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December 12, 1917 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-12-12

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fiE I I1U


Dotng ana passing.
the scrubs, has im-
iket shooting, ringing
1 angles last night.
will be able to get
nights of good hard
takes his men to
e opening game, Sat-


Phllps IUniversity Files GUp
oi~f 20Points to (fimn.


ents' 61
betsch, former All-Am-

an halfback and one of Michigan's
atest gridsters, who has been
thing the football team at Phil-;
university this fall, developed the
t powerful team in the history of
t school.
ut of a team made up almost en-
ly of inexperienced men Maulie
eloped an aggregation that went
>ugh, the toughest schedule the
001 ever played, chalking up eight
ories for a total of 220 points and
ered but one defeat. The total
its scored against them being only
nder his tutelage, the team was
only developed into powerful
en, playing a consistent game
ughout the season, but they were
ructed in a varied attack of old
new football, which they could
at any time. Practically the en-
aggregation will return next

New York, Dec. 11.-Sentiment in
favor of a re-construction of college
athletics after the war upon what has
been termed a safe and sane basis,
is said to be increasing at eastern
educational institutions and is likely
to be the subject of consideration at
the coming annual meeting of the Na-
tional Collegiate Athletic association.
President Faunce, of Brown univer-
sity, in a recent address upon college
athletics at the Providence institu-
tion, -said:
"We are well pleased with thy r-
suit of keeping up intercollegiate
sports on a simple and inexpensiveI
basis in wartime. Out of our last
year's football squad of 50 men, 39
entered the service. This seems to
show that wholesome outdoor sports,,
kept within bounds are a good pre-
paration for the soldier's life. If ourt
camps cannot go without outdoor
games, our colleges need not fear
to encourage them. Let us hope that i
the enforced absence Jraining tables
in all our colleges, and huge expen-
ditures and flaring publicity for in-
dividuals means the introduction of
saner policies when the war is ended,'
and that the over grown business of
securing gate receipts may give way
to the genuine play of college boys
who, through such play, become finer
and stronger men."
Yale Agrees
Almost simultaneously the Yale
Alumni Weekly, in reviewing the foot-


your Milita

will see

is our chief

G. H.






Notice of a Special Meeting of the Mem-
bers of the University of Michigan Union,
Hill Auditorium, Friday, December 14th, at
:oo P. M.
In accordance with the Constitution of
the University of Michigan Union, notice is
hereby given of a special meeting to be held
in Hill Auditorium, December 14th, 1917, at
8:00 P. M.
The Board of Directors recommends that
the Constitution be amended to read as fol-


I. Name.
This association shall be known and in-
corporated as the University of Michigan
II. Purpose.
The purpose of the Union is to furnish a
University social center; to provide a club
house for faculty, alumni, former students
and resident students of the University of
Michigan; -to interpret Michigan spirit in
terms of citizenship; and to inculcate broad
educational ideals.

(d) Associate members shall have only such
privileges as may be adopted bythe rules of Secti
the Board of Directors. They shall not vote later ti.
or hold office. shall b
(e) The number of associate members shall of five
not exceed one thousand (1,ooo). of wh
Section . Directors' Members, Annual and office.
Life. (a) Directors' Annual Members. Any lcers
man who has made application to the Board least t
of Directors and whose name has been ap- of Pre
proved by the Board by a two-thirds vote least 1
may become a Directors' annual member on offices
payment of one hundred dollars ($ioo) in- candida
itiation fee, such payment to be made within bers o
thirty days after the Board has approved the mittee
application, and on payment of annual dues Saturdn
of twenty-five dollars ($25), payable semi- post a
annually in advance on the first days of Jan- bulletin
uary and July. Hall a
(b) Directors' Life Members. Any man house.
may become a Directors' life member on pay- publish
ment of five hundred dollars ($5oo), payable gan D.
at the time of application for membership. to the
The Board of Directors may choose such Secti
members from the subscribers to the Build- twenty-
ing Fund, who are not eligible to annual, life mate c
or participating life membership, which
(c) Directors' members shall enjoy all the inate,
privileges of anliual, life and participating properl
life members, except that they shall not vote, tary b
or hold office. precedi
(d) The nimber of Directors' members sorece
shall not exceed five hundred (Soo) non- candida
resident and two hundred (too) resident mem- once c
bers, resident members being those living the Mi
within a radius of twenty (20) miles of Ann to be a
Arbor, Seeti


