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August 15, 1914 - Image 2

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The Wolverine, 1914-08-15

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SAT. Aug. 1 5-Anna Schaffer in "The
Poor Folks' Voyage." (Vit. Dramoa
MON-TUES. Aug. 1 7-8-Carlyle Black-
well in "Spit-Fire" by Edward Pepto.

The official student neaspaper for
the University of Michigan oummer i ', ii)loi ti lpf ls lv1 ,
session. Published by the students on h Ield wosl ie
Tuesday Thursday and Saturday af- S rld.layi
ternoos. Twyenty-fleiaauea. --

tSuscaription rates-By carrier, sev-
enty-fiva cents for the summer;
mailed to any address for one dol-

Advertsng rates-urnished upon ap
pliatisn to the business maneger.
" Conmiplete Line" Sbscriptiosansd ads taken at Quar
OF sity Pharmacy.
MEN'S FURNI t il N GUS Ofiefours: blisaging editor, 2:00
VARSITY 1066£G E RY S H O P to 3:00 daily; business mngr
1:to 3:00 daily. Phone 960 or
1 107 South University Ave. '411
HUST N B OS. ddrssThe Wolverine, Press Build-
The g, Maynard St., Ann Arbor.
'fle Finest Billiard Room in thes Sat
CIGARS and CAXND Y fes '. Busielt -&9anagig Editor
"We Try to Treat You 1A gh3t" . ,,Gune Millard-Business Inage.
PhOn e-1407-M.
AtO tiE dio-Charles Itedrick.
'fltvet~itQ CbOOIof R Ieporters
fD~uetc Juan Bonsilla Stockbridge ilton
Maynard Sretl Ae Aror -laold Boss ock Clement Jacmsan
Annual Summer session Louis Bsuch Charles Johnson
Jane 29 to August 21 Vere ll rneti Dudley McClure
Insrucionin ll ranhes Wilbert Fuller Harry Vandarwarker
ofstMui nialBanhs Fred. . Packard Willis-Goodensows
For full fnformation, Call Bnesalte aWn
at the Office. S. W. Donaldson, Ast. Bus. Mgr.
- CHARLES A. SINK Srtary T. C. ill Le Watons
'SATIURDAY, AGUSi 15, lol.
Sugar Bo ~ "Co 0on," "Co on, aid the audience
109 S. Mlain Street at Professor Aleaders lecureyetr
Yester-day in his allotted hour le preset
Brest hIc e ei.S'm e te tRussian side of te present Eu-
Homeinke ade Carxdy ropean upheaval in a manner which
fresh d~i1_y casd te audience to ask for more.
Proampt Servce Thiss is the kid of lecture which
PHONE 967 the simsner sool managenet
____________________________________ at. ad te inj Gf leets a elhies
the public wans. Professor Meader
is a specialist in Russian. As a ape-
^ cilis, it wuld be natural for him to
B O O K talk as at speialis, to speak in tech-
nicaelities, snd to present an arid hour
LAW AND MEDICAL Of Profound research rather than an
absorbing sixty minutes of stirinsg
NEW AND) SECOND-BAND oinmsen. The specialist, the man of
_________________________ 'esearchi, te man wois knowvs, wh
Complete Line presests his subject in a mannei
awhich holds a grosp 5fsnon-inforned
Text Books hearers, and makes temsscry for more
Text Laboratory ooks is waris notiig. It is a valuable coo-
Reference ooks binatios.
Dictionaries PoesrDae' etr a a
Conipends, etc.PoesrMae' etr a o
a sucss' bcase it was tissely neces-
ORCASH OR EXCDI BSIAOs FOR arily, ht beause te speker fell i ujc.H adfihi h rw
LAREST STOCK IN MCiWAN ing libery of lisa Russins people, hei
R g - had visions of the liberated Slav, ad
C. E. Barthell item ss1 apasre for him to point to
326 S. State St. Tel. 761-1t1 Rtussia.
___________________________- tvery lecsrer on the simne school
isa speilit sid a man of researh.
As speciliss, they mst have visions
CANADIAN Of the Ultimate Perfetin of what
TTT 4 YY (hc;- restudyig A visios s always
CRASHES 'Ia 01011 eeien. It is thehua
selsea wich hsbees missini
You know the material- , s e ato the lectres, and it was the
'ssssa, sin-technical elemsent in Pro-
Light, porous, elastic, fesor Meaders lectursswhich made
Soft in texture,durable tll' isares go ram the roomsm oilig
in quality-the ideal adllthinkiuig.
fabric for a Summer 71Oc vwere inspired by an hours
suit. cotactsir tih a lan wvho has a human
We have them, together with e, go as.
a large assortment of flannels
Cold Soda, served right. Cniversiy
Full Dress Suits a Specially Avenu Pharmacy tf -

Allellat Sale CampbssBtootery.Ally
6. H. WILD 00 Gent's Cxtords in stole $3.98, formevrly
Leading Mercktant 'roilts--- -
if Calkiins Pharmacy for drugs. ti.

