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February 25, 1917 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-02-25

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Interclass asketball Interest
Grows Through Varsity Prospects
Because of the fact that basketball dents, court 2; fresh lits vs. senior lits,
will find a place among the major court 3; junior, lits vs. soph lits



sports at Michigan for the first time
n year, the annual interclass bas-
keball classic to be started on Thurs-
ay of this week, promises to be the
bigest event of the kind in the his-
tor: o the University. Special sig-I
nificance is attached to the tourney
this ycar, since the stars that shine
E brightly in the class games will have
a isying start for the Varsity.
. additional court will be in op-
eration this year, because of the en-
Slarged gymnasium, thus facilitating
the speeding up of the schedule. Draw-
ngs for the first round resulted in the
Thursday, March 1, 7 o'clock--
esh medics vs. soph medics, court
; architects vs. pharmics, court 2;
foresters vs. graduates, court 3;,
junior-senior medics vs. homoeops,
- court 4. 7:40 o'clock-Fresh laws vs.
senior laws, court 2; fresh engineers
vs. senior engineers, court 3; junior
ngineers vs. soph engineers, court
4. 8:20 o'clock--Fresh dents vs. senior

court 4.
Saturday, March 3, 7 o'clock-Fresh
lits vs: junior lits, court 1; soph lits
vs. senior lits, court 2; fresh engineers
vs. junior engineers, court 3; soph en-
gineers vs. senior engineers, court 4.
7:40 o'clock-Soph engineers vs.
homoeops, court 1; junior-senior med-
ics vs. fresh medics, court 2; junior
laws' vs. senior laws, court 3; junior
dents vs. senior dents, court 4. 8:20
o'clock - Architects vs. graduates,
court 3; foresters vs. pharmics,
court 4.
Monday, March 5, 7 o'clock-Senior
engineers vs. junior engineers, court
3; senior lits vs. junior lits, court 4.
7:40 o'clock-Graduates vs. pharmics,
court 1; architects vs. foresters, court
2; junior-senior medics vs. soph med-
ics, court 3; fresh medics vs.
homoeops, court 4. 8:20 o'clock-
Fresh laws vs. junior laws, court 1;
fresh dents vs. junior dents, court 2;
fresh lits vs. soph lits, court 3; fresh
engineers vs. soph engineers, court 4.

Editor, The Michigan Daily:
We'll not assume that my poor little
Is able to compete against & "law,"
But let us try to get our little laugh,
Not learn too much from what that
author saw.
Good clothes, good manners, even
aesthetic souls,
Are found quite near the engineer-
ing arch;
And brother law must no in haste
Slight rudeness for impeding Prog-
ress' march.
If college years of training and of
In logic aimed to help our little
Still lets him generalize as he does,
Oh, what gigantic task we have to
Our brother law assumes all engineers
But once removed from caveman or
the lout;
And, generalizing in his careless way,
Apparently he puts our clan to rout.
In even classic phrases he assails;
His flow of words commands admir-
ing awe;
But truthfully, I feel real pity for
The outraged dignity of brother law.
"Let not ambition mock their useful
Should be his word; should not take
us to task;
Our medieval brains can't understand
All-work, and love, and brother's
sneering mask.
So let us work and live on in our bliss,
We're eager to let quibbling "'laws"
What our rude natures, struggling to-
ward the light,


