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July 07, 1927 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1927-07-07

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-~ - .

&1Il Ouninu r Duke the prohibition enforcement dl-
rector for the port of New York will
*5be heralded far and ie as ihe man
wiot never used "iegal met hods in
Published every morning except Monday the enforcement of ,ha prohibition
during the University Summer Session by law". (Note: stringent enforement
the Board in Control of Student Publica- la's (Ne string.)
tions.j means illegal Methods.)
The Associated Press is excusively en- Oil the whole, however, the govern-
titled to the use for republication of all news ment of the United States, if it hopes'
dispatches credited to it or not otherwiseI
credited in this paper and the local news pub- to keep the prohibition amendment
lished herein, from being a farce, might do well to
Entered at the Ann Arbor, Michigan, recognize such merit as was displayed
postoffice as second class matter. t
Subscription by carrier, $1.5o; by mail, by Charles Duke, and retain him orl
Offices: Press Building, Maynard Street, even promote him in the govet'nmeut
Aim Arbor, Michigan. I service. If the law against liquor is
to remain on the statute books it ought

1Vsi~c Dra III"
"Gamner Gurt on's Needle," the fa-
mous old English comedy which opens
i Sarah Caswell Angell hall as the
third production in the season of Sunm-
ier Plays, will -demonstrate the ver-
satility of the Rockford Players.
TPhis old English comedy, the firstj
in the languag and hence the progen-
itor of all comedy will be treated with1
as much verisimilitude as possible.
The audience is asked to imagine itseif
in the days of Shakespeare's grand-
father, living a rather vivid life, frank
and free. te humor will be fresh,I
not a little primitive. For today's



Pen Shop
Observe that Rider Pen Service
something more than dealer service.


Typewriter Shop
Where skilled repair men are employed
Headquarters for the easy running Roy-
als and Royal Portables and Coronas.
All makes of machines (good ones) for
sale or rent.

It is one of the few places in the whole
country where skilled pen makers are
eyloyed in a retail service, this is value
to you.

Telephone 492")
Editorial Director......Paul J. Kern
City Editor.....Joseph E. Brunswick
Feature Editor.....Marian L. Welles
Night Editors
Carlton G. ChampeH. K. Oakes, Jr.
John IE. Davis Orville Dowzer
T.*E. Sunderland
E. M. Iyman Miriam Mitchell
Mary Lister
Robert E. Carson Betty Pulver
Win. K. Lomason Louis R. Markus

to be enforced, and it can be enforced
if the government so desires. No.
doubt, however, some astute lawyer
will find that it was illegal, for Duke
to threaten the crew of the run run-
ning steamer, and "illegal" methods
must never be used in the enforcement
of a government law.
When we are erecting our monu-
inents, and giving out bauquets, and


Buy your
from factory.

Rider "Masterpen" direct
We manufacture them.


Give us

a trial You will note the dif-

Phone 8950

sending out invitations to our state audience such a performance, played
fairs, it might not be a totally obnoxi- with the whole auditorium as a stage
ous idea to remember Duke, at least if and the scenery shifted before its very
there was to be a square meal given eyes, the novelty of this hilarious

jih "i .LaY7 .fie , F 1..


Telephone 21214
Advertising ............. Ray WachterI
Accounts ........... John Ruswinckel
Circulation.............. Ralph Miller
C. T. Antonopulos S. S. Berar
G. W. Platt
Night Editor-H. K. OAKES, JR.
We have just finished the greatest

away free at the ceremonies-for 'no#
one in the coast guard service could
ever earn one. Lindbergh in his way
did a great deal, but similatl )Duke
is the standard of excellence in his
field, and when one asks candidly
whether a lone flight to 'aris is of
more signiliean ce to mi aki d athan the
rigid enforcement of society's legal
code, one is likely to surprise hinsei f
it he arrives at the correct answer. 1
ny ig 2iALS-
Monday night 21 prisoners attemut-

farce---its sheer good spirits and racy
wit-will mean a unique night at the
.U eater.
The conventional drop curtain wfll
oe hidden out of sight, as such a thing
v:as unknown in the 14th century, and
the footlights will give way to tallow
candles. Elizabethan dances and in-
t erludes wil be presented often during
the play, according to the old tradi-
tion. They will have little or no con-
nection with the play itself except in
creating an atmosphere of jollity and
good will.
There will even be a street parade




