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May 15, 2014 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 2014-05-15
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Thursday, May 15, 2014
The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

Thursday, May 15, 2014
The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com


From Page 1
cially enjoyed meeting new people
in various fields of study around
the state and admired how people
really pulled out all the stops for the
University's travelers. He said the
most impactful aspects of the trip
were the stops at high schools in
Midland and Grand Rapids, where

the administrators are working to
change the educational climate.
"When meeting a lot of people,
the first thing they would tell all of
us was whether they rooted for our
team or Michigan State during the
football season, so it became clear
that football is generally the first
connection for a lot of people when
they think about our University,"
Conger said.
He said he hoped these meetings

RELEASE DATE- Thursday, May 15, 2014
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS DOWN 32 Boundary 49 Without
1 Quiets t Brutus 33 Extraordinary complication
6 Fund-raising coconspirator 37 Tenorwho 52 '...r and
target 2 Deal out portrayed Caruso stormy..."
10 Combat group 3 South American 38 Ang Lee, e.g.: 53 Series of shots
14 Muslim deiy carrier Abbr. 54 Marketing pro
15 Tom Joad, e.g. 4Rake in 40 Healthy grain 56 Youms, to
16 Gp.for leather 5 Cyndi Lauper hit 43 Fixing, in a way Yvette
loathers 6"Check" 46 _ manifold: 57 Half a bar tool
17 Quench 7 'All right already" engine part 58 Genesis brother
18 Moderate, with 8 English class 47 Chevy SUVs 59 Flag thrower
'down' no-no 48 "Strange Magic" 60 Portfolio
19 Piece of land 9 Eyes rudely gp. element
20 Loser's hoped-for t0 Snobbish ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
pots tt 'Ten Days inou
23 standstill Mad-House" D E M I S E A P B S P A
24 Kosh B'gosh joumalist,1887 O L I V E R S O R E H E A D
25 Comical routine 12 Judge int1995 N A S S E R U N I T A R D S
28 Signiicant dry news E L S M ANN V WS
spoel"? 13 Art in a parior
31 Drift, ason the 21 Enzyme ending T E T E R Y E T A
breeze 22Twain/Harteplay S E A A V I T E T H E R
34Hmlyn 26 Slatted boo EWERS ASTON AG E
34gHimayan 27 Middleton and DO N NA D E A S T E D
35 Taeaturnin the Spade NDU U YEAST SQS A D
box 28 Arch home: Abbr. ASSESS U T E HON
36Wheresurfers 2Jdestunstn- H A M P N 0 R T O N
shop n 30Diagnostictest 0 N S AR S BF R
38 A good one freiesfr RE5TC R
follows the starts forepiIepsy, for E X C R A T M8 A L
of the four 31 Houdini's family P E I E E G 5 P A R S
sest puzzle name xwordeditor@aol.com 05/15/14
39 "Affliction" 1 2 3 4 5 s 7 65 10 11 12 13
41 E Saudi ruler a_ rs5s
42 Such-is link
44 Pro votes 20 21 22
45 Disruptive
occupan 23 24 25 26 or
50 Poem part
51 "Rumble in the
Jungle" winner 31 32 33 34 35
55 Teleomuter, 35 3or 36 w 4
perhaps 4 2 3a
59 "Lovely" girl of
61 "Am late?"
62 Numbred so 51503 sa s4
6Actor Estrada 55 56 5? 5
64 Zero616
65 Cocoon
dweller 6a 64 65
66 Watch part
67 Tour stops 66s?6
68 0 rse's
territory By James Saidak 05M5ML4
(c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

have "changed the perception" of experience, especially in cities that
those who haven't been to the Uni- are struggling with issues such as
versity before. poverty, homelessness and access to
Conger added that he's lived in educational opportunities.
Ann Arbor for the 20 years that he's Amby Gallagher, assistant pro-
been working for the University and fessor of clinical nursing, said
understands how Ann Arbor can the potential for networking and
become an "island" for its inhabit- learning opportunities sparked her
ants because of all that's going on interest in the program. The week
in the city. For this reason, he said exceeded her expectations, as she
the program is important because got to see "what was really happen-
it can provide an "eye-opening" ing" around the state.
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toll rises
in mine
SOMA, Turkey (AP) - Amid
wails of grief and anger, rescue
workers coated in grime trudged
repeatedly out of a coal mine
Wednesday with stretchers of
bodies that swelled the death toll
to 274 - the worst such disaster
in Turkish history.
Hopes faded for 150 others
still trapped deep underground
in smoldering tunnels filled with
toxic gases.
Anti-government protests
broke out in the mining town of
Soma, as well as Istanbul and the
capital, Ankara, with Prime Min-
ister Recep Tayyip Erdogan heck-
led as he tried to show concern.
Protesters shouted "Murderer!"
and "Thief!" and Erdogan was
forced to seek refuge in a super-
market, surrounded by police.
The display of anger could
have significant repercussions for
the Turkish leader, who is widely
expected to run for president in
the August election, although he
has yet to announce his candi-
Tensions were high as hun-
dreds of relatives and miners jos-
tled outside the mine's entrance
Wednesday, waiting for news
amid a heavy police presence.
Rows of women wailed uncon-
trollably and men knelt sobbing
or simply stared in disbelief as
rescue workers removed body
after body, some charred beyond
One elderly man wearing a
prayer cap wailed after he recog-
nized one of the dead, and police
had to restrain him from climb-
ing into an ambulance with the
body. An injured rescue worker
who emerged alive was whisked
away on a stretcher to the cheers
of onlookers.
Energy Minister Taner Yildiz
said 787 people were inside the
coal mine at the time of Tuesday's
explosion: 274 died and 363 were
rescued, including scores who
were injured.
The death toll topped a 1992
gas explosion that killed 263
workers near Turkey's Black Sea
port of Zonguldak. It also left 150
miners still unaccounted for.

