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October 14, 1923 - Image 4

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The Unoffical Observer
A good deal1 of a1tri1enmd r-,-hrl nuht a o h
in theie0ghbo1rhood of01theUive Srln.I tM.r n i
of Ctto ovner anvl0 cd"ry n ahyovou tto
Towers All 111apu0 ad x at1 nC'i1a t0(]1trato1 Po
pus literat ire up i 10 aot it heS,;,a 01,i ur.
though 1tre1facultyson' emtead01 1 idrter> pt h
least hlt exc1111. It lo . o u 1s01a an=:~ao c~i~m ',tao,
though the author of"rgTwrs(ym r L~, 0nJoi;o e
aotll~l ots110o things t11t1are110n11h00 0.here 11110 100 0111011n 0000110
of 101r1business, 001 sights mnycve1 he1hhe1o Glwlty 00111 11111 111.101 1 11It
11110 011111foihs, she 111111111h11t1 0101 iatory of Doua01111111n01 te11r5100 ins
0011 pose001:e0an a'ltgeherv 11111gI 0 11 011100 too 11 erAn( ifthelit
writes like a'sophoiore11an pus(b'-Il(l,.11101oesno11000 1o taheir111010 ditedBy .
All 11 all, G'ey1110ers rr'a'h..1m'ons " 1110" h?" waits 1o. Yet 110e51ill Edtd y c an
less,1u1111 Sot of 11111100 11, not he''I t b ''folhif, liking litraue
01110h1tile e1001)011111itis 0a11000_;1101da1esnot ta 11theirook-ati01=s- - --
--- it. comill 'IQI I
inven '' '1l l Io-operatieladveisi ng may Fr1' l'omthe 110hol~llof Mcroielo te,' , II III 11_r01111 1011se1to lp o ih afwcl' rs tli 11 0e001 unti
bar. ''mli~ Aeiln 1ig11s FIf- the I 0 1110 'lnll'100ttthat Jales ln a.Ito con' 11111 01 111r1 '11100n0111the 0ind 1 and 11011flloud 0 01011 pilotto'r11(0
111110011 110y (root Oer ton. The'o It 0s'net 11ook 1is1to ealled "Te1 1 1.11 1 11:hby hew,0 isno1110er 1he 51n, o0e10flitsilkidtin 1
11 L e jityb liv 1 l' 1t11101111o gh lace"a comev111dy of life a ls c::pt11' 111 1111h 1 rIck 1of 'an . 1 .oi l1maazi, T'l(,Te Aelpii, strtdlaslot
1100a, 1(11p'a11be1had fora l -ol 01 1 it t r (1111tinuon 11Page Seven) ursoheadd 11"I t 1in1Parvo1111I tru(101to Imy mlemlory for te formsof0
111b1jelt 011011quta~~tioning110111h110truim ra0th101'tan thilectab(lfoility of
phrse whlicI has 00o1i111101100d u10ill 000 editin1g.
I 0llle1111111 last nigh11 fully 1d0ci11ed to gelf togeter another column-
nlot know1int yet whether5011 110d1u0011t1110e0niale lot00u11110; buhon111
arrirl fond tha11sfb11cau10 of a too liberal nd concientious crrying out
of Moster Rabelais' ladvic'0 I could not mster 011 1110energy and clear-
lealednes necessary to work out te mystic covoluions of mn' Old Eng-
11011 trnslation of1 TilCpe P11t Work of Mr. Frnci Raelis, etc.
You 111ust realize that to attenpt a column 101(01 this worc is a drin
feat. The enclosed is 0111100 the entirety of the rpritale "Works in
Fine ng 11011tht o, t eat ejo0."I m
Trumic eFneBosig. oee,"la 01 tla1,ejyiIas
The watchword here is Service. Everything The fragrant odour of the wine; 0 how much mnore dainty pleasant
laughing and delicious illis than that of oilet And I will glory as nuch
that we do is directed towards rendering youwen it io said of ume tat I have spent more on wine than oile s did
a complete and dependable dairy service. The Demostenes wiens it was told of in, that his expense on oile was greater
111ha 01o ine, I truly 11011 it for an honour and praise to be clled and
results of our policy are gratifying. reputed a Frolick Gaulter and a Robs Goodellowo; for under this name sos
I welcome in all choslom l~lpanies of Pantagruelists: it was upbraided to
So we have made it posible foryo to Demostenes by n envious surley knave, that his orations lid ((mell like
you te srler 0or1wraper of a fol and filthy oile-vessel; for this cause
