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June 19, 2014 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 2014-06-19
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Thursday, June19, 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014
The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com
Call: #734-418-4115
' Email: dailydiaplay@gmail.comB

Love over fear

Thursday, June 19, 2014
The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

_ I Rv nyM A nn8 fr uAN A0

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.- ... . . G I ~ u ud,, ..G V . 1'
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS 4 Protect, in a way 40 Talk show 51 SASE inserts,
1 Licensed med. 5 Challenged tycoon sftes
personnel 6Perdno f 41 Duroher of 52 Leaderwho
4 Heavens Argentina baseball wears the Ring
9 Relations 7 Pince-_ 42 Bet of the
12 Wireless mouse 8 Like some dogs 43 Skip past Fisherman
bateries and devils 45 Is up against 53 Quite a may0of
14 Fuzzy _ 9 Sharp 48 "Cross my 54 Low-ranking GIs
15 How-to 10 One-named heart!" 57 CPR pro
presentation supermodel 49 Maker of Caplio 58 "Man!"
16 One al a kind 11 Prose to prying cameras 59 Tool oftev
17 Harebrained 13 Dining cmrs 5 olotn
schemes 15 Decisive times SO Like septic tanks swung
19 Lay the 18 Short eginning ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
groundwork 211 Sphere lead-in
21 Live-in help, 23 Able to give a F I G L E A F M A L E C A T
perhaps firsthand account A MIA B L E I M A G E R Y
22 Noted sitter 24 "Holy..j R N OOD CODGER S
26 Squirt 25 "The Pit and the WOU TCU L ERO
27 Hardly a deadeye Pendulum"
31 "We _ amused" author CAPEK J O H N B R O W N
34 Roletfor Liz 28 Proceed 0OD 0OR B UM T R I
35 Pemonalitypart 29Starerudely at SW I SI LPa A B O R T
36 With 37- and 38- 30Related M A N T H E O M E N W H A
Across, big hit 31 Baldwin oft"The O R T H O P S E U D O N Y M
37 See 36-Across CoolerI' P A T A R M E M E
38 ee36-Across 32"Potntoy' TOO T S S H O R C I D E R
39 Catchall abbr. Complaint" A MP L EN M 0 C
40 Miscellany novelist
42 Pushed 33Coner ending READIER BOBR
r4Makes tawdry 37lInformer PGR A T ED A TRO PH Y
46Acct.datum 38 Dugout SATRAPS S T A N T O N
47 Cause of bad convenience xwordeditor@aolcom 06/19/14
luck, so they say 1 2 3 4 s 6 7 9 10 11
52.._ Nem Guinea
N5 e uie 12 13 14 15
56 Bizarre, and
what 17-, 22-, 16 17 16
36/37/38- and 19 20 o1
47-Across can
b nonewayor 23 24 2
60 Half DX 26 27 2s 29 30
61 Campaign 31 32 3 334 00
tandems, briefly
62 Guts 36 37 38
63 1980ssurgeon
general 39 00or41 so240
64 Workplaces for 4 4
65 Jacket material 47 40 49 50 0
66 Elevs.
1 "Invisible Man" 56 57565 9 * 60
writer Ellison 61 62 63
2 World's smallest
island nation 84 on 6n
3 Capitalsouth of
Olympia ByJerry Edelstein
(c)2014TribuneContent Agency,LLC 06/19114

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By MA"J0Im HM Amn
Daily TV/New Media Editor
NEW YORK - Less full of itself
than Coachella, more down to
earth than Ultra and a little more
clean-cut than Bonnaroo, The
Governors Ball is New York City's
biggest summer music festival -
but it feels just like an afternoon
in the park with your friends. This
little sibling to the big-name fes-
tivals held its own this year with
a solid lineup, a well-organized
layout and super friendly staff
There wasn't a Native American
headdress or pair of golden span-
dex shorts to be found. (And I only
counted maybe five daisy crowns
total. An immense triumph!) For
a college student and/or hip twen-
tysomething with music taste that
is mainstream-adjacent, Gov Ball
is the perfect chance to catch a
bunch of iconic "alternative" acts
and even make some new music
Friday: The warm-up
Friday's line-up included a
bunch of strong acts, but no one
huge enough to eclipse the head-
liner, OutKast. I started my Gov-
ernors Ball journey the best way
any fun-loving nineteen-year-old
could: with a happy, upbeat set
from the British boy band/legion
of heartthrobs, The 1975. Front-
man Matt Healy periodically took
swigs out of a bottle of wine and
puffs of a cigarette throughout
the early afternoon concert, show-
ing off that classic "don't-give-a-
fuck" 'tude that makes all the gals,
(including this reporter) totally
swoon. "This is a song about smok-
ing weed and stuff," he mumbled
before launching into their hit song
My friends and I had had enough
British dudes in tight pants for one
day, but the festival's strategic lay-
out sent us by Bastille's set on our
way to the (amazing) food stands.
The early-Friday-afternoon crowd
was sparse enough to allow a solid
view of the show without being too
small to feel energetic. We paused
for a moment to hear "Pompeii"
and carried on toward the food and
the Gotham Stage, where Washed
Out was just getting ready to per-
We loungedon agrassyhill over-
looking the stage, resting our legs

