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April 01, 1923 - Image 1

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It .0slnot seldoms that an art reacheso HAL SEY DAVIDSON? by either the painter or the sculptor,
its highest development before its true !Thes endeavor of the best portrait art-
w orth is recognized. The present gee- t ists is to reveal the character ot their
oration has seen this truth freosunt-, 10 its highest fernm land here I wem -1nielsen's ctaracter as he understood stbe i th pysclikns,
ly demonstrated. W44e owake upsom only coneerned with that fernm) it is it from lhis reading. 'Thea he casi totet nte hsca iens,
morning and discover Clhst a conotois-, really an interpretation of chtaracter utpon an x-ray tphotograph of Biench- preci sely, as I have shown, the aim
___________________________________________________________ of the carcaturist. Tiscre mtust he sn
seur, rummiaging around in somte cor- setadifrnebwenpta-
ner of thte world, hsossudodenly (ae setildeeecebtweicrrs
face (o face oiths ao soboraspect of srt. 'Lure andolcaricature asnilthat lifer'-
Such was the "discovery" of negro ' nce,tIbelieve, is ino the 'approach.
rcgwoitho fle tParisian criticss shnils pis st" i, uoe ossO ei
tasagso. Every ntow atid then a noewc ange. Ithe smakes sio endleavor at
hinter is "odistoe red*'' usually x h. V - tuor, bt athster aims sot so terrec't
telac k of atppreciationssoft Iis woric, sososeiog sp of lois subject, adding
dusrisngIis life too left feow'1%1st,-,c5t" to the tins tthat are scharacter
of lis tater t sosit 'isse aso carets s's resealilog. Airt it em er esntirely oh-
all of Iis psistios-all tlt oh'Itoct f. jective, it can never tie, end in the
cinasting for tloe conoisseur. ]ttsss - deviations fresso ttse perfect likeness,
teest, wo-ostruggleol throsugth hi'ss .5, toiwevei'slight, whlicts it is loumanly
appre'tciated andolfinoally sied in oisis i iespoosie snotartistically isspractical
sasoc as'ylumo 1lving ass aslisira >l I frtearittsa.,-per fo c
heritage of paintingsis a crobs iso o h rts omkaper h c
point. Sonoetis. a suildes. fort'sl cor11 _.cesetuatison of floe eharatter-revealing
tatsbavekn cnlitlebng aot 'li'1The caricaturist approaches Isis aub-'
-..-.,nwo.itlbinsaou O' jest aloeg a comsic angle. the lets the
dean appreciation, often amountint t'o, '.
ast, of the art of that country. T he , <''h tumsorous possihilities influsence, toa
receinftougll tigtlysdita 'nts iilassia fto puriis.A
recent ex amople of this. n evesn rios I <^ sezttatis 5 is snore avotwedly biased
o:..sls', iso eoundin lthe resist s .senoe iss: ' he csblismates, iss fact gen-
ii the'recent ecavations in Egyt. ea' all - elimnoisates, sllsisoor itetait.
see a sinoilaor appreciation of the art s ,++"ects1 overe host sofewr tines aiAt a dot.
of coaricatosre, ass appreciations 'hto tfti sot relo ha sisote a stasrtlisng
nosy very "asily amount to : adol l'. ! f ' hi:'' '< :of George Cfi?.~sin iowhlich
Isoenoechassieal soeans of arlsiesiosk f ,oA" olly ie cork of thetstlotndsothef swisog,
art, sucho as photograpthy, are l;oLrss-/ o' to' tioly is stsoos s. The fat's, ex-
tngeCoors perfec'teach day .o this 4i' / y ts'siiifos the choinoisosly suggestedl by
em phtsis in p ron 'ol art is t edciss u' too' heosistis of the list.
