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November 14, 1916 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1916-11-14

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is and Habits of Natives

' Answered:You can
tc_ Take Your Choice

e, '18D, and G. C. Lubke,
al, South Africa, tell of,
d customs of the African
i the third article of the
their native land.
own to many people as
ontinent," was so named
is many dark colored in-
matic conditions contrib-
at measure to the inten-
ent in any race, and we
es of Central Africa much
those farther south.
ips of aborigines are rec-
outh Africa: the Hotten-
habit the western part;
i in the central part; and
who make their homes on
tots are a very poor race
ally and mentally. But
sptionally noted for being
are in their dealings
treacherous. ,
nen, mere pigmies, aver-
feet in height, and now
.g extinct, are a nomadic
vocabulary they have is
a series of musical clicks.
med for their peculiar
hunting scenes, the colors
made from different plant
y of these pictures have
Ired years without fading.
splendid in physique and
s, are as contented a race
under white rule. Their
tion is raising corn and
mall scale.

The marriage customs of these peo-
ple are quaint. They barter cattle fof
wives. The number of cattle in the
case depends upon the social position
the bride may hold. Honor in the
Zulu tribes can only be obtained by
self sacrifice and personality. The
young warrior is taught the best
means of obtaining it,--the way of
the warrior's ,plumes and spears.
At the beginning of the 19th century
the Zulus adopted a form of compul-
sory military service. Their leader,
Tschaka, "the Black Napoleon," es-
tablished a vast number of military
camps, waged war and conquered all
the neighboring tribes. Tschaka's
warriors went into battle in crescent
formation, the two tips converging
until the enemy was completely sur-
rounded and annihilated. No soldier
was allowed to live if he returned
from the battle field without blood on
his spear. To be executed as a coward
was a terrible disgrace for a man's
family and it is easy to imagine what
"pep" was instilled in the hearts of
the regiments.
Medicine and witchcraft are prac-
ticed among the natives. Herbs are
used in the formerand superstition in
the latter.
The Zulus believe in a super-being
who controls everything, yet they in-
dulge in no form of worship. One of
the most remarkable points about this
wonderful race is their high standard
of moral life, w~hich seems impossible
in the heart of polygamy.

Texas; When marks were distrib-
uted in the law department recently,
it was found that 30 per cent of the
juniors had failed to make a passing
mari. The grades in the sophomore
and seiior classes were up to stand-
Sinchnati: The council is discuss-
in the uestion of whether or not

Washington, Nov. 13,

-Who did it?

The American unions against mil-
itarismn today issue d a statement de-
daring "iighting pacifists" elected Wil-
son. This led a government statistic-
ian to compile the following list of
statements which he says is not com-

s"President Wilson declared for pre-
saage's sa e paid to editors andjiareidness, and the American people
nprepared to give him four years more."
(klahma: Sludeiits have declared The Navy League.
war on the Santa Fe railroad because
it refused to male rates to the 00 The cause of labor, justice and

men who wanted to make the trip to'
Dalias, Texas, for the Oklahoma game.;
ii'sas: The university is still
urging students to be inoculated
against typhoid fever. Several deaths
among the students have occurred, and
thire is no decrease in the number of
[eland Si anford Jr: Students have
lad a 'imit piac upon their expense
accounts and parents are strongly
urged t keep allowances down to a;
reasonable figure.
lBreowi: iPertuguese has been added
to the curriculum in the language de-j
partment. for the benefit of students
who will work in South America.
)epaew: A course called "How to
Study," s being given this year, and
is n nl to freshmen.
U:ssi uetis Tech.: Three new
drmories hve just been completed,i
at a total cost of $1,000,000.
Smabwx eep Iames Speaker Away
Smallpox, which continues to gain;
victins in Ypsilanti, is the reason for
the pastponement of the address which
was to have been given last night at'
e meeting of the Michigan Dames in
> berry Ball by Miss Jessie Phelps,
nstant professor of physiology at
e Michigan State Normal College.
Dames expect. however, to be able'
~e're Miss Phelps for some future
mi ado_ f the program planned, the
meetng was gi,-ea over to business,
followed by an inormal social time.
For results advertise in The Michi-
gan Daily.

