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October 14, 1917 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-10-14

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14, 1917.











Daily Attempts
To Explain Issue


IFn ters Campaign with Zest Realizing
Possibility to Aid
In arranging this page, devoted ex-
clusively to details concerning the
Liberty loan, The Daily has attempted
to explain the purpose, conditions, and
requirements of the bond ( issue. To
this end, it has requested men whom
the students respect and admire to
explain their viewpoints.
Perhaps it is fitting to say here
that The Daily has never before en-
tered a campaign with greater zest or
pleasure. The splendid object in view
is indeed an inspiring thing. For the
first time, perhaps, this paper is able
to aid in a great national campaign
by appealing to students and faculty
members alone.
It is a pleasure to be placed in. the
position of feeling that we are really
doing something of substantial bene-
fit to our country at the same time
that we are able to appeal to the
sense of natural rivalry that dom-
inates our university life and that
has aided so much in placing Michi-
gan in the very front rank of col-

To subscribe to the exter
partriotic duty. To do so
this, the sacrifice will be for
sources of the nation shoul+
The campaign for IUnivel
hearty approval. Let us mad
faculties and students will,
plan announced should mak
a desire to help the cause sl
properly keel) in mind that
return and that it is secure
The ordinary savings of the n
must be supplemented as never bJ
by additional sums which ca:
raised by the elimination of waste
abolition of luxuries and the
scientious exercise of a rigid econ
If our entry into the war and
consequent lessons in thrift whic
proper financiering entails resuI
the abolition of inefficiency and ws
the sacrifice of life and treasure w~
not be in vain, even if the greater
jest of "making the world safe
democracy" were not achieved.
Work Vacations,
Help lDemocra


In addition to the vast amount of
revenue which will flow into the treas-
ury from the various federal taxes, it
will be necessary to raise in the neigh-
borhood of $14,000,000,000 in order to
meet the expenditures of the govern-
ment for the year ending June 30,
next. At least $5,000,000,000 will be
needed by our allies in order to fi-
nance, their purchases in this country.
This of course will be repaid to the
United States with interest, but it
must be included in our plans for rais-
ing revenue now.
Already a loan of $2,000,000,000 has
been offered to the American public
and greatly oversubscribed, but in a1
nation as wealthy as ours such a sum
can be raised out of the floating sur-
plus and consequently without having
a large influence on our financial and
Industrial Institutions. The raisings
of the present and subsequent loans,3
however, cannot depend upon thet
spontaneous action of a few individ-
uals, but, if it is to be successfullyt
accomplished, there will have to be
enlisted the funds and the efforts of
all classes of persons to an extent
greater than ever before contemplated

Students frequently do not k
how much they can afford to
scribe to the Liberty loan until s
person with a more exact knowl(
of conditions explains the impor
facts of the bond issue to them.
following incident is interesting
cause it illustrates the sort of tl
that is occurring daily. Incident
it furnishes a splendid example
other Michigan men to follow.
A student walked into the offic
Prof. John C. Parker, wrote ou
check for $50, and' stated that he
just that sum available and that
wished to use it in purchasing hoi
Professor Parker thanked him for
subscription, but explained tol
that by purchasing a $100 bond;
would be necessary to pay at o
only $10, that he would then bea
to utilize the remaining $40 in
weekly installments, and that
would thus have plenty of time
which to secure the remaining $50.
The simplicity of the explanat
appealed to the young man and wl
he left the office he had $40 remain
to his credit in the bank, a receipt
a $10 cash payment, and an
thusiastic resolve to earn $50 by wo
ing during the Christmas vacation.
"That man," said Professor Park
"is a patriot."

