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January 28, 1923 - Image 2

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ICOMMENT--The editorti The Better Magazines
James Branch Caell is one of the persons who has had the experience T'HE DIA L
ofbeing persecuted for something that he didt not do. When the ga NEWELL BEBOUT
New York people dumped a cartload of "Jurgen" into the East river they
believed that the hooks would contanminate the greasy waters of the river.
Bt Cabell wrote nothing objectionable, it was the fever of imagination The remarkable fact about The Dial cosmopolitan enougha and maintains
-conjectore--thaat pussyfoot traitor of the omni-innocent mind that con- is that it almot achieves the promise a standard of excellence fine enough
deutned 'Jurgen". He is a ismnple, reclusive fellow who does not see life of its name. It truly is a page on to be regarded ast one of the foremost,
as it is. It is not practical, he is childlessly Ignorant of the world, so in wich the signs of the tnes in the if iot the foremost, literary magazine4
his writing,'lie creates his own images. He writes of beauifu things in a1 literary world are pointed out regular- of the day. It has gone mad on n-
truly beautiful fashion. Jantes Branch Cbell has had the peculiar ex- Ily and witha consistent exactitde. That conventionality, to be sure, but that
perience of being condemned for what he did not write, it is a somewhat lopsied dial and too is a much etter thing to go mtad about
a+ frequently points its shadow in the thansaose other things whirls are in-
f. L. Menclen is one of those writers who, consciously or otherwise same direction is not sufficient con- eused inutmodern tsa>liation. Fromo
spoke Dr. Costss little verse for several years. Mecken has improvedI denation ts rule it out of the list of'.atutbiaed atd ineletual point of
markedly with earls attenmpt. Even since his recent viepuous spleen- "the better magazines"; for atl just. vicar ttodersanagazines arc quite vul-
venting upon the head of Professor Rantkin, we noe a tendency, in the raders of American periodicals adsmit c'ar idetied. Ose as conly to contenp-
critic, to cease his tplayfslness and trifling. tat a lopsidedI lil is betsr thast no ltethetisOsipy stultfatofTs Book-
Just ow' mucth te ias improved msay be judged by re-reading "A Little; Diet at al and that n oter msothly nan, the fudgte of The Alattic Mjonth
Booki in (. Major" one of Iis early labors-a catp attenmpt o Ite cynical, a~ can quite retsae it.lh, telirt sinie quips "in defesee tf
Kresgoedetitiotn of camsp after dinner pan. A glatnce at "'redjsdiees ; !Its ts" Jstntarystitter ite edisors women"ttt of 'liarbSarlSet, and te
Secondc Series" ote of this latest books, shos that his exterimnttitsa wits Iae resatedl their tpurio stIs an e have. 5r( 5'sain of The ('rntry itsr
tisc eadittg public ote sotoe fr'uit trts'stto statid it te titi t-iorderto be litae titl. Prsoaly, I
a ~pinciptlesfor whlishitiiTsi."we l';Iv\'aniy' Fairtr iso"Halsl of Fees
tGeorge I1. iDorans andslCo..Ihave hathe is'initiativeatslit toter pioneerr 0' stiltprpose''"tera , "o peili itlust as I PtaltsSlasolandtforits i'
inte usIsilisittg ine assifromtih ie usual lbascking ofitae' itos.The'ititis te's t twok seccan slitscavr wsihouste',er'' eishae, in teti, nathighly