1011. 3a. Ii
are. rssis l'ill( Cill12

5 15 51 Is
.11 2511.011f

bed s t% Tt . Slat chi 101 .
IFftivi Nk n-
0 t 315 hlalS
111(1 in,, 5 o
c~ls~ilo 051 hI i .t
3(111 5511115 lssis 1,.td E
it ... H A U ER . . _ , . .. a
Puce ure rpe Re I
Mornng ~bjac at10:30

111g to thetmo e ,515 i1 .st _i s1, -of
love: ela~sses metig1 a sueslck
sill tse examlinedon 111111fom
2:00 so 4tI0o'cok' hj la.Sl 4
o'clock~, 'I111111. I00 10:0
soals; at 910 01loc,10 Fliss 5 6 t
4:00 oacloels; Ilit, 5 1 511 oU',.1 v.s-
day 4 ta 6:01101 seX a 1 j 'lo
Iriday 0:01 to 1:. cc-l;'f1:110
a'claock, Frieay :'t}OI11
at 2: 00 oclses1, I' e
4:00o'clock; a,.t 11'1, ,t 15sf
10:010 Is 12:001 51 loly : t 11 so7(
Wednesday ,brt,.to 1c (leek; am
1111 lvirglr1ciao5-., r1.tat4:00 to
1:00 rebe
Il}411511. 'tav I' isE 51z 515 1 i -
ly111,P :ss ..ii i :11 I
}triglsnsI, d11151 v 0 ,15 sisilv 11S,
0111 ", C 5 'd1 # tsv . 1,
F105g1i1,11. 111 011 r of i lls ( i iii1 11
independlent mliiiri 11s0en p
plointed lnew Sseditor,55while0lIsisley
'161,, silli let ias so 5da1t 11101r. Ft
Md. Churche', ii ho 1is 5o011th~ll 1011101
Tribunse ts1111 , il bsportingl
editor. At leas1t four151 i t(slites ill11
iss 1j1 21111 0 tillis fal.
6 EN FEXE L , Rin t: lii..111101:Iii
.Dsurinig the fetes e i5s 110 i ic: loss,
o thesmmerv schllosisecss issnil tisi
opsiniigof she fall tevislls11101niveri-
ty library wliiibe 1111(0fraoml2:45 a. 151.
to 0:00 11. Ill. dasily, 5except vSnssis.
ThissonissofatSeptembeis uie11t for
thse library, as tfiv as11he u1e 01 tlss
readinge 001oo 11111tdsthe iculation1 o1
bsosfor refleence woavis iC10c1ervs
esd. Stveral ol thue oaiesals and11011
assis0tan1ts illtihe librr~sy ti(lsus is
vaestiss ' 1s.°rdthilse

S F fCS Mci? n stligi f,
lI et I!~r

ha r1a uo Ih ' 5 1
une i i 5110 ud 1 5, in, E d
moer i011dsi6(41 sv Ii issya. 1.
scssol yill°. 'dii1110lov~ r~o(M
Ills. .Itsssts is ishouse. Cles i Ii liv s
Aidvess 4s7 14 lihi 1111. 22-22
ilis o ur lv i 1411' filsis and'lsnpliesi
it So, 1 is Drsusio.. 027 StlSte, tfoo S"i
tG l 111.1c1al A 'cl IAddress,1)
ILhL, 41 ,tlrllldl ay, Ii7w Ysssk.
its I is is loi .0 ii i .112
Base Bal loes

Il Es

l~ or eosit-i 1,
fizap aleSs :0
- i:io', n, n:o a vr.

tsrensa2flrss isss (vs t1.]' 5 51i O lls
fail lvei 115,31 0 Slts
Lr(tii 'L ' STAND ER'AT
bt'' Seares for 'twiaes and PlaureTrips
faebezs h ro f t head dseIks ob ndik'e
1 : f hepoplar D. & C. Lbinefseimesiarewa
Wa~y" en yeasrlisaIp anomisheash er wait, you will apfpseciiaelbseissy $
comforst s n urpalatalsteairs.
DalysvsiseeotwDeisiian~d Clvlansdand DeroitasBuffal%
Fosritips wekly isa Tledso as0 Detiro ist 1 a0 Iard adisy
ports.Dslighflsasy tips letsees Dstrsoiad oaand _ a. sv fg juiy
and Asgust. Popular wesk-esd excurions55ev,515 Saualday bIwwa
Dsissit snd Bsffalo, and Detroit and Cl.evoland. SpecaSteawes Cleveo
lssd is MaekisacIIliad disect, twsatips westly, Juee25tHitoiSep.'Os fis
mising aiostseue ex-ct atDeroiitseey ip.s Dsilysesvice be
lwsss Toledoad Psi-Is-Bay, Junesot1011to Sepstelcr10111
YOUR RAILROAD TICKETS, reading1 c etrost adBuf
fatl er DeitanJ levlJn, aseeavilable fostrysp'ssisaino .&C
AN INTERESTING, PAM PHLET gvinetailedd erptioao
varios trips wellbewmailed yeouonreipto iosestoa py postage.
Addres 5. CG. -s, Gehl. Pssensger ArgentDeitMih
Philip Hi. 1::,Pi-cs-Lic!tA, A. Scts i /5TIvs sand OGsil.Mgr.
ff r o 01155 i{l. - hfonih f Q -1.s:hs, Isr
AT7r ", -eaB'tF ALO. NiA ARAs2®FALL
sTOL 0s , ir t f0 '

vs ., P.i. )d 1 555 r). n1.
tl .i : 151 ca. 57:1
115 a 11I to7 -T). m. i
P" 5 p. n11
All ifids oFHat Work
118S E. Boron St. Near Alleel HotIl
Csr. 1215 St~s . an S Alt e. Phone 1 15
aratoucT inm , K C:th oc
3t peicn Iterestinoi' llS,igs ~Dearmen
(55111 . . oss vs
55 t - ils ". . l. . 00 .00~c
Centioilrtstisi unl Dcel~poits
511. urIii is,isvi i1s4 ls~,5s~
vD I s vs ua ,Visis41'= si I i s
1 2195tS. tievernily Avenue
Drugs, Toilet Articles, Cigars,
Cigarettes and Candy
Sal .tAuigt5 -- "As~s sIfHoe" With
Frsseis X. OBusans
' rss -hT F a~ss


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