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October 27, 1917 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-10-27

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ess Days for Ann Arb

d from Page One)
meats we serve nuts
eese, and heartier des-
tless Day Wednesday
Alpha is setting aside
according to Valora
tewardess. "Next Wed-
xpect to inaugurate a
," she said, "the girls
eggs, and cheese which
place of meat. We are
vidual economy on sug-
rl is willing to do her
e Lewerenz, matron of
Gamma, said, "We are
regularly on Tuesday.
ot have a wheatless day,
graham and corn breads
a week."
d Fish on Meatless b)ays
gs, fish, or macaroni and
i of meat on Tuesday,"
. Stoddard
it Parlors
t in Rain-water and
shampooing, Water

said Mrs. I. N. Cobb, proprietres
the Cobb house, "We will probably
serve a wheatless day later. Thes
like the substitutes offered them, an
means a saving of five pounds of]
for the day."
Alpha Chi Omega sorority has
been observing wheatless or mea
days. "It is hard for a large fami
do without meat," stated MissI
Hayden. "Nothing has been said t
girls and I don't know how they
about it. We have not thought a
economizing on sugar."
"Alpha Epsilon Iota is observing
meatless day," stated Miss Helen G
stewardess, "and as a substitut
serve fish. We do not have a wb
less day, but we have corn, gra
and bran breads several times a we
The stewardess claimed that the
ing of sugar will depend on the su
Rye Bread Instead of Wheat

ment: "We observe meatless day, on
Tuesday at least, but sometimes we
have two meatless days a week. Wed-
'or nesday is our wheatless day, and the
girls are making individual economies
s of on sugar. Cheese and eggs are used as
ob- substitutes formeat.'
girls Newberry Observes Two Meatless Days
nd it "Newberry residence is observing
meat two meatless days a week," stated Miss
Hortense Wind, business manager.
not "We also have a wheatless day, but
tess there is a day chosen each week.
ly to Cheese and nuts are used as sub-
Rosa stitutes. Our saving on meat is prob-
o the ably 60 pounds for the two days."
feel "At Burrill house the girls favor a
bout meatless and wheatless day," Mrs.
Mae Sackett, proprietress said, "Rice
one and tomatoes, beans, and cheese will
gage, be served as substitutes.'
e we Kappa Alpha Theta Will Test Plai


Miss Emma Norton, stewardess of
Chi Omega, said, "Tuesday is our
meatless day, when we substitute fish.
Wednesday we observe a wheatless
day, by the use of rye and graham
breads. We are economizing on sugar
by cutting down on cake, desserts, and
fruti. I think our meatless day means
a saving of about 14 pounds of meat.
The girls are much in favor of the
Mrs. Hessler, chaperon of Delta Del-
ta Delta, made the following state-

re Dandruff
Phone 296-J

Kappa Alpha Theta, according to
Katherine Davies, '19, stewardess, is
doing without meat on Friday, and
corn bread is used on wheatless Tues-*
day. ,The girls are all willing to try
the plan.
"Collegiate Sorosis" says Miss Kath-
rine Cameron, stewardess,' "is having
meatless day on Thursday and wheat-
less day on Tuesday. We save about
12 pounds of meat on this one day
To save sugar we have less cake and
no frosting on what we do have.''
Carl Johnson, steward of the Phi
Kappa Psi, said, "We have a meatless
day on Fiday and a wheatless day on
Thursday. Vegetables and eggs are
substituted for meat. We find the
cost as much or greater."
"We have arranged to have a meat-
less day on Thursday,' 'said E. Cress,
'20, of the Phi Kappa Sigma fratern-
ity. "We will substitute fish. The
cost is about the same."
Saving on Regulation Days
The Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity is
observing Friday as meatless and
Tuesday as wheatless. "The substi-
tutes are fish, macaroni and vegetab-
les," stated Mr. Culip, the steward.
"The cost is less thus far. We use
corn bread on Tuesday,"
Mr. Rhuen, steward, of the Psi Up-
silon fraternity, claimed, "The cost is
decidedly less. We use vegetables and
macaroni for substitutes and have set
aside Tuesday and Wednesday as,
meatless and wheatless days, respec-
"The regulation meatless day is ob-
served in our hpuse," said the stew-



