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October 21, 1917 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-10-21

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I from Page One)
rs recovering the
ps back and on

four to go. Michigan fails to make its
The Farmers now have the ball on
their own 3-yard line. Hamnmes punts
to Weston on Aggies 40-yard line.
The Soo lad brings it back three yards.
Cohn makes three yards through cen-
ter. M. A. C. catches forward pass,
Genebach to Goetz. End of first half.
Score: MichIgan, 6; Il. A. C., 0..


. C. makes only one yard.
ails to gain. Michigan pen-
e yards. Hammes drops
punt. Fake play of Oas
z through center. Hammes
end for three yards. Ham-
back for punt. M. A. C.
als. Hammes kicks to Wes-
lverine 30-yard line. Wes-
d in his tracks.
skirts right end for five

Wieman goes through left tackle
r 30 yards. Genebach fails to gain.
all on M. A. C. 35-yard line. Wes-
n circles left end for five yards.
iernan adds two more through right
ekle. Weston makes the first down
rough center. Wieman makes six
rough left tackle. Genebach fails
gain. Michigan on M. A. C. 15-yard,
se. Weston goes through center and
rcles around left end for touchdown.
[eman fails to kick goal. Score:
chigan, 6; M. A. C. 0.
Archer kicks off for M. A. C. to
chigan's 25-yard line. Culver re-
rns it seven yards. End of first
arter. Michigan's ball on the Wol-
rine 38-yard line.
Score: Michigan, 6; M. A. C., 0.
Second Quarter
Weston goes through for seven
rds. Cohn adds two more. Wie-
an ploughs over both lines for first
wn. Weston- makes six yards
rough left tackle. Wieman adds
o mode. An attempted forward
sas, Weston to Goetz fails.
John goes through center making
st down. Weston goes through
t tackle for four yards.
Genebach hurls himself over both
es for two yards. Cohn attempts to
around right end but is thrown for
e yard loss. M. A. C. intercepts
ward pass, Wieman to Goetz. M.
C.'s ball on Aggies 38-yard line.
gies are held for no gain. On a
ek play, Kellog goes through center
four yards. Hammes drops back
punt and kicks to Weston who
overs the ball on M. A. C.'s 30-
rd line and is thrown back three
rds. Cohn goes through -center for
yards. Weston makes two from
it scrimmage. Wieman Jumps over
o men for three more yards.
aenebach makes first down. Cohn
es through left tackle for two yards.
iston turns right end for six yards.
3.y is now in the center of the field.
eman adds one yard. Cohn makes
it down through center. With won-
'ful interference, Cohn adds five
'ds, and is out temporarily. Tut-
1 gives him the bottle.
Vieman digs a hole through center
five yards. Weston makes first,
wn through center. Michigan now
the Aggies' 35-yard line.: Wieman'
kes two yards from first scrimmage.
attempt at forward pass, Goetz to
nebach fails. Cohn makes eight
ds through left tackle. Weston3
es the ball across for the first