freedom has been vindicated."-Presi-
dent Gompers of the American Federa-
tion of Labor.
I rogressives were absolutely re-
sponsibie. "- -John M. Parker, Progress-
ive nominee for vice-President.
"1t was a victory for woman suff-
rage -The Congressional Union.
"General Otis, W. 11. Crocker, and
Francis V. Keesling have the proud
distition." -Hiram Johnson of Cal-
. ro ' ...
i fornm.
"Treachery of the Johnson machine."
--General Harrison Gray Otis.
"Excuse me. "-Colonel Roosevelt.
"Y" Buidingr Completed by Dec. 10
A. ?. Cole, contractor for the new
"Y" lmuilding, last evening gave out
the information that the association
home will be fully completed by Dec.
1d and that the offices could be in-
sialled temporarially in the basement
by the 20th of this month.
Mr. Cole gave the assurance that
only a delay in the material from the
planing mill could delay the com-
pletion of the building.
l~eu i ae~r V-eeis Pay Dues Today
Girls in the upper section of
tcher Veremi must pay their dues
today between 1:30 and 3 o'clock to
Thusneida Binhammer, '17, in they
Verein room in University hall.
If its artistic wall paper you want,
go to C. H. Major & Co. Phone 237. 5-16

41, '14L, and Cornell Man
ge Battle on Board
for Cro'wd
ulie! Yeh, Maulie!" Again
this cheer rang out. Yes,
Maulie had his hands on
Michigan alumni repeated
itander would have thought
ichigan-Cornell game was
d in the auditorium of the
ommerce in Detroit Satur-
>on from the grandstand
hich was being hurled at
ssburg, '02L, who was read-
orts of the game from the
e auditorium to more than
ni of Michigan and Cor-
rsities who were gathered
nt smoker.'
from the time that "Ike"
i his best orchestra opened
r with the strains of the
ntil James Strassburg took
nessage which announced
;an was defeated, did the
ten lose faith in the team's
>eat Cornell,one alumnus
white hair betting $25 on
hen there was but three or
es left to play.
ces of men well known
the state could be seen at
and upon the entrance of
eston, who has just been
ice justice of Detroit and
er Camp calls the greatest

* * * * * * * * * *
Majestic-Vaud ville.
Orpheum - Dorothy Gish in
"Gretchen the Greenhorn."
Also Triangle Comedy. -
Arcade-Emmy Wehlen in "The
Pretenders." Mutt and Jeff
Cartoons also.
* *

Police Recover Stolen Coats in Lot iotanical Journau Club )eets Tonight
Another foray was made Sunday by The Botanical Journal club will
the clothing thieves who infest Ann hold its regular meeting at 8 o'clock
Arbor. Two coats and a sweater tonight ini room 106, New Science
were stolen from 727 South Thayer building. Reports will be made by
street between 1 and 6 o'clock Sunday Dr. 1'. iolman and Miss Dora E.
morning. Police found two of the Ware.
coats in a vacant lot. A gold watch- -------
which was taken with the clothing has Syracuse I $25,000 Fire Loss
not been recovered. Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 13. -A bad fire
The police have no clues to the in a newly purchased building result-
identity of the thieves but believe that ed in a $25,000 loss to the university.
the latest raid was the work of some The building was purchased within
stray hobo and not the exploit of an the last week or two, and was to be
organized gang. turned into a hospital.





Fresh from a year's triumph on
Broadway, where it eclipsed even "The
Firefly" and "High Jinks," the two
previous successes of its authors, Otto
Hauerbach and Rudolf Friml, "Ka-
tiika," whiica is Arthur Hammerstein's
latest musical offering, comes to Ann
Arbor at the Whitney Theater Tues-
day, Nov. 21.
In the musical score one hit fol-
lows another in rapid succession.
"Rackety Coo" is the song hit of the
production. It has a catchy lilt that
hangs in the memory. Other musical
numbers are "Vienna Girls," "In a
Hurry," "One Who Will Understand,"
"Katinka," "Your Photo," "I Can Tell
by the Way You Dance, Dear," "Charms
Are Fairest When They're Hidden,"
"I Want All the World to Know,"
"Skidiskiscatch," "I Want to Marry a
Male Quartette," and "The Weekly

