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April 22, 1923 - Image 1

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SubIime Expression of Despair
In 'Wallace Smith's Drawings
A survey of Mlodern Art invariably; ROBERT LOCKE ht c ofutneny ptun;cines the rib
-results itn moch consternation on the ;jaeeasiy ttutberc. arraws of
part of those of no whose time has wore01osco oelty crt ot ott
heen taken hy things other than ttte treatmentof the utually glrifiedt haitds and feet are sightly entargedonartnodsi hoeo e are nr
close osttuty of the tendencies in the jhttman atatroy is ttte mot striking atd on theswte knuckles atd joins te tenuded stcies of fie snt than
everal arts sandt teir devetopmnrot to tactor in lis art. O hlo di the are oslitlttetltoged. Utores3 t is a of th btdy
wrdatdsnotomne casestast a true Licrrbl=nto, oas trat f-nyc lirrt
itresor nism.o-or inottngs hovese eem-i n .ii wx 'ior--c arn do
ed flat end btde oa'nd whie -s ro Pic; he cc Ios mi ns t aroticono tha
tract- so-cot-ttnc--os-n ottacies. IBttii iDs ,- fStil ike's on
ths Ilttet r i tolerchg p e sitertiet cttrttu t oo e s ssonso
tnaro owh oaw r c sve ry tle ca ccv'- so 4° t it ro totn irc ntot . a ne rr of O
tlit f Ie rli f t " a,* o ain ip i (j iid ls are of ]itts
Blake - los m nt s .rt c nitl o r t oo' p on, he twosowhtochlI
ot ttcorehcc te ttoin ot re rpre
'ohtotl r ororea in 0a bt rIrMccecorcc obyto rtthe corn- e-n c ?txooct
Elae tso-n --or c-n I forond ecmn rt'oic-0 ti 7rcb Brtoe.iteceo's Dioc lao rot, nrd the
t r rrwr c-i t lcesr Orr s rot er m - ",e - rid - f ro n-t ort to o o e-' tonotet eiton
00-00rcc rtle tihat tte hr°, h ' of A Otor cetor ctootetot ofatsot
arristry int pictoric-al-Xc cforer itorerodauceod n thas trasue of
course, cannoot b hr I .>tl- -:; r\ ,The tagaine
reosoure fo 0tot'h i t tll 0: r u s7 Iclt j Ott ay,[ hef rt tiat ftoot Blackguard",
we can no teo 0-0 trt ot5 0t o hwrrpi'u ~ter largemunster in
fur- ty thins Ioecis-onof ro i r ht i -Xo t-o t nt iotrouio
o otto-> >R uind a d ite-ued fnf :c " tr t o- t" o t 00cr -I.-1i av ae li s coutgong on his knees
;ztn ttta , 0)fndby c cxh< adtnt i s too ands hto ld a lean,
precis i-tt ont y) cvrii A mcedorinws-lote tgaro ocirihirstandst
lorconrt tcotoc-0 orok a o cc ot soolt 0 si0000-spilic-ation tu
rrotao'o Blaktyth ror iart rt tacs is
oTohti rt idomatioh a e rs \o 'vn t i t be rrrin ca it-eUiop .t Itt
'ntorsthewro ~ou--to' r at r t. )loct inoge n erover'COCt
scioosl r ce ts vatiro- rot-c ccoo oolttlorti onto tis fguee
tn ot Atthcco i 0tOrl i ts ro,+ r)sar94S - --- 7
arrton s- ttcr-1r 01 rr o-Ito-or
ri r t ot oko ~ t G 05srott t v i r -,-ro3 - ti f:( h coc c t.. n r
Acioran te i o et-000 p 'pi0-000$ 1 0a.' S i eii n o-s ~t 0-t
otrorcorus vc -°'---kc--l-'root-c( O 0OO ctrt'g110
tole ilereerot c lecoI tpoi Sot/ '1'k-coosar oe 0 00- ro te-t oironr i ole
oei c sots-ap-tir -cg otor g tern h4otiisreoxa,?n
dno c roeAg- atomo rtIIo oroes of t r #moat
of aroym licnatue wich eord on ncthemption ecapefro th
wnore ntait ica(n hiec) tobeHuantyBuruondoero
atraoons on agg C ode l.Mc ee pblicationh iR FRO-TISIECE FROIE BLAC CARD
The lenentof esin i Ai. Siths la'orpeton hismasneveald,.o301clwsean
FantaisdMllaet wer aloeasily SihIg esina t est coslge onin h tr l h ic h inctestie rI ne
-adegee gacefulamvtedttequ ineaesHsdaigarabdtilaritheticrhpestnotheform legslace~ad trug otsftgindasis
thsfbackreanduwce aTomebise- d saIsCh ag Ltear Tme.ualslyhdetecedpuaintagsnglk
-signsyaemocnre e wtifulnd thosenanbas tttwhhos ecellfcoselyt-
-earaly wo dsegnmat eeet he cwgethermssfwandpeetanyfindividueals
boenatpraisiandinsjoee art - ' o ecae, Huais,. to upenreprse ntm
-wndazoveraforehirty loeaiy y mt I esinaears andtscrs lggdoretigth.sarAatilidiousnIncauencelwhicheholdseAl
Inthermef inmticated of erdal eaes i daig ir abauU~lhe e~r,/j DO1 ghe foreulae-'life dthoutituiget ma singe
work thecb adwut esToinethde- gu e rirCicg ieyjims.eanlodtcedgeaf telargestakeplike-
tsgn raer utflthnths f esthich tendsie ceandthosely of h
rverseoemterpidefeminine - -i gte rou e v woens assocdiidaed
bendrapeisdde. ji'oyed,-o theresaeThtmrpeensoe
LILLIANfo tiry eaREIDmoe.K-.Iniist'nfenpeted hic--hnsd~os Allu
cimpten in execution, the be u ty ort--nc lie e;tis u st leu'avngeo-
design. rests wholly with the aesthetic 4c as'e;sbu fe Alg44n
balance of black and white spots.!- "The -day of the masses has arrivv lahoer, IHa-m tempted to envy him-: sdeed 'that bit of-'Arthur Malets
Those d you who have collections of r,"' declaims the wite-handed union he does not have to buy four-dollar0 :wrk -with wbich Iam -familiar -1 b-.
his reproductions, and - o"Isev-et soy lede ."The laborer hall :rle:" text booksk. -Somse day a genius will!.lieve -that to fnepet tis a--Far
mscondepton-of-y erud'tion let ine .- Before his frenzied -onvicion,: the see the possibility of orgaization, would more closely aptly to the lod
say that mine is a Modern Library Cmmoart.People manket -baskts in0 and we .shall have a scene like the0 for wh'ch Mr. -itih has -tde -this
--dition, may see mre paily -the "halal, paseto-Whder if they'really folosifg: drawifng,
-pit-I-atempt to make y comparing ;-exist, or if it Is 'true that- the middle- At the meeting of the Bourgeois "Both of ,hse.'--dawigs -have a-
*bols drawings, "Siegfried","The Raper class consumer hoss-passed out of style Internationals peared in the ChicagoLi - ray (imes,
4 f the Lck", or his designa f ballot''o'gether - o- .his -untashi ale yvi- - The middle class peaktthrough1in whih the CoviIaJcGesPublshlg
coostom s with his lesintricate 'ones toues, The rsdcal is a great publicity the,- oration of an en-ancipaed bank Company -announces -ts <forthcoming
- such as, "The Kiss of Judas", or "The expert, e impresses the public mind clerk: pobicatios. And -ftey have an-
Woman in the Moon" every time a paper comes out with "Freenmen of the ;property-owning nouned the pulictins of a volunme
Smith's work i, however,-less "obhe-aiines like thee: "Bolhevi worid, I rise to call you to the ban-of °SosIth' drawings nd tales -i
'iously ieither sof these Seldom-doe, .blows Up Bridge," or "Notorios sent of conservatism - those noble Mexico The- expense of psblighing-