t of one's ability to the Liberty loan is a 8IOD YIYPRO a
may mean sacrifice, but if it does mean, - ., o~,! :d e .iii
rour country at a time wheni all the rep,, EASY TE MS A i~ f. ARRAui z:11 TS
d be mobilized for the defence of dem-. WIYT BNS A11 'Alf R State STt
rsity subscriptions to the loan has my..,
ke It a grand success. Members of the;,,h' fo)lting'atl7l wEW wrIx
I am sure, respond enthusiastically. The ten eseia lly '1g r Thte .'Miw-hCigcv;nnf)) h
e it possible for all to contribute. 'While ten especal~Wly for , ffil I~ n ~ ~
hould be the imipelling motive, we may , ?1 11Ybyt~iti i~aur ~ I. "h 'K~
ithe Investment will yield a substantial ptet~ rq~s~ta ~
Iby the credit of the Nation. = nm t.be r jvQ4et vh 6hi
H. B. JIUTULUNS, bie y loau. bonpxds X, hjbe bught (I ) A 'I
either IFor cash or by intalment, wo
p r (p±entipl~iiqp 1 per cent on e
cation not essential in normal times and ix, Novenber 1,~40 p r es o Pecenberl
)efore times of national sacrifice are wike 15, ,19, and hte o~inaiig40n pr
Ln be if they interfere with the big work. cent on Jaifltary.,1, 1}91 Iutll- 1',
, the Surely if I must have my books ani Qi g ise uret ,$ rms on viich
con- pictures, exquisite linen and floer the lJnlt utcTus b aidd-
iomy. at meal times, and my wood fir to the bords, vev yrsing teaj I.-
3the dream by, if I can not build ideals country, it s beieved, vii, a~r ge
h its nor see visions without these things, it g s t a yoj~dp g to pur se
ts in then my ideals are unsound, my vie ir a Libertyr loan( btd ~car} .4p q by y-
aste, of the thinest. ink a snimalipi nt d9y~y y~nd ma ~ng
ould But we can and will do without.As small weaky ior moot l' ayent It
r o- a community of men and women we is bli vedteei ~r~ ~
efor will have a fuller happinss, a. rarer (m 'na t >4 [ td,.tiates w re
culture and still give up'the machinery there ae not P A i9s g ter, age es
of pleasure and refinement on which thyU hc iiett gnbnaa
° we have grown to 'depend. , ~ prcae~ ab nl egt~le, is an
s Since our base 'of happiess' is ments exterdinm, ovr a. vest'seio
V sound, we will be the happier~ in get- There 9ire Rik yry strongest __
tCy ting nearer to that bedrock, since our scuninet reasons .thtxt t g fuds -
culture is more than a surface scratch- which~ ths governxent to to fin ce
sioing, it will put forth finer efflorescence this war should c?'~efroi the petpl ° h.
and fruitage if we have to go at it in of the nite Stats and, not from th eng o ( h
a back-bekingwafinaciaint rests alone. Ti sA~r orm 'fat ~ol
Faulty and student alike, we 'have cap wn..:,The ipro fe o f ghtn e i C .C t
now allowed the materialism 'of our _na-+ out o victor y wth Anerl an-sold ers ' io~cFohs
sub- tional life to close in on 'nd color and sa lors, wi iAe a]" hIs nd ~>
some Ann Arbor. If we tackle this bond can no wth Amrerican mony, 1eo gs
edge purchase not without 'acrifice, thF to the{AmericaxP people. ta, of e ry
tat University will emerge recothed and soldier ant sailor lere hould bh >Tt}Tf
The adorned ini a beauty of simplicity that bondlho1l?r wlo o43ri's hi s mot t$~ wc~al<l ~
b-shall make her 'and her 'children anaetise " their lives ph t -
king force and an inspiration in the land erful and e ective a8A a~e , or- tY~l -' 3U t
;al o aygenerations, well as possible. ' rf i
for It is this hope of a spiritual hre ae }great intdal an In4t-tof'na cai r
renascence that. makes the bond sale vidual ~eie~ts' a u1fo1~bstbt~
e of a holy thing., great L7berty loan and Its Tide s b17, t ' ' iP
t a = -- port and wce dgribin emog the
had ,y128,,,*popio heT2IIadtte. HIT TO ORDERi
hae S ttO U":" V U 1 +Z pe re B i e s t 's ~ - H R T f e s as t i"'hex e a
.id C. ' 1 '' treasure is there is is 'heart sab. V' .9ad
his &~lh a o ~ sPres~ent Wiilspn voiced hj atlnal r~
him treelinF when he laid tia, hearts
I t Dean Myr ka B. Jordan o the American pea ~e wthbr
ne The qi eation which has confronted naioaa my . ,e wih.bu
20us sincee the }War was declared is one ;ur 11 eaU, 11must1be
hbe nlot f mtive bt a~ npn hgewQ0#e $but -ofFmethod.uIn this,',them. ow TTAll
much insp n hi ; ira tion will It e t'te~ o y l V
intime of crisis no, one doubts the will-' know thatI,Martiheir ello
ingness and anxiety of the women' of 1 z> ae bc bttlm ~rta
iLtzm r ak o ta d ion thle Un4iyrsity to, bar their 'part. souland puirse! e me wir.lo
"hen But ,we have wondered mach as to ea(_______________~t
iig ow our resguces of tmenergy, and I LE FR4A JS E TO L
frenithusiasm. can be usedtR the bst tITfj I't M
e-advantage~i., A
ir- T ei ensta ene~ o'Fac~~~ im t r w po~ U±Liih
m~ilzowsprtuJ osa-the first £i o this year 8:gi{ c kAv
ler iasures, to .4 great and noble cause. tmroweeig ia" fheisfir
rooms in University hal. A prsId at Sub& q lP~f he tqli an..pI ly.
Then there will be no question of how Ynl"c~ar t e let~ o
much we.. will give, because we will ,____ ______________.fi___lg________A___
present earatti}e
A'b iigeyrtig eAilb ssocite mmprh Ainthe Cer le Here, a 'kere only ca
In the nx w eksw ilternbprs,,"ha z up
r given the opportunity to give. our cun;- f- l suet ~ rc~i instruments-2
ar evc:: i'e e~aP ~tfrthe 1Uiversiiy nii 'nties isu n ip -
n ta very rean moe hposi tiv fndo br s oGdis :t~~te, ct i~SteinwayPianos, Knabe,
that vry reaon moroposieredndby- r£e[13ercle on t i
spring than edit' which has been open ofrdb h Vi nisrgirYose & Sons, .Si0,aing
'~t u~ b~~9r. The en f te Iulvr-lecturer program drin the y ar.Mndson
1ity flj 4n A 'or, in training camp, and 5Ai ther The home
and n Frnce relokin to s todo Fesh ltrni s t Change InsiV to
landin rane ar lokin to s t do Recent action take Aby }the fre - ~t
or hare .is r~isinthe Uniesty s _
quot ofthe~ibrty'loa, $O,00. an pharmics to change the colok' of
Shebttn nthir'aps tocnf0 NN L"~~
fI 'Tat ens thAtevery one of u must te:,tono ter, 'c to
of buy at least a $50 bond. By ecnomy ith the colors of th I iolee o
ay and elimination of unnecessar"s, by Pamaywaivnspport 'hu s- .
en sa fdeinal Whihv i hr 41~u soul- day evening at a imeting of the S -
I atlsfymug aie 'f it yy ifIcu- dent council. The body passed, s
ak. y~sveryoll 6frs cn d itolution recommending that the' uttbi
ty,_ever.oe.obus cannogIt.t--o - geen. te-aft4a
ra- If we are already living on the e ry: cg4 t lv gen4e~fica

