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February 19, 1922 - Image 7

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proofs, and consequently_ he attempts ? !f Vita -necessary to health and growth, in 1 lIZ{)F. I l 1 tUE1 ibFINIR[f
the impossible and mnakes an ass of '~l~f additton to and entirety apart front COLONY I'N 'NOR'1I'IIN IMI('MlBA
himself. those factors previously recognized (t ontissued frons Page 2)
If the book were reduced to 50 pages (Bay 31. II. Pryor) (fats, carbo-hydrates, proteins.minr-tab ltig"s by the skill of ttieir hands.
instead of 297, it would malke a very' No person pairtaingss of a srell-bal- rab, 0and calries). The repor ts also Uconoomiratly, the state ant the Finnish
readable contribution; but one, most show Ilshat a sefiriency of a cetn stters -would gain ttisoughs the organ-
wade through nomrch useless nsa- acdditne1fa ha nis 1tr kin d of sitamine brings on a rertain cto n eeomn fasto
terial to get to the really ine parts thsat ent amount of vitamuines is being sop-1 class of diseases and on the othser tihmer industries. Soiitly, the Finns
msost readers will be discouraged. I plied" is the eonsensus of opinion of hsnd ecrt cla<ss oit viltamines can be 1swoutld gain by preserving a pride in
have no doubt, howeser, that the book faesulty men and other authsorities c~o- used to combat a- o certain ilass of lvs- their racial attainments, nos eling
wct11 serve a useful purpose to a tins-, eases. TheebestAIknown of these vita-; smothered by mnail orider furnishings,
aulted on this subject that is attracting
iited class of readers, hut it is far shove mine-deficient diseases is rickets. wshichi to liiiemnseem Amer iran, where-
the general publie, and far below the more than a little attention at thme Dr. Roth gave three reasons whly it as they are rallier likely to apologizes
intellectuoat person. present time.1 is iradvisable to use artificial vita-: for their old-worlrd craft. Their re-
Many persons are bing misled!nmine containers: First, the majority marksable cooperative habits facilitate
A life of Bunion, famous leader of! into the belief, through the means of of people do not needl any adlditionsal b te lasts of getting them to engage
the French Revolurtion, translated supply, second, there is a great possi- ;insusor enterprises. The problem is
irons the French of Louis Madelin, has; nunserous advertisemnents of products;tility that uste swrong kind will tie pro- essentially one not of piroduction, but
just bseen pulished by Alfred A. saidl to contains vitaminses, that these cored, a-ind thirid, all such prepsaratioso(f nmarlketing.
Knopf. It begins with Danton's tor-' food elensents are to be obtainsed only are expensive as compasred to the nat-I' Theso sggestissa, nsade alsong thsese
bastent cildhood-the child iideous,1ithroughi the agency mit their special sisal foiod sources. Ite further stated t ines bsy Profeosior Saner, found an
scarred nitb smallpox, furious and lit-!lpreparations and that by taking these that slt fresh foods ansi freshssc'isassiesissle fssvorabile respisnse. Presi-
terly-usstamabile. And those early renmedies a panacea for all ills oilt11 tasiha are relatively highier in sits- tent. Ym'srgein of the Finnish eollege
chapters reveasl the man's life in min- be obtained asld as new' elixir of life mise constent thans ihose cooksed or 'it Hancirorb enstorsedl it cordially, as
lature. lHe was like the boll thatI discoveredl. The error of this ioslres- esisned with the posasibile exceeption of slidlie niost influential Finsnish lead-
gored him in his childhsood-some of! stun was pointed out by all the authsori- tonmatoes. cc of the Upper Peninsula. Mr.
