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September 15, 1958 - Image 11

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The Art of Profanity Brussells Fair More Than Just Propaganda
(Continued from Page 10) given up the ghost of belief in (Continued from Page 9) The colonies are included with dance routines by the salesmen.
get rid of it. Back in my dormitory magical powers, we have to create the mother country, and their dis- The building is designed to be a
days the housemother tried it, and our own mystery in profanity. One great quantity, but so are consum- plays are perhaps more interest- typical Arabian structure; it con-
it turned out to be the farce of he way of doing this is to draw upon er goods (though almost entirely ing than those of the latter to tributes much to the success of
year. For the several weeks that vocabulary with which your ferior to their American coun- the visitor unfamiliar with them. the exhibit.
the Prohibition lasted, the cor- enemy is not well acquainted; yet terparts). A remarkable variety of The smaller nations appear to Prizes in this building category,
ridors rang with cries of "Go take he should recognize whateyou re foodstuffs is displayed. Resorts be having the most fun at the however, must go to Thailand,
a flying 5," or "Oh 6 it all to 3." saying enough to teaen is for children and the new stadiumFair N
tender libido. in Moscow are shown in table har.uone has attempted to be which has set up a small gold
HE OTHER alternative is to The twentieth century American models. A complete display of the thorough, but all have hit the Buddhist temple as its exhibit;
improve the situation. We may culture of atomic power, tech- latest Russian books, even includ- The Arab States, for instance, in the base of the temple. At
divide profanity into two general nology and automation holds a ing atlases, is available for visi- he Ara ate, for ie, ngthe evofythe expe. t
caegres veyayad uda-rich cache of untapped words that tors to browse through. have two magnificent tile reliefs night, when everything except the
categories: everyday and Sunday- h h fon the walls of the lobby, one de- American exhibit is closed, a
go-to-meetin' swearing, can provide a distinctively modern The exhibit, of course, has picting a dominant characteristic crowd can be found admiring the
For everyday use it seems im- profanity. weaknesses. The quality of con- of each of the five countries outside of the temple.
perative to salvage the few old N THE Gelett Burgess novel Find mer goods oe, and art is an- (Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia Czechoslovakia has carried out
terms that still show signs of life, nthe Woman, one Dr. Hopbottom of the sort usuall fo nd alus and Jordan - the murals are a the progress' theme better than
and to discard the rest, replacing th WoaoD. Hobtmoftesr usal fon. is year old), the other exhibiting the its Russian masters. Each display
them with a new profane lexicon. assails an obstinate truck driver trating short stories in American three grea o reehsbin in the is set up showing accomplish-
The need for cursory emphasis with a fine example of Sunday-go magazines, with the general Arab States (Judaism, Christian- ments in 1947, 1957 and i967. The
usually arises suddenly, and one to-meetin' swearing: themes of peace and work pre- ity; and Islam). whole exhibit gives a tremendous
must have a reservoir of terms on "What diacritical right has a dominating. The rest of the exhibit also has impression of sheer power.
hand for immediate call to action. binominal exypendactile advous- Mot of the work is uninspired; real merit Cloth-of-gold and ein r e
Soon repeated usage will ex- trous holoblastic rhizopod like you the major exception is a statue magnificent mosaics highlight ove halfadozenMaysnsstatues
haust the magic of the new voca- got with your trinoctial ustilsgin- entitled "Beat the Swords in the Syrian display, and Iraq has over half a dozen Mayan statues
bulary, so new innovations and old ous Westphalian holocaust block- Plowshares," which has strength a table model of ancient Babylon igrace the front of its exhibit
burials must be made continuously, ing up the teleostean way anyway! Pnd f ehngo which otherwise contains lhita-
much in the manner of teenage If you give me anymore of your -that earns high praise, interest the visitor. But the sta-
slang. lunarian, snortomaniac hyperbolic BEYOND these two giants stands countries have shown tues make bystanders pause and
plrcoyI'lsieyou intoa 5EODteetogatstns THRcurishvsow remember the exhibit.
NDA- T ME ' pr loercm, die ous ao- a third - France. The French similar good sense. Holland male e preto
UNDAY-GO-thoeETIN pro- m o teric diameriferous auxo- have by far the best art exhibit for example, has taken advantage 'ailon s tes maetenFair
cions when e need to express To whi h r at the Fair. The display is exclu- of a natural slope on one side of
ou togs mtos 's ele:" e ourhubepr sively 20th century, Besides the it pavilion to set up a dike, with into the place ,to have a good time
dir tisisth ral eti at f on ,. I adnoida t asasgreat masters, it contains a sue- the "ocean" (complete with'wv that it poad really is.s Without grinding
dire this is the real poetic art of db s that." prising variety of immediately machine) above, and an irrigated prtpthe l xts, for the mos
to Sunday. It should be somewhat Of course development of a contemporary works of merit, field below. A windmill in the prteltl ain aepe
of a xm oeous oratorical taletfor swearing demands an from every conceivable school. It field completes the exhibit which sented displays of real interest.
masterpiece: something new and increased awareness of people and is better than many art museums, is the most popular the Dutch The visitor looks back on their
elaborate, with a touch of mystery, the world around us, beyond the The country also has a complete have, exhibits with fonder memories
Most important, it must be red- help of Reader's Digest. The good book display, and sends scholarly Tunisia has an Oriental bazaar, than on those of too many of their
bloodedly twentieth century. swearer must develop careful French periodicals free of charge where handicrafts are sold to the larger neighbors. In large part
As we have seen, this is not a judgement of the proper occasion to any visitor who requests them. accompaniment of song-and- they make the Fair fun.
new idea, but it must be brought to swear in the proper way.
up to date. Burges Johnson point- Perhaps we can't all learn to
ed out that even the early Greeks swear as well as King Lear, Cyra-
had a way of inventing oaths as no de Bergerac, or Dr. Hopbottom, "++l. +.> .,~'0, !","" "1
they went along, "not because the but with a little effort, a little in-"
old terms were worn out, but be- dividuality, and a god deal of '" '
cause they were not." imagination, profanity may rise
Since Americans have generally again to become evesyman's art, the+-

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