Although a dedicated pro-choice
activist, I have often felt disappointed
by the pro-choice movement for its
inability to own up to its problematic
past, in particular to the politics of
Margaret Sanger. Although Sanger
and other first-wave feminists made
many important contributions to
securingwomen's rights - fightingfor
the right to vote, increasing access to
birth control and information about
it - many people don't realize that
these gains were rarely extended to
less privileged women. In fact, many
advances related to birth control came
at the expense of people of color and
people with disabilities, eugenics
being a prime example. While it may
be convenient to brush this history
under the rug, I believe the movement
needs to use Sanger's unforgivable
missteps as a learning opportunity. If
we don't own our problematic past,.
anti-choice groups will.
Unfortunately, the root of this
problem - the inability to include
any but the most privileged voices
in feminist discourse - still exists
in feminist circles today. First wave
feminists, and arguably most femi-
nists today, often possess the most
privileged identities: white, middle-
class, native-born, able bodied. You
can't have a radical movement -
one that gets at the roots of oppres-
sion - if marginalized identities
aren't equally, if not more than
equally, represented. The negli-
gence of oppressed identities other
than "woman" renders feminism,
even today, as a tool to reinforce
racism, ableism and all other forms
of oppression.
In the reproductive rights move-
ment there is still so much emphasis
on the ability to prevent reproduction,
which centers the concerns of privi-
leged women ratherthanthe concerns
of women of color whose reproduc-
tion has historically been denigrated,
abused and manipulated. In other
words, the reproductive rights move-
ment, with its unyielding focus on
birth control and abortion rights, only
serves to further amplify privileged
voices that have long been heard loud
and clear. Instead, feminist activists
need to emphasize more and more the
vast spectrum of choices - reproduc-
tive and otherwise - that people are
denied as a result of their oppressed
status. We can start by recogniz-
ing that parenting is also a powerful
choice, one that has consistently been
given to the most privileged women
while denied to women unable to
uphold the hegemony through their

genetic code or social status.
Students for Choice is trying to do
this, but such fundamental change
cannot happen overnight. We are end-
lessly grateful for the campus climate
that welcomes pro-choice activism,
as well as the deep support of depart-
ments like Women's Studies, Ameri-
can Culture, and the Department of
Afroamerican and African Studies.
We are honored to have received the
Women's Studies Department Femi-
nist Practice Award, but I cannot deny
that we received it to a great degree
because of how welcoming our cam-
pus is to our beliefs. By virtue of being
on a campus where pro-choice beliefs
are the norm,we spend much less time
talkingoverpeople, tryingto convince
them that, contrary to conservative
beliefs, women should also have a
right to bodily autonomy. Instead, we
have the opportunity to move for-
ward, to build a better, more inclusive
movement, to be self-reflective, to
grow. Because of the fairly support-
ive climate at the University, we can
go beyond condoms and birth control
and work towards destabilizing the
racismboth in the choice movement
as well as in our society as a whole.
Our activism is about moving for-
ward, not about winning a debate.
As Inderpal Grewal and a myriad
of other feminist scholars have con-
vincingly argued, there is no such
thingas aninternationalsisterhood,
a universal or essential feminine
nature that connects all women.
None of us are just women - we
are both oppressors and oppressed
by members of this group. Calling
for this sisterhood erases the very
real differences among women
generated by our interlocking and
diverse social identities, and it does
not acknowledge the difficulty, and
often impossibility, of working with
your oppressor, especially one that
is blind to checking their privilege.
While a universal sisterhood is an
impossibility, reflection is not. By this
I mean reflecting about your move-
ment, your beliefs, your life. You must
understand where political activism
comes from and where it will go in
the future. Reflect in order to pause,
to create the mental energy to make
your activism more intentional. And
reflect on your own life. In the end,
having special or unique experiences
is not whatcauses personal or political
growth. It's reflecting on the simplest
encounters, on something as daily as a
birth control pill,that does.
Sophia Kotov is an LSA senior.

