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October 12, 1917 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-10-12

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Students See Service Under Flags of
Many of Allied Powers in
Michigan, with her reputation of be
ing "the nation's most democratic
school," has sent her full quota to
fight for democracy of the nations;
her sons are scattered to every corner
of the globe, enlisted in nearly every
army of the allies, fighting under not
only the Stars and Stripes, but under
the Union Jack and the Tri-color of
France as well. She has entered the
fight for democracy with the do-or-die
spirit that cannot be dampened. Her's
is the fight to the last ditch. For, with
these boys of Michigan, 'there goes to
the battlefield, the spirit of Michigan.
In every training campp in the coun-
try one will find Michigan men; grad-
uates, instructors, and undergraduates
alike have found a new bond that will
bind them closer than ever to their
Alma, for they are from the nation's
democratic, school, fighting for the
democracy of the nations.
The Daily has made a systematic
effort to compile a list of these men.
The following are some of the many
Michigan men who have heard the
call and who have answered it.
Arnold, H. L., '11M, captain, U. S.
army, Columbus, O.; Akens, Bryan,
'19, U. S. censor, New York City;
Akens, J. K., '20, Michigan naval
militia; Allee, W. Coit, '18L, second
lieutenant, U. S. army; Allshouse,
Harry S., ex-'17D; first lieutenant,
dental corps; Allen, Edwin L., Jr.,
'20, U. S. army; Allen, Dr. J. W., on
board U. S. Melville now on patrol
duty off England; Allway, Dr. G., Ft.
nu Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis;
Arentz, L. A., '17, seaman; Alrams, S.
N., '17, U. S. naval reserves, Great
Lakes training station, Ill.; Alden,
S. T., '17E, U. S. navy, mosquito fleet;
Alton, R. M., '15L, officers' training
camp; Adams, W: T., '17, lieutenant,
Ft. Sheridan; Atwater, C. L., Detroit
ambulance corps, Camp Custer, Bat-
tle Creek, Mich.; Adams, J. H., '18,
field artillery; Adams, C. H., '18, quar-
termasters' corps; Alway, Terry, '14,
first lieutenant.
Allan, Edwin G., '19E, U. S. army,
American Lake, Montana; Alton, D.
D., aviation corps, Champaigne, Ill.;
Atwood, T. W., national army; An-
drews, N. G., national army, Texas;
Appelgate, o. C., '17L, dental corps;
Alexander, Leslie L., '17L, Harper hos-
pital unit, France; Atterbury, Dr. W.
H., first lieutenant medical officers'
training camp; Alway, Dr. Guy G.,
first lieutenant, medical section, of-
ficers' reserve corps; Austin, Dr.
Oliver R., major, medical corps, Amer-
ican Lake, Washington; Arnold, A.
L., '17M, junior lieutenant, U. S. navy,
New York naval hospital; Allee, W. C.,
second lieutenant, infantry section, of-
ficers' reserve corps; Amberson, V. C.,
captain, infantry, officers' reserve
corps; Alden, H. W., '18E, naval mi-
litia, Wakefield, Mass.; Anderson,
Granger, '19, signal officers' reserve
corps, aviation; Aspland, H. D., '17E,
second lieutenant, coast artillery.
Broadhead, Willys, '17E; Barter, A.
R., '17L, Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill.;
Bell, H. L., '16L, second lieutenant,
infantry; Bulkley, R. W., '09, machin-
ist's mate, second class; Badger, H.
A., '15D, hospital apprentice, first
class; Bromley, Bruce, '14, quarter-
master, first class; Breyman, C. H.,
'17L, seaman; Booth, P. L., '20, sea-
man; Bohacket, L. A., '13L, quarter-
master, second class; Bockstabler, H.

