endorsement of the theater in its present condi-
tion by any Christian church. It is the arch-enemy of the
church. It is under the domination and control of a little
handful of Jews—men who are not only utterly alien to all
Christian ideals, but who are not even loyal to the teachings
of the Synagogue. The moving picture people and the the-
atrical forces of today are making a concerted, determined
and heavily financed campaign for the destruction of the
Christian Sabbath, and through that for the overthrow of
the Church of Christ."

This seems rather an humiliating confession for • prominent
Christian clergyman to make. If the hold that Christian leaders have
on their followers is so slight that it can be shaken off by movies on
Sundays and if that further involves the overthrow of the "Church
of Christ," then one is inclined to believe that there is something the
matter with the church. They fail to supply the spiritual needs of
the people because it is scarcely thinkable that any churchman would
willingly exchange the probability of having his soul damned forever,
and that he should endure the torment of hell fire, for witnessing ■

movie performance on Sunday.

As for the "handful of Jews" he speaks about in guise of arch-
conspirators, some of them are probably not much good, and some of
them are probably as good as the average Christian, and the balance
of them may be • whole lot better. Some of them may not belong to
Jewish congregations, though they probably go on New Year and the
Day of Atonement. Though speaking straight from the shoulder to
the Reverend Straton, I am quite sure that the Jews in the theatrical
profession are found as frequently in synagogues as the Christians are
in their churches. The trouble with most ministers of the Straton type
is that they blame their own failures on others.

At the second annual conference of the Federation of Ukrainian
Jews the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, Joseph Hertz, called
attention to the "astonishing fact in the moral history of contem-
porary humanity that one of the blackest pages in the annals of man
keg just closed, and yet the world knows nothing or next to nothing
of the unspeakable horrors and infinite crimes perpetrated artainat the
Jewish people." Rabbi Herta was right in inferentially condemning
the newsp•pers of the world and Christian civilization for permitting
all these atrocities to occur with virtually no protest.

Christian civilisation seems to delight in wanting itself recognized
but is indifferent to the responsibilities such recognition involves.
Three million Jews have been made to pass through the horrors of
hell and, in face of this, what has the Christian world done? I am

interested in knowing.

Joseph Lipman died in New York the other day. In life he never
bulked larger than his fellows, at least to my knowledge. But in death
he achieves • small measure of publicity through the fact that he wills
his estate to his daughter on condition that she does not marry out
of the Jewish faith, nor shall she become an actress or • professional
singe r or perform professionally in any theater for pay. On the face
of it, it does seem as if parents who make wills of this kind are seri-

ously unfiar to their children.

Beards, lip-sticks, wigs, "perforated cobwebs" (hosiery) naked
shoulders, short Aids, chests uncovered—all these I find inextricably
tangled in an editorial in the Jewish Tribune of New York. It seems
that Rabbi Lyon. of Brooklyn, in his paper, The Supplement, in an
unhapp y and uninspired moment, seized the opportunity to inveigh
against the beards of Orthodox Rabbi and layman and wigs of Ortho-
dox Je The Rabbi seemed to be under the impression that
beard s promote anti-Semitism. So the doughty and ever•vigilant
editor of the Tribune struck back and I think with considerable j.•
tine. Beads (in Poland) may promote discord and often on the East
Sid e of New York, but it is scarcely correct to any that they increase
anti-Jewish feeling. And I am also inclined to take my place along-
tificial promotion of
side the Tribune editor when he says that the ar

a certain kind of "hard beauty" is even more offensive than beards or
ncomfortably quite
Wigs. In reading the history of savages one feels u
are found to paint and beads and anklets
at home when references ■
and ear rings and nose rings and "costumes au neutral."

I was much interested in an article written by Julius Mork:en on
■ discus-
George Brandes' book, "The World at War." It was really
sion of Brandes more than of hsi book. Mr. Moritsen attempts to
show that despite the general opinion of the u
nsciousness left in the distin.
that there is a remnant of Jewish co
toiaed Dane. He tells quite an a
francs to have o ne of Brandes'
Israelite of Paris refused to pay 200
Pamphlets defending the opp d Jews translated and that Brandes
ha s never forgiven his co-religionists for this. It seems incredible.
Brandes reprimands the Poles for their anti•Jewishness and goes into
details in his book. Whether he writes as Jew in behalf of fellow
Jew s o r whether he writes as n a intellectual championing the cause
of opp eased
ed humanity, his aid is welcome.


(Continued from page 1.)
whose eccentric dancing proved a de-

light. Act three affcred "K. K.," a
musical comedy number, which was

admirably presented by


Reisman as the Vampire, Joe Fein-
berg as Mr. Kerwin and Betty Lind,

Ruth I.ipsitz, Sylvia Lind and Nan-
nette Ettenheimer as the "Flappers."
The act was written and directed by
Gertrude Reisman, with music by
Manuel Arden. ' The p roperties,
"erY and lighting effects were in

charge of Harold Harris, Leon Zech-
man and Leonard Simon.

Supper for Students.


MADE NOV. 2, 1917

(Continued from page
the conditions, very different and
much more difficult, and conditions
which it is not easy for anybody liv-
ing on the western side of the At-
lantic Ocean fully to realize or un-
derstand, but which I suspect is bet-
ter understood among the Jewish
population in America than any other
section of human society, so far re-
moved from the historic scenes, with
which Jewish memories are connect-
ed. I see that no separation from the
eastern homes of your forefathers,
no length of time, no sufferings in
the past, no prosperity in the present,
has cooled the ardor or patriotism,
which desires to see Palestine restored
as a home of Jewish people.



fit:Aitsdifili'- Aili; - s; i• if
■ , 4.