she scemte: Owitng to remarkis f lietarysyritisandistreviewr. cottcerniug cosiseing ithsser extsrnal itens---tiss' I -c sc'stpsspet' whiht soes ntsrsas
tie qustabstleleshicesf haing tie usis(s';tptpes c'vcretosstetch se sg'of te artisttrhitts scholsssstthe stsome 5t'pteudsier O'e'enttriity. I
stanl plasteredewits the5exaledtblutrbis ofteubisse,,-,the ahsove ftrnitfis c 'st ittwith itslltfoist rin-nest are a wiir you hae alreast'
oscese thlt'diantis auatastlstossry adje ctive stind lave's c'nfintarl ictes ri>c ss ,wittscontemporasary sss stat osiltrsad Iotsts wrie fot'"na natite',
ts an unimattginataive static ssn;.of fa's. ntelsy the title sitfte haosotkte'NOit s" cats-whaiccniei to n ia- )Ist ltswrit:' se ifettlytate Te At-
price, te authost'ans ilte ttbtishesir. It ithubseclaimed that te'tublisely itsrelea"1t.'io5 Mo'thaly osaTh'eis'C'entuy
wsill not tsr tsndulsy influetteedlby te litetacy "fiefitt itsfront asd bck. alt t litas tole aisioin cstiasitsp ts 7'o ia I'tshold is'resisdi inteligt
a't'slisg'' srgissg ofitheesonssoresal'ftetasvel, test',' sead 1 uslsl win outt rrmcs ;' e tsasoves'c~osiertions--it is sit
flosii atdssive~'righs t attueasa te oloissof as nets sitomss; is'suitg sit 'ittrslshi csit ivtvaeis' iotca'rr -=,er 1ofsiethinse re sti 'setst
adsitisostisathiassdersa Libraryseriestosithle tesnt f scsi'y'mosthti. 'h'ir as i asills 1a'se ' ,:t5ewhat ie s' its ' "" is sstaI "pliss.T'h''laDial ass
teorsy is thattslittg fsrward itits' msontvsidesut sf iswesasssrs.n" seetis"stirfis,'t wosri" 5reyssila' ' oneats tinctiefeattre, hoteer, whiicit
-sgszoits'hs sI a iprea'edintgcc'orts' at cos'isesrtissn. PA nstats' isIs 1 k IIi5' ,~.;etb~vne old sssis nedmetin;niel
Lisrarsy itt ittsi i sld tsre at tlest s as vtassiaion f te; i ps" ~s .'.''. r~c".,,en' issi te sn i cos satri; ss' it'isis-sietterls fnom thett'
shoittt, i'ut''yasskastwsthea'itaont. s t trsI(s's a15", ats's 't5can'asoaf EsrasatsNa
n - ass i tesetas. t ac k esat as etaclely'.
Aitilsti'f:taheitsEat sslssandow''sin"isa'ili. lisiissaurse, .asnwnvl sn< r l«e atrtt:its, ill i'sae aeltsandsisassof
it announedstbyaLudwasigi'Lt'eis"'oh. It la' sott yet 5v'renchel ' ttt 1' a a a thess as,'f'ilet; nir 5ors o y, 1, Iteod c"astt1, The 'iattl. :(svry
p is l et as . inh i s ti's'si'' cci tlsaase'', tn caise yous cw i s t at's ~lrr t ~artat; 's' f he 3 w1'01 i ; r t at est' waltterl
T? i,te Sribt Pit,'IC' t si tharintetFi ler 'a " ' a's o c'iat nd asisittlE zre
d tc rtstslfI a teas'v-alumssfa srsi sa" "'a'"-t en, '1,st ti^ ol0- i s'gaznis nteatdc
Ie tliltis a sio le at e ,h1ick Dush ' s' a IIt"', rca e' ttl t tttlitita Iy s, i c h , a''' t't- itt 'titcit't'ts' at% l astso s
a stt'ta 't s t h tat Ir ssa lesilsaers Slass, itsi a .r "kii W n h f ''1tit 5tl55i'5t ti'r era s
uptn marlsate uow t u_, d;r ,",tsck Ad Atot :Nothing", fr 5 aft. "s'tftl11cl Oiiiea-s's leas ills"
-na' lots'"'ttsss sti;' '5 '5art ' ) " n' aseliaBoiks. ads
i is a I ras i'joke whchiaptea'rs,5to 505' r1,,',''.''"alas' s'. ,s r '''I5 wrsitt','viewsetf he
las intentionallyy seigna 1 t uissaliate If lots lasve notad esJacisstssRent- eoat so tie sasls'st )shitS', even isas' At's. 'ar is n'sit eantit'I
mtialsstsatdtshowsshemIhaowsavisi- ainte's "'Ilse Smile Ilat isa".1 s', by 'C ss'' :' tOits'' ives isaI psrinst.
