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January 30, 1991 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-01-30

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Page 8 - The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, January 30, 1991

8. Soul Asylum, ...And the horse
they Rode in On and live at the
Nectarine, November, 1990. Soul
Asylum's latest album reflects well
on a young adult's state of mind.
Dave Pirner is in excellent voice, in
his singing and his song writing.
Lots o' guitar and stuff. Live they're.
great, too.
9. Electronic, "Getting Away with
It" (12"). Supergroup took a new
meaning with the Pet Shop Boys,
Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner
from New Order hooking up for this
alleged one-shot deal. Since they
have played live, it seems they'll
last longer. Yeah!! Great dancable
10. Michael Hedges, Power Center,
December, 1990. Another amazing
guitarist, though he is on Windham
Hill - bleeh! Lots of. sexual
overtones and great covers, espe-
cially "She Drives Me Crazy."
The show I regret missing, even
though I can't drive and didn't have a
ride: The Aerosmith/ Metallica/
Black Crowes in Toronto and in
Rochester, N.Y.
The songs and group I hate to admit
I kinda like: Soup Dragons, only on
"I'm Free" and "Lovegod."
Michael Paul
Fischer's best of
the year
Albums of the Year:
1. Public Enemy, Fear of a Black
Planet (CBS)
2. Oleta Adams, Circle of One
3. The Neville Brothers, Brother's

.;aster Pussycat
Best remake of a B-side: "I'm Free"
by the Soup Dragons
Most annoying performer: Sinead
Best example of the get-it-while-U-
can philosophy: M.C. Hammer,
sponsoring everything in sight
Best bio embellishments: Vanilla Ice
Biggest ego: (tie) M.C. Hammer and
Vanilla Ice
Most deserved non-hit of the year:
Debbie Gibson
Most undeserved hit of the year:
New Kids on the Block
Cultural rip-off of the year: Paul
Simon does it again
Disappointment of the year: INXS
Worst band: (tie) Nelson and Damn
Best band: Revolting Cocks
Worst concert: Revolting Cocks
Best concert: Nitzer Ebb with special
guest Depeche Mode
Most disturbing trend: (tie) Boxed
CD sets, the growing commercial-
ization of dance music and warning
Worst songwriter: Vanilla Ice -
oops, he doesn't count
Most illiterate artist: Donnie of New
Nepotism at work: Nelson, Wilson
Phillips, etc.
Biggest media whore: Little Richard
Best record company: Wax Trax!
Richard S. Davis'
best and worst in
1990 music
1. Best Unexpected Tour: The
Cocteau Twins. On the heels of their
Big-time record deal, they had to do a
tour, so they did. It wasn't the best
show ever, with taped drums and

5. Best New Group/Best New Al-
bum: Consolidated, The Myth of
Rock. Three men who get down to
business when it comes to exploring
the issues of racism, sexism and thi
commercialization of the music in-
dustry. Political? Hell yes! Preten-
tious? No. Do they pin the tail oni
the donkey? Definitely.
6. Worst New Artist: Vanilla Ice.
Ice, ice this, buddy!
7. Best Local Bands Who Still
Haven't Received the Attention of
Major Record Labels: The Differ-
ence, Anne Be Davis and Frank Alli,
son and the Odd Sox.
8. Worst Trend in Music: Rap artists
who copy other people's music 44
create their own "new" music. 1'nr
still amazed that M.C. Hammer caq
copy entire passages from Risk
James, Prince and God knows who::
else and then go home with a sho-t
ping cart full of American Music',
Awards. And we can't forget Vanilla&
Ice. Best new artist?! Yeah, right
See number 6.
9. Best Crash and Burn: Mi1(
Vanilli. I have to say that I dreamt
for that great "We didn't sing 'em"
day to come and finally it did. Yes,
life is good!
10. Worst Trend in America Musi:
Censorship. If anything, 2 LivAY*
Crew should have been tried for
making a quality-less album, not for
obscenity. Obscenity, give me ryn:
bloody break! The jury laughed ti&_
charges out of court and hopefully, a
this will be some sort of reminder ,to.
America that we're supposed to 6a
the "Land of the Free."
;C i { S
r y*

I nese are two of tne Happy Mondays. Andy Uahn named them the "band whose members don't deserve to own
equipment," but Annette Petruso put their single, "Step On," as number four on her list of favorite things, citing
their "nice attitude and accents, too." Who is right? Well, you know what they say about pictures speaking a
thnin n rdo.

UIusaU wuU ...V

Continued from page 7
for its "Sympathy for the Devil".
tribute, but also because of this line:
"The clocks will all run backwards/
The sheep will have two heads/
Thursday night and Friday will be on
Tuesday night instead."
4. Robert Cray/Buckwheat Zydeco at
Hill Auditorium, November 7. In
order to keep my list down to 10, I
decided to include this concert rather
than two records. As if Buckwheat's
electrifying performance of the
Stones' "Beast of Burden" was not
enough, with each song Cray played,'
he not only showed up his opening
act, but never ceased to thrill the au-
5. Stevie Ray Vaughn/Joe Cocker
at Waterloo Village, NJ, July 6. One
of the more soulful nights of m*
life. Fortunately, the only time I.
was able to see Vaughn was a night
I was never planning to forget any-
6. Blues Traveler. Blues Traveler.
Out of Manhattan's downtown dives
comes a band of at least four
(sometimes larger when they add
sax and/or flute) musicians who
combine improvisational jazz with
garage band style rock.
7. Living Colour. Time's Up. Prov-
ing once again they're no glamour
boys. They're fierce.
8. Deee-Lite. World Clique. How do
you say Deee-Groovy? Deee-Li-
cious? Deee-Funkiest? Ooh' lablah
lah lalalalalah!
9. Johnny Gill, "Rub You the Right
Way." What a voice!
10. Warrant, "Cherry Pie." This is
probably the worst song I have ever'
heard, and because of that, it deserves
much praise.
Artist whose success relies least on
personality: Sinead O' Connor

