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March 29, 1991 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-03-29

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Page 4 --The Michigan Daily - Friday, March 29,1991
Wbe Sibigun aiIy

420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Edited and Managed
by Students at the
University of Michigan

Editot in Chief
Opinion Editors

Unsigned editorials represent a majority of the Daily's Editorial Board.
All other cartoons, signed articles, and letters doot necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.

Women's athletics
Bradley-Doppes offers new hopes for troubled department

T he University Athletic Department named
Peggy Bradley-Doppes as its new Women's
Athletic Director Wednesday afternoon. The an-
nouncement comes at a critical time for women's
athletics, both at our University and across the
Bradley-Doppes fills a position vacated by the
retired Phyllis Ocker, who was a pioneer in estab-
lishing women's athletics at the University. Bradley-
tDoppes will also have to break new ground, as she
will have to use some innovation to keep her
department financially above water.
With widespread monetary problems in athletic
departments nationwide, all non-revenue sports,
both men's and women's, will come under increas-
ing scrutiny in the coming years. The challenge
which lies before Bradley-Doppes is to balance the
books without diminishing the University's com-
mitment to women's athletics.
While Ockerhad to overcome prejudices which
suggested that women had no place in the athletic
world, Bradley-Doppes will have to continue to
gstablish her department as a legitimate expendi-
It is ridiculous that at a University synonymous
with athletic excellence, any facet of the athletic

department should have to settle for second-rate
facilities, and the women's programs have done so
for too long.
The time has come for the athletic department
to make a commitment to giving its women's
program everything it needs to excel. It appears
that with Bradley-Doppes at the helm, that com-
mitment may finally be there.
For the first time ever, there is talk of hiring an
assistant women's athletic director, and there are
other plans to improve the women's teams. Brad-
ley-Doppes has made it a goal to have all of
Michigan's women's teams ranked in the top three
of their respective conferences. With the support of
the entire department, that goal is well within
It appears that the aggressiveness and vision
which Bradley-Doppes possesses are the qualities
needed to lead the women's athletic department
into a new century.
We applaud the choice of Bradley-Doppes, and
further encourage the athletic department to take
all appropriate means toward making the Michigan
women's teams what they should have been all
along: the Champions of the West.

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Cold busted

The drug war finally comes to
L ast week, federal drug agents raided three
L fraternity houses at the University of Virginia
(UVa.). While searching the houses, investigators
found a dozen small sandwich gags containing
marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD, and
various drug paraphernalia. The bust resulted in
the arrests of 11 fraternity members on charges of
selling and distributing illegal drugs.
According to federal agents, the raids were
intended to send a message that campus drug use
would not be tolerated and that major drug inves-
tigations would no longer be directed only at
minorities living in inner cities.
Students at UVa. received the message loud and
clear. It was also a message that the government
needed to send.
Drug use is rampant on campuses across the
country and it is high time the feds recognized the
problem and began to do something about it.
For too long, the government has focused drug
investigations on inner cities and ignored more
affluent communities where drug use is also a
major threat. The only way to eliminate drugs from
our society is to give communities - rich and poor
-equal attention, and the arrests at UVa. go along
way toward establishing a consistent drug policy.

college campuses
The way the message was sent, however, is
questionable. Indeed, raiding the fraternity houses
was nothing short of a cheap publicity stunt by the
feds. Drug use is not isolated to fraternity houses.
Here at our own University, drug activity can be
seen not only in fraternities and sororities, but also
in residence halls, houses and co-ops. The same is
probably true at UVa. or at any other university in
the country.
Fraternities have recently been under close
scrutiny for social abuses. The feds must have
known that any arrest of a fraternity member
would result in a front page story in several pres-
tigious newspapers, thereby making it easier to
send the intended message. Does that fact make
fraternities any more guilty of drug use than the
rest of the University?
In order to effectively reduce drug activity on
college campuses such as UVa., the feds should
have made a series of arrests which included drug
using students from fraternities, sororities, resi-
dence halls, etc. Investigating only fraternities
when drug use is prevalent elsewhere is just as
short-sighted as the previous policy of investigating
only down-trodden inner cities.