and saving up energy for the night
to come. As we munched on French
fries and looked out over the New
York skyline across the East River,
sounds of "All I Know" and other
other tunes from Paracosm lulled
us into a happy daze.
The rest was a necessity for the
next set on our agenda, Grimes.
With her lavender hair, killer light-
ing and intense backup dancers,
she proved that she knows how to
put on an awesome show. While
the audience members swayed
awkwardly to her synth-pop beat,
she bopped around stage like a
gothic purple nymph and giggled
at the sheer excitement of the show
itself. When the set ended without
her hit song, "Genesis," festival-
goers shuffled away, visibly a little
disappointed at the anticlimax.
Then she ran back on stage in a
tizzy. "Oops! I forgot to do 'Gen-
NYC festival.
esis.' We can do that if you want!"
The crowd swarmed back toward
the stage while Grimes blushed
bashfully about the silly mistake.
We closed out the night with
OutKast, which was a huge event,
in only for the novelty of a limited-
run reunion tour. Everyone in my
group wanted to hear "Hey Ya," of
course, but even aside from the res-
urrection of classic hits, Outkast
put on a solid show, drawing what
might've been the biggest crowd of
the weekend on the festival's open-
ing night.
Saturday: The main event
We went into Saturday prepared
for a battle. This was supposed to
be our longest and fullest day, and
would require intelligent planning
and informed decision-making.
Chance the Rapper, Childish Gam-
bino, Disclosure, Sleigh Bells, Bro-
ken Bells and The Strokes were all
on the schedule, sometimes con-
flicting with each other..
Want to know how the rest of
the weekend played out? For more
coverage ofthe Governors Ball,
check out michigandaily.com/arts

love big cities. As an extremely
extroverted person, I love
the hustle
and bustle,
the noises
and smells
(although some
smells I could
go without).
The energy
I get from
being around IHARLEEN
other people is KAUR
Seeing so many
individuals in one place reminds
me of the wonderful differences
and similarities between us all. But
in moving to D.C. for the summer,
I was reminded of the one aspect I
absolutely cannot stand: catcalls.
The first incident happened not
even 24 hours after arriving in
D.C. As I walked down H Street in
D.C.'s Chinatown, a man sitting on
the street corner yelled, "Hey sexy,
salaam alaikum!" I was baffled. Not
only did this manthink he could get
my attention by using religion, he
ironically used the wrong religion.
For a second, my Sikh advocacy
training kicked in and I wanted to
turn around and educate the man
on who a Sikh

I hear similar complaints from
other friends around the world.
There is something to be said
about the loss of intimacy in a
bigger city that allows mento feel
that they have the ability, or that
it's even appropriate, to comment
on a woman's appearance
without any backlash. Projects
have been started recently,
most notably one in New York,
that challenge the notion that
a woman's appearance is up for
Yet, it's still troublesome that
when I say goodnight to my
friends, I make sure they text
me once they get home safely,
and actually start to worry as
the minutes tick by before I get a
text. What about how after living
here for only one week, I already
knew that I had to walk a longer
route home to avoid a group of
men that always sits at the corner
near my apartment? Or that, once
the sun goes down, it's essentially
a given that I will either not leave
my apartment or someone will
have to go with me? Our culture
has taught women to be almost
paranoid about the extent to
which their safety is threatened.
However, it's

is and what we more important
look like. But to target the
then I thought We should teach actual culture,
that I didn't equality, juStiCe rather than
want to engage putting Band-
the man that had value and self-worth. Aids on the
just objectified situation.
me in the middle For example,
of a busy street shortening
in D.C. with zero complaints from Welcome Week at Michigan
anyone around. isn't an appropriate solution to
The second incident, albeit not a the high sexual assault rates
catcall, reminded me of the limited on campus, just like telling all
freedom that I may have compared women to walk a different route
to my male counterparts. After home or just stay at home at night
visitingsome friends and colleagues will not end the objectification
that were in town one night, I and harassment that many of us
started to get up for my walk home. face on the streets of big cities,
They were at a hotel not even half a and even at home in Ann Arbor.
mile from my apartment, so when Rather than raising daughters
one of them asked me if I was really to be fearful or cautious of
about to walk home, I answered,"Of what men can or will do to her,
course." However, after minutes why don't we ask sons to treat
of discussion and urging, I got in their sisters with more respect?
a cab and paid a few bucks to get Rather than continuing to play
home safely, because they were not the blame game, we should
sure if that would have happened teach equality and justice, value
otherwise. I knew thatif ithadbeen and self-worth. Teaching love
a man that they were sending home over fear has always been more
instead, the conversation would not powerful, and it will get us much
have occurred. farther, too.
I know this isn't unique to
D.C. because I experienced it - Harleen Kaur can be reached
in Manhattan last summer and at harleen@umich.edu.