L., '15E, Camp Custer, Battle Creek;
Burns, C. M., '17E, Ft. Riley, Kans.;
Brand, Henry, '19, First U. of M. am-
bulance corps; Blomshield, '16, first
lieutenant, engineers' corps, Ft. Ben-
jamin Harrison; Birmingham, H. M.,
'17, U. S. naval reserves, Philadelphia,
Burchell, Warren S., '19L, naval re-
serves, Great Lakes training station;
Blakeslee, Donald R., '17, quartermas-
ters' division, France; Barrett, James,
'17, lieutenant; Bogel, Tom, U. S.
army; Bash, Philip, '19, first sergeant,
aviation corps; Bennett, R. H.; as-
sistant paymaster, U. S. naval reserves
force; Bruch, M., Camp Custer, Battle
Creek; Beal, T. F., naval militia;
Bathrick, D. U., lieutenant, marine
corps; Barnett, Lester C., '19, Michi-
gan national guard, Waco, Texas;_
Bolles, N. T., '18, petty officer, naval

militia, Great Lakes training station,
Ill.; Blanding, James L., '16, second
lieutenant, field artillery; Brown, G.
A., '17E, mess sergeant, Camp Custer,
Battle Creek; Berry, Lathrop F., '18E,
U. S. marines.
Burchard, L. H., '18, ordnance de-
partment; Bastian, Clyde E., '16, U. S.
navy; Bogs, Joseph M., '18, ambulance
corps, Allentown, Pa.; Brown, Wil-
liam A., '19, quartermaster, Ft. Dodge,
Ia.; Brundidge, Moses M., '18E, of-
ficers' reserve corps, Mt. Riley, Kans.;
Bisbee, E. W., '16, ambulance unit;
Boice, N. R., '12, second camp, Ft.
Sheridan; Boydell, J. F.; '18, quar-
termasters' corps, second lieutenant;
Brill, J. B., '18, infantry; Brophy,
George, '19, engineer; Burkholder, M.
P., '17, sergeant, signal corps; Bruck-
er, Wilber M., '16L, lieutenant, Camp
Custer, Battle Creek; Bogue, Arthur
P., '18L, Base Hospital No. 36, U. S.
reserves, Detroit; Battles, L. E., ma-
rines; Beers, J. L., quartermasters'
department; Bradford, R. J., U. S.
automobile ambulance corps; Brush,
S. R., cavalry, national guard, Colo-
rado; Bond, P. E., engineers' corps,
New York; Bond, C. C,, navy, on the
high seas;, Baxter, A. Rodney, '17L,
Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill.
Bauman, Frank, '18D, national army,
Camp Custer, Battle Creek; Brown,
C. S., '14D, dental corps; Burkhart,
K. D., '17D, dental corps; Brown, Al-
fred, '18, Harper hospital unit in
France; Bigelow, R. Barry, '20, naval
militia, Great Lakes training station;
Bacon, Donald K., '18M, medical re-
serve corps, Ann Arbor; Brace, Wil-
liam, '21M, quartermasters' depart-
ment, Ann Arbor; Barns, Dr. Van D.,
first lieutenant, ophtalmic section,
serve corps, officers' training camp, Ft.
Riley, Kansas; Brown, Dr. Frank W.,
first lieutenant, ophetalmic section,
medical officers' reserve corps; Beebe,
Dr. H. M., captain, medical officers'
reserve corps, damp Lee, Petersburg,
Va.; Brooks, Dr. S. G., first lieutenant,
medical officers' reserve corps;
Baines, W. H. first lieutenant, med-
ical officers' reserve corps; Breakey,
J. F., '94M, captain, Harper hospital
unit; Barette, A. M., '95M, major, U.
S. army medical reserve.
Bohling, Henry S., '18, U. S. navy;
Breakey, Robert, '20, hospital unit;
Bahlanan, G. H., '13M, first lieuten-
ant, U. S. army medical reserves,
Psychopathic hospital, Ann Arbor;
Bryman, H. C., '17, U. S. aviation
corps; Bramley, Bruce D., '16L; Bar-
num, Robert C., '15, second lieutenant,
U. S' army; Baker, Alex B., '10, U. S.
army; Bassett, H. T., '15, quarter-
masters' department, U. S. army; Ber-
key, H., '18, petty officer, naval militia,
Great Lakes training station, Ill.;
Baker, H. T., artillery, Pennsylvania;
Bradley, Charles, hospital unit, in
France or England; Becker, George,
officers' reserve training camp, Ft.
