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November 18, 1917 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-11-18

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1 the better and the margin she held in
ability, augmented by the wonderful
Chowing of Berry and the breaks in thy.
lick, accounted for the victory.
Berry, Bell, Wray, and Light were
tie individual stars for Penn while
Cohn, Hanish, Goodsell, and Lambert
showed u the best for the Wolverines.
Detailed account of the battle:
First Quarter
Lambert acting captain; Miller won
the toss and elected to defend the west
goal with the wind; Culver kicked off
to Van Sinkle, who was downed on
30 yard line; Penn made 1st down
in three plays; Bell failed to gain on
double pass, which Hanish -intercept-
ed; Wieman punted over goal on 4th
down; Berry gained three around
Goetz; Berry kicked to Weston on 30
yard line; Wieman made four through
right tackle; Weston added four by
same play; Wieman made 1st down;
Hanish made five through Thomas;
Weston seven around Miller; Cohn
fumbles but Lambert recovers; Wie-
man punted. to Berry who was downed
in tracks on 10 yard line; Strauss
made 1st down; Bell made another
down on Penn 40 yard line; Berry
shot through Weske for 12 yards;
Berry's pass to Miller failed; Berry
passed to Bell who made 13; Cohn
grabbed Berry's pass on Michigan 45
yard line. Quarter end--Michigan ball
in midfield; score- Michigan, 0;
Penn, 0.

bled, Lambert recovering for the Wol-
verines; Wieman punted over the
goal; time out for Bell; Berry lost
three oil a fake pass; Berry punted
to Genebach, who was downed in his
tracks by Miller; Light stopped Han-
ish for five yard loss; Wieman punted
50 to Berry, who walked out of
bounds; half ended, Penn' ball on
their own 17 yard line. Score--Mich-
igan, 0; Penn, 0. End of first half.
Third Quarter
Culver kicked to Van Sinkle, who
'vas downed on 30 yard line; with
two to go on 4th down Berry punted
to Genebach, who fumbled, Miller
recovering on Michigan 10yard line;
Berry failed to gain; Berry again
failed to gain on end run; Penn penal-
ized 15 for holding; ball on 20 yard
line; Berry dropped back and kicked
from 29 yard line between the goal
posts. Score-Penn, 3; Michigan, 0.
Culver again kicked to Van Sinkle,
who was downed on his own 28 yard
line; Berry immediately punted to
Genebach on Michigan 32 yard line;
Wieman funbled but recovered; Wie-
man punted to Bell who returned to
Michigan 35 yard line; Penn penalized
15 for holding; Penn couldn't pierce
Michigan's line; Berry punted to
Cohn who was downed on Michigan
5 yard line by Maynard; Wieman
punted to Penn on 47 yard line; Berry
turned Goetz and was forced out on
Michigan 2 yard line; Penn's complex
triple pass was grounded; Light
turned Hanish and Boyd and placed
the ball on Michigan 10 yard line;
Bell failed to gain; Wieman inter-
cepted Bell's pass and was downed
on Michigan 6 yard line; Wieman
punted 40 yards; on the next play
Bell's pass was again grounded.
Penn's pass failed to gain-; Penn
penalized 15 for holding; Wieman in-
tercepted Bell's pass to Miller on
Michigan 20 yard line; Wieman after
two plays punted to Bell on Michigan
45 yard line; Berry tore past Goodsell;
Weske off-side; Lambert dropped Ber-
ry; Sparks replaced Genebach; Wie-
man stopped Berry ;and Berry drop-
kicked 35 yards between the goal
posts. Quarter over--Penn, 6; Michi-
gan, 0.
Fourth Quarter
Culver kicked off to Maynard who
was downed by Cruse on Penn 30
yard line; Light and Berry gained
nine; Berry punted to Sparks on
Michigan 16 yard line; time out for
Penn; Wieman punted to Berry who
signaled for a fair catch on Michigan
A7 -A ,- - ' -Ir ++ mn~rl0 rrd

Michigan 46 yard line; Berry on, three
plays made third down on Michigan
35 yard line; Bell made 8 and Berry
five off tackle; Bell's pass failed; on
the next play, Van Sinkle made 10
yards on Bell's pas!; Berry's 25 yard
attempt at drop kick went wide; Ber-
ry grabbed Goodsell's long pass on
the 50 yard line; liglt tore off eight
yards through Fortune; Bell and
Light made 1st down, placing the ball
on Michigan 39 yard line; Penn was
penalized 15 for roughing; Cruse got
Bell for no gain; Cruse stopped Berry
af'ter a three yardl gain; Berry madeI
eight yards past Goetz; Miller again
holding; Berry lost five on a wide
run; Berry punted to Cruse on Michi-
gan's 28 yard line; Bell intercepted
Goodsell's pass on Michigan's 30 yard
line; Light broke through for first
down; Wieman got Berry after one
yard; Weske got Thomas for no gain;
Berry circled Boyd for Michigan 10
yard line; Berry dropped back to 18
yard line and kicked ball for field
goal. Score-Michigan,0; Penn, 16.
Penn Positions Micligan
VanSinkle . . . . Left End ......Goetz
Maynard . . . . Left Tackle .... Goodsell
Dieter ......Left Guard.... . Culver
Wray ........ Center .......Lambert
Cleary ... . Right Guard .... Fortune
Thomas ... . Right Tackle .... Weske
Miller ......Right End.. ......Boyd
Bell . .........Quarter....... Weston
Strauss ...... Left Half ........ Cohn
Light ......Right Half...... Hanish
Berry .......Full Back..... Wiemanj
Referee-Tufts, Brown. Umpire-
Fultz, Brown. Field judge-Okeson,
Lehigh; Head lineman, Cooney, Yale.