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-- -

ard of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity.
"We have been substituting fish and
vegetables. The cost is about the
Chubb House Anxious to Join
"We would be glad to incorporate
a wheatless and meatless day if the
other houses would do so," said the
Chubb house management. "We serve
eggs or vegetables each meal, so peo-
ple can abstain if they desire."
"Ready to follow the rest," stated
the manager of the Arcadia.
Mrs. N. B. Ottmer stated, "I am
willing to observe the regular days if
the other houses do so."
The College Inn issued the state-
ment, "We can not keep the boys
from eating meat."
One-Fifth Saved on Meat
Regulation meatless and wheatless
days are observed by the Theta Xi
fraternity. The steward claimed that
apjproximately one-fifth was saved in
the meat bill.
Members of Zeta Beta Tau intend
to start meatless and wheatless day.
next week. The supply of granulated
sugar will also be cut down, and lump
sugar used in its place.
Xi Psi Phi and Zeta Psi fraternities
have also been observing the regula-
tion days for several weeks.
Eremites Observe Days in Part
Paul Cholette, '19, steward of the
Eremites, stated, "We have been ob-
serving the regular days in a way, and
in another way, we have not.. The rea-
son is due to the lack bf organization.
Nothing definite has. as yet been as-
certained. We expect to commence
when the other house adopt the
"We have been running on the regu-
lar meatless-wheatless schedule for th
past two weeks," said R. E. Curtis, the
steward of the Hermitage house club.
"Board commences Monday," stated
A. F. Brock, steward, Phoenix club.
"And we expect to follow the plan of
the other houses."
Trigon Has one 9eatless Day
"We are observing It, but not on
any particular day," said W. C. Brock-
way, steward, Trigon. "The saving is
little. Tuesday is generally meatless
with us. We have not planned any-
thing definite in regard to the wheat-
less program. A small quantity of
corn and rye bread, together with
wheat bread, is served throughout the
"Friday is meatless, and Wednesday
wheatless with us," asserted a mem-
ber of Acacia fraternity. "There are
no special substitutes for meat; but
corn and rye bread is being used in-
stead of wheat bread. We have not
been able to save a great deal, be-
cause the substitutes are almost as
high as the usual fare."
Alpha Delta Phis Have Sweetless Day
The partial weekly menu for the
Alpha Delta Phi's is as follows: Tues-
day, meatless; Wednesday, wheatless,
and Thursday, sweetless. No estimate
has been made as to the saving, on
account of the short time the fratern-
ity has-been trying the plan out. No
special sunbstitutes have been adopted.
One meatless day a week is kept
by the Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity.
They try to economize on sugar by
using less in desserts.
The Alpha Sigma's do not observe
meatless and wheatless days, but try
to save as much as possible on sug-
ar in their cooking.
Meals Cost $2.50 Less
Regulation meatless and wheatless
days are in vogue at the Alpha Sigm
Phi fraternity. Eggs and fish are
used as substitutes for meat. The
steward estimated that the average
weekly meals with meat cost $5.50
whereas meals composed of substi

tutes costs approximately $3. They are
not able to save much on sugar.
At the Beta Theta Pi fraternity the
regular days are observed. Fish and
vegetables are substituted for meat,
An attempt is also made to save or
sugar served on the table.
The steward"of the Chi Psi said
"We have been observing the regular
days from the first, and use fish fo
meat. We save sugar on the table an
in desserts. The saving amounts t
a nice sum of money at the end of the
Harboring a Bunch of Soldiers
"We have been 'harboring a buncl
of soldiers who must have nourish.
ment, so we could not observe specia
days so far," stated the Delta Chi's
but expect to begin next week
"We have done nothing so far,'
stated the steward of the Pi Upsilo
Rho fraternity. "The matter will bi
considered next Wednesday."
The Psi Omega has been keeping th
regular day since the beginning of th,
year. Rye bread is served instead c
wheat bread, and macaroni and bean
takes the place of meat.
Members "of the Sigma Alpha Ep
silon intend to adopt a wheatless da
soon. The meatless day is observe,
on Friday.
Substitute Brown for White Sugar
At the Sigma Chi fraternity thb
steward has substituted brown fc
white sugar, and claimed that ther.
was a slight saving. Two meatles