Daily misquotes
To the Daily:
The article titled "Emotions
explode at UAC abortion forum"
in the 3/22/91 edition of the Daily
appears to be in need of a
The fourth paragraph quotes
Phyllis Schlafly as saying, "The
right to choose is always ALIVE
because babies never choose to
I did not attend the forum.
However, from the context and
the platform of Schlafly, I would
have expected the quote to read,
"The right to choose is always A
LIE because babies never choose
to die."
If this is correct, the error in
the Daily quote is extremely
serious; it turns a powerful
statement intomisleading and
contradictory mush.
I would expect a prominently
placed correction - front page
would do.
Tom Reed
Rackham graduate student
Drake's is
still good
To the Daily:
It took Pattrice Maurer's
editorial to make me aware that I
- I, of all people - am an
oppressor. My crime is far more
heinous than any she contem-
plates - I am guilty of
annoyophobia, a paralyzing
hatred of annoying people.
The above is sarcasm, of
course; I myself am annoying.
What I cannot understand is what
Maurer wants from the rest of us.
While I cannot deny her premise
that American society includes
homophobes and other people
whose opinions disagree with our
own sentiments, I fail to under-
stand the need for mass action.
On one side, homophobia or
is not the whole of a person' s
character. I may find the manager
at Drake's to have a distasteful
attitude, but they still serve good
On the other side, we cannot

To the Daily:
Well, another Michigan
Student Assembly (MSA)
election has come and gone here
at the University. Another group
of lying, cheating and stealing
"leaders" have been "elected" to
represent my interests. And, I'm
sure when I receive my first
tuition statement next fall, I will
have been charged another
$6.77,to fund these "representa-
I, for one, have decided that
enough is enough. MSA claims
to represent the students of this
campus, yet I have never felt its
golden touch on anything I have
done in three years here. I'd be
willing to wager that the vast
majority of the student body
here can say the same thing.
MSA does not do anything
that I consider even mildly
important. All we, the students
of the University, get is a bunch
of crybabies (i.e. Jennifer Van
Valey) and useless wastes of
funds (i.e., "fact-finding
missions to the Middle East)
that border on fraud. Why do
we, the students, who are forced
to pay every semester, put up
with a group which does not
represent us as a whole?
The solution for the
-University is clear. We must
adopt the "positive check"
system for student group
funding. When we register, we

Enough is enough!


would place a check-mark on the
box of any group we would want
funded. Thus, if a student really
felt a need for the MSA, he/she
would pay for it; those who did
not would not pay.
Many have said MSA is a
government." It is not. It is a
student group, nothing more.
Since this is a voluntary institu-
tion, we agree to the regulations
and prices set by the administra-
tion. MSA has no say over any of
the functions of the University. It
exists to pass "legislation"
condemning the latest horror it
thinks has come from the
Administration Building, nothing
more. It certainly does not
represent the University. It is not
a union, or any other bargaining
unit. Therefore, it is only a group
of students with a political
agenda. As such, if I do not agree
with their agenda, I should not be
forced to pay its price. I do not
agree with its agenda. Thus, I
will not pay its price.
I urge my fellow students
who are sick and tired of paying
for groups they find immoral,
unethical, or just plain stupid to
demand the $6.77 be removed
from their tuition statements.
Only by raising our collective
voices can we regain the ability
to participate in what we believe.
Michael J. Corbin
LSA junior


Nuclear research
United States should take steps to protect workers

stamp out hatred. Human beings
will always dislike someone, and
trying to stamp out the hateful is a
losing battle.
Moreover, human beings have
an inherent right to speak and act
as they feel, subject to the rights
of other people. I have never seen
it argued that any of those
fundamental rights can be
violated by an expression of
Thus, we may return to the
Drake's incident, which Maurer is
so upset about. What happened, at
worst, was that several women
were kicked out of Drake's for

being gay. These women won't
deal with Drake's again.
Why should the rest of us
care? We still like the food.
Jason Larke
LSA first-year student ,,