Sheridan; Begeman, Myron, replace-
ment battalion, Camp Chillicothe, O.;
Brewer, H. H., Detroit engineering
company, France; Batchellor, C. A.,
'18E, signal corps; Budd, C. B., '15,
non-commissioned officer, naval train-
ing station, Great Lakes, Ill.; Barrie,
William F., '17E, Michigan naval re-
serves, Great Lakes training station,
Ill.; Bronson, George, '19, Camp Sheri-
dan, Ill.; Burr, Dr. H. B., '17, com-
missioned but not located; Brisbose,
H. J., '20H, U. S. ambulance corps;
Boyd, Merlin, '20, U. S. aviation corps;
Barthel, E. F., '17, quartermaster;
Blowers, R. F., '18, Infantry; Beebe,
H. M., '07, captain; Beeckel, Nelson
A., '20D, hospital corps, Lake Bluff,
Ill.; Blanchard, Perry, '14, war work,
Y. M. C. A., India; Banghardt, Lee,
16E, Camp Custer, Battle Creek.
Brownrigg, W. G., U. S. ambulance
corps; Briggs, George K., U. S. train-

ing school ensign, Annapolis; Bur-
rows, Julian S., U. S. naval reserve
flying corps, Washington, D. C.;
Barnes, H. O., sergeant, engineers'
cbrps, France; Bender, T. K., ser-
geant, U. S. ambulance unit, Camp
Custer; Bowen, P. M., first lieutenant,
U. S. officers' reserve corps, Camp
Custer, Battle Creek; Breyman, C. H.,
U. S. coast defense; Bellows, W., '17A,
chief petty officer, navy; Benton, G.
L., '18, medical corps; Bailey, Prof.
R. C., appraisory work; Barnett, H.
C., instructor in literary department,
government ambulance service; Berge,
Dr. Clarence, instructor in medical
Criswell, Dr. R. H., first lieutenant,
M. O. R. C., he has sailed for France;
Cooley, Earl, '03, major, U. S. army;
Cook, F. M., '14, quartermasters' corps,
U. S. army; Campbell, W., '17, petty
officer, Great Lakes training camp;
Carlson, Harry, '17, captain, infantry;
Caffey, Frank C., '16L, second lieuten-
ant, infantry, France; Carman, Ralph
K., '17, quartermasters' department;
Crawford, Marshall, '19, Kansas na-
tional guard; Cunningham, Ralph, '16,
enlisted, now in Battle Creek; Car-
penter, Maussen C., '16L, U. S. avia-
tion at League Island; Corcoran, C.
P., '12, machinist's mate.
Christa, M. P., '18E, navy, Great

Lakes training camp; Coryell, Charles,
'17, army; Condit, H. A., '20L; Cramer,
E. H., Co. K., 126th infantry national
guard, Camp McArthur, Tex.; Carl,
Wm. A., '19, top sergeant, U. S. A. A.
C., New York unit, Allentown, Pa.;
Chipman, Albert, '13, captain, cavalry,
U. S. A., Fort Riley, Kas.; Coulter,
Glenn, ambulance unit, Allentown,
Pa.; Carpenter, R. L., ambulance serv-
ice, Detroit, Mich.; Christopher, H. G.,
secondlieutenant, 0. R. C., Camp Cus-
ter; Connelly, F. E.; Cooper, John S.;
Coulter, C. C., first lieutenant, cavalry,
O. R. C.; Campbell, Donald, '21M, U.
of M. ambulance corps, Allentown,
Pa.; Carpenter, Dr. Glen, '11M, first
lieutenant, Harp'er hospital unit,
France; Clark, Dr. Harold, '14, Harper
hospital unit, France; Clay, Dr. Clyde,
first lieutenant, Third Indiana in-
fantry, U. S. N. G.; Crum, Dr. Leo J.,
first lieutenant, 33rd regiment, Michi-
gan infantry, sanitary department;
Claypool, Dr. John R., first lieutenant,
M. 0. R. C., post hospital, Ft. Ben-
jamin Harrison, Ind.; Cruickshank,
'20, seaman, naval reserves; Coblentz,
H. B., '18L, yeoman, U. S. navy, New-
port, R. I.; Crawford, Carlton H., '17L,
yeoman, U. S. W. M., Wakefield, Mass.;
Cunningham, Paul H., R. O. T. C., Ft.
