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November 04, 1917 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-11-04

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(Continued from Page One) ..M
bouncing through, he showed that he Mitchell's Men Overwhelm l. e. A. e
Is to be relied on for the one point Eleven in Preliminary to t
that proves the margin of a victory. Varsity ContestU
Michigan Line Is Stonewall t
Michigan's line again made itself BEAES COLLAR- OE IN ARE
prominent. For the second straight r
game, there was no time taken out for Bailey Stars for Yearlings; Leith's a
a man on the Wolverine forward wall. . Aggregation Handicapped by t:
Goodsell, Culver, and Fortune play- Stars' Enlistment W
ed through the entire game without t
once losing their wind, while Wesk.. Coach Mitchell's Ali-fresh football a
snd Lambert, who were relieved in th 3 team walked over the eleven from the o
fourth quarter stood the shock of play- Michigan Military Academy to the c
ing well. tune of 42 to 0 yesterday afternoon on
Tle Michigan line was. a tower of Ferry field. S.
strength on defense and smashed the Coach Leith brought down a team e
opposing linemen aside continually composed practically of green men. h
when Weston and his men had the ball All buttne of the regulars have enist-t p
Kalamazoo college scored one first ed in the country's service, eight of p
down, that in the last period, while them going in last week. A pick-up B
Michigan was forced to punt only three eleven was put together to fill the con- A
times in the entire game. The beef tract with Michigan, and the team that n
advantage Michigan held began to tell went on the field this afternoon wear- q
in the closing moments of the contest ing the red jerseys had never even i
and had not Michigan wasted a lot of practiced together, according to the
time in trying forward passes, which Academy's coach.
did not work, there would have been The Michigan men out-played their a
a great deal more scoring. opponents in every part of the game, Ii
The contest, although one-sided, was WESTON and at no time was the issue in doubt. d
interesting from the Michigan stand- The yearlings' mentor used his entire K
point. The ichigan team that was For two years Weston has labored squad in the game, playing 22 men. s
in the field showed itself proficient in FFletcher, left end, acting captain of '
tackling, blocking, running with the 'on the scrubs, almost lost in the the freshmen, broke his collar-bone in e
ball, and in everything required of a shuffle. Yesterday the Soo boy cover- the second quarter of the game. This c
football team, except catching forward ed almost enough ground around Kal- will keep him out for the rest of the w
passes. This form of attack failed, and amazoo's ends to get home. His gains season. Karpus, who has been show- c
it was the only thing In the whole totalled 300 yards. ing up well in practice, will probably ir
plan of campaign that went wrong. take his place. Reed, left half, was
Michigan won the toss and chose to yards and although time was up for also hurt and will be laid up for some -s
defend the west goal. Ferguson kick- yr b ah h t wa u time. p
ed off for Kalamazoo to Weston who the gameborho crossed bega For the freshmen, Bailey put up'p
returned to the 45-yard line. Froemke the ball was in motion before the the best brand of football. Running r
made flve yards, Wioman added two, the blw iston before sth low. and hitting hard he gained more C
and Weston made it first down. A ser- whistle blew. Weston in his last run ground than any other yearling, al- h
les of plunges with Weston, Wieman, twisted away from several morer though making only one of the seven v
and Hanish carrying the ball In turn t touchdowns. Usher after a bad start, t
took the ball to the two-yard line from Summary. also played well and carried the ball
where Wieman carried it over for a Michigan Kalamazoo College over the goal line four times. Ursch- f
touchdown. "Tank" kicked goal. Goetz........LE........ Mischica ell the light quarter made the other c
A few moments later, after Ferguson Goodsell........LT.......... Wattles two counters and put up his usual t
had kicked off again to Wiemn who Culver.. ......LG......... Walker good game. On the ends Boville and t
returned 15 yards, a punt by Wieman Lambert. C........ ..Reed Fletcher played star games. The whole t
struck Ferguson and rolled to the one-. Fortune. H. .RG........ Woodard line did well in opening up great holes'
foot line where Froemko fell on it. Weske...........RT.... .... Fausch forthe backs to slide through. t
\eston plunged through center for the Cartwright .......RE........ Fausch Dickinson made the best showing b
a seond touchdown and Wieman im- Weston.........QB........ Ferguson for the Academy, being the only man 1
me dliately kied goal, Froemke.......LH.......... Staake to put up a good brand of football on a
WeskeJ uns 20 Yards Hanish..,. ,.,..RH.......... Pearce the red team. He alone staved off a h
WeskOe caught the next kickoff from Wieman..,..FB.........Strome touchdown at the beginning of the first g
Ferguso and raced the ball back 20 Score By Quarters quarter by repeatedly stopping off
yards. Ha uish fumbled and Kalamazoo Teams 1st gr., 2d, 3d, 4th, Total tackles plays.
tried Mchi m,'s line without success. Michigan .....14. .21. .13. .14......62 Michigan players failed at all M
Michigan war AWnalized three times In Kalamazoo ... 0., 0.. 0., 0.....0 chances to goal after touchdown, s
a row for offsi1.,,and finally Ferguson Touchdowns-Wieman,2; Cruse, 2; No passes were completed by either a
tried a drop kict that rolled over the Weston, 4; Froemke, 1, side and M. M. A. punted every time r
goal line. Sartin% .t the 20-yard line, Goals from touchdown-Wieman, 8. she had the bal. Th' Cadets didn't l
Froemke ran 30 ya"0, Wieman added Referee-Snyder, Harvard. make a first down. s
20, and Kalamazoo Nwas penalized 11 Umpire-Samson, Michigan Nor- The lineup:K
yards for holding. GelJOach replaced mal. Michigan-I.. ........ M. M. A.-0 s
Hanish and sprinted for 13 yards more. Head linesman-Dalrymple, Knox. Fletcher ........ L.E.......:...Royce A
Froemke ploughed over for th,? touch- Time of quarters-12 minutes. Freeman ........L.T.... Kurtz, Capt
down and Wieman kicked goal, The Substitutions-Genebach for Han- Lent ...........L.G.......... Meyers
first quarter ended just before ,this nish, Cruse for Froemke, Bonar for MacNickol ........C............ Loutz
score was made. Goetz, Goetz for Bonar, Boyd for Henry ...... ....R.G........... Miller
Following the next kickoff, MichiganI Cartwrght, Boath for Lambert, Cart- Peocock ........ R.0T....... ... Black
was held and Wieman punted to Fer- wight for Boyd, Morrison for Goetz, Boville .........R.E....... Dickinson
guson. Ferguson returned the kick Rich for Faisch. Urschell .......Q...:.........Kerr
and another Wolverine march goal-I Reed. ..... .L.H.......... Crippen
ward was started. Weston made 11 Cornell Wins From Carnegie Bailey ... R.H.............Key
'yards, Wieman added eight, Weston Ithaca, N. Y., Nov. 3.-In her last Usher ............F............Lau
ran 22 yards and Wieman took It over game before going to Ann Arbor next Substitutions: Britton, VonWagner,
for six points more. Wieman kicked Saturday, Cornell took the measure Hobbs, Stuart, Karpus, Timchac, Clip-
goal. of Carnegie Tech this afternoon by pert, Culver, Hobin, Wetzel, and Car-
Weston took the kickoff and ran it the score of 20-0. . ney.