Third Quarter
Rye now playing for Genebach,
'HanishiIn for Cartwright.
Culver kicks off for Michigan to M.
A. "C.5-yard line. McCool carries the
ball' 10 yards. Kellog goes through
center for one yard. Hammestmakes
one yard around left end. Hammes
drops back on a fake, Kellog makes
only four yards. Fourth down, three
yards to go.
Hammes punts to Weston on Mich-
igan's 35-yard line. The little quart-
erback carries it back 23 yards. Rye
fumbles. M. A. C.'s ball on the 40-
yard line. Hammes makes one yard
through center. M. A. C. is held for
no gain. Kellog adds 'another yard.
Hammes punt s to Rye' who fumbles.
Weston recoverstand returns 13 yards.
Ramsey hurt, but goes back in play.
Rye goes around end for two yards.
Wieman goes through center and adds
four yards. Wieman fails to gain.
Wieman adds two yards. Fourth
down, two to go. Wieman breaks
through stubborn defense for first
down. Weston through center for
three yards.
Ryeyadds one yard. Cohn gets hurt
in scrimmage. Cruse goes in for'him.
Wieman goes through open Aggie line
for first down. Rye falls and loses
one yard. Weston goes around left
end for eight yards and is hurt in be-
ing downed. Weston goes back in.
Wieman makes, first down through
center. Weston goes through the
same hole for four yards more. Rye
makes three yards before -he is stop-
ped by the whole M. A C. line.
Michigan on M. A. C. fve-yard line.
Wieman goes over for the Wolverine
second touchdown.
Score: Michigan, 13; . A. C., 0.
Hammes kicks off for M. A. C., to
Michigan's 15-yard line, Cruse carries
it 'back 20 yards. Weston goes through
right tackle for 10 yards and fumbles.
Cruse recovers and adds 14 yards.
Ball is on M. A. C.'s 41-yard line.
Cruse goes through right tackle for
one yard. Weston fumbles and M. A.
C. recovers on Michigan's 51-yard line.
Turner goes through left tackle for
nine yards. Kellog is thrown for a
three-yard loss.,
Hanish intercepts a forward pass.
Hammes kicks to Michigan on Mich-
igan's 10-yard line. Weston returns
ten yards. Michigan held for no gain.
Weston finds a hole through center
and carries the ball for first down.
Weston takes the ball to Michigan's
30-yard line.
Wieman makes four yards. Froemke
replaces Cruse. Rye is thrown for a
one-yard loss. Weston makes a yard
through left. Fourth down, four yards
to go. Tad punts to M. A. C.'s 38-yard
line. Kellog is downed the instant he
touches the ball.
M. A. C. fumbles on the first scrim-
mage but recovers with no gain. End
of third quarter. Ball now on M. A.
C.'s 36-yard line.
Score: Michigan, 1; I. A. C., 0.
Fourth Quarter
M. A. C. held for no gain. Hammes
drops back and on a fake Kellog makes
one yard. Hammes kicks to Froemke
on Michigan's 33-yard line. Froemk
brings It back seven 'yards. Weston

goes through for three. Wieman tears
through center for 10 yards with two
men hanging on. Rye hits stubborn
line and makes only three yards.
Froemke is held for no gain.
Weston one yard through center.
Wieman punts to M. A. C.'s 18-yard
line. Wieman intercepts a long
forward pass. Ball now on M. A. C.
20-yard line. M. A. C. thrown for five
yard loss. Hammes punts to the cen-
ter of the field. Froemke evades all
tackles and returns to M. A. C.'s 37-
yard line.
Hanish is out. Fortune replaces
Culver. St. Clair for Hanish. Wie-
man goes through a broken line for
37 yards for a touchdown. Wieman
kicks goal. Score: Michigan, 20; M.
A. C., 0.
Cress replaces Goetz. Hammes
kicks to Michigan's 30-yard line. St.
Clair returns 10 yards. Weston goes
through guard for three yards. Wie-
man hits the line hard but makes no
Barnard replaces Rye. Michigan
now on their own 45-yard line.
Froemke attempts to skirt end for a
one-yard loss. Wieman punts to M.
A. C.'s 15-yard line. Kellog slips af-
ter carrying the ball eight yards.
Hendershot replaces Cress. M. A.
C. held for no gain. Hammes punts
Weston on Michigan's 45-yard line.
The quarterback is stopped in his
tracks. Miller of M. A. C. replaces
Weston turns left end for thirty
yards. Wieman goes through for sev-
en yards. Michigan on M. A. C.'s one
yard line. 'Weston goes two feet.
Wieman goes over both lines for
touchdown. Score: Michigan, 26; M.
A. C., 0.
Wieman kicks goal. Score: Michl
gan 27; M. A. C., 0.
End of Game

H ias It Eger Bieen
Your Lxperiencu?
She Saw the Aggies Humbled, and
This Is What She
"Isn't he dear, that little man, all in
white. My, I bet he dances well! And
O my de-ar, there's another! Abso-
lutely perfect time-they keep right in
step with the yelling.
"And which one is Mr. Yost? The
man who lives next to us back home
is a personal friend of his. He tells
more funny stories.
"That clever Mr. Weston! I won-
der if he doesn't live near Lansing..
You know I used to know a man by
that name-and dear, brave Mr. Ram-
sey and Mr. Cohn, arn't they noble?
It says three downs and we've only
had two-No? 0, I thought 'downs',
was a nick ,name for 'touchdowns,'
funny wasn't it?