Sheridan, Ill.; Crosby, P. S., '17D,
dental corps; Cronk, George, '17D,
dental corps.
Cummins, R. D., '15D, dental corps;
Calvin, Harry L., '18E, first lieutenant,
U. S. army, New York City; Corbin,
Cecil B., '17, Royal flying corps, To-
ronto, Can.; Cleary, Robert, '20M, na-
tional army, Camp Dix; Campbell,
Donald, '21M, U. of M. ambulance
corps, Allentown, Pa.; Carpenter, Dr.
Glen, '1,M, first lieutenant, Harper
hospital unit; Carpenter, W. R., sec-
ond lieutenant, national guard artil-
lery; Corsett, H. L., '16A, Ft. Sheridan,
Ill.; Coleman, Asa L., '17, first lieu-
tenant; Chiffy, Geo. L., '17, naval re-
serves; Creager, E. H., '19, national
army; Cohagen, Chandler, '15, national
army; Colcorde, B. C., '20E, Michi
gan naval reserves, Wakefieldd, Mass.;
Callart, C. S., '08, first lieutenant.
Clay, L. R., '16, second lieutenant;
Cossit, F. R., '09, naval reserves;
Cruise, J. D., '20E; Covert, H., '19,
quartermasters' department; Codd,
John W., lieutenant, Camp Green,
Charlotte, N. C.; Cohagen, C. C., '15A,
national army; Cook, Prof. Chas. W.,
special scientific work; Clark, Chester
W., '18, quartermasters' corps, Camp
Taylor, Ky.; Clark, Ben R., '18, quar-
termasters' corps, Camp Dodge, Des
Moines, Ia.; Canfield, Dr. A. Bishop,
medical school, major; Cowing, Glenn
L., '16L, Ft. Sheridan.
Day, Harold R., '20E, ambulance
unit; Rahling, L. F., '17L, chief quar-
termaster; Donaldson, B. W., '18E,
seaman, Don Juan de Austria; Dahlby,
M. H., '18E, Camp Custer, Battle
Creek; Dudley, E. G., '18, U. S. naval
reserves, Great -Lakes training camp,
Ill.; Dick, W. E., '12, first lieutenant,
engineers' corps, Ft. Benjamin Harri-
son, Ind.; Duddleson, W., '18, U. S.
naval reserves, San Francisco; Daly,
Roswelle, '16, H. and F. school, Ft.
Riley, Kan.; Davidson, Ward F., '13E,
first lieutenant, engineers' corps, Chil-
licothe, 0.; Davis, W. C., naval mi-
litia; Dilkema, W. A., first lieutenant,
aviation section, officers' reserve
corps, Dayton, 0.; Dennison, Donald;
Donnelly. Herbert; Dykema, Raymond
K., '12L, second lieutenant, national
army; Delano, H. A., '19L, second
lieutenant, cavalry officers' reserve
Darnell, William M., '18, second lieu-
tenant, national army, Battle Creek;
Deger, Dr. Leon, '16D, Maryland
Junction, 0.; Ditchy, Claire W., '15,
officers' reserve corps; Dougherty,

Robert, '19, second lieutenant, national
army; Dickson, F. E., Camp Dix, Penn-
sylvania, national army; Dresser, H.
L., '07, second officers' training camp,
Ft. Sheridan; Dunne, Maurice F., '17,
lieutenant, coast artillery, Ft. Monroe;
Dunn, R. G., destroyer fleet; Dunn, R.