tlongig terprctive rathesr thsan r alL Thae factthsilaC caris1tosre is confissed
tie lisncs. Asoissdication of floe incroaso- 'o cc oresnaton ts io f lisitlas
ing Luse oh caricature is stess in wr ess}"fl~r .isisCis or ss's il ore isstechoretatison-
repr 'senistitiv e piciationw. tari ' J- " s ;' sl ljert i tobe put fissthise sw
tstt'c. ' sr r 1 1'e";l ie( oot".rk 01", l l oi ' - ' is'.s o tots h)is' ttl in, i' iso say,
totiic'ait oysoi i sot piseos 3a' lo 7ao .:l' , ios'mess1 of this
I:cisog tc o lssosi toes ci w' s,'F sissoOsi''tile oscrely
so' is isu5's stsese W o e 'o' s' ilso ' i' es to wit h il
so 'ss is o' ses st c~ '.'scsl .. Iiii, sot s'esultt s is ithi o f toe lsisnd-
thoe seal sohoc n eo s les~ <.turc, ls'is:- Irovstlsg shies'see iftosnder use samse
ideedcchoss'seni 'snolloha'ttos aoit i. It tuse ooss t alo' issets'of;orct
hed11-ess nso sot0isIu;'iits'i . They as o's rseeto txtoos
is a greatly ussnderratedh ansi little en- x~h'sosgdo x iya psas
,tsssolat tssssyio tools' oi, n 's exceptions to this stalesneost is
otesIAtanol o'haot is scully soosst lls's' Fa t mfystiecspainting wisere tlse artist reasl
jortyhavsou a veyconfosedTieasofa-tiisgs into the sense he is tiranserib-
the sieaning of floe term.stCaricatureo' iot' c draoiig. N itwis, lto iro 1Cc.oiiss oloss t ior ftitlt,xiit~s f±Cieiag.erutlsatoduhas noav e d llows
iss apictorial art by wschs#scosehseaitis dIiheesr. I tiof r.Mseet. Cite scephigtensstorse hsosrile t;! fotr lthtndior asso hntrpetaation. s
sothechthe erofchesubeoract-ertro ofmit f fits .csubject is re-f lilt 's oa"'ctcisicof orritleornotntr'etailo
sealed.As stoes it isancart istiosi- . bs I 5ltit0ttpoo!- t0 tof all thast lot erhaiatteorlses is lltoss,I caricature is, however, entirely inter-
vyealed.lliiro stods such it dis tiiooshto ttnetfoairtoi doiiletelosns'ts-
lyiffers'nt freoscar'tuoeinsg, soisl is slhrcad f,' ' tt -itato os(frt ilta e eitsad pretation.
whbich it is oftens confusedl. fiilly thle p lotillY oedet thtat loes'tess lis botot. ,L ike thse other srts, it hsas its anal-

'helseasesntioal sifo rsnc hbetwseen L
caricature soot a cartoosn tics in thoe as float ctss.raeter is exemophlifiesd by
fact Clout a s artcatsre refers Isoo pl s 55cilts octeristies. 'Ihere is a
individuoalsujt, tie a cartus cousscus exe ratison 001 the part ofl
piointtsto sssoioni e issl issse. 'Toe . the, ilot, oss s'xaggerostioon esopill:r
Loon, as it stias h a ooy, grewson, ilshcon.=dois suhihisoaisos sot ofuisi-'
of aneeod felte forcacc'" at)-e-ials, btu this eago; rratiuis osad
straecrelhatiois o 'ncre foros 't '. s .ii,-in ace relateud to shoe sohy'
in our cartss sssoe lsove ftte pI ' corstal csoa~o''ecisticn only as they int
States repre sent'-h1I cbis San,, O hi css -se rk"elates o msental andsIpsirit-
thsseagle, the or socati'by a bMls-c's 1 ts se so '.Let us s sotoose toat
msasn, thse trsou's fyyst l atihy i' e5 o c'0 soshes iso caricature twno
piot-bselliedlossisihoa,Is so (,, :a05 0 ' tar hysical chasracteris-
throusgh all ti ,'ts,>Iso-'.'Otiosal sysmo, oilh, ',s;othityondlhav's'large, afalseosI
iliaCtsloe act reos111sn(of tO's carts's s's-sloey'eshbslbous;noses, thin lipss
ist toss cresat atee: os. Vs'scalls alas tilsoalhosSeasds. Btet c tititknots'
understsand things hello-crsthen ths ;tht os-e ofsthese n is 1grossly, ova-
are torese-nteol tootsiso pictiuretfors.1sricsosus snot sensual ohiletsChicothoer'
Picturstwtere tour first st neiolissoh ikindhly,30johalansi broaod-smindedt, so;
expressiosn, oar oritinig grewout on'00isoseasch tre5will exaggerais' the tines
thenm, and ohey still remsain a st C i't'tll thse character of the iii'
of univ-ersallasngusage. hatswe tcan v'oduas tie grieedine'ss of this'o001,thue
see abstractiosstranslated intosom~ evsh soCioter
coonmoon langusage toe can far msorn'- Accompanosying this artiche is a earl-
easily unoderstandoshileir truse sneaninf, catosre of CH.hL. Miencetheilsenfatoo
ssnsd theis relationohotehoesr thing",.oterrisle= of Anoerican critiitsm,. oraswn
It is for thii reasone flat use cartios-t;sy has M'oulse, choose scoriis swell!