back to the 35-yard line. On the first Officials: Referee-Joseph, Ann Ar
play Weston ran 22 yards and Gene Detroit Downs Northwestern College bor. Umpire-Sherzer, Ypsilanti.
bach added 27 more. Froemke tore Detroit, Nov. 3.-The University of
through behind good interference for Detroit displayed a powerful offense Notre Dame Trounces Army Eleven
20 yards, but was injured in the play, this afternoon and easily defeated West Point, N. Y., Nov. 3.-Notre
Cruse replacing him. Cruse plunged Northwestern college of Illinois, 35-0. Dame sprang a big surprise this af-
over for the touchdown. Wiemau Allen starred for the victors. ternoon by defeating the Army, 7-2.
goaled. The first half ended after Wes- -------------
ton made a 35-yard run around end.
Score, Michigan 35, Kalamazoo 0.
The second half was a repitition of
the first except that Weston tried a
number of forward passes which failed
and delayed the team's marches down DON'T TALK WAR
the field. Ferguson kicked off to Win-
man who brought the ball backto the BUT DO YOUR BIT
35-yard line. Genebach made seven
yards. A forward pass failed. Weston
S2 ' r rn' I ma a An- C aste-economize on fuel,I
ot'0 ' Ii an ti r ron vl
penalIzed it yarde for holding, Crrrr -oat at e C one eal ead7 day 't
plungseo over foe tire Intiho end
Wioman licked goal,
Westors Scores Touchdown
Atiter tL. neat kiekoff, Weston eeor
ed a touridown alnoet eingtehao ed
le made three cons, roin fror 2yarol. A Pt A OF TiwTic
cue for 22 yrrds, and anothar for 10