H., destroyer fleet; Dunlap, G. H.,
naval reserves; Duddleson, W. J., sec-
ond officers' training camp.
Dorfner, E. G., sergeant, U. S. auto-
mobile ambulance corps; Dabelich, N.
T., lieutenant, reserve infantry; Ding-
ler, Dr. H. J., '15D, first lieutenant,
dental corps; Donaldson, Dr. S. W.,
'16, first lieutenant, Ft. Ogelthrope;
Davidson, Ward, first lieutenant, en-
gineers' corps; Darling, Dr. M. A.,
first lieutenant, Seventh field hospital;
Davies, P. 0., '18A, signal officers' re-
serve corps; De Lorimer, A. S., '18L,
second lieutenant, cavalry; Dillman,
A. J., '16E, national army.
Ewing, Walter, second lieutenant,
regular army, Ft. Niagara, N. Y.;
Everts, Frank, '20L, sergeant, Cali-
fornia machine gun company; Edison,
Russell L., '20E, hospital corps, Lake
Bluff, Ill.; Emmons, S. E., '15, engi-
neer, France; Eaton, Paul W., '19,
learning aviation in France; Elloitt,
D. F., second lieutenant, field artil-
lery; East, B. R., '10D, dental corps;
Egan, Dr. W. T.,;'16M, first lieutenant,

medical reserve corps, Ft. Riley, Kan.;
Eberly, Dr. Karl C., '12M, first lieu-
tenant, Ft. Benjamin Harrison; Elson,
Dr. J. A., first lieutenant,.medical of-
ficers' reserve corps, Ft. Riley, Kan.
Eberbach, Carl, '16M, first lieutenant,
Washington University hospital unit,
in France; Evans, E. H., '06, U. S.
navy.; Elliott, Dr. J. A., '13M, first
lieutenant, medical reserve, not yet
called; Eastman, Ashley, first class
mate, U. S. naval reserve force; Em-
mons, Walter; Eager, H. L., Ft. Lo-
gan; Elliott, D. S., Ft. Snelling, Va.;
Erwin, J. M., enlisted; Eich, Louis, re-
serve officers' training camp, Ft.
Flinn, Ray, '16, war work, Y. M. C.
A., Egypt; Fontanna, Stanley G., '17,
U. S. field ambulance corps, Allen-
town, Pa.; Fitzgerald, H. A., aviation
section, S. 0. R. C.; Foote, Marshall
W., R. O. T. C., Ft. Sheridan, Ill.;
Flick, F. S., '17L. second lieutenant in-
fantry, 0. R. C.; Flynn, Raymond,
army Y. M. C. A., in France; Franklin,
B. R., Camp Custer, Battle Creek;
Foley, A. C., national army, Fort Tay-
lor, Ky.; Fry, Lynn W., '17, engineers'
U. S. army; Franks, John B., aerial
corps; Fanning, William S., '13, aerial
corps; Fishleigh, Clarence, '17E, sec-
ond lieutenant, Ft. Sheridan; Foster,
Willard, '20, navy; Foster, Harold, '20,
aviation corps; Finn, Crampton, '19,
Harper hospital unit in France; Fitch,
F. H., '17L, ouartermasters' depart-
ment; Freeman, .Jiles E., '19, U. S. S
Farley, C. W., '14, national army;
Ford, A., '18, now in military band;
Froemke, F. L., yeomanry school,
Newport, R. I.; Fox, Allan J., section
85, American ambulance' corps,
France; Fee, Joseph, '17, ambulance
unit, France; Forest, C. D., '14M, ma-
jor, British army in Servia; Fuller,
John, '17, second lieutenant, U. S..