Last week, college students
identifying as Republicans,
conservatives, libertarians and
right-leaning independents
flooded Twitter with tweets that
bashed their liberal campuses,
lamenting the bias against them
on their campuses and telling
stories of offensive professors
and students. Perhaps evidencing
a slightly different, but related,
bias, the media brushed off the
trend as mechanism "to vend,
find kindred spirits," as the
Detroit News put it in a recent
While I disagree that political
bias is a problem, it is something
that we need to be talking about.
It's obvious that bias does and
will continue to exist, on several
dimensions and across most
disciplines, forever. Everyone
has an opinion. The problem
only occurs when people are
discouraged from sharing theirs,
while others feel free. The bias
isn't an inherit problem, but
too often becomes one when
discussion is inhibited by a refusal
to understand and work together.
When I was looking at
colleges, I echoed many of
the concerns expressed in the
#MyLiberalCampus tweets. I
saw the University ranked on
some Internet list as one of the
most liberal schools. I ran the
gamut of melodramatic concerns:
What if my professors don't like
me? Can I do well if I disagree?
Will I even like it if there aren't
people who think like me?
None of these things were ever
a problem. Instead, I found
professors that were willing
to debate, explain and discuss

The Univ
been kno
political science
being on
the other
side of the
aisle during
discussion is
I've grown
used to, and
even come to

'ersity has long during office hours, in
iwn for its liberal style classes. Hearing t
As a right-leaning of my peers informed m
e student at the became a more though
persuasive writer and
I observed as my own
increased in nuance a
- not because my p
were liberal, but beca
forced me to think, a
hard. They taught that
a position from resear
VICTORIA to far more accurate pa
NOBLE researching around a
I learned more from tf
who challenged my v
challenged me than fr

who allowed complacen
But some studentsN
professors who may
instead of remaining op
experience of challeng
consequently stren
their existing thought
I've watched peers s
"conservative" profess
to be disappointed wh
happens to
like Obama. Pol
I'd have to
argue that arec
the candidate O
a person
voted for in
2012 doesn't
really affect their abilit
the basics of elasticity.
need to be open to the
professors as much as p
need to accept the dive
of students.
And professors do
attitudes, and how t
affect students' ability
and remain open to n
Descriptors like Re
Democrat, Liberal, Ind
Libertarian and Co
are personal identities.
all other identities, pe
them as intimate and s
integral pieces of who
Michigan students a
than most at acceptingt
religious, gender an
identities of others.
identities belong on1
There is no excuse to
a Republican as bigo
Liberal as stupid. Not on
stereotypes harmful, b

seminar- discussion and growth as well.
:he views People with different views than
my own. I you aren't bad people, they're just
htful and not you.
debater. The repression of political
thoughts dissidents has been one of
nd depth the most common feature of
'rofessors oppression and abusive rule. Good
use they government relies onthe ability of
nd think all people, no matter where they
drawing fall on the political spectrum, to
rch leads express their views. Ensuring
pers than that all students feel comfortable
position. discussing their opinions has
he people benefits for everyone. At its
iews and best, higher education produces
om those informed, capable and productive
icy. citizens. We want those people
write off to represent their views to the
disagree, best of their ability, oversee
ien to the their government, and work to
ging, and improve life in whatever way
gthening, they know how. For that to
process. happen, people need to care, and
earch for feel confident and supported in
ors, only doing so.
hen their In my experience, the
campus has
itical ideologies dialogue on
often integral to a plethora
of issues -
ur identities. even when
that dialogue
criticized the
University. That
y to teach doesn't mean faculty shouldn't
Students take care to ensure that it
views of remains that way, or to evaluate
professors seriously claims of students
rse views who had negative experiences
in class. More than being a
need to liberal campus, the University
classroom is a political campus. It fosters
hey may healthy debate, interest and
to learn civic engagement. It helps and
ew ideas. prompts students to care about
epublican, the world that they live in. Here,
ependent, student pursue solutions to some
nservative of the most difficult problems,
Just like utilizing skills from every
ople view discipline and borrowing views
ometimes from all areas of the political
they are. spectrum, unwitting of which
re better party traditionally champions
the racial, them. Here, policy comes before
d sexual platform and debate before
Political lecture. To me, that's the greatest
that list. feature of #myliberalcampus,
write off The University of Michigan.
ted or a
sly are the - Victoria Noble can be
ut inhibit reached at vjnoble@umich.edu.

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