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April 28, 1918 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1918-04-28

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aJ Up ,InI Arms. 11-" GERMAN
,lxl "iesterdayr's subscriptions fr "te
Iiberty ,Loan on, the campus wereth
lowest sine ta6 , pening otate cam-[iiiiN
." [g ." n ,,i , t as d r t e ' T " " ispatch fromi Copxenhagen to the exgjiange students, no reports conming from the Y R1
ited .there that a ounter ,reolution has fauly alsmn
The studentttl s now 31i,00, , ' '
It reprorts°"that "wile no telegrams "have l 1-mking 'ther quota short of$,5400.:",RU.:.4S ,UE W1
grad fort sereral" d. I,-thee are rumors ix days. are -ow remaining for the 1 "v~x~o
aSeriorus rioting at th ecapital. The rumor conclusio ftecmagn, so tht a
,. ~~daily avera ge oa $2,250 mut be rai'.,e, ,-1
Duke Alexis kolalevitch has be en pro- ,e tdn mnmmqut stoEA SRS C9
GrjtA'l l)gke' Michael Alexanrovitch is the be filled, andf the campus is to be° SEr+I !r US
airs.td prteseted ith an ,honor f;ag.... -
T~'1he aultyEttl remais unchlanged,00 .' 'n, ,
r_______r_____________________ hayiing aied$3y5,0byCray niht 1k "1
r eThe total ampuxs subscrxiln lat itdtrn
' " ightw Xs 167,250. The campus ga1 r
off' . i Y0 8 ,000 is therefore shoart of $32, , B 1.c~~
U [ EJIJLLMENI"FOYEAH 675to a be subscribed " t is pre-sp, .,4By
SIE 11 W L11 DCHA r aring fr the final dive e the last the wall" ta +for -.-
p , r 4. , " k" . few days of th$e an aig . A P.pep been am 4 us r ai he war
IN''11, 4 -'- _ "meeting wlprobably be held i- 'iitish o0ce vesab
AJ NRIYEEYSAEADIOTday or two, which is~ expectd to turn sa
, O N 001OT-F ~thes tide in thxe campaign, 1and 3in- hhzo th 6Y°rsectr
,' PRF SETED !Icrease 'the itrest of the studet, ino rw,4 su _:f
_ - I ": - v .thus makinig an offerubscrit2 ion tc~ aftr ies" s by t
rnmh to' Inoads war hae made o the en- ,ibloe,,, , o ~e 1
to .the rllment at MiTchigan "r revealed ind ee3ee
s price- the ireglstration rfigres made "public h} Omen" i'els his suc1 es i te
ienofysternay by the regstra s, e'esltp o +"" oi
s'o is Y , a 3' e araisastrousto te afi i
©ro, ,v Teyshow that 57 4 students iKap4 av 6am ,? e i Bri i hve , h ld'
uudt ' ' re4",en1,rolled in $ tl r iiv ersty dfi r _1.3,b7;'" °Jit t ' 9;
rQ fihe past year, i n ma a riso ih In a fast and r o gae$ h ~ a
aprxpa atly 8,Q~t90 t i'seyea 'p ,- Womens lba Q~, KppaKapa:ay 'nru+g."e a
vj;;iou s I" .,Q1aw 'a wntdown to fieatatsthe' prepa n ht~~
eatiu B epartments= a erollmen t is banisd fChi OMmeg" a 4 ~tune ;henfxf
11 g1 916; m edical, 44; law , 19i 1 8 t . yar-y qtF y e [w ill lin g Bf' y
cf mas-a > .79; 'homoepathic, 38;dent iI, a3 gn'suddadal a hihec;cs
1;_l r 37;Iaua 25 sime e- gasping nthe sward. IWaalasei
-1 trated sion 14419:. Alowances ,hal. ;lbeen K4.9.w a lgltl iand apped , 1ta1 11.fI
a ~, mademIn ftcases for duplHlaions. tughot due ec t t~e e t ltat her heto ilita~siui
',t'ic 1I pii1 1$ 6 .t1e" op 1 nuLibered. e3g ' T2 r d a ntL aae'astae$ o tbe a
at tro- Alsatso heUinrerpe were only four inns toeand g hefAliedf
Ssculp ' entc with 'th'e aept4'nofDel ae, there had been a f wmr hr jgtIi3te otl l
an lo h ajrt o oeinc~I~hvebe ~dif rrdrit lsre ev4htnz, ha Bll"
tri es e t u~ et tfrom re ,dnm a v e ek tlotiy4 o d II-I iss d n f o $+ a'D e f , r hake we eer h d this III:t e
' hnt s a caenro 0'ed ,.That M11 higa k st &n- fore ;')ppp pro r ~t e.
eentury n ntees s bwvyteI~~ wr neSims ad Gera rown -31 1 11V__- Al
ci ther uesed ,enrllmen~ets inp atern ° tates er fthe conpcu" tpr n l ar, h juasa
'aYrk; stands third inth ti 3of victoiou uie, dit ruish N he-n e rr theIr ob ah 0
Icn theh lish l.c p.uss 'itaa lsi t1eA 4
treted Is dates, an~nd:Pen sylvan ia fourt ,The el es na s $tcher,, nd Icahe r p-cat A~i~ns, th
11 slm -1ater has pseed llinois, who 10 P u tiyusr. Their team bwve erk was ey' ,I Wd :day.
OT iry ofa8 u ersrne bv hriiU~ and itheir touch en" Iand sift r ^
showdtr gof student ts erlledA'F: ady!s Dtwi e' esear es 'et oii as ,*. "r 'mes' idhi8~-y ST4TO T
aodwer1l \Nmbr rStdnssouthpaw 1wrle rr afr th , ppas
thy thi The number of studets froini each .Thei game as . rgly ttei~ed't by
etwor . tate, also forei coutrie, s hotn the ee f the ecrps, and ne ,~ie
In the follo~ig ghart. fter ;another rent the ir durin fethe , eas ~'t Jt
11,decl itchian 42; Ohio 537, N w rk entire g.am. A notlc eable eauof the i r,,s t~alray
, . rPenslvan1 2 4 8; Illinois a ,°the game.ws the lack of i1., L L i~dPmos1g m if ty a d ianadl F . ''N ndaa , n rev f :a 'uet it iipatt asbn % wi otl + q
.i,1A'AIwuld ey 55 jIow Ra ( ;Minne oa 6,J n-s a cse t yu9irt m epz ( tn",kys
laanc$ in sas 44; Ohina $71 oth Africa 29;,.rm:sarti t aer 1w w~
b~ hsJapan t1; Chtile ; $a4 , Argen-: l,,i ;,fens ...~ac
without tine,' ; Mexitcr a; Alber ' 2;Colom- 1 .1 VTEAX a n ii a
is have 2;fI aga' , Peru 2 r Poland 2, T GIVELECTUR past eek a nde
~iipply Russia f2"I . ktchewan';, ; $ ,atra s e hr 1
ames 2;Turkey.2; dtuba 2;en 1;Gr- Ja A iar,'Irel o h h n tbCe 4tion w
'iJa any tprnry W 9. ,1 Hugary 1; Ja a1; Krea'Freh armuy and nassignedtothe ereant ' pe 1aeom 1 ual i aa~ ilt-ma j-pr
~ tuch 1 i~acdon 1 ~aitba ; anap.staff f the a to4nal Wr work c~mit- il,tor- lh
elt o1;Pri1.tee of the Y.lit. . il, speak tte n fth ee
people 8 oQ 'clock tomoroaw night in Hl3 .1A ,T It .W to rn t 9 i
ar ,theyr ss; Jct'Fae f1flih
Gd "and 4Ill I ECTTJRA i HO? QRA1 7 itorluin, taking' as i ss ~e °'s sirouhs 0
them:' SOCI~ETY 1ELECTS ME7BERS andthe Ar.--" ilVr. Pica l' spent"'14 From herett
y'"maronths in the trenches beforeherws far e~,to alaia
I1 sely to allied arts honorary fraternity have"vice.f
, line to' elected" four new,,nriembers. .General . The first art of, the pgram will
which scholastic averages in additiontal to: consist of movn pitrso eat CAM r ° $J
splendid, design ,.and 'con' structionr ability de- ated French 'ter itor$. ~any "o' the V 1*,e" rr - , fx i '
)rdeaux. termind the choicef members. Thepcue hwxh xc oclt hr
fllowing were xele1cted: Hiiam h fgtngI eng-~ e n~tte Wshton, .
:anr°1F, tneyT I 9,present tiame. Thte'adr ss w 1 t ch ° X.,1 from,{1 alyT.Ml :3L, y ^ { N{y t ous t toWat r
E G T e . oian' 19 fan a Sti m on ithe . M.uC'AtL."V f work aroad i inI e S" nd 1 g w~Jy he d)~o
in keepiing upthe mo'r of t e op om onb hUi
ation to ma., and aidig he I.eerypo41l ~ee se"r -, r ,1gres' ow1 ue

