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June 29, 1918 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1918-06-29

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nued from Page One)
p. m.-The Origin of Man
ed). Prof. E. C. Case.
-Visitors' Night at the Ob-
Admission by ticket
. m.--The Social Outlook
War. Mr. A. E. Wood.'
-Visitors' Night at the Ob-
Admission by ticket
ersonal Health a National
r. W. E. Forsythe.
m.-The Unity of the Eng-
Iking Peoples a Guarantee
Prof. G. R. Wrong of the
y of Toronto.-
-Visitors' Night at the Ob-
Admission by ticket
ncert. Faculty of the Uni-
chool of Music. (Hill au-
. n.-The Role of Niagara
History (Illustrated). Dr.
tuocational motion pictures.
0 p. m.-Excursion to Ni-
ls, under the direction of
lauer, via Michigan Central
to Detroit and steamer to
lbert Browning, a Poet for
if. L. A. Strauss.
ne Great American Librar-
trated). Librarian W. W.
p. m.-Heredity and the
ply (Illustrated). Prof. A.
r -Practical Arithmetic.
e City Milk Supply (I-
Dr. U. G. Rickert.
m.-The War and Econ-
onstruction. Prof. 1. L.
scert. Faculty of the Uni-
hool of Music (Hill au-
m.-Physics and the War
d). Prof. H. M. Randall.
ucationa motion pictures.
. m.-John Marshall, the
ilder of the Constitution.
.g Belcher Islands: Their
and Explorations (Illus-
r, R. J. Flaherty.
p. m.-A Trip Through
'aris (Illustrated). Prof.
ital, The Class in Shake-
Reading. (University
p. .--Secondary Edca-
he Wr. Prof. C. O Day-
e Lws of Evolution Ap-
[uman Conduct. Prof. F.
m.-Habit and Innovation.
of. J. R. Brumm.
.cert. Faculty of the Uni-
hool of Music. (Hill as-
m.-Women of the War.

Aug. k, 5:30 p. m.-Excursion to Put-
in-Bay, Lake Erie, un'der the direc-
tion of Dr. C. 0. Sauer, via Mich-
igan Central railroad to Detroit and
steamer to Put-in-Bay.
Aug. 5, 5 p. m.-Pharmacy and the War
(Illustrated). Prof. H. Kraemer.
Aug. 6, 5 p. m.-Mental Defectiveness
in Some of its Sociological Bearings,
Prof. W. B. Pillsbury.
8 p. m.-Medical lecture.
Aug. 7, 5 p. m.-The Situation in Brit-
ish Domestic Politics. Prof. R. M.
8 p. m.--Concert. Faculty of the Uni-
versity School of Music. (Hill au-
Aug. 8, 5 p. m.- Democracy versus
Autocracy. Prof. W. A. Frayer.
8 p. m.-Educational motion pictures.
Aug. 9, 5 p. nm.-What is the Function
of Mathematics in Education? Prof.
W. B. Ford.
8 p. m.-Illustrated Manuscripts of
the Bible from Spain (Illustrated).
Prof. H., A. Sanders.
Aug. 12, 5 p. m.-'The Popular Ballad.
Assist. Prof. W. R. Humphreys.
Aug. 13, 5 p. m.-Impressions of Au-
stralia. Prof. T. C. Trueblood.
8 p. m.-The Ecofeomic Garden (Illus-
trated). Prof A. Tealdi.
Aug. 14, 5 p. m. - Some Ancient
Thought about Might and Right.
Prof. C. Bonner.
8 p. m.-Concert. Faculty of the Uni-
versity School of Music. (Hill au-
Aug. 15, 5 p. m.-Ornamental and Dec-
orative Stones (Illustrated). Assist.
Prof. W. F. Hunt.
p. m.-Mscellaneous Readings. The
class in interpretative reading.
(University hall.)
Aug. 16 5 p. rm-Psychology and Ad-
vertising (Illustrated). Dr. H. F.
8 p. m.-MexIco and Her People (Il-
lustrated). Regent J. E. Beal.
Aug. 20, 8 p. m-Recital, The class in
Shakespearean reading. (Universi-
ty hall)
Special war-time courses to train
women in lines of drafting and trac-
ing 'will be offered at the University
this Summer, because of the growing
demand for well-trained women in
engineering work.
Dean M. E. Cooley took up the mat-
ter of the employment of women as
a war-time emergency with the mem-
bers of the Detroit section of the
American Siciety of Mechanical En-
gineers. A set of resolutions were
adopted favoring the training and
employment of women in these
branches of engineering work. It was
found that there is a very great and
urgent demand for well-trained wom-
en in these fields,
The course will be open to all wom-
en who have had a university, nor-
mal school, or high school training,
and to others about 17 or 18 years of
age who seem to possess ability.
Those who successfully pass the
course will be given eight hours'