The followin
bility of Mau
inning footbal
hillips...... 3
hillips...... 2
hillips ...... 7
hillips. . .1
hillips...... 2
Totals ....22(


Three picked
class will parti
women's basket
clock this after
nasium, which w
of the season.
The line-up is
Marjorie Vanl
Virginia Cavend
ler, '20; center
Jeanette Sudow,
1919-1921 tear
Sample, '19, Ma
guards, Elizabet
la Cooper, '21;c
aId, '19, and Ed

d chance
ird berth,
0 has not
form, he
;s. He is
g up the


awkward Walter Ecker
him. He port critic int
an within quarterback
Ball team years
form a j Luke's hospital
Later is where he has be
et. Boyd, for more thana
tower of' seriously ill, be
>ugh still pital the Monday
I running and Camp Custe

ball season at New aven printed the III. Membership.
g record shows the saSection z. There shall be six classes of
lie in turning out a following commentary: members, viz: (1), Annual Members. (2)
,1 team:"A look ahead suggests at least on Life Members. () Participatins Life Mem-
IIta:'bers. (4) Honorary Members. (g) Associate
11Record formidable need. Football-.will be re- Members. (6) Directors' Members, Annual
4 Southwestern . 2 sumed at Yale, as at Harvard and and Life.
34 -outhesten 2 Section 2. Annual Members. All men who
9 Sooners... . ...52 Princeton, just as soon as conditions a'e students in actual residence at the Uni-
versity of Michigan; alu'tni and former stu-
6 Aggies . ........ at present beyond controL of any in- dents who have been in actual residence at
0 Bethany -.-,... 0 dividuals permits. The Yale freshman the University of Michigan for a period of at
y least six weeks; regents ; members of the
:0 Friends.0....... football team, everyone of the eleven reveral faculties and officers of the University
5 East Central .. . 0 and substitutes being members ofon s aichigann maybecome members of the
Unierit ofMihianUnion on payment of
6 Central........0 the university training units and sub- the annual dues, such members to constitute
the annual membership of the association.
:0 Kedall-.-.-.-.- -7 ject to their exacting schedules, gave Section 3. Life Members. (a) Any stu-
an account of itself which should not dent eligible to membership as provided in
be overlooked. Good mterial but bet- Section z of this article may become a life
0 61e kd-member during his last year of actual resi-
ter spirit brought it through a season dence in the University of Michigan, or within
.one year thereafter, on payment of fifty dol-
TER PAYin which the score boards told an in- lars ($5o).
ETEERS LAYteresting story and in which the char- (b) Any other person and any student (ex-
AL CONTEST TODAY tept as provided in subdivision (a)) eligible
acter of the team and its training to membership as provided in section 2 of
amounted to an inspiration. methis article, may become a life member on
players o alfromiraeach payment of one hundred dollars ($oo).
players from each "Will Yale, then, have the cour- Section 4. Participating Life Members.
Ypate in an od,,-Een (a) Any student eligible to membership as
ball ame at 4:30 '- age to resume Varsity football next provided in Section 2 of this article may be-
yar rgaeyertftrwhn'-ri come a life member during his last year of
non in Barbo gy-year or the year after, wuhp ne r it actual residence in the University of Mihi-
nobecomes a possibility, upon a basis gan on payment of fifty dollars ($50), payabl-
will be the initial game in the following manner: ten dollars ($ o)
Similar to that which has proved so Pto be paid at the time of application for
salutary for the freshman team? Will membership and forty dollars ($40) payable
as follows: 1918-1920 in four equal annual installments, to becoie
Yale be willing at least to help lead due and payable on one, two, three and
Clarissa Vyn, '18, the way to purer anateurism and less four years from the date of such application.
Norman, '20;guards, the spyt f rofesoism , t Such applicants for membership shall be
'of the spirit of profesionalism, to entitled to all the privileges of full member-
Lish, '18, Florence But- ship from the date of the first payment, pro-
more of sensible economy in keep- vided, however, that in case such applicant
s, Beulah Smith, '18, ing with the purposes of the univr- Isall fail to make payment of any one of said
'20.wsmack- four annual payments within one year of the
', . sity and less of extravagance smack- date such installment shall become due and
n: fowArds, Dorothy payable, he shall forfeit his privilege of be-
ing of commercialism, to less o coming a life member as provided in his ap-