:e artistry of his work rest solely Radical Arrested." Be has almost banners which bear our slogan,-, such- a boOk, if It is doe-on the same
with either a balancing of shade, or made us believe that the future of the "Teachers of the Dumb, Unite." Be-, oatse as -thht -shich 'they -ha~e an-
delicately sweeping lines, but his world ia to .be duin of class -d iion- fore us lies the, prospect of a universe' n cettoa o'tcl'iigshi >b
subtls use of both effects gain ,hima a heavenly period when the en- dominated by the hammer anal trowel #Stajis Sos:* Szukaskl, another 'rtist,
-much less obvious aftempt at design, cipated toilet shall rule the unjust of the, laborer; behind us frowns "at will liplacs 'if 'pathetieally obut of the
andl so, a much more plesing -result capitalitt capitalistic past. This Is the Ihoun for -norma1 reach;,hut I, for one, hntie that
This -feeling for design even if the Per 000 o1y, I em rather bored with ! floe worm to turn, and for the clerk 'by "ifs publication date I can save,
-most i portant is not, however, the of all. I wosh someone would ris to to avenge his class." 1'scrape-,and, forego the'necssany nuns-
Irrot thing that -one'notices concersoing 0t eft-otori cghto off he down-trodden Cries fromri the balcony of, "Who hers of -meals to aford its 'purchase,
YSmith's technique. The gnarled an- z=00001 4 r livcry time t stretch said we were down-trodden?" -
atomy, tire resemblance to certain.I mcyor -j or-c-aunt to buy another hook "The workman has made the system The engraving used 'on this page is
r Ttoo, otocle chart, aR, ynictl too, 0 -o- ot rtcaoo rT:>of the itl-tce: ed (Conrtinued on 'ag'e right) ctreyofCvi-eehiso

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