in short, Flutzel accessories.

The collars of Georgette or crisp organdie-50c to $2.
Embroidered by hand, lace-trimmed, tucked, hemstitched-
The ties of crepe de chine in scores of blues, greens, tans,
and rose tints., 50c.
Bags of panne velvet and plain velvets-brown, blue,
taupe and ULck, $3.95 to $10. Good for gifts, too.
And silk underclothes, silk petticoats, and lots of attrac-
tive camisoles!




Second Quarter
Wieman made a poor punt to Penn
45 yard line; Weston dropped Light
pass near sidelines; Wray grounded
pass to Berry; Berry punted to Cohn,
who returned 20 to Michigan 42 yard
line; time out for Cohn; Michigan
penalized 15 for holding; Wie-
man makes three; Wieman kicked
to Berry, who returned 10 yards;
Strauss and Weston put out for slug-
ging. Genebach went in for Weston;
Rosenau for Strauss; Berry punted
to Lambert, who was downed on Mich-
igan '34 yard line. Wieman kicked to
Berry, who signalled for a fair catch
on Penn 30 yard line; Weske off side,
Penn first down; Penn penalized 15
for holding; ball now on Penn 25 yard
line; Iight around Boyd 13 yards be-
fore Wieman dropped him; Goodsell
broke Bell's pass; Berry punted to
Cohn, who was downed by Thomas
on Michigan 35 yard line.
Three plays netted Michigan six
yards; Wieman punted to Bell, who
was downed by Culver on Penn 35
yard line; Light made 12 through cen-
ter; Penn penalized 15 for holding
after. Berry ran out of bounds; Berry
evaded most of tacklers and brought
ball just past midfield, where he fum-



We will serve our Ann Arbor patrons for the last time, during Sunday November 18th.

Wishes to thank its friends for their cordial patronage during its stay among you.


47 yard line; Berry attempted a crop
kick after the catch; failed to score;
Michigan ball on their own 20 yard
line; Wieman's- punt was blocked by
Miller; Cleary fell on the ball
for a touchdown; Berry goaled. Score:
Penn,13; Michigan, 0.
Berry kicked off to Boyd on Michi-
gan 30 yard line; Wieman dropped
Goodsell's pass; Light blockedanoth-
er; Wieman punted to Berry who was
downed by Fortune and Wieman on

I will be glad -to greet my friends
once more

c aw

- t - .. _ .







A Big Star Every Day This Week
Can You Find Bigger Attractions Anywhere Than THE ARCADE has to Offer

The following stars may be seen this week:

Francis X. Bushman
Beverly Bayne

Geraldine Farrar
Clara Kimball'Young

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew
Anita Stewart

Earle Williams
Billy West


MONDAY-Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne,
the popular team, in "Their Compact,' a story of the East and
the West. A Drew Comedy, "The Dentist."
TUESDAY-Anita Stewart in "The Message of the
Mouse," in which Miss Stewart, "the daintiest girl in Amer-
ica," has a chance to save her country. Billy West, the great
Chaplin imitator, in "Cupid's Rival,"-a regular Chaplin
FARRAR in "JOAN THE WOMAN," founded on the
life of Joan of Arc. Everyone knows the story-Because she
loved her country they killed her; because she saved her coun-
try they worshiped her as a saint. "Wid," the famous inde-
pendent critic, says, " 'Joan the Woman' is a tremendous im-
pressive spectacle with superb moments." 25c.
FRIDAY-Clara Kimball Young in "Magda." Miss
Young has lost none of her popularity, and all her admirers will
be glad to learn that she-is again to appear in a photoplay, after
a short absence. Everyone will like her in "Magda." She is
as beautiful as ever.

SATURDAY-Earle Williams and Corrine Griffith in
"The Love Doctor," and Comedy, "Plagues and Puppy
Love." Earle Williams is gradually building up a great repu-
tation as a movie actor. His leading lady, Miss Griffith, will
also be heard from in the near future. She is rapidly coming
to the front.

Important - Government
supply of pennies is exhaust-
ed. The Arcade will sell
six tax-paid tickets for one

t,- -



c~acr on


as .+.

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