PROD UCE 2,229,00
Washington, Feb. 24.-A prelimin-
try report of the forest service of the (Cntied t oa P ag Oe)
United States department of agricul- State university's athletic board, was
ture states that in the 160 reporting enthusiastic over the news. He said,
wood pulp mills throughout the coun- "All Ohioans hope the project will be
try in 1916 approximately 3,419,000 ,ompleted. I am sure there will be
cords of wood were used with an out- aefils for all as a result of Michi-
put of 2,229,000 tons of pulp. The me- 'wa's return to the organization."
:hancial and sulphite processes were Stgg Surpried
used in by far the larger part of these Alonzo A. Stagg, athletic director at
mills while the soda and sulphate she University of Chicago, was agree-
processes were used in a few cases. ably surprised by the news. "The re-
The report also makes note of a turn of Michigan will be a great im-
comparatively new but rapidly spread- petas to sport," he said. "Ten schools
ing and valuable tree known as the will not make the conference body
"slash pine." It is considered to be a unwieldy, for now a number of insti-
better tree than the long-leaf pine as tutions are represented by unusually
it grows quicker, yields more tur- iine teams, and the addition of Michi-
pentine, and is much heavier, harder, gan will only make the struggles all
and stronger. the merrier. A consideration of the
Its rapid spread throughout the ,ose wvhich led to Michigan's with-
South is said to be due to the fact drawal from the conference will show
that it has a frequent and abundant that the Big Nine was not wholly
seed production and has the capacity blameless, for by passing the retro-
of adapting itself to a wide range of active three-year rule the organization
environments. Another factor in its ,-t Carrells and other Ann Arbor stars
favor is its ability to withstand the and practically crippled the Wolver-
combination of forest fires. inc athletic squads,."
Door Asays Open
C ty NewsWS Bond, president of the gradu-
ate managers' committee at Chicago
At a banquet of business men inter- also expressed himself as pleased with
ested in the campaign I raise M?;ichigan's move. He said: "It surely
of $30,000 for the c Y. i 1 M. C. A is good news. I am sure everybody
last night, L. .1 Hoover made an ofb r will welcome Michigan back as soon
to give $10,000 if the other $20A)G0 was "s she asks to come in under confer-
raised. Preparations were made te once regulations. There never were
carry the campaign Which begins Motn- any obstacles to her return, for the
day and lasts until Friday evening; to door was always open, with 'Wel-
a successful close. The money, if rais- come' written large on the door mat."
ed, will equip the "Y" ;xIth a now "There is no reason why Michigan
pool, free the association from debt, should not be re-admitted to the con-
and give the organization a working fernce if she will abide by the rules,"
capital sufficient for ta%- years. said Prof. William Pooley, faculty rep-
_____resentative for Northwestern on the
Promise of a wvarm ri'a b :t~ween conference board. "As far as I know,
representatives rival tors for the all the faculty representatives are in
eprmeetings o[fV'e 'tY. tawns county favor of the return of the Ann Arbor
next metn fteWstnwcny
farma institutes last Friday evening institution.The return will be brought
did not develop when it was decided about either through a mail vote of
to allow township representatives t the conference delegates or a called
settle the matter. Talks wereg n meeting at which the Michigan appli-
by Dean t. P. Lyman of M. A. ., L cation for reinstatement will be con-
Oviatt of Bay City, and C. Cooksid"as always one of those favor
They were on the subject of cattle al. .
raising and farming, of Michigan's return, so this is cer-
tainly good news," said Lewis Omer,
Mrs. Carrie Bailey, 602 East Cath- athletic director at Northwestern.
erine street, was removed to the con- "With 1sichigan back, athletics will be
tagious hospital Friday afternoon, given a big boost, and the conference
where she will be treated for small- will profit in many ways."
pox. This is the third case of the Lxpect Speedy Return
disease discovered this week. Prof. J. F. Pyre of Wisconsin, sec-
retary of the western conference, said:
Maine to Vote on Woman Suffrage "If Michigan desires to return to the
Augusta, Maine, Feb. 24.-Gov. Mil- conference under the terms of organ-
liken today signed the re clniion pro- ization of that body, I am sure that
viding for a rerecenim on suffrage the officials will welcome her back.
?or women. Practically all of the conference of-
_ficials have expressed themselves in
For live, progressive, up-to-date ad- favor of Michigan's return and, al-
vertising use The Michigan Daily. though the arrangements may take
Expert Developing
"Veex Prits
Over 200,x00O prints made last year


some time, the school will probably
soon be admitted."
"Minnesota is and has been for years
ready to welcome Michigan back,"
said Professor Paige, faculty repre-
sentative for the Maroon and Gold
university. "Student sentiment at Min-
nesota and Iowa is practically unani-
mous in the hope that Michigan will
soon be reinstated in the conference.
At Lhe former college, the memories of
those terrific Wolverine-Gopher foot-
hall battles in 1909 and 1910 have
ieer faded, and a warm feeling has
always been cherished here for Michi-
gail. The Minnesota Daily, in com-
menting on the decision of the confer-
ence Ixard to allow Michigan to com-
pete in the Illinois relay carnival,
)liuniesota's Welcome Ready
"A dim prospect that Gopher root-
ers may again enjoy the spectacle of
a Maize and Blue football team trot-
ting out onto Northrop field is offered
by the action of the Big Nine repre-
sentatives last Saturday. Michigan
athletes were given permission to com-
pte with conference men in the Uni-
versity of Illinois athletic carnival
March 3. Though the line of reason-
ing which preceded this decision is
not clear-and Professor Paige, who
had something to do with granting the
permission, is uncommunicative as to
how it happened-we are nevertheless
willing to take the decision at its face
value and to consider it as an omen of
Michigan's early return to the confer-
ence fold. Rumors come from Ann
Arbor to the effect that the Wolverines
are willing to come back-even anx-
ious-but that they are not willing to
come back as suppliants. We do not
blame them. They should not be
forced to beg admittance to a group
in which they always ranked near the
top, and which they left for the justi-
fiable purpose of bettering their in-

May bring of combat.
by side.

Die all side

shxavw-771 1

flak &Co.
(Established 1857)
The Cap and Gown
Invites Senior Women of the
University to take advantage
of our excellent service in
securing Costumes for the
Junior Play in March.


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