Farmerette Units
To Pick Cherries
Cherries in the Traverse Bay sec-
tion of the state are to be picked by
pumbers of enthusiastic Michigan wo-
men this year.
A unit of 15 with two supervisors
will work through the cherry season,
about four or five weeks, at Old Mis-
sion. The whole summer will be
spent on a farm on Traverse Bay by
a unit of 10 with one supervisor.
t A large unit, comprising 85 women,
seven supervisors, a cook, and a
nurse, is to go to the large Morgan
farm. In this unit, military canteen
service will be adopted and some
other features of military organiza-
tion. All units will live in a camp,
and be entirely independent of the
farm life outside of working hours.
A large amount of interest in the
project has been shown by people
throughout the state. More demands
came for workers than could be sup-
plied, in spite of the fine response
that was made by the University
women and their friends, a few out-
side women having been admitted to
the units upon recommendation.
The season will probably open near
July 1.
The University Law school will not
lower requirements for entrance and
graduation next year, in spite of the
fact that other law colleges through-
out the country are taking this step
to increase enrollment.
According to Prof. E. C. Goddard,
acting dean of the Law school, the
faculty will insist on maintaining the
present standards and intends to
make no change in the entrance re-
quirements, or a modification of the
curriculum such as would decrease
the number of years' residence re-
quired for graduation.
Attendance in the Law school next
year is not expected to be larger than
at present, although no figures for an
approximate estimate are available.
Judging from the number of inquir-
ies received, an increased enrollment
of women is looked for.
Smith college has announced a
course for the coming summer ses-
sion, of particular interest to stu-
Alents of sociology and allied sub-
ects. It is a course in psychiatric
social work, under the auspices of the
national committee for mental hy-
giene, with the object of preparing
workers to assist in the rehabilita-
tion, individual and social, of sold-
ers suffering from nervous and men-
tal diseases.
The course will begin at Northamp-
ton July 8, and will continue six
weeks, to be followed by a six months'
term of practical experience at some
center where opportunities for social
service present themselves.
The major studies pursued at Smith
in, connection with the work this
summer will be sociology, psycholo-
gy, and hygiene. Credit will be given
in any of these studies that have been
already pursued at a recognized col-
lege or university.
"Empty Pockets" produced by Her-
bert Brenon will be shown at The
Arcade Theatre, Tuesday and Wed-
nesday, July 2 and 3. Perry Merri-

thew, millionaire, man about town, is
found murdered on the roof of an
East Side tenement. There are but
two clues to the murderer-in the
murdered man's hand is grasped a
strand of woman's copper-colored
hair, while lying close to the body is
an amethyst hat pin. There are four
women suspected of the crime. Which
one is guilty? That is the interesting
tangle which Rupert Hughes, the nove-
list, set forth in his book, and which
is shown on the screen with a degree
of realism seldom found outside of
real life.

Try This New
Different Drink
A rightly brewed product of choicest selected grains is refreshing, invigor-
ating, strengthening, and health-building.
Furthermore, it has that mild, tangy, delicious flavor that everybody-
especially beer drinkers-loves and longs for.
A great many people have thought that such a drink could not be satisfy-
ing to the taste and the thirst unless there were considerable alcohol in it. They
were wrong-and you'll find the proof in this new beverage-
Excelo is non-intoxicating. It cheers, braces and invigorates. It is a
tonic--a safe relief from fatigue, nervousness, insomnia and that general weak-
ness which we call "run down."
More than this, it is a beverage without a peer-new and different-
piquant and snappy-good for. the appetite and the digestion.
It is pure and wholesome; it keeps. its character and flavor under all con-
ditions and it always satisfies. It is put up in sterilized, air-tight bottles, and
one taste of it will show its quality.
Order a case today; see what a splendid drink it is and how much good
it does you.
Excelo Beverage Co.,
Detroit, Mich.
Trade supplied by NATE HORNING, Phone 1778-M, 208 S. 4th Ave.
studentToilet Articles -- Sundries
200-204 E. LIBERTY ST.

ProPose fremorial
To Victims of War
Erection of a fitting memorial at
the end of the war in honor of the
Michigan men who will have given
up their lives in the fight for democ-
racy is proposed by Prof. Aubrey
Tealdi, of the landscape design de-
partment. The expense of this me-
morialy, Professor Tealdi suggests,
might be borne by the next several
graduating classes who might leave
in trust with the Board of Regents
the money they would otherwise
spend in purchasing testimonials un-
til sufficient money will have accu-
mulated to undertake the project.
Every year Professor Tealdi con-
fers with the committee appointed by
the graduating class to secure an ap-
propriate testimonial to leave behind

A large assort-
ment of
Sheehan & Co.
C. W. Graham, Prop.
sor Tealdi's suggestion for a me-
morial to be erected by several class-
as, by giving over to the Board of Re-

gnts theiberty on they have a
them. The literary class of 1918 ap- readypu as
proved the purchase of a bronze tab-
let to be set up in honor of their
classmates who have entered the GOOB FISHING
service. Unless you have caught "bass" on
The engineer graduates decided not your own hook and broiled them over
to leave any testimonial behind this a stick fire, or eaten fish at the Arcade
year, preferring to invest in Liberty Cafeteria, you really do not know what
bonds the money they would have good fish taste like.
spent for a testimonial. It should
be easy for them to carry out Profes- Subscribe for The Wolverine


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