Sub Can't Talk to Players Until After
First Play
Few changes appear this season in
Spalding's 1917 Official Football Guide.
The most important change is the one
which prohibits an incoming substi-
tute to communicate with any mem-
ber of the team on the field until
after the first play. If the new man
is substituted for the quarterback,
The "Y" Employment Office has a
number of jobs for Monady and Tues-

"Ar'n't the men in uniform thrill-
ing? Do you suppose Jim's there?
That one next to the dog looks like
him, he was always so fond of dogs.
WHERE'S everyone going? Don't tell
me it's all over! I've had the most
wonderful time. Be careful of mny
chrysanthemum, won't you?
"Who won?"


however, he is allowed to g
A place kick, as now' und
must .be made by kicking ti
from its position while resting
ground without the use of an
ficial tees. A small pile of di
be made, however, if the kiel
sires such.
Any interference with a man
attempting to catch a forwarc
is now penalized by giving the
the offended side at the spot
foul. If the kicker is roughed
into the penalty is measured fr
spot where the ball was put in
Recreation makes for Effi
"We try to treat you right."
Do over the bath room wi
white enamel. Easy to appl
very durable. C. H. Major
Phone 237.--Adv.
Patronize Our Advertisers.-

Where. Everybody Goes,




Inability of the freshmen to kick
goals after they had crossed the Heid-
elberg line for two touchdowns cost
the yearlings a victory in a stubbornly
fought contest on Tiffin field. The
fresh in the first quarter raced over
for a touchdown, but the Ohioans
braced up and the yearlings were un-
able to score until the last quarter
when Urschell broke through center
for the final down.
The Tiffin boys made their score in
the third and fourth quarters, Sayger
and Lynn carrying the pigskin over.
Sayger kicked both goals.
The Heidelberg line-up was as fol-
lows: Smith, I.e.; Reinbolt, l.t.; Kauf-
man, 1g.; Michiaels, c.; Leis, r.g.;
Davidson, r.t.; Gebhart, r.e.; Sayger
(Capt.), q.; Coutright, l.h.; Shick, r.h.;
Lynn, f.
Summary of score by quarters:
Michigan Freshmen .6 0 0 6--12
Heidelberg............0 0 7 7-14
Touchdowns - Heidelberg: -Sayger,
Lynn. Michigan: Urschell 2.
Coach Mitchell's warriors will meet
the Aggie yearlings next Saturday and
dope favors a victory for the fresh
squad. Two new men, Clippert and
Hobbs, will undoubtedly be in Satur-
day's game and will materially
strenthen the, line. Clippert, a cen-
ter, has been laid up with injuries
sustained ina scrimmage with the
Varsity and Hobbs, who has only been
out in a suit the last few days but in
that time has shown enough stuff to
take the trip to Heidelberg yesterday.



3 O9lock

OCT. 25



Musical Comedy Co.







Smart and Talented
Pretty Girl Chorus'

-1000 LAUGHS-

leman fails to make anything
ugh center. Weston makes first
n. Cohn fails to gain. Weston
es two yards through center.
dgan now on the Aggies' 10-yard
.Wieman adds two. Weston
es three yards. Fourth down,
ay your alarm clocks at J. L
pman's, Jeweler. 113 S. Main.

Swmjg.r Costunes-Jolly Music-Elaborate Effects
This Is the BI Success of Last Season
1Hurry-oReserves Seats Now-H~urry

You can get those Neolin Soles put
on at Paul's Place, 611- E. William,
while you wait.--Adv.







We pride ourselves on serving food that is fit
served in a place that is attractive and in a way

.4 .4prepared
that will please

in a kitchen

that is clean and

Regular pack 70c the pound and up


$1.00 to $10.00

Is not a hash house '. A - neither
a long ways from being a restaurant.

is it a beanery nor yet a regular boarding house and it is
0 s. It is a place that is different and an idea of my own.

The right candy for the best occasions

T.e ae a lot of things. the Realen is not.but
of one thing I am sure; it is's good place to eat.


O~4A4~ dd~



11 wo"

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