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November 18, 1916 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1916-11-18

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Peach Injured in Second Quarter and
Replaced by Martens at
Right End
(By Hal Fitzgerald)
* * * * * * * * * *w


Miller.... , .:
Little.. . . .
Berry ......

R. E.
R. T.
R. G.
L. G.
L. T.
L. E.
Q. B.

. ....Weske
..... Niemann
.... Dunne



* 4' * * * * * * * * * * *
The Pennsylvania team was the first
to appear on the field coming on to
the gridiron at 1:15 o'clock. The Mich-
igan team followed a few moments
later, headed by Csptain Maulbetsch.
The Michigan Varsity Band marched
under the east goal posts a few min-
utes later and was given a rousing,
reception by the rooters.
Pennsylvania won the toss and elect-
ed to defend the west goal. Phil
Raymond kicked off promptly at 2
o'clock to Bell; who was thrown on
the Pennsylvania 23-yard line. Berry
punted on the first play, the ball went
outside on Michigan's 28-yard line.
Sparks was thrown for a 10-yard loss.
Sparks was thrown for another loss.
Sparks dropped back to punt and
kicked to Berry on Michigan's 35-
yard line, Berry returned along the
north side of the field to the 10-yard
line. Derr made four yards.
Bell plowed through center for an-
other yard. Derr hit tackle and was
downed on Michigan's 1-yard line. It
was first down for Pennsylvania. Ber-
ry circled Michigan's right end for
a touchdown. Barely four minutes
had been consumed. Derr goaled.
Score: Pennsylvania, 7; Michigan, 0.
Raymond kicked off to Derr who re-
turned to Pennsylvania's 42-yard line.
Light was thrown for no gain by
Urquhart caught a short pass and
was thrown on Michigan's 44-yard
line. Berry failed to gain. Rehor
broke up an attempt at forward pass.
Pennsylvania tried another pass to
Sparks but Sparks broke up the play.
Berry tried a field goal on the 40-yard
line and it was Michigan's ball on the
40-yard line. Maulbetsch plowed
through tackle for 4 yards.
Pat Smith was thrown for no gain.
Smith drove through center for a
yard. Sparks punted and it was Penn-
sylvania's ball on their own 47-yard
line. Bell was thrown for a yard loss.
Pennsylvania tried another short pass
and gained 15 yards.
Another pass yielded 2 yards. Ber-
ry circled Peach and was thrown on
Michigan's 47-yard line. Derr gained
two yards and Pennsylvania was pen-

alized for holding. Bell threw another
pass but it was grounded. On a trick
play Light ran around Dunne and
was thrown on Michigan's 33-yard line,
Pennsylvania threw another pass
but Rehor intercepted, and it was
Michigan's ball on the 28-yard line.
Michigan's backfield fumbled and lost
2 yards. Sparks shot through for 2
yards. Michigan was penalized 5
yards. Raymond punted to Bell and
Weiman threw him in his tracks.
Pennsylvania's ball on Michigan's
47-yard line.-
Light was nailed by Dunne for no
gain and Peach and Niemann threw
Berry for no gain. Niemann broke up
an attempt to pass. Berry punted
outside on Michigan's 23-yard line.
Maulie fell and'failed to gain. Sparks
tried to circle Miller but was thrown
for a yard loss. Raymond punted to
Bell and Weiman threw the Pennsyl-
vania quarterback in his tracks
Derr plowed through the left side
of Michigan's line for a 10-yard gain.
Derr tried right end and added 5
more. Light plunged through center
and gained 3 yards. Derr was thrown
for no gain.
It was fourth down but Derr circled
Dunne's end for 7 yards. Penn is on
Michigan's 15-yard line. Rehor drop-
ped Bell for no gain just as the
quarter closed. Score: Pennsylvania,
7; Michigan, D.
Second Quarter
Berry dropped back to the 17-yard
line and kicked a perfect goal. Score:
Pennsylvania, 10; Michigan, 0.
Raymond kicked off -to Berry who
was thrown on the Penn 17-yard line.
Smith and Dunne stopped Berry for
no gain. Derr made 6 yards through
center. Light made a first down for
Berry slipped and fell and lost 2
yards. Berry punted to Sparks who
returned 25 yards to Penn's 35-yard
line. Sparks made 25-yards. Maulie
tried center and gained a yard. Sparks
thrown for no gain.
Sparks threw a long pass but Berry
intercepted, Penn's ball on their own
23-yard line. Light stopped for no
gain. Derr was thrown for a yard
loss by Rehor and Niemann. Berry
punted to Sparks and he was thrown
in his tracks. Pat Smith gained a
yard through center. Raymond dove
over the line and added 2 yards. Sparks
was thrown for no gain. Phil Ray-
mond dropped back and punted over
the .Penn goal line. Ball was put in
play on the 20-yard line.
Michigan line smothered Derr and
he failed to gain. Berry shot through
tackle for 5 yards. Berry dropped
back to punt but he was thrown, and
it was Michigan's ball on Penn's 20-
yard line. Maulie failed to gain.
Sparks gained a yard.
Maulie was forced outside by Miller
and there was no advance. Pat Smith
threw a long pass over Penn's goal
line and it was Penn's ball on Mich-
igan's 20-yard line. The Penn team
had held Michigan for three succes-
sive downs, making a pass necessary.
Berry added a yard through tackle.
Derr was thrown for a yard loss. Bell
added another yard. Berry punted to
Sparks and he was dropped in mid-
field. Smith threw a pass to Bull
Dunne and the Michigan man was
thrown on Penn's 27-yard line. Berg
replaced Mathews. Sparks tried a
wide-end run but was forced outside
for no gain. Berry Intercepted Mich-
igan's forward pass and it was Penn's
ball on her own 12-yard line. Berry
failed to gain. Berry was thrown by
Weske for no gain.




