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July 10, 2014 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 2014-07-10
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Thursday, July 10, 2014
The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

Thursday, July 10, 2014
The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com



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The muddling


As University of Michigan Aumni, we've been

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RELEASE DATE- Thursday, July 10, 2014
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS DOWN 32 Like somelegends 46 _ of plenty
1 Limo rider 1 Bane bed 33 Columbia garb 52 Radiant ring
6 Skilled 2 Bk. before 37 Add graduallyto 53 HemsierofESPN
11 Old map letters Philippians a cycle 55 Ad come-on
14 Smetana's "The 3 Hawaiian ring 39 Gallic girlfriend word
Bartered Bride," 4 Messes up 40Tailless feline 57 Angst
e.g. 513, to many 42Young fox 58 Portfolio holding,
15 Super Mario 6 Sailors 43 Dakar is its briefly
World dinosaur agreement eapital 59 Egg layer
16 Own, to Bums 7Temporary 44 _ paste 60 Octopus' defense
17 Like him or her quartems
19 Morticas cousin 8 Canadian gas 45 Bloomer of 61 Bitof Senate
20 Roman sun god brand bloomers fame dissension
23 Yem i n Ocationsg m ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
23 Campfire 10 Its chemical S T A C D I V R A S T A
remains symbol is Sr P A L ROTES E L T O N
26 Cleaning tool 11 Illuminate, with A B O A V E R T H O O E Y
2 Easily rtu rd 02Zn S OU N D E N G I NEE R
30 Reagan/Carr 12Zen M D
debate enlightenment MODELT EL IA MTA
catchphrase 13Certsingr ednt WEAR TERESAS
34 Disney film 18 Sneaky tactic AHRA B ION SNOB
sdon 22Like cherubs S O C I A L B U T T E R F L Y
Chinese folklore 23 Alternatives to A L T E R S H E A F A R
35Steed's partner tellers, briefly M E S S I N A U S C G
36 Giant thing in a n4 Close MTHE
'ae 25 "Light in My
37 Problem th Darknessauthor
ptus 27 Grapfruitecousin WAGON AG H AS EL F
pictures 9 2SingerCay_ E B O L A R O O S T E T O
38 NTasen of Jepsen S E D A N T H E Y M t X
4Taked s 31 Slenderswords xwrdndlterianLcnm e7/1e/14
'41 "Dead Souls"xoddtralcm 0h1

mail: dailydisplay@gmail com they were advocating for other
uses for the space.
"You would understandably get
two different opinions about the
E C extent of accommodation and how
much of the commentary and com-
ments are reflected in it," he said. "I
think, as I outlined, this was a case
where the University did listen, and
we did hear the expressions ofcon-
NEED A BUS to the Notre Dame foot- cern and the expression of interest
ball game from downtown Chicago? regarding the architectural treat-
$120 for transportation, refreshments, ment and the facility's impact on
and tailgating. Contact the neighborhood."
Bus2notredame.com. 312-371-7142. In the end, Councilmember
Sabra Briere (D- Ward 1), whose
THESIS EDITING. LANGUAGE, ward includes the project, said
organization, format. All Disciplines. legally there's not much recourse
734/996-0566or writeon@iserv.net available to residents. The Uni-
versity isn't currently obligated to
SITTER WANTED JULY 21-25, compromise with the city on this,
must be able to drive. Contact or on other construction projects.
Stephanie @ 8595093617. However, she added that while
she recognized the University's
desire to meet its needs, she hopes
in the future they'll do it in a way
that's more conciliatory with the
#rushTMD city.
"I don't fault the University for
having its own agenda," she said.
"I just wish that they'd recognize
that other people and groups have
rights as well."

novelist Gogol
43 Summation
symbol in maW
44 Fail completely
47 Mobster's code
of honor
48Bart, to Homer
49 _.-Mex
51 Nonetheless,
54 "Oedipus
57 Weakening, in a
way, or what 17-,
3-and 44-
literally doing
62 Inconclusive
63 Edmonton skater
64 Gladiator's
65 Row
66 First name on a
historic B-29
67 Long and lean