hras'eat thtey reasly Aire 51allimea; get it sandstresistit. fitsthasotherlitaC 'sa 1T Di's11t1'= it('stttitsstc tsnsPage Seeist
IHisor"larnisheetsas fnumerousuexa
whstih, if it asere sot firtha e twfu155
soossiui'tiaest vostdie its'stthumtsss-r
sroist. Pliny tseElderiteat tale (stint
"Naturat H istory" relates is a,
Aesechylutswasskisllesdby tefalsoIt t'
tortoise o00thiss1)pot sadt hesa whils' T
the aoroiswsite'casrfriedthrougi"- If Hamni/ton W re Libing Now
uthe airtsine st heiavsagfcasrietsal,
Aanweare toldtalt AnatcreonaShal =
ol readler,;snet hsund by lben __________ ________ ____
chocked on a grapetone. "iit _
ridicassus toSusepposesthast he gss
hsead of things whlatever it la, ayse
Any regardh to human afairs" ssy.; L.EX.ANDERI jA~h5 ; 5 t ~
tPliny.' 5a'1
Ledisus, otherwise knowen asoQuit- tl i 1t ll l3' s~,,-'a v t«. %-~a" a l t' 'a,
tse Aenitiu, whlile gsing out of is' businesses of this country. Many of his financial
house one cday, struck his gent tse =plans, too far in adane tOf hi,! ti5 0 1.' ,a ii" Li
against the thdresold, and immsediatey be noprte spr fOI 'la5R. 'a aha-
expired. Otis is curious to knsow thsenicroae sprto u d lSvt°
reasona of his forceful and hurriedlI em notutetuIeI 5'1'ss'ita-ni h r'l~
exit. I em notnt hth o ar t)iF h Clt
The story is also toldl of Lomsti I and benefits of his hardiwerk 1ti is oret t s~etius siid,-
that while lsc was taking his laity i
jaunt through tho town, a pig rsan e-1 in large measure, for a time th~t t}- y thir eisloe- will never see.
Iween he legs of his horse, causing -Thsat is where you and l have it oacrte geniuses. Througlh
the lorse to stumble ansI fall. wthih = eimo aig contw n ul o h rtr
resulted in thc king's death.th meimoasaisaconweanbldfrheuue
P'erhsaps the nmost bitter asnd iro-s and at t;e same time live to enjoy the fruits of our savings.
ical of all strange deaths, however,(?TibakofrtoyuasvcehtH mlonfralhs
teas that ('hachas, a sootlisec'rhsbn fest o erieta aitn o l i
Chalchas predicted the exact hour of= genius in financial matters, could not secure in Colonial times.-
Iis deceae; tut whets that hour pass-f
ed, he laughed himself o death ati
the thought of heaving outlivedt Iis!=-______________ ____________ __

Tthe history of a famaou family and tAnissa,"nl n h akilsT eA b r S v n s B n
by V. Sackaville-West, is to he followed ~ e A n A b r S vn s B n
by publcatioun of Mliss Sackrville- "'The [/5tnk of Friendly S 4'rice"
West's "Thse Heir ansI Other Stories"
and a novel of quite extraordinary= Resources $5,600,000 Two Offices
interest in view of whast is going on ==
in Greece today. The novel is called
"Challenge". V. Sackaville-West re-
mesmbered by those who care for fine- =
ly artistic work as theu authsor of a
novel, "Beritage", published several


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