reception that America ever gave to
a single man, and to the &erage
American there is little in the line of
heroism that can even approach the
feat of Charles A. Lindbergh for years
to come. Scarcely has 4he enthusiasm
cooled, however, when the nation has
uncovered another hero, no less cour-
ageous and no less able to the per-
formance of hisduties: the new hero
is Charles Duke.
Perhaps the name is unfamiliar to
the larger number of our citizens, and
probably it will remain so perma-
nently, but to those of the citizenry
who appreciate heroic and worthwhile
deeds, and for those who do not look
for the sheer spectacular nature of the
event, Duke must rank at least on a
par, and perhaps somewhat above,
any of our current heroes.
It would take a brave man even to
say he was a prohibitionist or to join
the coast guard forces in New York
and vicinity, but when that bravery
exteids to capturing single handed a
steamer with $500,000 ,worth of liquor
on board, manned with more than
twenty men, and with only three car-
tridges in a gun, then it becomes even
more than bravery - it becomes
sublime inspiration. To hold, in ad-
dition, this entire crew below the
decks of the steamer for three hours
while help arrived (a notably long
time for a coast guard cutter to cross
the New York harbor) ranks in sheer
courage with any of our stpreme na-
val achievements which embellish the
pages of history.
The reward which Duke will receive
will not be great. There will be no
banquet at which the mayor of New
York can give another speech, and it
is quite possible that the mayor will7
extend his official censure for iger-
ference with the city's leading indus-
try. Judging from the management of
the New York enforcement area, where
directors are removed for their effici-
ency, we may soon find an appeal sent]
to President Coolidge to remove the
youth, and President Coolidge will not
doubt reply as he did when it came tof
removing the director of the district.
Duke need not worry, however, for1
when he is dismissed from the coast
guard service there will be dozens of
reputable bootlegging concerns bid-i
ding for his services, and they appre-t
ciate merit. It will be worth their
while to have Duke out of the service
of the government, if nothing more,I
and for an enterprising young man thei
narrowing influences of the coastt
guard can not helpibut be cramuping.I
After he has made enough money ina
the bootlegging business to retire he i
can contribute a million dollars or soa
to the Republican campaign fund anE
be appointed director of enforcemente
for the port of New York. That is as
much more expeditious and certain
way of rising in the world than wait- p
ng for promotion or even commenda- t
tion from the government. When he R
dies then, the people of the city of g
New York and the Bootleggers' Pro- t
tective association will erect a monu- t
ment to his memory, and though the is
deeds of Charles Duke as a govern- v
ment agent, who singlehanded cap- t
tured a steamship of smugglers, will a
never pass down to posterity, Charles t

ed to escape from Marquette prison. 1through the audience at the beginning
with banners, cow bells, combs and
A guard, a man earning an honest li- drums-led in fact, by a human don-
ing, was badly beaten in the attemul,
/r !:key! Patrons will be greeted in the
and though it failed, two of the prisf
oner wee amedandcoud hve foyer by Elsie Harndon Kearns selling
bananas; with Amy Loomis and Helen
caused serious consequences if their
fortunes had not been against them. and Robert Wetzel are to be the don-
The men who led the plot are both' key; and Robert Henderson and Sam-
serving life sentences for murder, and 'l Bonnell will work the Punch and
naturally had nothing to fear. If the Judy show before the play proper be-
plot failed they were merely returned
to their dells, if it succeeded, even at gins.
Miss Kearns who has just finished
the cost of someone's life, they were appearing as the beautiful Judith Bliss
better off than before, because the in "lay Fever" will appear as the old
worst that could befall them would be and wrinkled Dame. Chat while Fran-
capture and return. ces Horine will play the flushed and
When the question of capital pun- g;ssipy Ganiner Gurton.
ishment arose last winter there was Charles Edgecombe who comes
one phase which did not enter in to from the Provincetown Players in
the discussion, and that was the in New York will make his first appear-
creased safety of prison guards. 1taneeNvith the company il the person
the present time any life termer cain of the sly, "Puck-like" Dicon and'
shoot a guard without injuring his own Rbert euderson is cast in the part
welfare in the least, for lie is already of the dull and loutish Dicco.
enjoying the most severe pinalty that All the trouble arises in the heartyr
the soft-hearted and sometimes soft- Engli farce hen Gamumer Curton
headed legislature of the state will r