magine - if you will- a typical middle-
American town, with'an elementary and high
school. Farmland dominates the landscape, with
n occasional water tower. Blue-collar workers
comprise the majority of the population, with the
occasional lawyer and banker.
Now, imagine that town with a leukemia rate
twice as high as that of the general population;
imagine the children drinking milk produced by
cows perpetually exposed to clouds of radiation
and toxic chemicals. Chances are, there is a federal
weapons research plant nearby. And its probably
been there for 40 years.
The Journal of the American Medical Associa-
tion (AMA) recently published the most complete
r'eport on radiation exposure to date. The seven
year study, which was the most extensive con-
ducted in the United States, compiled health infor-
mation and working conditions of employees at
federal research plants.
The AMA has reported that the risk of workers
in research plants suffering from leukemia in-
dreases at a certain level of radiation exposure.
This is less than the level to which the government
has allowed workers to be exposed.
The hypothetical town constructed above is not
merely a fantasy. Tennessee's Oak Ridge National
Laboratory, the headquarters of the A-bomb-pro-
ducing Manhattan Project, is reportedly respon-
sible for a death rate 63 percent higher than that of
tie general public.

The AMA states that for every rem (measure of
radiation) of exposure, a worker's chances of suf-
fering from cancer 20 years later increases by 5
percent. Today, the federal government allows five
rems of exposure. For those who aren't math-
ematicians or nuclear scientists, the chances of a
worker getting cancer by working at research
centers can reach 25 percent higher than the gen-
eral public.
After 40 years of environmentally-devastating
and health-threatening nuclear research, the gov-
ernment needs to take steps to protect the Ameri-
can worker. The numbers surfacing - similar to
those listed above - are nothing short of absurd.
When questioned about the results published
by the AMA, government spokespeople have
questioned their validity, citing their own research
as evidence. The numbers produced by the AMA
study are too strong to be refuted, however, and the
government needs to admit as much in order to
alter the working conditions and radiation levels to
match those suggested by medical experts.
While it is difficult to compensate someone for
the loss of a family member because of excessive
radiation exposure, cash would be a good start.
After four decades, Congress finally approved a
similar cash, settlement for those Japanese-
Americans interned during World War II. Let's not
wait 40 more years to help these cancer victims.

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Where class is a di

In the United States, you don't
talk about the working class in po-
lite conversation. Or most other
conversations either -even within
much of the country's progressive
commu -
nity. The .
narrowl y
among civil
libertarians g j
and within
t h e
movement Mike
to last . k
week's Su- Fischer
p r e me
Court deci-
sion on fetal rights proves this.
The case, Automobile Workers
v. Johnson Controls, involved com-
plaints brought by seven Johnson

dergone menopause before John-
son would let them work.
The Court ruled unanimously
that this practice denied women
equal rights. The American Civil
Liberties Union (ACLU) - which
argued the case-along with much
of the women's movement, re-
sponded with jubilation. As one
ACLU lawyer said, "this restores
my faith in the fairness of the
American legal system."
But "fairness" is a hard concept
to define. And I'm a bit suspicious
of definitions of fairness which can
unite all nine justices - from re-
actionaries like Scalia to liberal di-
nosaurs like Marshall. Johnson's
practice - conjuring up nightmar-
ish images from movies like The
Handmaid's Tale - was an out-
rage. But its workers' continuing
exposure to unsafe levels of lead -
which dramatically increases the
risk of strokes and heart attacks in

f Wwr
rty word
They need women workers.
And they need to be able to
exploitall workers mercilessly more:
than they need, the right to exploit:
women specifically. The numbers'
suggest they're doing a fine job:-y
job-related illnesses climbed to al- -'
most 7 million last year. Days lost'-
to injuries per 100 full-time work-
ers went from 58.5 in 1983 to 70 in
1989. Thousands of workers are
still killed or injured on the job,
every year.
Judges like Scalia - who prefer
women barefoot and pregnant -
have not suddenly become femi-
nists. But they have recognized that4
when their patriarchal code clashes
with American business, it is patri-
archy which has to yield.
It is yielding slowly. Women b
still make only 64 percent of what
men make. But if big business is
eventually forced to pay women
what it pays men, it will do so - as

Nuts and Bolts
W E'L. CA L. You W N

by Judd Winick
THE /14A tf ISRO P : N&


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