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noons are observed each week, when
asparagus on toast or spaghetti is
employed. No action has been taken
on the wheat problem.
Friday and Wednesday are the meat-
less andwheatless days for the igm
Delta Kappa fraternity. The Sigma
Nu fraternity also observes the same
Sigma, Phi, Sinfonia and Sigma Phi
Epsilon fraternities have set aside the
regulation days for the non-serving
of meat and wheat.
The steward of the Delta Kappa Ep-
silon claimed that they observe the
regular days. He also stated that they
try to save as much as possible on
sugar by. not having many desserts,
and other dishes which demand sweet-
Fish is generally substituted on
Tuesday by the Delta Sigma Delta's.
A little sugar is saved by the Delta
Theta Phi .fraternity. Tuesday and
Wednesday are considered meatless
and wheatless.
Began at First of Semester
Kappa Beta Psi's steward asserts,
"We have been observing the regular
days since the first of the semester
and find that there is a great. saving.
Rye and corn bread has been substi-
tuted for wheat bread; but no special
substitutes have been served for
Kappa Sigma's said, "You bet we
save on sugar since we can not ob-
tain any. Do we have meatless-wheat-
less affairs? Sure, and on regular
days, too! We don't save a great deal
on the other things, however."
"We have been doing this every
since the movement started," asserted
the Lambda Chi Alphas. "Meat is
abolished on this day by serving mac-
aroni and spaghetti. They go easy on
the sugar, but there is no definite sav-

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Claim a Large Saving
"There is a large saving, but he
amount has not as yet been estimated,"
said the steward of Nu Sigma Nu.
"Friday is meatless and Wednesday is
"We are able to save a small amount
by observing meatless and wheatless
days, but we are not sure how much,"
claimed the Phi Alpha Deltas.
"Beans and eggs are substituted for
meat," stated the steward of the Phi
Beta Pi. "We save about 20 per cent
on a meatless meal."
Pi Chi and the Phi Delta Chi fra-
ternities have not as yet started ob-
serving any special days, but intend to
commence soon. No wheatless day is
observed at the Phi Chi. Delta house.
Fr~iday is meatless.
"We are not able to save, however,
because eggs and fish are as high as
meat," claimed the Phi Delta Theta
Intend to Keep Meatless Days
"We intend to keep meatless days in
the future," asserted the steward of
the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.
"Wednesday is wheatless with us."
The Alpha Rho Chi fraternity pro-
poses to to start on a new schedule
this week.
Rice and vegetables are used In
place of meat at the Alpha Tau Omega
Wednesday is wheatless and Thurs-
day is meatless at the Delta Upsilon
house. "We save a little on the meat
and try to keep the sugar expense as
low as possible," it was stated.
Detroit, Oct. 26.-Women of the state
have had their turn at the meatless
and wheatless days. They are now
asking that men have a smokeless day,
on which they refrain from smoking
tobacco in any form.
This, is was suggested today by a
Detroit man, would conserve the sup-
ply of tobacco for the Sammies abroad.
just as easily as conservation of food
could be wrought through the meat-
less Tuesdays and wheatless Wednes-
Retaliation for this measure would
be a candyless day for women, it has
been suggested.
The honor system has been reject-'
ed at the University of Syracuse. As
a result of much agitation in favor of
adopting an honor code, the systems
in use at other universities were in-
vestigated, and the matter carefully
discussed. A majority of the faculty
voted down the system on the grounds
that honesty was not dependent on
any system.
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