rgaret Kneeland, '2;trumped-up public spectacle with its plication, and any installments which - may
h McCormick, '19, Stel- h - - theretofore have been paid by such applicant
hero-worship and other o evitablr shall be considered a forfeited. Any such
Centers, Doris McDon- evils and more of the college sport ; applicant who has forfeited his privilege of
Af '2 becoming a life member in accordance with
for the sake of college sport as Such? his first application may, upon petition to
ieOtOldAbuthe Board of Directors of the Union, for the
Mp Ould Auses privilege of making out a second application,
VILL LEAVE "We cannot think too hard or too be granted such privilege, provided, however,
such application is for a $ oo life membership.
[TAL IN FEW DAYS often upon these things. To prove (b) Any person eligible to membership as
blind to the opportunity would be a provided in Section 2 of this article may be-
come a life member on payment of one hun-
sall, the well known lamentable thing. To seize it and dred dollars ($oo), payable in the follow-
the West, and famous carry intercollegiate athletics, foot- ng maner: twenty dollars ($20) tobe paid
at the' time of application for membership
on the Maroons foot- ball especially, far away from its and eighty dollars ($s)- payable in efour
ago, will leave the St. ancient abuses toward the clearly sug- become due and payable n one, two, three
today or tomorrow, gested ideal will be splendid. Be- and four years from the date of such applica-
tion. Such applicants for membership shall
en under medical care lieving this and working for this now be entitled o all the privileges of full mem-
aweek. He has been will win half of the battle." bership from the date of the first payment,
k provided, however, that in case such appli-
Ag taken to the ho S- cant shall fail to make payment of any one of
ing ts said four annual payments within one year of
y after the Camp Grant Buy your alarm clocks at J. L the date such installment shall become due
er battle which he of-. Chapman's, Jeweler. 113 S. lajn. and payable, he shall forfeit his privilege of
- becoming a life member as provided in his
-Adv. application, and any installments which may
theretofore have been paid by such applicant
shall be considered as forfeited, Any such
applicant who has forfeited-.his privilege of
becoming a life member in accordance with
his first application may, upon petition to the
Board of Directors of the Union, be restored
to the privilege of applying for such mem-
V auev i lebershi, Any such person applying for a :life
mmbership before April first, giS, may be-
come a life member on payment of fifty dol-
lars ($o), payable in the following manner:
ten dollars ($o) to be paid fat the time of
application for membership and forty dollars
($40) payable in four equal annual install-
ments, to become due and payable on one, two,
O S NSATIONthree and four years from the date of such
OF ENSAIONSapplication.
(c) Any member making payments on a
life membership shall be considered as a par-
USLY STAGED ticipating life member and upon payment of
the full amount of the membership fee shall
be a life member.
Section . Honorary Members. The Union
may at any meeting, by a two-thirds vote of
the members present, elect to honorary mem-
r I M bership any person who may have rendered
distinguished service to the University of
Michigan, provided such candidate for honor-
ary membership has received the approval of
the Board of Directors. Honorary members
JUIAN EL.T INGEshall enjoy all the privileges of annual, life;
and participating life members, except that
they shall not vote or hold office.
"HARM O Y" Section 6. Associate Members. (a) Any
woman who is, a student in actual residence
at the University of Michigan; alumnae or-
"CUSTER MOVIES" former women students- of the University of
Michigan; or any adult woman, a member of
the immediate family of a member of the
QISE" Union, may become an associate member,
provided such candidate for membership has
se'ured the approval of twothirds of the Board
of Directors.
(b) Associate members shall pay an annual
fee, the amount of such fee to be prescribed
for the ensuing year by the Board qf Di-
j eKTlw AErectors at its regular June meeting.
, 9 At Union, U-HalL (c) Any person eligible to associate mem-
WuhI Bug -leebership may become an associate life member
rDr TR I Mqalir 3, Busy Bo, ,n pament of fifty dollars ($o), payable in
CJshgsUM9the same manner as that prescribed in Section
s ~ Sh f tihin s, 4tc.Si, Paragraph (a) of this article.
's A ror 4Iie a'nmmies [ilCl k s 9 t.