the stunttmit the beast msust have en-1 lies intervieweed. Ihi isndicating the impslortanice that Dtoelle, prominenstly identified with
tered into him-hbe stansped and but- Ifthaacd ain ~ Iis fond elemsent is taking, Dr. tisith t'tiper Peninsula affairs asid now suem-
ted his vs.ay through life. He was antamed ssiid Br. Johsi Suudsvall, pro-;pedfntuedl ontthasinbjce bythe itevsisi- ntiriiteStateDBparmentof Agriulr
imstrunsect of the "peotile's rage,"' a' ' ocuedsiilrtsofsijehytvitenesocai-'imdptirSlaec patmnt f griul
ve-in thriol,:ghswhich ran the nation's fso o yineadpsllchalhgtiosofcuDti. tCssimir Funksihalen of mmci' si ounmdeil out the ideaswiths
feves'-he lad all the siob attribsutes: all of the necessary fiood eleens are Lonumdon, is 1904, it hiss growisotviit'ilritizuns of tthe Uppier Peminsula, and
vilnc mil generosity, disorder and suppied incussding the three ditferent insvbii netgstu i eryte mtiutdtm is tp il
<.emsr'incnhsity, venality ansI tory. It kinids of vitanitnes. "I is far better," ever aoaoyi h onyicu
teie d, "to obtain this vitauine se- yhtoaor nierusmticiu- groupiof pusiliic officials andli'itere'sted
midinly rkeik thosue of the gmmernmnmnt. s°isicemm of the. Upper Peninsula. Pus-
sess aRbethierrendhu whfn allyboke mcii tfruimthe soon's itself than irons tr. Charles fr 'ml'. indss, Iurefm':,(o sibleisses cit work are being can-
elolsn the scsiffisd, he was sill lbseisiepearto.Is uc omse mtof'Ihierapeuticis sand Materia ,'Ieihi', sasseul and meains of (litfrihuton. Thse
lus~ t cy Shvem hadt1tethat iss buyinge prepasrationms, thecmst suibosantisatedlthur statement syof thuhltr hit"hwiyhedtoteu ln is still ia project, ut has excel-
te-rtrle; it is worth it" seas much greater thamn if thme toodhliwu precedting suthurties sudit sinteil limit rhance s of sucuresbecauses of the
_____________________ containing tl m e aS mountmof if ta- iout a few' of 11m'sms oissususs ouo lsa iusmutry, shill, sindIcoopherative ten-
Maxlim Gorkcy is at present in the 0 0 1ea psecasd.rtausin the uiffressithindsoof stu-stsies(sitthur Finns. It is thme opinion
Sebearcsil, acoringto epots c-Dr. George B. Roth, '09, assistant Imuines. )ges mint nullssoerrelyivenas .C if liot's or Saueur that the success
Sicml trinyfriemuslacorins Am eprics professor of puruuuoy tWsecontmainers mit vitanuimtie A, fruits and lr fuui re iof the proposal dloes not
heaIlhsbrorken after tour years of revo- Reverves University in Clevelsand, unit grien vegetabltes as contasiners of vli- rest with thum Fiunsuson much, whom
tution in Riussia. So undermined has formserly with this t'nited States Pubslic sminse B, and iran sn omt limo finuely' he rons 0idsras definitely ready to
beems loss health thast he is almost lealths Service at Washuinigtonu,luing grndmm flour as contasiners mf itaits suipar tirihumie. as it uses with thueequality
wreuk(lt nimo0'. A friend writes that the closely connected swith this subject of t'C. In conmmnmtiog sumthess proprietaury amid persistence of the leadership thaut
phys-ic"ian sebmi treats Gorkiy reports vitanmines in botls places, has pointedt1hpreparations conmtaiiig sitau-inos. 4is necessamry to organize the forces
thatsO uw onts futhe intheout the three kinds of vitamines hnowen whlichue said seure muostly wmade swithvilab-leuuh.
Scs'ru'idwill bring about his re- hoscience. These, he said, designated alfalfa for a tbase, huespointshed oust bust
covery., however. Continuing, this ed aso A, B, and C', soul different foods nommue of thesi of wuhichuhe knew id ;Threeacrly piuliation of Sinclair
friend ays "Gorlmy tells horrible conhsain thsem in varying amsousnts. harmusamid occasionsally a slighut goodsl Lewis' first movel sire "Maims Street"
Iings abmumutIRussia soul about the life Somsefoossulmsay lie rich in one hkinsdlws acsco'umpished, althomughs very ;is ansnounced. The tithe is ho hue "Dab-
Ilhfre. He is not in sympathy with sundutl iuly tlacking in another. Ye'ast, rarely. ilt."
the government which rules Russia fur exampltue, which is being so widely
todumy.,rsidulhe told mse that he will advertised, contains only a quantity of10
rin' r retain to Rus.is." 1B amid none of the other kinds.
IReport. pulished receoily in flbip
"Thme'sair Rewa rds," the first novel Amuerican Journal of Hlygiene anilthhe
ofThois s.Bers,,a brilliantl short story ltournal stftBiological Chenmi.stry 'hats A b o u t T imer asjs enpblse yIta acrigt ecn icvre
writer, hsjotIme ubi vs yitmieo re gcohecentsdistcres
Knopt russines re ehm~e I-syba, ore re getiing acquainted uwith the

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