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November 25, 1917 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-11-25

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line. Northwestern's ball. Kohler
made two through center. Holmes
made three around end. Northwestern
made 10 yards on a short forward
pass, Holmes to Arries. Ellingwood'
went straight through center for five
yards. Michigan was penalized five
yards for holding. Ellingwood failed
toxgain around right end. A forward
pass was incomplete. Ellingwood
failed around left end. Ellingwood
dropped back and on a fake punt made
a forward pass to Arries who broke
away for a touchdown. Score: 'North-
western, 6; Michigan 0. Ellingwood
kicked goal. Score: Northwestern, 7;
Michigan, 0.
Michigan Threatens Goal
Cohn kicked off for Michigan to
Kohler on Northwestern's 10-yard lin l
He returned to his own 25-yard line.
Michigan off sided and was penalized
five yards on first play. Ellingwood
made three yards through right tackle
Ellingwood failed to gain at center.
A forward pass was incomplete.
Froemke dropped the ball when he
had a clear field ahead of him. El-
lingwood punted to Froemke on Mich-
igan's 25-yard line. Rye made four
yards through center. Wieman lost
one yard around left end. Northwest-
ern was penlized five yards for off-
side.- Rye made three yards through
center. Hanish failed at right tackle.
Froemke lost five yards on an end
run. Wieman punted to Ellingwood
who fumbled and Cohn fell on ball for
Michigan on Northwestern's 25-yard
line. A long forward pass was incom-
plete. Froemke threw a forward pass
over Northwestern's goal line. The
ball was given to Northwestern on
their 20-yard line. ,
Ellingwood made three yards
through left tackle. Northwestern
was penalized 15 yards for holding.
Ellingwood failed to gain through cen-
ter. He tried an end run but was
thrown for a two-yard loss. Elling-
wood dropped back to punt and Weske
broke through and blocked it, but
Northwestern recovered on their five-
yard line. Northwestern fumbled the'
ball, but it was brought back. Both
sides off-side. Ellingwood went be-
hind own goal line to punt. He punted
to Wieman on Northwestern's 25-yard
line. Kohler hurt. Time out. He re-
sumed play. Michigan's ball. Cohn
failed to gain through center just as
first quarter ended. Score: North-
western 7; Michigan, 0.
Michigan Scores
Rye went through left tackle for
10 yards. Rye failed to gain through
center.. Northwestern like a ston wall
in center. On a fake forward pass
Froemke made three yards around
right end. Michigan's ball on North-
western's 10-yard line. Rye made three
yards. through center. First down for

mangan o vi maiNnwesr As -yar
line. Cohn made five yards through
center. Failed to gain on second try.
Rye failed to gain at center. Froemke
went through for touchdown. Score:
Michigan, 6; Northwestern, 7. Wie-
man failed to kick goal. Score: Mich-
igan, 6; Northwestern, 7.
Cohn kicked off to Kohler on North-
western's 15-yard line. Ellingwood
broke through for 25 yards. Kohler
made five yards through center. North-
western penalized five yards for off-
side. A forward pass was incomplete.
Ellingwood dropped back to punt. A
long forward pass tp Arries on Michi-
gan's 45-yard line was successful.
Purple Scores Again
Time out for Underhill. Ellingwood
punted out of bounds on Michigan's
10-yard line. Rye made one yard
through center. Wieman punted to
Ellingwood on Michigan's 30-yard line.
Ellingwood failed to gain around left
end. Michigan penalized five yards for
offside. Ellingwood went around left
end for 10 yards. It is Northwestern's
first down on Michigan's seven-yard
line. Kohler went through center for
three yards. Kohler failed to gain at
center. Kohler went over for another
touchdown. Score: Northwestern, 13;
Michigan, 6. Ellingwood kicked goal.
Score: Northwestern, 14; Michigan, 6.
Cohn kicked off to Underhill on
Northwestern's 10-yard line. He re-
turned it 25 yards before being stop-
ped. Northwestern failed to 'gain
around right end. Holmes made two
through left tackle. Underhill threw
fcr two yard loss on an end run. El-
wood kicked to Froemke on Michi-
gan's 20-yard line. Cohn went around
left end for five yards. Time out for
Ulrich. Leutzker for Ulrich. Wie-
man punted to Underhill on
40-yard line. Holmes went around
left end for 20 yards. Ellingwood went
through center for two yards. Elling-
wood made it first down around right
end. First half ended. Score-North-
western, 14; Michigan, 6.
Sparks replaced Re for Michigan.
Cohn kicked off to Underhill on North-
western 40-yard line. It was a poor
kick. Fortune for Morrison. Morri-
son for Wieman. Wieman to full-
-back. Taylor makes five through cen-
ter. tEllingwood went around right
end for 10 yards. On next play Under-
hill was caught holding and the Pur-
ple was penalized 15 yards. Kohler
failed to gain. A forward pass, El-
lingwood to Arries put the ball on
Michigan 10-yard line. Underhill went
around right end for a touchdown.
Score-Northwestern, 20; Michigan, 6.
Northwesterndbacks are ripping Mich-
igan line' and appear to be able to
gain at will. Ellingwood kicked goal.
Score-Northwestern, 21; Michigan, 6.
Purple Works Forward
Wieman kicked to Ellingwood on
Northwestern 15-yard line, who
brought it back to Northwestern 25-
yard line before being stopped. Koh-
ler made three through center. El-
lingwood made three more through