IV. Functions and Status of Members. such place
designate, c
All annual, life and participating life mem- on such da:
hers shall have the same privileges, includ- Day. The
ing that of voting at the meetings of the twelve A.
Union and at the annual election of officers. polls for th
(b) The
V. Government. tion Comm
Section z. The Officers of the Union shall vise and c
be a President, five Vice-Presidents, a Record- candidate f.
ing Secretary, a Financial Secretary, a Gen- one challen
eral Secretary and a Director of Social Ac- polls durnn
tivities. list of annu
Section 3. The President shall preside at hers who
all meetings of the Union and of the Board Recording C
of Directors and shall'be ex-officio a member lists of the
of all committees, attthe ar
Section 3. The Vice-Presidents shall be list for each
elected as follows: One from the College of the names
Literature, Science, and the Arts; one from registered ii
the College of Engineering and Architecture; deliver a cc
one from the Medical School; one from the college to t
Law School; and one from the combined mittee; (e)
Pharmacy, Homoeopathic and Dental Schools vote for on
and Colleges. Recording
Section 4. The Recording Secretary shall from the s
keep a record of the proceedings of the meet- in which t.
ings of the Union and of the Board of Di- istered, and
rectors, and perform such other duties as are Board of D
herein and otherwise prescribed. by ballot.
5. ' The Financial Secretary shall ave ready
he a member of the University Faculty or a candidates
resident graduate, and shall be chosen by the shall be no
University Senate. He shall have entire charge eis g tl
of the financial affairs of the Union, and shall receivfig t
be required to furnish bond in an amount three candi
prescribed by the Board of Directors, the ber of voti
premium of such bond to be paid by the Board of D
Union. At the annual meeting of the Union Incase of
he shall submit a complete financial state- tion for th,
m ent. . ays; r( h
Section 6. The General Secretary shall con- dysuti(h)
duct all official correspondence of the Union, te duties
shall keep a record of all members and of mencement,
all financial affairs pertaining to the Union, may meet
and shall be secretary and treasurer of all terpose
committees. In all matters pertaining to the the ensuing
finances of the Union, he shall be directly
responsible to the Financial Secretary. He
shall be required to furnish bond in an amount
prescribed by the Board of Directors, the Section i
premium of such bond to be paid by the meeting of
Union. be held on
Section 7. The Director of Social Activities At such ti
shall have charge of all social activities per- submit his
taining to the avocational ideals of the Union. President s
Section 8. o(a) The government of the dition of tl
Union shall be vested in a Board of Directors, Section
composed of the aforesaid ten officers; the leeting of
secretary of the Alumni Association of the whenever t
University of Michigan; three members elect- it necessary
ed annually from the University Faculties; the Recordi
and five alumni, members of" the Union, the twenty-five
same to be elected by the Advisory Council the matter
of the Alumni Association of the University ever, that i
of Michigan. be given to
(b) Upon the completion of the Michigan Section
Union club house project as outlined in the RecorUing
resolution of the Michigan Alumni Associa- the Union
tion, passed at its meeting of June 28th, igix, cial, by pc
the title to such club house, buildings and theo non
grounds shall be transferred to, and there- and other
after remain in the Board of Regents of the and onsthe
University of Michigan; the Michigan Union all ast ten
club house project shall, for this purpose, be sotw
considered as completed at such time as such at least tw(
club house shall be ready for use and oc- ceding such
cupancy. Section 4.
(c) Upon the completion of the Michigan number of
Union club house project as set forth in (b) a quorum
of this section, the management and control nual or spe
of the club house, buildings and grounds shall
be vested in a Board of Governors, composed The dues
of the Financial Secretary of the Union, who and the ar
shall be the Chairman of the Board; the year shall
President of the Union; one member of the of Directors
Board of Regents of the University, to he tion of off^i
chosen by the Regents; and four members lege in Jun
of the Union, to be chosen by the Advisory the Board
Council of the Alumni Association of the annual dues
University of Michigan from the life, faculty preceding y
and alumni members, provided that at least
three of the said four shall be alumni of the X.
University. Any mem
Section g. Quorum and Vacancies. Seven cause be s
members of the Board of Directors shall con- of three-fou
stitute a quorum. Any vacancy occurring in Board of I
said Board, except in the office of Financial taken, the
Secretary, shall be filled by the B rd itself, the member
the person so elected to hold office for the against him
remainder of the current college year. ber, he sh
Section io. Eligibility Requirements. The Board of D
President, Vice-Presidents, and Recording
Secretary must be student members of the
Union in actual residence at the Univ-prsity, A club ra
at the time of their nomination and election times as th
and during their term of office. termine. C

1 1L






VI. Standing Committees.
ection i. There shall be an App


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