army; Finsterwald, M., '19, seaman,
S. S. Don Juan de Austria; Foster, W.,
'20L, quartermaster, third class;
French, D. A., '19E, aviation corps,
Camp Kelly; Fischer, Chas., '18, first
lieutenant, Rockford camp; Freidrich,
A. S., '16, First U. of M. quartermas-
ters' corps; Fitz, Sherman, '19, Red
Cross service, France; Finkbeiner, D.,
'17, U. S. army, Chillicothe, 0.; Fuller,
Elmer, '11E, Michigan engineers, first
lieutenant; Foley, A. C., '18, 22nd com-
pany, 6 P. T. battalion, 159th depot
brigade; Fessenden, Prof. C. H., en-
gineering department, captain, Frank-
ford arsenal, Bridesburg, Pa.; Feld,
Prof. Peter, engineering department,,
captain, coast artillery, Ft. Monroe,
Va.; Fishleigh, Prof. W. T., engineer-
ing department, major, automobile en-
gineers to U. S. medical reserve corps,
Washington; Foster, D. Nellis, med-
ical school, first lieutenant.
Graham, D. S., '17D, dental corps;
Glarum, J., '17D, infantry; Galbraith,
Dr. E. G., '16M, first lieutenant, med-
ical reserve corps, Ann Arbor; 'Gil-
lette, Dr. M. W., '16M, first lieutenant,
medical reserve oorps, Ft. Sheridan;
Ganzhorn, Dr. E. C., first lieutenant,
medical officers' reserve corps; Gra-
ham, Dr. C. T., first lieutenant, med-
ical officers' reserve corps, Camp
Greenleaf, Ft. Ogelthrope, Ga.; Gehrke,
A. E., '17M, first lieutenant, U. S.
army medical reserve; Greenwalt, R.
C., '20E, Annapolis Naval academy;
Gurley, G. P., '10, U. S. army; Gier,
L., '20, Harper hospital unit in France;
Gillmore, Robert H., '13E, first lieuten-
ant, national army; Gandy, Dr. Chas.
L., '10-'12M, U. S. medical corps, Phil-
ippines; Goodspeed, H. L., '18, sea-
man; Gore, Charles W., second lieu-
tenant, infantry; Grover, Frank W.,
assistant paymaster, U. S. navy, Wash-
ington; Goetz, F. R., naval reserves,

Great Lakes training station, Ill.;
Greenberger, Solbert, '19, aviation;
Goldsmith, Richard, '19, mosquito
fleet, Norfolk, Va.; Getty, Dr. R. T.,
'17, commissioned, Port Huron; Gra-
ham, Dr. Glenn, '17, commissioned, not
Gordon,. Paul, '19, U. S. marines,
South Carolina; Gardiner, Dick, '16,
engineers' corps; Ganshorn, E. L., '14,
private; Gornwall, C. C.; Garland, C.
C., '17, aerial service inspector, Day-
ton, 0.; Gutekunst, John G., '17L, U.
S. aviation corps, Waco, Texas; Good-
rich, R. M., ambulance corps; Grey,
Lucien C., infantry, Kansas; Golden,
Ed, officers' reserve corps, Ft. Sheri-
dan; Gotschall, N. D., '17D, dental
corps; Gleichauf, Ray, '16, machinist's
mate, second class; Gleichauf, Ralph,
'16, seaman; Gordon, Dr. W. H., '15,
first lieutenant, medical reserve corps;
Gray, Earl P., '12E, first lieutenant;
Granville, H. G., Camp Custer, Battle
Creek; Greene, Harold, first lieuten-
aint, U. S. marines; Grylls, H. M. K.,
'17E; Grylls, Gerveys, '17; Grinnell,
H. L., U. S. navy, Newport, Rhode Is-
land; Gibson, E. B., '20E, aviation, O.
R. C., Columbus, O.; Joshorn, Charles
B., reserve officers' training corps.
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LOST - Horn rimmed spectacles in
Trojanowski's N. Univ. Barber shop.
Finder please call 1963-W.
LOST -- Tri-Delta Sorority pin and
guard on campus. Finder please
LOST - Pair of horn nose glasses.
Please call Price, 1134-J.
FOR SALE - A profitable business
which could be operated by two
students. An excellent opportunity
to work your way through college.
For further particulars address J. A.
W., care of The Daily.

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