f-N BAtLL ]
Kalamazoo's Fondest Vrca
Way of Hope of Aebrask
Kalamazoo's dream of "scoring on covered 1!r G
ichigan" is no more. It has vanish- ends of the dod,. MIb
d along with Nebraska's determina- 3a1Oer geme th."
aye the is.oo' a
ion to trim the Wolverines and the gt used toh Kb.'7ttt
niversity of Detroit's fond hope to be ost u '40 00
he conquerors of Yost's machine. maybe they wxe just t
At no time during the game on Fer er the fkgur on he
y field yesterday did the men from M' tinan pa'dc jow
:alamazoo have a chance to see even t'nt No on roolt e
resmeblance to the fulfillment ' Cr.m t and GCshtrdch«b4g
heir dream. It was shattered wbe 'u 'in the 'as prOT , 0 tw
,ieman plunged over for the d8s 'a o o oinion tt F g
ouchdown in three minutes of play. lst eamnats woere try to
nd its last fond ray burned itself ' aI scribo i he iren
ut as Weston brought the game toa ' - r ire e t few!lo w hthuen
lose with his fourth counter. ohen 'tom ot:nsi h tn
It was just a case of yieldi1g a wcidd ht s.ii
uperior machine. The Kazoo collo e ootoalie' wo on ota
leven may have beaten M. A. C. and sre not "somex F1re 0 F0;0,
ave held the University of Detoit game became ron of tose theA
o a 26 to 0 score. There may be ,orli jict rav 'boot 1ere asp
layers on the Kalamazoo Varosity,'a piety or 1'.,risoberatltorm of.
ut the Michigan team defeated the landscape and ;0, pr t±ciotion of io
ggies by a larger score and Iria beoies of oat ee,
ned the Detroit team. And there is no
uestion about the caliber of the Mich i{°on#' splist
tan men. Just a few minutes after Umpis
Kalamazootriesrard al . Samson o hails o
Kalamazoo did not go down wiot oa to e th ama aleft ed bgo a
struggle. Although Michigan ha1 i e theoy KotaNi ifnd yin er
ittle trouble in scoring, the touc h- ah t b en ca rriedow m to tth rsi db li e
owns wore made only aflo'r every sero ibnnsreucdton sRe-feres H
azoo player had done his best t ey no'.,o -n Hardd , stare Ht
top the onrushes of the poerful aIk Oebait downtoic, tgad
Wolverine machine. Kalamazoo show- gol line
d signs of being a good team in its Mchgant lefive-yard s went to soTo
lass. It did not stop fighting even ihmean forgot to get off side, so ti
hen Michigan's score passed the half- cotined assat we t or a' rig t.
entury mark. It was fighting tootil the
ast minute whistle blew. Kalamazoo did get one Irhaice at
But the Nebraska game a week ago score.ane of ther iu from tCoo
howed the Michigan men how it was lee essayed op-kicr froms<
ossible to score and wit who: the h arourid the reons known
roper spirit was in their plans ,n the motilId. But tire tike' didr
ight fight was in their blo . -Tr' have the proper Indiar sign on It
ornhusker tilt taught the Worleo;; bait It forgot to trounce op or
ow it was done. Yesterday ithe Wl- bough h rot' to ight tots
erines showed the Kazoo men ¢ ae'mn- froot "Tk o«"leman wi
hey had learned. 'iay caroums wor the uprightr at
Several weeks ago another eram tnds the middle po kot every tine.
rom Kalamazoo came to Ann Arbor, Band itreaks lnuto Print
aught the Maize and Blue warriors as Michigan's bano tried a
hey were starting and forc'led ye stunt yesterday also. Bef
o run a kickoff back t5y Cohn bgame, t hn-owers
o make a 40-yard plunge, ''d "ie- rollers deI 'In W05est 0nd
nan and Genebach to smas thIsrough were gelt'ng ttoo nc pubic
he line twice just beore t hitle rant to bk io prn011
lew in order to getthelongen o also t n ave0 they
7 to 13score. This'Kalama.or e :m yeelsito' hmn b
timot proved a tartar to Mici '. with their batse
opes before the season hadr s in, th n
Experience Pro s
But experience Is a gr
lichigan's players sor
omething familiar in t
mazoo." They dio't
esemblance. They we
ected a substantial
ide of the score s
azoo gridders had b
moke from the Ann
nd by the time Che
The Oni

but Jor

L. have rearranged our le ns and erviie to best me'
this place by eattng Li-re,

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