A theory on growth

fetStaying out o the sun
felt the long, thin needle reported to have been indoor tan- lar amount for one application
pierce my skin, and the ning. Using a tanning bed for the that lasts about week. At expen-
local anesthetic stung as first time before age 35 increases sive salons, it can cost upwards
it spread a person's risk for melanoma by of $60 for spray tans and full
around the 59 percent. Their use continues body makeup. There are at home
small dark to climb even as education about products sold at several price
mole on my their dangers increases. I can points, but self-applications
right arm. distinctly remember disregard- often leaves inexperienced users
The derma- ing them before going tanning looking orange and streaky.
tologist cut with friends. Regulations on tanning salons
off a small The users of these dangerous are disturbingly relaxed. In
piece of skin, VICTORIA machines are often young people Michigan, parental permission
and put it NOBLE - 74 percent of indoor tanners is required for minors, and must
into some are women ages 18-26 - who require eye protection. That's it.
sort of vial to are highly susceptible to media I can't speak for others, but as a
be sent off for influence. Coupled with the 16-year-old, I regularly tanned
testing. About two weeks later, accessibility of tanning salons, it without ever being asked for
I got the results. It was called comes as no surprise that there's identification, and my parents
Dysplastic Nevi - not skin can- a problem. Tan skin is often a certainly never gave permission,
cer, but not normal either. mark of beauty and youthful- But, even if this law was proper-
I'm lucky. Each year in the ness in Western culture. While ly enforced, stricter regulations
United States, biopsies like mine the media presents images of are in order. The large number of
indicate new cases of skin can- tanned, beautiful women, it fails tanning salons makes the task of
cer for 3.5 million Americans. Of to inform viewers that these enforcing rules difficult. How-
those, 76,690 are invasive Mela- models and actresses don't often ever, economic regulation could
noma, an extremely dangerous tan on the beach or at a tan- reduce the externality caused by
form of skin cancer that kills one ning booth. Instead, their glow the industry, and save the lives
American every 57 minutes. An often comes from a professional of people who would have oth-
increasing number of these inci- spray tanner. erwise used the dangerous tech-
dences and deaths are among This fits with the disturbing nology. By taxing indoor tanning
adolescent girls. trend of media portrayals of fal-
Despite widely publicized sified women. Girls are tanned,
efforts to combat the disease and stretched, thinned and re-pro- I've decided
promote safe sun practices, rates portioned on expensive com-
of skin cancer continue to steadi- puter programs. They are made that it's just not
ly climb, even as rates of other up with more products and opti-
forms of cancer fall. cal illusions than most ordinary worth it.
Increased incidence of skin women can afford or find the
cancer can probably be partly time to apply on a regular basis.
attributed to the thinning ozone This includes the application
layer. As more damage is done, of full body makeup, or spray salons, making their prices more
more UVB rays penetrate the tans, used to make models and similar to those of other, sub-
atmosphere and are absorbed actresses appear tanner. While stitutes, less people would be
by our skin. However, the envi- unsafe tanning practices can willing or able to pay for indoor
ronment is not entirely to blame. just be added to the long list of tanning sessions, or may buy less
Coinciding with the increas- disorders caused by this type of of them.
ing damage to the ozone layer distortion of beauty standards, it Further, due to unscrupulous
has been, and continues to be, is no less important. Sexualizing media and advertising practices
an increase in sun exposure and beautifying women seems and societal pressures, it is unlike-
and tanning bed use, especially effective in selling movie tickets, ly that minors can make informed
among young women. products of all kinds and attract- decisions on indoor tanning and
90 percent of skin cancers are ing viewers. It's also contribut- skincare. Michigan should join
caused by UV exposure. Try to ing to the rise in skin cancer. other states like California and
recount each sunburn or dark Further compounding this Illinois, which ban indoor tanning
tan you've ever had ... I know problem is the availability of for people under 18.
I've lost count. I've had more indoor tanning, a major source More responsible media prac-
than my fair share of sunburns, of harmful UV light for young tices and reduced use of tanning
acquired on family vacations and women. There are several chains salons can help decrease rates of
summers sailing, wake boarding of competing salons, and a 2006 this dangerous cancer. As sum-
and playing tennis. I would lay study found that there are more mer approaches, it's important
out on beach towels and warm tanning salons than Starbucks, to remember to be safe in the
docks, tanning with friends. McDonalds, or other popular sun, or at least weigh the possi-
When I was 16 I began using tan- chains in many cities. Further, bility of developing cancer later
ning booths, only for a year or indoor tanning is less expen- on with your wish to look tanner.
so, but long enough to damage sive than spray tanning and Personally, I've decided that it's
my skin. other substitutes. An unlimited just not worth it.
In 2010, 44 percent of 18-21 month tanning package is $19.99
year-old non-Hispanic white at Chili Peppers tanning, while - Victoria Noble can be
women living in the Midwest spray tanning often costs a simi- reached at vnoble@umich.edu.

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