has atoch a psotpular sapp~eal. It is knoswn sosthse casosposso. The historyo o
freqhuentlty store pswerful thoans o.thso- o s'cotsstionofoPtisscaricature susos"
bst of editorials. spoes,'instsrestinog. To bo~gi switli
Theocar~sicatusreis, as I htoes'; (o ;t"est ist lh,threeos iely oiff,-ri's'i'
'i)lishoual. It is. eeltesoseerts 'oh sis toptototge'ps iss sf Sencen. hiC- at. i
groiup~sor ons i' ctiso l'so-tasta Pssh-h A' o essrtscns's losr-i
fir-0,iouhtseiths soci st Iersoon. ae ism usss s'''utioi nIi
lis to 'cssesen ls hsh personssas fissr- s.sit.. I'ss o le~s 'r '
0howr .-sdos ti " s so - ',ly ss o sotus 0' sho I oc E 0 o' .'. i) i'55's"

ogy snliterature. Its satirical nature
en' s head ans to his delight fouth le is cosoparable to shoeodiatribes of Dry-
features heoswas searching for shoarply den in sense of Isis poetry. Dryden
otlined. Working twith the three
t riisass h -a pstg'pcaricatusred noany of Isis entessora-
portazi:., nd he xrayphotgrahrica, biassed it is true by an unhlappy
atou curiocatusrinog as hs ideas of the slant of msindol f whsich he seas the
esass directed, he achieved the result victims. Dickens' chsaracters are tosf-
seen on thiso page. At least twventy sworthty examples of caricatureiso lit-
sktsecheos were made before the desiredter ature andthCie spirit of his caricature
r:=suet was obtained. A nsuch better wsas sclishorably reflectedh on contem-
caritturoecouldh have been nmade if lcerausetous illustrationrs for his boouk,.
the artist bad been persossally ac-0jThe o m spari'sons I hoave moasde will
siuaintesl tith his subject hut he baa do for a relation switih literature, tout
nevertheless managed to produce a these is as literary psarallel that w.ilt
chasracter-revealintg face by Cth es brisog oust anothoer point ofthCe epigranm.
moethoods hse v ss forced to toe. Cariecoturs is l toportraitosre whlat thou
It trill te seen thoen thost carfeature epigrano is Co a boots. TIhe epigrasm
calls for an analytical and critical is ao terse susmsming tip of material
soled, a keen penetratio an d, that it mighot take a book to fulty
thorough understanding of Che char-' reveal. In being so terse it hoses
ao'ter of hi soubject, by te artist, many subleties and details that the
Ssoi'u ass aility too judsgte chasracter is book wouldl bring otfplainsly. It to
not commoon and is surety coouplesd not truthsful in so far as it does not
twith thoe incisive unit brilliant tech-' reveal floe whsole truth, but altogether
clone thsat caricatusre odemaonds. By it as very msuch torth whoihe anod oftet.
mnakingsigoah a high, and I believe indistpensable. It is not te highest
just, claism for caritature, I have re- forms of art but it ransovery high.
ehcuoded anoy possibility of consfusing The caricature Olsen is distijoetftrots
caricatiure twith Ctscinferior, ttoough hess cartouon los that it is the idea oh
often powerfosi, cartsoso.fbi' insdividual swhile the cartoon is
I o'e.oesorver, iosscla'isms for the idesa of the group, if is different.
s"nes u' thit Osslsi t cg'iihhellehih'froms'.thse portrail becasoe its approacho
,,:Atho'fl'uotrirebso t is' !-{i. Co'ndie, saut it is epigrammatic, its
u ;s 5.5 to'c - .' trol osre, xhoars 'soel (('cninosedil sPstge, Night)

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