Led Michigan Team in Game Today



4th Final
0 10
7 7

Photo bY Dcine4

Derr added 2 yards. Berry's punt
was blocked and the ball went to
Michigan on Penn's 37-yard line. Peach
was injured and taken out of the game.
Martens replaced Peach. Penn was
penalized 5 yards for roughness. Penn
was again penalized 5 yards for
roughness. Smith threw a pass to
Maulbetsch, and it was Michigan's ball
on Penn's 20-yard line. Smith threw
another pass but it was grounded.
Smith threw still another pass but it
was grounded over the goal line. It
was Penn's ball on their 20-yard line.
The half closed as Derr advanced 2
yards. Score: Pennsylvania, 10;
Michigan, 0.
Third Quarter
Derr kicked off and Weiman was
thrown on Michigan's 36-yard line.
Sparks added a yard. Maulie shot
through tackle for 2 yards. Raymond
dropped back and punted outside
Penn's 10-yard line.
Berry ran from punt formation and
gained 1 yard. Berry tried the same
play. Derr was thrown by Weiman
for no gain. Berry dropped back to
punt but the kick was blocked and
went outside on the Penn's 35-yard
Maulie made 4 yards. Sparks added
another yard - around Miller. Pat
Smith plowed through for first down
on Penn's 25-yard line. Maulie tried
to go through the line but did not gain.
Sparks circled Urquhart's end for 5
yards. Maulbetsch plowed for Mich-
gan's second first down, the ball on
Penn's 14-yard line.
Sparks circled Penn's left end for 2
yards. Michigan was penalized 5l
yards. Sparks gained 5 yards. Sparks
tried Penn's left tackle but did not
gain. Pat Smith thrown outside on
a wide end run and with Michigan's
ball on the Penn's 12-yard line.,
Michigan tried a fake play but was
thrown for a 5-yard loss and it was 1

Penn's ball. Berry failed to gain.
Berry lost a yard. Berry dropped
back to punt and it was Michigan's
ball on Penn's 44-yard line. Sparks
ran from punt formation but failed to
Phil Raymond tried Miller's end but
slipped and did not gain. Sparks
threw a pass to Dunne but the ball fell
out of Maurie's hands. Raymond
punted outside. Martens threw Berry
for no gain. Berry hit center for no
gain. Berry added a yard. Berry
punted to Sparks on Penn's 47-yard
Penn was penalized 20 yards. A.
Wray replaced L. Wray. Sparks
pierced Urquhart's end for 4 yards, the
ball is on Penn's 15-yard line. Smith
plunged through for first down.
Sparks failed to gain. Maulie made 4
yards. Sparks made another yard. It
is 4th down and 5 yards to go.
Sparks threw a short pass to Maulie,
gaining 5 yards, and first down. Maulie
added 2 yards. Maulie added another
yard. The ball is on Penn's 1-yard
Penn stopped Maulie within a foot
of the line. The third quarter closed
at this point, within a foot of the line.
Fourth Quarter
Smith dove over the line for a touch-
doi n. Captain Maulbetsch kicked
goal, Score: Pennsylvania, 10; Mich-
igan 7a
Derr kicked off to Rehor who was
thrown on Michigan's 40-yard line.
Raymond gained a yard. Smith stop-
ped for no gain. On a tackle around
play Weiman failed to gain. Raymond
punted to Bell who was dropped in
his tracks on the Penn 30-yard line.
Bull Dunne threw Berry. Berry
punted to Sparks and he returned 5
yards to Michigan's 40-yard line.
Maulie hit center for 1 yard. Smith
tried to carry the ball from punt for-
mation, but was thrown for a 3-yard
loss. Raymond punted to Bell who