center. Underhill made one around
right end. Ellingwood punted to Wie-
man on Michigan 15-yard line. He
was downed in his tracks. Sparks
went through center for five yards.
Froemke failed to gain around left
end. Sparks punted out of bounds in
center of field. Underhill lost 10 yards
on an attempted end run. A forward
pass, Ellingwood to Underhill, brought
the ball to Michigan 45-yard line. Han-
ish intercepted a pass and returned the
ball to Michigan's 25-yard line. Time
was taken out for Underlill but he
resumed play. Michigan tried a forward
pass and lost 20 yards. Kohler broke
through and intercepted it. North-
western's ball on Michigan's 25-yard
line.sUnderhill failed to gain through
left tackle. A forward pass was in-
complete. A short forward pass, El-
lingwood to Underhill placed the ball
on Michigan's seven-yard line. Koh-
ler added three more through center.
Underhill. failed to gain at left tackle.
A forward pass was incomplete.
Time Stops Touchdown
The ball was put in play by Michi-
gan on Michigan's 20-yard line. Sparks
failed to gain through center. Sparks
punted out of bounds to midfield. Koh-
ler faild to gain through center. Koh-.
ler was again stopped for no gain
through center. Ellingwood punted
out of bounds on Michigan's five-yard
line. Cran went in for Holmes.
Sparks punted from behind his goal
posts to Ellingwood on Michigan 40-
yard line, who returned it 10 yards
before being stopped. A long forward
pass, Ellingwood to Arries, placed the
ball on Michigan 3-yard line just as
the quarter ended. Score: Michigan,
6; Northwestern, 21.
Wolverines Add Score
Underhill lost two through center.
Kohler failed to gain through center.
A forward pass was incomplete and
the ball went over on Michigan three-
yard line. Michigan's ball on Michi-
gan three-yard line. Sparks punted
from behind goal posts out of bounds
on Michigan 35-yard line. A triple
passhmadehone yard for Northwestern.
A forward pass was incomplete. Un-
derhill hurt. Time out. Play resum-
ed. A short forward pass, Ellingwood
to Arries, made 10 yards. Underhill
made three around left end. Kohler
failed to gain through center. Under-
hill was thrown for a four-
yard loss. Northwestern penalized
15 for holding. A forward pass
was intercepted by Hanish on
Michigan 20-yard line. Wieman
went through center for five yards.
Froemke broke through line for 40
yards. Wieman failed to gain at cen-
ter. Wieman made four through cen-
ter:. Froemke failed to gain around
end. Northwestern penalized for off-
side. Wieman made one through
right tackle. Wieman made first down
through center. Michigan has ball
on Northwestern 15-yard line. Froem-
ke failed to gain through left tackle.
Sparks went around left end for five.
Wieman made four through center.
Wieman again made it first down. Ball
on Northwestern five-yard line. Sparks
failed to gain at center. Froemke fail-
ed to gain at center. Fourth down,
five to go. Wieman dropped back to
kick but fooled the whole team from
end to end, going around left ed for
a touchdown. Score: Michigan, 12;
Northwestern, 21. Wieman failed to
kick goal. ' core: Michigan 12;
Northwestern, 21.
Ellingwood kicked off to Sparks on
Michigan's 10-yard line. A long for-
ward pass was incomplete. Michigan
was trying forward passes as their
only hope. Froemke went through