or last possible amount, we must earn it. pclro iephrayclee
adsInevry house there are qpportunitie --- .
totoeanmoney by mending, darning, Dr. Brdy'1es I Z ij
for and ioning. Through my ofice 'eves
'named a uifs tr:n leecio- -
sh- Wings can be given to the care' of
~lf chlden ndaftrnonsto lan sw-mics department, has been appointed WANTE- A law student who!pa
~eenpvngt~o 'ou' o a -ostion i n thee'fnancial depar~ ~ pyertr.-n-.ws
i . - e_ W e av b en iv ng to ur co nt y eit o t e si n l 1o, U of 'St te ;ive~ pare tim e in e ekang fo r o
ed that which was pleasant to give, knit-liexgr c. ak. os 2'
any ting, -friendly' afternoons spent in-Red'ptn tecosofosruigth Ann Arbor Savings Bank Buil I
der Cross work, cheerfulness and joy in airplanes lately contracted for by
n-the face of great national isaster. A &ermn. -! yo d t
heLet us give something now which will wr or ihsan udy. St
Of mean real sacrifice. Qns o tBeC p1 Sn dnt u1 tre
______whodopeto Witeen 'wh
REPORT OF UNION MEMtBERSHIP Alumnae hue ilgo lz te er n-xo.11 el
~55 CAMAIG NO YE COPLEED The construction of the building wil
"p- be completed within a few-dayst-'-and AWANTD-Seod-~maid.- 145 Wad
sat- Owing to a number of the workers' the women will probably take pose 14w Pn X.
on failure to bring in reports, the Michi- session of their new quarters next a i'
ongan Union is not yet prepared to an- week.
nounce the results of its recent mem -________-________
ea- bership campaign.. It is hoped that The Citadel band of the Detroit FRSL
w" definite announcement of the names Salvation army gave a concert in the
s fthe winning teams with their cap- Presbyterian church last nightwhich cLd be peratled bytwos
city tains can be made in Tuesday's Daily. hc ol e prtdb w
Union officials ask that all men who Ladies coats relined. Albert Gansle. students. An excellent opportunity,
;es, have not turned in their reports do 217 S. 'Main St. Upstairs opposite Fo ofrtheor patlrhrouhces .A
are so at once. Mack & Co.-Adv.FofutepaiclradesJ.A
W., care of The Daily.
* Arcade Theatre opens tomorrow.- Arcade Theatre opens tomorrow,- FOR SALE-The Daily can sell any-
Adv. Adv. thing, it is our specialty. .