-(;„;;;c . ....

L ' A



. ... . :' 1 4
4 ti 1.

Britain and the Jews.

"You must to your work here. The
British government is doing its work
in Palestine. The two must co-oper-
ate together; they must show diplom-
acy, consideration; they must show
no undue haste, and there must be
no moments of slackening in the en-
deavor they are making to complete
the work, which, after all, we must
only frankly agree is only just begun.
"It would be unfitting, it would
perhaps be impossible, that I should
in any detail discuss the Palestinian
question, for reasons which you will
all sympathize with, that I have not
for some time past been abreast of
the details that have been going on ,
but I can assure you that my interest
in the cause, my belief in its final
success, my intense desire to see the
ideal of the Jewish home really rising
in happy success before our eyes,
has not diminished or suffered any
cooling during the years that have
elapsed since the original declaration
was made.
"Where I stood then, I stand now.
"The hope I then entertained, I en-
tertain still; the ideals for which I
have striven are my ideals at this
moment, end it is a great happiness
for me to think that in the work in
wihicb,l feel so great an interest there
are those like yourselves, able and
willing to make some sacrifices, al-
ways with the highest hopes, and be-,
lief in success; to co-operate in they
work, and make the first quarter of
the twentieth century memorable in
the history of the world."



number of reasons are adduced to ex-
plain the absence of the members of
the former Zionist Administration
from the reception given by Mr. Bal-
four to the Zionist representatives in
this country. That they were invited,
to send representatives to this recep-
tion is shown by the list of organiza-
tions announced by the Zionist Or-
ganization of America. That list in-
cluded besides the various Zionist or-
' ganizations the leading corporations
interested in the economic develop-
(*tint of Palestine. It is stated on
good authority that on receiving the
invitation from the Zionist organiza-
tions, the leaders of the Palestine De-
velopment League informed Mr. Bal-
four that they preferred to be re-
ceived separately. Mr. Balfour's re-
ply, although not made public, is un-
derstood to have been to the effect
that all invitations to the reception
' were in the hands of the administra-
tive committee of the Zionist Organ-
ization. This reply is reported to
have been sent, not by Mr. Balfour,
but by his secretary.
The Zionist Organization of Amer-
ica will probably issue a statement
explaining the absence of the mem.'
hers of the past administration, only
one of whom, Nathan Straus, attend-
ed in his capacity as honorary chair-
man of the organization for the
American Jewish Congress.
• • •

E,' , :;!





r: :


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n ..,..a

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hum Sokolow, president of the execu-
tive committee of the World Zionist
Organization, now visiting the United
States as the head of an European
delegation of Zionist leaders, was re-
ceived by President Harding at the
White House. The conference lasted
over half an hour.
Mr. Sokolow is understood to have
reported to the president on the con-
dition of Jews, particularly in East-
ern Europe, and on the work under-
taken by the Zionist Organization in
Palestine for the re-settlement of the
country. He also spoke of the po-
litical situation in relation to the con-
firmation of the Palestine Mandate
and told of the work of the Zionist
delegation. Mr. Sokolow was accom-
panied by his daughter and personal
physician, Dr. Celina Sokolow. •



(Continued from page 1.)
paign for relief was ended. But it
could not be foreseen that ' , Russia's
misery would be intensified by famine
and starvation, he said.
Julius Rosenwald of Chicago, who
gave $1,000,000 to the Jewish relief
campaign in 1919 and $250,000 this
years, declared the Jews of Europe
were not beggars, but were stripped
hare by a great catastrophe and that
if the has fo America failed them
they were lost.

Worse Than the Middle Ages.

Mr. Lewisohn, honorary chairman,
said that "not since the days when
the Roman legions overwhelmed the
Jews in Palestine had such a catas-
trophe befallen the Jewish people as
that which had proceeded without
abatement since the outbreak of the
great war. It exceeds in horror the
agonies piled upon our people during
fie massacres and crusades of the
Middle Ages and the Spanish Inqui-
"In many sections the need for
emergency relief is ended," said Mr.
Lehman, chairman of the Reconstruc-
tion ('ommitte of the Joint Distribu-
tion Committee. "The new task is to
'ielp these people to recover from the
paralysis of economic life."
Secretary Hoover sent a telegram
to David A. Brown, national chair-
man of the American Jewish Relief
Committee conference, saying that
latest reports indicated the most ur-
• gent need, especially for clothing and
medical supplies.
The delegates adopted a resolution
pledging themselves to raise the
The conference concluded with a
dinner at the Hotel Astor. Among
the speaker' were Rabbi Stephen S
I Wise, Dr. Boris D. Bogen, Dr. Frank
I Rosenblatt, Samuel C. Lampert, Ns-
'han Jonas, R. Warner and Shalom

At the conclusion of the entertain-
ment program a delicious supper was
served during which college yells and
songs were given in a true college
spirit. After supper, the gymnasium
and vestry rooms were turned over
to dancing, with two orchestras sup-
plying the music. Refresments were
served during the evening. Colored
lights, balloons and other forms of
decorations were used to add a con-
genial atmosphere to the Temple.
Tickets will noon be distributed for
annual formal ball, which
the Y. P. S.
will be held this year on Saturday
evening, Feb. 11, at the Elks Tem-
ple. A demand far surpassing the
supply of tickets in expected.

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