purchase ALL of your dairy suppliea from one iterrt you all my (dees and sayings in the perfecest sense, reverence
cenralsoucethu elmintin th neesstytie chese-like brain tlhat feeds you wills these billeveezes, and trifling jol-
centrl sorcethuselimiatin thenecesitylitis, atd ol what lies il yo to keep me( always mIerry. Be frolic nowv my
of having an account with several firms, and lads, cer up your ears, adl joyfully read the rest, with all the ease of
its ecesar inonvniece.Your body and profit of your reins; ut hearken jolt-heads, you viedazes,
isncsay dly andicneec, or dickens tak you, rem~emb~er to drink a healh to 100 for the like favotr
again.01111 1 (ilt111011110you intantly, 'foul reonety..
Among the producta we distribute are pure________
pasteurized milk, cream, butter, shortening.
buttrmik, ottge heee, imeno cees, "oul toGodeveryone had s cetain knowedge of his Genealogy
mayonnaise, and oleomrgine. "Within a very since the 11100 of te Arke of Noah (until this age. I think many are at
few days we wll announce the operatio'n of a Ithis day 'operours, King, Dukes, Princes, and Ppes on the earth, whose
Iextractiion is from porters, and pardn-pedlars as on the contrary, many
modern new Ice Cream plant, the latest of our are por wanring hggars, 'wretched and miserale, wo are descended
of the blood ad lineage of great Kings and Eperours, occasioned (soI
undertakings. coceive it) by tlwe transport and revolution of Kingdoies and Emtnpires,
front the Asyrins to the Medes, fruns the Medes to the Persians, 100111 the
So, too, for your protection we make sure that 'Persans to te Mlacedoians, fromn 111 Macedonians to-the Romans from
the Iomans to the Greeks, from the Greeks to tie French, etc.
every iproduct we sell is as plre as modern "And to give you sonse 1110 concerning myself, who speaks unto you,
scientific cequpment and clean sourcs of supply I cannot think ut I ant cone of the race of soone rich King and Prince of
foruer timles, for never yet saw yol any man that had a greater desire to
can make it. You take no chance of contami" tbe a King and to be rich, than I have, ad that onely that I may make good
nations witls our products. "chter, (1o lnothings, nor care for anthing, and plentifully enrich my friends,
00(1 all onest a nd learned 100111 b(0 herein do I cofort msysel, that ii
1110 ltter world I 011011 te so, yea slnd greter too than at this present I
Your protection and convenience always. No dare oih: as for y0(,owitt a sme or etter conceit conolae yourelves
in1 y1u10 distreis, adl irink fresht it100u0110f00om0by it.
other way will do. This is the idea around
which our great business has been built; a .MxI:'IIOI)NY
tribute to the painstaking endeavor with which Itva;I:Harry Iy St. Itunnt's Boot ad is Oabadoo, I'llWeer dst.
we have conducted our enterprise. No MinIthat 1k1(1ow 11 oert shal jdgeo
I melan to 1001 lleysel a Drdge,
IOr that Pelgarlick e'er will llot
Up1o1n a palltry Petticoat.

I'll neer my Liblerty betray
All for a little L~eapl-frola1(y1,
ir And over after wear a Clog
~A nn A b r at i Like Moankey, or like .Mastitf-Dog:
No, I'd not have ulpoIntmy Life,
Great A lexander for my Wife,
1W vaNor Pom1(pey, nor his Dad in Lao',
C o-lmpany Whsoidid 'Qacli other clapper-clue'.
OY I Nut the best he that oears '. Head.
-Shlall Oin 1(1e to lis Truckle-bed."
Phone 423 -All proml "The Works of th'Ir. Francis Robelois, Doctor in Physick, Con-
tainling Floe Books of teLives, H-eroick Deeds and Sayings of Gargantua
_____________________________________________________________________ andItis S 11111, Pantogruel.'

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