the sb- CnrcJ~>Se~vlcesAnnoncedThe middle sections in Hill audi- '~ p~~I~
7:30o'- Serice atthe irs Bati~ chrchtorlum have been reserved for the the brief answer given
a~uspices will be as follows: members of the R. 0. T. C. and the cials.
T. M. The Rev. J. M. Wells will preach aero mechanics now taking courses in But a history sharki
le Class the second of a. series of sermons on~ the Uiniversity. The lecture will be forth with a better ca
ivisited "A N~ew Heaven and a New Earth" at opea to the public. than mere military nec(
and it .10 :30 o'clock. Subject, "Creating a hnei clts H
,re both New World." Guild class meets at SEEiESN IYLE ~ a n sotlorhs. erh
lecture noon at the Guild house. Subject, SEVN PERSONINVOLVCHMDT U gErei s tandhito rove
church, "The Answer to Life's Fundamentalupaoreofte" ri
streets, Paradox." The Guild will hold a song n~nodro b"nai
service at 6:30 o'clock. Detroit, April 27.--One woman dated Septemnber 5, 17
known to be dead, three missing more a uniform of gr'eeni coa
than a year, a fifth seeking to recover white, white waistcoat
Training Detachment $3,50>0 alleged to have been stolen edged with green, and
from her, and two others, widow and ters."
lially invited to the daughter of the dead man, was the
/ way the prosecutor's offlce tonight $2,78,877,450 Asured Ii
C u c ,1 A tabulated developments in the Eel- , Washngto, Aprll
muth, Schmidt ~case, Schmidt, took days of campaigning
on and Division Ss. his life in the Highland Park jilU Loan subscriptions close(
Tuesday, after his arrest in connec-thP nvr*in. s r~

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