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
14 15 16
20 21 22
23 24 2s 26 27 28 29
30 31 32 33
34 35
36 37 38
44 4s5 46
47 48 49
s0 51 s2 53 54 s5
56 57 58 5
62 63 64
66 66 6
By Steve Bair
(c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

1 12 13
! 0 61

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Since I was little, my dad
warned me of three "dangerous"
conversation topics that inevitably
lead to arguments: money, religion
and politics. My status as a broke
college student usually saves me
from offending anyone within the
first topic. However, the following
two subjects continually find pesky
ways of intertwining and infringing
upon human rights. Religion and
politics provide us with societal
frameworks. These very, separate
spheres of thought and belief
encourage humanity to flourish, to
foster goodwill towards one another,
to seek peace and to provide guidance
amidst the towering specter of
uncertainty. Yet, when these vastly
different and complicated worlds of
subjectivity collide, we, as citizens
dismantle and scatter into our
respective corners like billiards balls
at the start of a game.
When religion and politics are
muddled together, the shouting
match commences and we begin
to disregard the impact our beliefs
hold over the rights of our fellow
citizens. For example, an offensive
- well, in my opinion - float
appeared in my hometown's Fourth
of July parade. It was merely a
pickup truck with a trailer scuttling
behind it; the float's message was a
crudely sprayed equation upon the
trailer's side. In black spray paint,
the message read: "God's marriage=
1 man + 1 woman. Honk ifyou agree."
I most certainly wasn't about
to honk. The only reaction the
supposedly "correct" equation
incited was a fervent desire to
display a particular finger to the
elderly, scruffy "mountain man"
sitting in the trailer. However,
the presence of children and the
realization my reaction would
encroach upon the freedom of
speech of these individuals stopped
me. Even if I didn't agree with
the message or if I believe it was
displayed at the wrong place and
time, the parade was open to all
forms of speech. Yet, I possessed
a sneaking suspicion if a pro-
marriage equality float appeared,
its creators would be accused of
shoving their beliefs down the
townspeople's throats.
While the parade incident was
a minor example, last week the
infiltration of religion upon politics
led the Supreme Court to disregard
the rights of thousands of female
workers. In a close 5-4 ruling
last Monday, the Supreme Court

justices ruled in favor of owners of
the Hobby Lobby retail chain in a
dispute regardingthe responsibility
to cover contraception in the
insurance offered to their
employees. The Christian families
who own Hobby Lobby and
Conestoga Wood Specialties
challenged a provision of the
Affordable Care Act requiringthem
to offer contraception coverage.
Under the grounds of protecting
their religious freedom, the owners
argued offering insurance coverage
for contraception forced them to
endorse abortion.
The Affordable Care Act provides
exemptions to religious institutions,
hospitals and schools, but for-profit
companies, like Hobby Lobby,
were originally expected to cover
contraception in employee health
care plans. Now, because Hobby
Lobby is considered a privately-
held company - or a company
with the majority of shares owned
by five or less people - they're
no longer required to cover birth
control methods such as Plan B or
intrauterine devices. Prices for birth
control methods like IUDs can range
up to $1,000, and now the entirety of
these costs must come directly out of
female workers' pockets.
Although the company may only
be owned by a small number of
Christiansthe numerous individuals
employed bythe company most likely
come from a diverse array of creeds
and shouldn't have their employers'
beliefs imposed upon them. The
women requesting contraception
coverage may not even wish to
prevent pregnancy. According to a
study by the Guttmacher Institute,
1.5 million women use birth control
aid in the treatment of ovarian
cancer, ovarian cysts, endometriosis
and endometrial cancer. Likewise,
Guttmacher also found 58 percent
of birth control users utilize these
methods to reduce menstrual pain,
prevent migraines and treat acne.
Like many other treatments and
prescriptions, birth control can be a
costly medical necessity.
A decision of women's health rests
exclusively with the woman affected
by it and the beliefs she follows. I find
it preposterous an issue of women's
health was decided by five men, the
justices who comprised the majority
decision, and will continually be
decided by religiously motivated
Melissa Scholke is an LSA junior.