center for 15 yards. Northwestern in-
tercepted a forward pass in the middle
of the field. Taylor made two
yards through center. Elling-
wood punted to Michigan 15-
yard line. Michigan still tried
long forward passes, but could not
complete them. Sparks punted to El-
lingwood just as game was called.
21; MICHIGAN, 12.
The lineup
Michigan (12) Northwestern (21)
Goetz .. .......L.E...... Marquardt
Boyd............L.G......... .Ulrich
Morrison ........R.G........Mulder
Weske ..........R.T...... Randolph
Cartwright ......R.E...........Arries
Froemke .......Q.B....... Underhill
Rye ...........L.H........ Holmes
Hanish ..........R.H.....Ellingwood
Referee: Holderness, Lehigh. Um-
pire: Kennedy, Chicago.
Time of quarters: 15minutes.
Touchdowns- Michigan: Froemke,
Wieman. Northwestern: Arries, Kohl-
er, Underhill,
Goals after touchdown: Ellingwood,
Substitutions-Michigan: Sparks for
Rye; Fortune for Morrison; Morrison
for Wieman for Cohn. Northwestern:
Leutzker for Ulrich.

Mluitary Ne/vs
Cadets of the first battalion, com-
panies A, B, C, and D, second regiment,
will have manual of arms at 4 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon in Waterman
gymnasium. Companies G, H, I, K, L,
and M, first and second regiments will
have company, squad and platoon drill,
both close and extended order, at 3:45
o'clock tomorrow afternoon on Ferry
Dr. George A. May, physical director
of Waterman gymnasium and director
of athletic and gymnastic activities of
the different military companies, urges
all of the men to be prepared for the
gymnasium work. Dr. May stated yes-
terday that each man should have a
complete gymnasium equipment and a
locker, since the work is compulsory
for all classes taking military drill.
The gymnasium work is exactly a
duplicate of Camp Custer, and numer-
ous other cantonments.
On Monday afternoon schedule num-
ber two will be in effect for the upper
and lower classmen as follows:
First regiment: Company A, parallel
bar, 4:10 o'clock, relay, 4:40 o'clock:
company B, voluntary, 4:10 o'clock,
wrestling, 4:40 o'clock; company C,
horizontal bar, 4:10 o'clock; high jump,
4:40 o'clock; company D, relay, 4:10
o'clock, parallel bar, 4:40 o'clock;
company E, wrestling, 4:10 o'clock,
voluntary, 4:40 o'clock, and company
F, high jump, 4:10 o'clock, horizontal
bar, 4:40 o'clock.
Mr. Arthur C. Bachrach will speak
to the ordnance men in Prof. J. A.
Bursley's army stores methods course
during the first part of the week on
"Government Soldier Insurance."
Mr. Bachrach has made an exten-
sive study of this subject and will ex-
plain to the ordnance men the import-
ance of the act which was recently
passed by congress. The 'six differ-
ent allotments made by the govern-
nient to men entering the service will
be thoroughly elucidated.
Unitarian Society to Hear Dr. SchndIt
"The Alps" will be the subject of a
.lecture to be given by Dr. H. J.
Schmitz at 6:30 o'clock tonight in the
Unitarian church. The lecture is un-
der the auspices of the Students' so-
ciety and the public is invited.

A tablet containing the names of the
men who have been called from Wash-
tenaw county to military service will
be erected upon the grounds in front
of the court house. The list will con-
tain 128 names.
Jacob M. Block, 47 years old, died
at his home Friday after a pro-
longed illness. He is survived by his
wife, seven children, and four broth-
ers and sisters.
The funeral will take place at 1
o'clock Monday afternoon at the fam-
ily residence on West Huron street.
Two fires broke out Thursday night,
one at the Cutting apartments, State
and Monroe streets, the other at 1816
Hill street. Both were small and due
to defective chimney flues.

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