signaled for a fair catch, who was
thrown on the 33-yard line. Bell
gained 5 yards.
Sparks threw Derr for a 2-yard loss.
Berry ran around left end for 12 yards.
Bell made a fist down on Penn's 44-
yard line. Berry dodged through
Michigan's team for 8 yards. Derr
failed to gain. Penn tried a short pass
but it was wild. Berry was thrown
for no gain.
Bell tried another pass but it was
grounded. Berry punted out of bounds
on Micigan's 12-yard line. Maulbetsch
gained 4 yards. Pat Smith added an-
other yard. Raymond's punt was
blocked and Michigan recovered the
ball. Raymond punted to Bell who
fumbled on Michigan's 45-yard line,
but he recovered. Light shot through
for 5 yards. Berry was thrown with-
out a gain.
Bell shot a short pass which hit the
ground. Berry punted but the ball
went outside on Michigan's 10-yard
line. Sparks rounded Penn's right end
for 8 yards. Berry knocked down
Smith's pass. Raymond kicked to Bell
who was thrown on Penn's 49-yard
line. Zeiger replaced Sparks. Derr
punted through Michigan line for 6
yards. Derr added 5 more on the same
play. Berry circled Michigan's left
end for 2 yards.
Derr was thrown after he had ad-
ded a yard.
Final Score: Pennsylvania, 10;
_Michigan, 7.
Michigan Produces Most Congressmen
Michigan leads all American Uni-
versities iT the number of graduates
in Congress at present. She has a
total of 20. Yale comes second with a
total of 16.
Of the eight seniors on the Michigan
football squad for 1916, two have
earned their third football "M" this
year. These men are Captain "John-
nie" Maulbetsch and "Morrie" Dunne.
They played together on the 1913 All-
Fresh eleven and since that time have
fought on Yost's first squad for three
McGinnis' Men Tackled Tougher
Aggregations, Probable Reason
The freshmen of this past season
didn't set the high mark on paper that
All-Fresh teams of the past several
years have done. There is no deny-
ing this. Several elements, notably
a switch in coaches, and the playing
of two teams never before met by the
yearlings, account in part for the re-
versal of showing.
While McGinnis' initial season at
the head of Michigan's All-Fresh did
not crown itself with seeming meas-
ures of success, there is reason to be-
lieve that an average quota of fresh-
men will ultimately fill 'Varsity
There is small reason to doubt that
the freshmen team under McGinnis
never reached its top speed. And
there is no doubt that they met bet-
ter aggregations than the Douglass
crew did. Both Evanston Academy
and Heidelberg offered more than the
rudiments of football to spectators,
and the former crew of huskies are
practically the same team with an-
other year of experience that the 1915
team walloped 21-15 a year ago.

Other Contests From All Over Country
That Claim Interest

Illinois vs. Chicago at Urbana.
Northwestern vs. Purdue at Evans-
Minnesota vs. Wisconsin at Min-
Ames vs. Iowa at Ames.
Case vs. Ohio State at Columbus.
Indians vs. Florida at Bloomington.
Michigan vs. Pennsylvania at Ann
Missouri vs. Drake at Columbia.
Kansas vs. Nebraska at Lawrence.
Butler vs. Rose Poly at Indianapolis.
Carroll vs. Lake Forest at Wauke-
Alma vs. Kalamazoo at Alma.
Knox vs. Northwestern (Nap.) at
Marquette vs. Beloit at Milwaukee.
Miami vs. Western Reserve at Ox-
Michigan Aggies vs. Notre Dame at
Monmouth vs. Williams and Vashti
at Manmouth.
Morningside vs. South Dakota at
Sioux City.
Oberlin vs. Mount Union at Oberlin.
Ripon vs. Lawrence at Ripon.
Akron vs. Hiram at Akron.
Cincinnati vs. Kenyon at Cincin-
Princeton vs. Yale at Princeton.
Army vs. Springfield at West Point.
Pittsburgh vs. Carnegie at Pitts-
Rochester vs. Allegheny at Roches-
W. and L. vs. W. and J. at Richmond.
Amherst vs. Williams at Amherst.
Bucknell vs. Gettysburg at Harris-
Cornell vs. Massachusetts Aggies at
Dartmouth vs. West Virginia at Han-
Harvard vs. Brown at Cambridge.
Holy Cross vs. Fordham at Wor-
Johns Hopkins vs. Haverford at Bal-
Lehigh vs. Franklin and Marshall
at South Bethlehem.
Swarthmore vs. Dickinson at
Syracuse vs. Colgate at Syracuse.
Tufts vs. Bowdoin at Medford.
Union vs. Hamilton at Schenectady.
University of South vs. Tennessee
at Chattanooga.
Alabama Poly vs. Vanderbilt at Bir-
Tulane vs. Alabama at New Orleans.'
Georgie vs. Georgia Tech at Athens.
Kentucky vs. Mississippi Aggies at
Louisville vs. Franklin at Louisville.
Late Wire Reports
Third quarter, Princeton 0, Yale 10.
First half, Cornell 25, Massa'chusetts
Aggies 0.
Final--Brown 21, Harvard 0.
Carroll Wins Cross Country Meet
The Daily received the following re-
port late this afternoon:
Eddie Carroll won the state cross
country meet this morning at Lansing,
time, 17 min. 2 sec.
Attington of Albion College, second,
time 17 min. 38 sec. The All-Fresh
won over the M. A. C. Fresh.



Well it was a good game, each player did his best, and after all, that's what gets one "by".
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