In any cause.
The Liberty loan, aside from any
patriotic considerations and regarded
merely as a cold-blooded investment
proposition, surpasses any issue of
securities ever offered for sale. Four
per cent .government bonds, which
normally would sell at a premium of
15 to 20 per cent, are offered at par,
with the privilege of exchanging them
for any subsequent issue bearing a
higher rate of interest. Since it is
quite likely that subsequent issues
will be offered at a higher rate, we
can accord. to these bonds the honor
of being the "premier investment" of
all time. They are secured by all of
the wealth of more thawt one hundred
millions of the most prosperous peo-
ple In the world. They are exempt
from all taxes which would affect the
ordinary investor. Although the gov-
ernment has the privilege of retiring
them after 1927, unless" the war lasts
much longer than at present seems
likely, the -holders of these securities
will undoubtedly be able to sell their
holdings at a premium long before the
government is able to exercise the
privilege of retiring them at par.
Lastly, the purchase of large num-
bers of bonds on the easy weekly pay-
ment plan so generously provided by
our banks, will do wonders in in-
culcating in our easy going and lux-
urious living people a spirit of thrift.
If the war is to be''brought to a suc-
cessful issue, our people must not only
place at the' government's disposal all
of their available means, but they
must practice rigid economy. The an-
nual saving of our people, last year,
was estimated at $6,000,000,000, a sum
which will be seen to be utterly in-
adequate' to provide, the necessary
funds to the government for the next
nine months.
Arcade Theatre opens _tomorrow.-

This Liberty loan is essential
a material way to the, prosecution
the war, but in a much bigger R
it is the finest thing that could hapl
for the University.
For years we have been--taking, ,ti
ing, taking. Instruction and inspi:
tion, the pleasures of a life mo~re
less apart from the practical' dema*
of a real existence, the c'ontact W.
congenial minds, all have made '1
a selfish life; an admiirable selfh
ness, perhaps,--but- not. the. less se
Now comes no.t an appeal but a"'('
mand mthat.,we lay aside our assum
right to live apart and that we de
ourselves our little comforts in ord
that we may invest heavily in the r
tion that has freely given us all t
peculiar privileges that we enjoy.
course we shall hearken and obey.
We will lay aside the less wort
sources of enjoyment and discover if
costly means to happiness-to a hap
ness the more durable, the more s.
isfying because it will be based
subtler imaginings, rather than up.
material means.
Dress, the unnecessary lunch at t4
time or in the evening, the "sho,
twice a week, the movies, surely as
cultural or as a cultured commun'
we do not depend on these things.
Even our nobler extravaganc+
those that minister to the spirit, a
Arcade Theatre opens tomorrow.

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