Best music perforance on TV: Aero-
smith singing the "Wayne's World"
theme on SNL.
Great band whose name will jeopar-
dize their future: Jellyfish
Band whose members don't deserve
to own equipment: Happy Mondays
Worst remake: "Knocking on
Heaven's Doh-ooh-woah" by Guns
'n' Roses
Biggest travesty of musical justice:
The amount of Phil Collins
Grammy nominations.
Annette Petruso 's
10 favorite things

I could've written my top 10 list
'even though I wasn't absolutely fas-.
cinated with 10 new releases this
year. I could've fleshed out the few
new things that captured me with
some things I really liked, but just
didn't listen to on a obsessive basis.
I think a year's best list should be
things that totally enraptured the
Not that I didn't derive pleasure
from, say, the Black Crowes',
Public Enemy's and Deee-lite's new
releases, but I did not listen to them
constantly, over and over, drowning
in each fabulous groove. So this list
is most of the new stuff that I tuned
into for hours and hours at a time. -I
stagnated a tad and hovered over
some stuff that now bores me, but...
(in no particular order)
1. Wig, Lying Next to You. This
local act's Nocturnal Records' debut-
defines excellent alterna-hard stuff.
The bass lines are the only things
that leave something to be desired,
but hey, who's perfect? Preston
Cleveland's vocals have the grain, "
and spout such gems as "there's a
bullet in my head/ brain candy taste
of lead/ and the blood that soaks my
tongue/ I've never felt so goddamn
young" in "There's a Bullet in My
Head." If this is what drugs do to the

brain, someone find me a dealer.

2. Wig/Big Chief, Club Heidelberg,
June or July, 1990. A fucking-prime.
show, both bands hit the elusive
rock and roll snatch with their
grunge and roar.
3. Morrissey, "November Spawned
a Monster" (12"). This fall's Bona
Drag was indeed that for not
featuring any new cuts save the
gigolo-esque (the selling of one's
values for money or attention)
"Picadelly Palare." This summer's
12-inch captured Morrissey's
essence, especially in the promo-
tional video.
4. Happy Mondays, "Step On"
(12"). "Step On"'s Catchiness is
heightened for me by the fact Elektra
basically made them record this in a
short amount of time for their 40th
anniversary album. They liked it so
much they recorded something else
for the company and put this on
their 1990 album, Pills 'N Thrills
and Bellyaches. Nice attitude and
accents too.
5. Bob Mould, Black Sheets of
Rain. Yeah, Mould has his angst in
tact, angry and forceful on the fol-
low-up to the mellower Workbook.
Searing guitars, spittle and nature
imagery meld into a dark, noisy
6. Bob Mould, the Nectarine
Ballroom, October, 1990. Actually
Mould is better, if that is possible,
live. Lots of sweat and a fairly civil
slam pit. Energetic enough to push
Mould, yet no one was a real prick.
Mould and his guitar were awesome.
7. The Cult, Cobo Arena, January,
1990. A top-notch metal-like show.
The openers sucked (Dangerous Toyz
and Bonham, both of whom,,
thankfully, we haven't heard from
since), but the Cult performs best
when they headline (as their '89
show opening for Metallica proved).
Maybe it has something to do with
Ian Astbury's enormous ego. Live,
he flaunts it well.
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The Cocteau Twins are pale and pretentious, just how we like 'em. What m

liiBurnham Associates
M on4; ix , '0 t 30.:....:::.::::::.....
::S:::C..A.L SATUR)A HU.

Keeper (A&M)'
4. Cocteau Twins, Heaven or Las
Vegas (Capitol)
5. Neil Young and Crazy Horse,
Ragged Glory (Reprise)
Youssou N'Dour, Set (Virgin)
The Call, Red Moon (MCA)'
Iggy Pop, Brick by Brick (Virgin)
Lou Reed and John Cale, Songs'for
The Church, Gold Afternoon Fix
(Arista) The Australian survivors
hone their still kaleidoscopic guitar
poetry to the truest essentials.
Artist of the Year: Faith No More
Finest Concert Performance:
Michael Hedges, the Power Center
December, 1990-
Mike Molitor's
picks and pans for
Best remake: "You're So Vain" by

keyboards and with the entire show
lasting all of an hour and 10 min-
utes, but it was a rare treat anyway.
2. Worst Concert Venue: The Latin
Quarter. How much could it possi-
bly cost to get two lights to shine
onto the front of the performers?
Okay, how about just one light?
One light, that's all I ask, just so
that we in the audience can actually
see the performers that we've dished
out over 20 bucks to watch.
3. Best Brush With Greatness: Me
meeting Elizabeth Fraser, lead singer
for the Cocteau Twins, after their
concert last year. We had our chance
encounter in The Shelter, which is
Detroit's best known acid/ techno/
dance haven. I guess moody people
need to wiggle their butts, too.
4. Worst Trend in Concerts: Concert
prices increasing, playing times de-
creasing. 'Nuff said.

ore can we say.
Finally, I just have to safy,
something about the "Justify My,,
Love" video by Madonna. MTV said
"NO!" to a video that ended up being
played (in its entirety) on ABC'T
Nightline, of all places. And for the
people who didn't stay up to record'
it, they simply went to the store to
buy it and buy it and buy it to the
tune of over 500,000 copies at $10 a
pop. It doesn't take a genius to do
the math and realize that censorship
has made Madonna even more
ridiculously rich than before.


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