On Huron River at the foot
of Cedar Street
Open 8 A. . to I I P. M.
Friday an( Saturday from
N. Vto 12P1'.M.
IPhone 21'117

The Coca-Cola Company. Atlanta, Ga.
When Three Are
iNot a Crowd.
Coca-Cola is enjoyed
by more people, of
more ages; at more
places than any
other -drink



Isj s herp recious nedle w ile miend-
impose. It is not mn y ycans since a ing Hodge's breeches. NeeIles, un-
warden of Marquette prison was at- fortunately, i; those lusty days back
tacked in a fatal riot there, and .in the 14th century, were as rare as
that time, also ,life tern uers wi eic l
t diamonds, and Diccon tells her that it
instigators of the plot. has been stolen by her neighbor, Dame
Of course we must be kind to our Chat. Ultimately the whole village is
prisoners, and the though t of actu- set in a fury until finally the needle isa
ally electrocuting a uIa rderer is ab- found again in the most unexpected
horrent to the good folk of the con- ilace of all and the curtain falls hap- j
mnonwealth. Perhaps if we should fur-
ish them with arms and weapois For the actors this old comedy' re-
they could pass away the dull hours quires everything but a new company
behind the bars by shooting guards -ew treatment, sto-y, atmosphere,
and in other isoceat though some- m here,
a d n tthe inocet toug so e vervthinz is different from the nreci_



what destructive pastinmes. If they
escaped it would be a considerable
gain, because then the guards would
no longer be in danger. The system
would at least satisfy the palliating
personages who are horrified by the
thought of extracting a penalty from
the offenders against the social code
of mankind.I

ous humor of "Hay Fever." One need j
only to watch the lusty, earthly come-
dy of this robust farce to realize how
dainty and refined our present "shock-
ing" generation has become!
"Gammer Gurton's Needle" opens
tonight and will play four perform-
ianes: tomorrow and Saturday after-
noons at 6g:10 o'clock and Saturday


New Dresses Coming
from New York

ntight at 8:15. The irregular matinee
IFRE)O a '71 EDU"At ON Friday was necessitated by the Senate
The National Educatioi association, reception in Barbour gymnasium in
in session at Seattle, Washington, has the evening.
pledged itself to a campaign to rid * * *
the teaching profess1i from the in- BIROA]) WAY
fiuence of politics. Dr. Henry Suzzalo, "Broadway;" Sed Harris' "night-club
former president of the University .of classic" will continue its eleventh
Washington, who took part in a state week at ;tme Garrick theater in De-
political campaign and then was fined troit. This play, concerning the back-
when his candidate lost, delivered the stage happenings in a new York night
impassioned plea for freedom, and the club of the present day, its interming-
inspired delegates forthwith issued ling of buccaneers and bootleggers, is I
their "Declaration of Independence." a splendid theatrical entertainment
To be sure, the plain facts of science combining adventure, bordering on
and the common knowledge of man- melodrama but saved by the ever-pres-
kind should never be distorted by leg- ent, irrepressible humor of subordi-
islation, and the good state legislature nates.
that proposed changing pi to an even Dan McCord, the detective, played by
number three perhaps exceeded its Joseph King has been bringing special
authority somewhat. lout in a still patronage to the whole performance.
larger sense the people of a democracy Dan is a "square Dick" and is one of
are supreme; and the teaching system, I the most human detectives ever con-
as well as the'whole theory of public ceived in fiction or dramia. He is a
education, rests upon them for its calm powerful man with the situation
support. under his control.
The right to abolish necessarily im-
plies the right to control, and when kept out of politics.
he right to control affects a some- There is no place in the American
what touchy group it is bound to system of education for the man who
grieve them. The public will never teaches party principles in his class-
olerate any interference with the room any more than there is a place
eaching of truth in their public for the party which. prescribes princi-
chools, as is shown by the general re- ples to be taught. Academic inde-
'ulsion to the Tennessee anti-evolu- pendence is a nice term, and a nice
ion law, but the puiblic will demand, thing to think about, but on the whole
nd has a right to do so, that if poli- it means precisely nothing at all over
ics be kept out, schools must be what now exists.

. ,
jI u
- f
"" ,.
l '
,.- _ :
G f
,, ;
- "

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