Beautifully messy politics
n the halls of Capitol Hill, history. With many key policy And yet, this is why I love
one can feel the history reforms on the table, Congress D.C. Despite the seemingly
of the decisions that were hasbeenunabletoeventakesome endless chaos and the never-
pondered and of these policies to committee, ending policy issues whichever
fought for, like the critical Voting Rights way you look, this is the hub
and also the Amendment Act. Without the that creates policy. This is
intensity of VRAA, the November midterm the place where our laws are
the history elections will be the first time formed, where civil rights are
being made. in nearly five decades that debated and fought for, and
Members voters aren't protected at the where our nation's democracy
of Congress polls by the Voting Rights Act. is upheld. Regardless of which
attend votes This means that discriminatory side of the aisle you stand on,
and hearings, HARLEEN procedures that are put into this is a system that is meant
listening KAUR place to disenfranchise minority to represent the people of our
to opinions voters will continue to function nation. Each individual has a
on key without any repercussions. right to voice their concerns
issues in our nation. Bills are Many voters may be turned on how our nation is run and
passed, legislation is debated away from the polls because there will be someone to listen
and amended and the cycle English isn't their first language, to them, even if it's an unpaid
continues. Washington, D.C. is because of the color of their skin intern.
the never-ending grandfather or simply because they appear to Granted, it doesn't always
clock ticking away in the heart not fit what a standard American work. There are communities
of our nation. "should" look like. that are underrepresented,
However, I would be remiss The purpose of policies are and there are policies that
if I didn't say that politics aren't understood in different ways fall through the cracks. Our
easy. I think the recent activities Congress isn't a representation
in D.C. are a fairly obvious hint to of the makeup of our nation. If
that. The Speaker of the House, that were the case, there would
Rep. John Boehner, is suing Our Congress isn't be more Congresswomen,
President Barack Obama for more people of color and more
what Boehner calls a "flippant a representation members of other faiths in
dismissal of the Constitution we fthe k Congress, just to name a few.
are both sworn to defend." ofu mateup Sut that's why it is so critical
Last week, a significant of our nation. for us to stay engaged and
Supreme Court ruling involved in our government.
deemed the HHS Mandate Advocates can make change
of the Affordable Care Act by not only voicing concerns
unconstitutional, preventing at their very core - is our for discriminatory policies, but
some women from getting birth immigration system broken also by making sure they are at
control and abortion coverage because so many individuals can the table. The moment you're
from their work, opening up the immigrate here or because they in a Congressional office and
floodgates on religious liberties are forced to do so in secret? someone discusses an issue that
and civil rights. Immigration Does religious liberties mean is pertinent to you, you will no
reform is coming to a head as protecting minority faiths that longer be the protester on the
Obama visits Texas this week aretargetsofbias,discrimination street or the lobbyist on the
and attempts to receive billions and hate or majority faiths phone, you will be the expert at
of dollars of funding to solve that feel targeted by the ways the table who's ready to advise
the broken immigration system. that others choose to practice your peers on this legislative
All of this, of course, on top of their lives? The fundamental action. Directly engaging in our
a key election year where the beliefs of so many members of government is the best solution,
GOP could take the majority of Congress are so starkly different because it was a system that was
the Senate, and maintain the that I sometimes wonder if created "by the people, for the
majority in the House, leaving compromise, if a decision on any people," and maintaining that
the last two years of the Obama legislation, is even possible. As purpose will create the most
administration a potential the parties of Congress move successful democracy possible.
bi-partisan gridlock. further and further apart it will
This Congress has been called become more difficult for these - Harleen Kaur can be
one of the least productive in compromises to occur. reached at harleen@umich.edu.
Interested in writingfor the Michigan Daily next semester?
Apply to be an opinion section columnist or blogger for Fall
2014! Email tothedaily@michigandaily.com or
opinioneditors@michigandaily.com for more information.

The Eglise Notre-Dame de Bruges from the belfry in Bruges, Belgium. See
more Photostaff Abroad at www.michigandaily.com.

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