-KILMAINOCH and other makes in various sizes



Furniture Rugs Draperies
112-122 E. Liberty


i the history
successful in
rpell, '14L,
ior from Co
with a larg
y recorded t
They were
>all suits an
alls which tl
dience everyc
he grief of
id certain ba
iom the ball
g the report
I alumni pro
on and staged
stage of t
:ame a vaude
given, "Sco
I "Railroad J
cott, 171I H
lcott, '17H, w
pathic hosp
> undergo
The patient
3red serious
xt week-.
ved at Wah
your opnortu

of football, the
their demands Lawrence and Hurl-Falls open, the
bill at the Majestic this week and they
and a former present a number of tumbling feats
rnell, were on spiced pleasantly with comedy. It is
e chart upon the best opener that the Majestic has
he game, play had in weeks. A somersault from a
decked out in platform while seated in a chair and
d were armed landing while still seated is one of
hey kicked out their stunts.
once in a while, Weir, Temple and Dacey follow with
the blackfaced a singing act. The men appear under
ld headed ven- the caption of "That Somewhat Differ-
had a mania ent Trio." They each have good voices.
"A Case for Sherlock" is another
of the game, reason why the playlet position is gain-
ceeded to have ing in popular favor. The piece is
3 a snake dance presented by Charles H. Smith, W. B.
he auditorium. Bann. Cato S. Keith and Maude
ville entertain- Parker. Tension and interest are cre-
tty," the rope ated from the word "go" and all ends
tack" featuring with the comedy feature leading.
Jarrow, the humorous trickster,
with a line of discourse never heard
as Diphtheria here before, entertains with sleight of
vas removed to hand "stunts." He proves that the
ital yesterday hands are quicker than the eye.
treatment for Weber and Wilson, dancers, put on
's Qondition is a clever act with a little comedy. They
and he will be close the bill. Both man and woman
are dancers of unusual merit and abil-
ity. A dancing school feature wins the
her huge ship- laughs and some good dancing is done.
r's University
0. G. Andres for shoe repairing. 222
nity to get a S. State: 'Phone 1718-J. tues-eod
try, Axminist-
price. Martin Have those rooms decorated . now.
ty. 14 C. H. Major & Co. Phone 237. 5-16


SEATS 7; $1280
Quality runs through the
7 passenger 6-3 Chal-
merslie a vein f g
reason for its p E e
ability in actio..9
The rice isVy l
on this car-
(Al prices f. .'. Detroit.)
'Henry A. Schroen
209 S. Fourth Ave.

. =a _
r ,
Ii Y,,
i ((RR '_
. 4
L 'R 1i 'r
! L H i } t '
, 'n r,.
h :. ipJ,
JT 7 ry7
9, .
"t ;
p& '' 3
,. Y
t ' ? $
+ n
E r ;
n j
jL., dayi
ik,; E
, r: 3
d Y ,
444E c#\_ .
}, ?-
} 4 . .'{ . '
ti Aw J
^a ?
' .
. ,
. :
.: } ,,
t ,r
R' " -. ? '. A
.. .; 3
t ,'
, ! i

- >
The attractive figure
of the wel dressed
womaniS floi. i e resuLt
of chance corsetting. 1
It is the result of a
careful selection of a
ccrset thas is scientific-
ally correct in design,
and made of selected
fabrics and "stays."
Back Lace FrontLace
represent the best in
corsetry. They are
h class in every de-
tail, and there is really.
no more economical
purchase for the girl or
woman who is inter-
ested in her appearance _
and wishes to preserve
her good figure lines
for the years to come.
Be fitted to a Red-
fern, and learn- for
- yourself how admirable
they are.
From Three Dollars Up
-~ For Sale by
- -. - -

j( 9
i-74kin the
waist measure
o MATTEt how
rich the cloth, how-
fine the workman-
ship, or how stylish
the cut-if the suit
does not fit, its good
lines and its good
looks simply will not
RoyalTailored clothes
are not only the apex
of style-but the style
The clothes fit; hence
there is no friction,,
no tension, no slack or
pull between the gar-
ment and the body.
Good fit means stam-
ina, endurance.
"Made to your meas-
ure" is the answer.
Prices $18.50 to $40,
am us Bootery
State St.

Authorized Dealer
a _ for

P+ ++. Micltus



I i



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